Audio Adrenaline - Chevette Lyrics

Twenty years ago I watched in awe
as my dad drove up the driveway.
More than proud to have a brand
new family car.
Thirty miles to the gallon, 0 to 60,
I remember putting down the back
seat and lying in the hatchback.
Looking at the sky watching
trees go by.
I was the son of a preacher, and
he was a rich poor man.

No A.C.
No FM,
And no regrets,
in my Chevette.

The winter cracked the highway and
we tried to dodge the potholes.
He never promised us it would be a
gentle ride.
He never had a problem though,
keeping it on the narrow road.

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Audio Adrenaline Chevette Comments
  1. Mike Michaels.

    I miss this band too bad Mark lost his voice

  2. Layla Bartholomew

    Allan just bought one of those fancy new sports know "a chevete_

  3. Thomas Long

    Great song.

  4. IexoPeoa

    I loved my old Chevette...

  5. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics

    I love how the car is a metaphor for someone's life! Love the music too! (BTW, My first car was an old, brown Chevette with a hole in the floor!)

  6. Paul Hooson

    The best tribute ever to these crappy little cars that looked OK, but sure didn't hold up. - I knew a house of nuns who were given one as a gift. The car was so bad that they all wondered what sins they once committed to be so cursed...An AMC Gremlin or Ford Pinto would have been much better...In spiritual terms, a Chevette is a heavy cross to bear...

  7. Terry Malone

    Great song and thanks for posting. My parents each got a Chevette, in 1978 and '79 (not at the same time of course bc of $), one a stick and one automatic. Loved those cars. My big Subi Forester (with all the automatic, fancy stuff) recently died, way before it should have. So, I bought the cheapest little new car I could find. Manual 5-speed, window cranks, key in the keyhole entry, manual locks and you have to reach inside from the front into the back with your hand to unlock the back doors. I love it and call it my retro car. At least it has FM, AC and a CD. It brings me back to a simpler time. Thanks again for this song.

  8. W. Patrick Dungan

    Love the song and it reminds me of riding in my dad's dodge omni as a kid... RIP dad until we meet again

  9. Matt Lawler

    My sister's first car was a Chevette.


    opel chevette!!!

  11. Doug Novak

    love this song...rockin, catchy, and spiritual

  12. Smashtime

    At first, I thought this was a very catchy, great sounding rock song about a kid who had a nice childhood and a cool family car (who would probably be one of the Audio Adrenaline band members), but then just recently I realized it is much, much more than that. It's an artistic, spiritual representation of him and his family's lives with Jesus through his childhood, all in an analogy of a Chevette, and the hardships it goes through, but the outcome is great.

  13. IexoPeoa

    I still have one of these.  x3  Old clunker's practically impossible to kill, and working on it is as easy as a lawn mower.

    Cornelis Weyers

    Yeah, you're spot on, today's cars are just full of electronics and impossible to fix them yourself!


    @Cornelis Weyers And everything's crammed into them like sardines in a can, you can't get to anything.  Chevettes have so much room under the hood, people often put small block V8s in 'em. They'll bolt right up, too.

  14. Skeeter McBeater

    used to have this album when i was a kid. me and my little brother would jam out in our room to this

  15. Alexandre Ignacio

    Eu tive um chevette  1982 um massa !meus filhos aprenderam dirigir com ele com 10 anos estavam pilotando ! aquela tração traseira que era o bicho pra sair de lado , e pra dar cavaleta ( cavalo de pau ) sair de lado dei cavaleta com ele a 80 por hora !

  16. Kevin Winn

    Blast from the Past. I remember seeing Audio Adrenaline live as a kid. Good times.

  17. watchmoore

    One of their best songs on AA's best album. If they'd kept releasing albums like this I wouldn't have been disappointed.

  18. watchmoore


  19. mrm64

    The song really goes hard on the guitars xDD Love it!!

  20. WarBeard

    took me years of listening to realize they were comparing their walk with Christ with this crappy awesome car. i used to drive the latest model 2012 golf, 2013 FR-S, but now i drive a '85 MR2...hand built engine, suspension and brakes...greatest car I've ever owned. the pain and struggle makes the car live. my walk is no different, hard and painful, with the greatest fulfillment. Thank you, God.

    Cornelis Weyers

    yes you're right, there is a significant spiritual meaning to this song and that's why I decided to make this video and upload it to Youtube

    Hello Beautiful Daughter

    WarBeard I love your name.

  21. Jason Worley

    I am praying for you brother that your faith in our Lord be restored. Psalm 62:2

  22. Doped Koala

    Thanks for uploading this great video.
    God bless you

  23. Cornelis Weyers

    That empty spot that you have inside of you is the void that only the love of Jesus can fill

    Josh B

    Cornelis Weyers Amen

  24. -Capitán- a_simple_life

    My father was a preacher, but we didn´t have a chevette, and I am not a christian anymore; generally, I would make fun of the believers but it´s been a long time since I last heard this song and the nostalgia is intense now.
    It still brings back so many memories of a past I never knew I was going to be yearning at this point. I would never go back to what I was, but our emotions, our feelings, do not belong to us. right?

    Stephen Cardoza

    Jesus will pull you through!

  25. BM Plays

    I love mine

  26. Cornelis Weyers

    Its the simple things in life that we enjoy the most. . .

  27. Natalie Desmarais

    My Dad was also a preacher, and our family car was a Chevette. My favorite activity was also lying in the hatchback. How weird.

  28. Kinu Grove

    So manny good times

  29. MorgansDead

    One of many songs that got me through high school. Even got to see them around this album came out. Still have my "Bloom" "dogtag" :D <3 y'all

  30. Cornelis Weyers

    @ZGTAIV I know precisely what you mean, enjoy your driving experience!

  31. ZGTAIV

    i just bought my "new" chevette a few weeks ago and i've absolutely fallen in love with it. its slow and noisy and it leaks transmission fluid, but i've never been in a car, much less owned one, with this much personality. i never want to get rid of it

  32. Cornelis Weyers

    @samson19541 I'm glad you survived!

  33. samson19541

    was in a wheelchair for a year!

  34. samson19541

    i was almost killed in my chevette...

  35. Cornelis Weyers

    @6netfire @6netfire this kind of car has something special about it, some distinctive aura that you cannot get from any of the modern cars available today, believe me I know. It was with a sad heart that I parted from my 1980 MAZDA RWD and I want to get myself another 1980's hatchback one as soon as I have the money and the time to buy and restore one!

  36. Howie Stooksbury

    Good job - sharing now. :-)

    One thing for improvement - you could add the words at the end of the song, too! ("No A/C!" "No window cranks!", etc.)

  37. Steven Atwater

    Thanks for the blast from the past today YesFM - My favorite album by them! Just a note on the video several cars pictured are the Pontiac version, I think it was called the 6000 - we could never figure that it had 6000 of anything, maybe pennies, cause thats all it was worth.

  38. GAKtion64

    i want a chevette

  39. Cornelis Weyers

    @KaraBaraGomer Thanks for the compliment, I tried my best to make the video match with the message of the song

  40. KaraBaraGomer

    GREAT video!! LOVE it ....... shared a Chevette with my little sis for a while there. Good times. You really did good by this song with this video.

  41. Cornelis Weyers

    @noscwoh1 Thanks for sharing this

  42. noscwoh1

    My roommate in college had a Chevette. When the clutch went out he just started it in first and rev-matched through all the gears. That car wouldn't die. Just kept going no matter what happened to it. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

  43. Cornelis Weyers

    @gutembergtube Correct, that is precisely the reason why I made this video

  44. Marcelo Gutemberg DeSouza

    I have always had poor old hatchbacks but they were just as reliable as GOD's word. And thats what this song is really about. About life being bumpy and ride thru it hot and uncomfortable at times but Jesus will get you there.

  45. Jewl L.

    Love this song!!....then again, what Audio A song do I NOT love?!

  46. David Robinson

    I like this.