Audio Adrenaline - Dirty Lyrics

Tired of being clean, sick of being proper
I wanna live among the beggars
And dig out in the dirt
Step outside the walls we built to protect us
Don't be afraid to get some mud on your face

Come on, come on everybody
Come on, come on and serve someone

Let's get dirty, let's get used
No matter where you come from
If you're beaten up or bruised
Let's get foolish - let's get free
Free to be the one thing you were meant to be
Let's get dirty

You might get a bruise or some blisters on your fingers
You might start a question and wonder what it's worth
You may slip and fall from the burdens that you carry
But you can't have this treasure
'til you dig it from the dirt

Come on, come on everybody
Come on, come on and serve someone


Come on, come on, everybody
Come on, come on, serve somebody
Come on, come on, everybody
Come on, come on, serve somebody

[chorus x2]

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Audio Adrenaline Dirty Comments
  1. Louis Rossin

    Reminds of when I waa Baptized by Pastor Tim Jones in 2011 at Rock Church St Louis - Soulard

  2. sirblingjax

    What happened to Christian music, it seems that we've been hijacked by the enemy once again, as you can see we're living in the last of the last days, people wake up it's happening!

    We have artists that are in the spotlight who claim to be Christians but there life style doesn't measure up!
    They're just want a be's they figured they couldn't make it in the mainstream media.

    So why not get a break from the Christians they're so loving and accepting maybe I can make some money and have a real career and be famous too!!!

    What a joke they're in self-denial and they're probably not even born again, deceiving themselves and others for the sake of money Fame and Fortune how sad it will be when they stand before the judgement seat of God!!!!! 😣

    And in the end gaining the whole world through fortune and fame and losing their own soul and dragging people with them to the very place we call hell!

    What kind of music is this, it doesn't reflect Jesus or how he went to the cross and died for us.
    There's no repentance or accountability for one's actions.
    It's all about Love, love love a feel-good message, feeding you with a small dose of poison tell eventually it overtakes you and then kills you.
    Nobody is willing to lay down their lives or even preach the good news or even read their Bible.
    They don't even know who they are in Christ!
    Persecution is coming they will try to silence us.
    we have to be strong and push through, Jesus said they will hate us because they hated him too!
    I don't listen to Christian music anymore it's become secularized and commercialized it's all about money and the fame.

    I pray that people will wake up and open their eyes and ears.
    And turn from your wicked ways and come back to God and start reading the Bible once again so we will not be deceived when Antichrist comes!

    God bless anybody out there that will read and understand this message.
    There's only one way to heaven and that's through the blood of Jesus that was shed on calvary's cross.
    He paid the penalty of sin for you and me so we could have eternal life with him and live in his kingdom.
    And by bowing your knee and acknowledging that you are a sinner who needs a savior.
    Letting it all go and acknowledging your inadequacies with a humble heart you can be saved today!

    Those who call upon the name of lord, the ones who is willing to humble themselves before almighty God shall be saved!

    God bless!😄

    Scott Cameron

    A.) I think you missed the point of the song.
    B.) Ever hear of the Pharisees? I am sure you have. Be careful.


    wow, judge much? I'd be careful exclaiming someone isn't saved, just because you don't like their message. These guys have been around a long time and are the real deal.

    Scott Grinstead

    The song "Dirty" is about getting out of your comfort zone and serving others for Christ. I'm not sure if you're referring to Audio Adrenaline as the one's who are misleading others away from Christ buy if you are you obviously no not which you speak. These guys have inspired many, including myself, to be a better Christian. God Bless, Audio Adrenaline. ❤