Au/Ra - Outsiders Lyrics

They lit the fires under our feet
Chased us into the hills, oh
They let the wolves off of the leash
Shoulda finished the kill

We've got ashes on our shoes
And an outcast attitude
We're all immune cos we know the truth is viral

We might be the outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
Yeah we might be the outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
No bones no drama
We live how we wanna
We might be the outsiders
Be the outsiders, the outsiders

We set our tents up on the fringe
With our backs to their cool now
And in our heads we fit right in
'Cos they gave us the fuel

We've got ashes on our shoes
And an outcast attitude
We're all immune cos you know the truth is viral

We might be the Outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
Yeah we might be the Outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
No bones no drama
We live how we wanna
We might be the Outsiders
Be the Outsiders the Outsiders

We don't need good reputations
We don't need no thought control
We don't need good reputations
(Our smiles are real we don’t fake em)
We don't need no thought control

We might be the Outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
Yeah we might be the Outsiders
But the in-crowd is so out right now
No bones no drama
We live how we wanna
We might be the Outsiders
Be the Outsiders the Outsiders

We don't need good reputations
We don't need no thought control
We don't need good reputations
(Our smiles are real we don’t fake em)
We don't need no thought control

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  1. Yaren Durmus

    Hi everybody,
    I am a muslim.According to my belief, a muslim doesn't harm anyone. You may think that islam is dangerous.It's called islamophobia.but please don't judge it without knowing islam.I defend peace.
    I think we should oppose all kinds of persecution. It doesn't matter who the injured people are.No one deserves persecution no matter what race or religion.
    We know that China has set up concentration camps in East Turkestan. I am not China's enemy bu China hasn't right to harm anyone.
    My purpose is to make our voices heard to human beings. Please don't let evil.
    Remember that we are all human.


  2. XxSavage Kat GamerxX

    awww this video has so much meaning behindit i love it!

  3. Isaac Wells

    Love the Pink Floyd reference in the song. That's awesome

  4. Robert Taylor

    So beautiful. 🌟🕊🌹🌟🕊🌹

  5. Emily C

    I love the throwback to Pink Floyd!

  6. Margaux VIII

    We are the Øutsiders! 💚

  7. Cryptosonix

    I really like the chill vibe!

  8. Sarah Sinah

    Question, why was there a charter mark on the flag at the start?

  9. 12shzarmai 55

    I love this song and i think 8D audio might have been used in this music video

  10. Darren Catling


  11. Darren Catling

    Why blurry ore?

  12. x_benthe_x

    What if Alan walker, Billie eilish and Au/Ra Would make a song togheter

  13. 8o4i

    My best music ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️

  14. Sethu Pathy

    Looking like anime badass


    Alguém escutando 2019 ?

  16. MMANotebook

    I have heard everyone of her songs and this is the best by far! 😍🤟

  17. Maria Sophie

    Wow this song, lyrics and music video is just exactly all of my feelings and emotions... I mean this hit me hard, wow I can't get over this 🖤💙

  18. Khan Naheem

    anyone else got a Alan Walker style vibe from the last scene?

  19. TeddbeargirlzZ 2202

    Did my girl really just use some of pink Floyd's lyrics yaaaassss

  20. FreshxFalcon732

    can we like form an outsiders club? like please? there needs to be an instagram society for this

  21. FreshxFalcon732

    ah yes, we do not need t h o t control

  22. TDREndru

    I have been recommended this song by YouTube ever since I started listening to your songs. I already knew and loved some songs of yours, like Ghost and Dance in the Dark, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Hats off, Au/Ra!

  23. 12shzarmai 55

    Excellent video Au/Ra

  24. katie stephenson

    ⓢⓗⓔ ⓘⓢ ⓐ ⓢⓘⓡⓔⓝ

  25. Gacha life everest Storms of magic

    Keep popping up songs
    Cause they are so incredibly amazing 😍😍😘😘💥💥💥💥🥢🥢

  26. Ashfyr Nightshadow

    If you had any Outsiders merchandise, I would buy it in a heartbeat

  27. xHatersx

    im in love

  28. mino0980 mino0980

    Yes I am an outsider. How'd you notice so fast?

  29. Cuano

    Hm! I love you. I love your music, and I love your green hair. ♥

  30. Angela Kainulainen

    I never felt such feeling of belonging as I do while listening to this song. Thank U for making uniqueness a bless, not a curse 💜

  31. mari paz

    Just Found her. Now I Love her

  32. Sunflower Gaming

    I just came from a bloxburg video “we had to go to the panic room” and they use her song panic room so yeah now I’m subscribed to u

  33. Kim Riri

    Shes really underrated

  34. MY LAGU


  35. Kedrick Smith

    Generational Talent!

  36. Blonde Creature


  37. takanoritoriyama

    is she from vancouver? this video location is soo obviously vancouver

  38. London Ibrahim

    we dont need no education


    When u will come to Singapore

  40. Annie Dudley

    She never smiles

  41. Itz Meg

    ..smh sounds a bit like Another brick in the wall.


    Itz Meg that’s intentional,it was a strong inspiration for the song as it’s one of Au/Ra’s favorites according to genius (which she wrote the meanings for her own songs for), only changing “we don’t need no education” for “we don’t need no reputation” to fit the songs intended meaning more, and adding in “our smiles are real we don’t fake them” for the same reason

  42. somebody’s fish tank.

    Trying to enjoy the comments before people who watch the unlisted bombard it with “Who’s here from The Unlisted?”

  43. Aly Santana

    This give me some vibes of pink floyd - another brick in the wall

  44. A Person

    Mmmmm I love this song

  45. Bohuslava

    These songs, that voice 😍😍😍 Love

  46. Charlotte Smith

    song: thought control
    othe people: thought control
    me: thot control
    also me: *thot patrol*

  47. Midnight pineapple

    Can someone tell me what the sign at the end is?

  48. n o e l

    Omg Hunger Games vibes idk why it just is

  49. Bexmaxt Beats

    Don’t worry people those 598 dislike are my neighbors

  50. Jimena Provenza

    She is sooo pretty

  51. slurp nugget

    Honestly the reputation part sound like the we dont need no education in the pink floyd song

  52. marukel Palmatier

    Beatiful song au/ra ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  53. мяушка

    хороший клип мне понравился

  54. Gold0406

    Another team secretly raid Area 51...

  55. Rinse DC

    I like the Pink Floyd inspired part at about 2:20

  56. Ashley Arnold

    What a amazing song so true.

  57. Ruhma Inam Ashraf

    1:25 is it just me or does she look like the young Finn wolfhard

  58. bunny Towne

    everyones over here saying au/ra should do a colab with billie and honestly? No, they shouldn't. I hate to break it to all the billie stans out there but au/ra has a very unique voice, it's deeper and much stronger and she does greatly with high notes and deeper tones. And billie? all she does is mumble rap and say/whisper "bad guy" every two seconds and thinks breaking out of a wall and making a guy old her retainer is "quirky" and "different" and honestly it's neither. I tried to like her and couldn't between the obvious pointers that she had copied a lot of people, did that really nasty shit with the retainer just so she could come off as "different". She's extremely full of her self and thinks that she created the style of music she sings and the way she dresses when people have been making music the way she does and been dressing the way she does for years way before she even got famous off of her parents money back home. Because yea, that's true guys. She didn't work for her career. She was already a rich kid before residing in a part of California and her parents paid a director to let her come in and record some songs. Not to mention, half her songs if not almost all of them are written by her brother. The point is, billie makes music or has her brother write her music to cater towards 14 year old girls who end up on r/im14andthisisdeep sub reddit because she and them are cringy edgy. Au/ra is completely different and has a different vibe. Her music is all about breaking free and being who you are and not someone whos fake while billie is probably one of the fakest celebs out there right now. If they even tried to do a collaboration Au/ra would out sing billie because she mumbles and depends on auto tune. Her voice is extremely obviously fake that she lip syncs on stage 99% of the time. Because yes I have seen her live performances too and after watching so many concerts you can tell when someone isn't even singing and it's extremely obvious with her, live performances don't sound that good unless it's opera kiddos. Billie isn't raw, while au/ra is. Au/ra has actual raw talent I haven't seen since 2006. I know, this probably sounds like i'm dissing billie or some shit but even if I don't like her, i'm not "hating" on her. It's just that everything I've said are valid points and reasons why they wouldn't sound great together at all . If billie wasn't so focused on trying to be edgy and trying to claim the style of music she sings then I wouldn't have an issue with her but sadly that's the case

  59. heather stoltzfus

    love it

  60. Chicky Peep

    au/ra: we don't need no reputation, we don't need no thought control
    me: girl I know you didn't make up those lyrics by yourself

  61. KIM민규

    곡 항상 듣고 있어요 ㅠㅠ
    당신의 곡은 제가 창작 활동을 할 때 많은 도움을 주고 있어요.
    심리적으로 혼란쓰러울 때 치료해주기도 합니다

  62. KIM민규

    AURA The music she made helps me find stability.

    Her music inspires a lot when drawing
    I love her song

  63. Manoel Abel Ribeiro Filho


  64. Ashley Williams

    what do you think it feels like to turn to dust?

    Terry Gum

    For me: Empty. A scroll unwritten with a half finished purpose. I know - I experienced it.

  65. A Person

    I love Au/Ra sooo much just stumbled upon her today ahhh I haven't been able to stop listening to her songs all day

  66. Adler Post HC

    I like this sog. Honestly.

  67. Gul

    She’s amazing. Why doesn’t this have more views!

  68. Maddie L.

    What is that sign on the flag? I probably sound retarted but thanks for helping me out :)

  69. Hajar Elhani


  70. Hajar lhani


  71. Shandi Köehler

    Relate 🏆


    In this video Is she 14.😍😘?

  73. Bitch Z

    perfeita, 0 erros.

  74. Lorde Aurora

    💚💚💚😭😭😭😭 love love love ..amazing MV amazing Song im addicted!!

  75. Zoe

    Au/Ra and Ava Max collab??

  76. Nando Ginkaku

    I didnt know that aloona larionova could sing. All hail the slav queen

  77. pedro sifuentes

    Love you keep doing what you do

  78. Julia Baumgartner

    Lana del rey, billie eilish, au/ra, selena gomez and melanie martinez should do a song together

  79. Victoria Bill

    I love this song SO much!!

  80. Don Lucchese

    Very nice song and voice

  81. Akumaxsan x3

    u r perfect

  82. Hilveen Khalaf

    I played this song 1m times it’s so good

  83. Golda Monzon

    au/ra your videos are so amazing and your a good acting

  84. Cherry Rose Star

    She's quoting pink Floyd I love it omg she must be a fan of them XXX yay

  85. ༺Billie ༻

    She reminds me of Billie Eilish,
    But that’s why I like au/ur because I loooooove billie Eilish (as you can see bye my name)
    So I’m not comparing them their just similar that’s why I like her

  86. Jay Say


  87. July Stars

    if you ad a \ for the o you have the sign of slender man! o+/+\= slender man sign

  88. Flashjump

    I'm glad my search history randomly made me find your music. It's so good! Can't wait to hear more.

  89. Camila Fadel

    This is so good!

  90. HD Pictures

    This is part of The New Mutants soundtrack

  91. Joe Soto

    NF and AU/RA should do a song

  92. Bock Carrot

    Any body else hearing the pink flyd "The wall" Here? 2:21 ???

  93. Zayn Malik

    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ she is my lover

  94. Karys BT

    🤙🏻🤙🏻Dope song

  95. iiEsylette

    I would say le best part starts at 2:40

  96. high school sucks

    I love your style and your music ❤