Attila - The Cure Lyrics

I hear you talkin and I don't know what to think about it.
Yesterday was cool we were hanging at a kickback.
Just because the table's turned now you turn you fuckin back.
Cowardly as fuck just like smokin fuckin crack.
Now we at the top and you still don't get it.
Basic fucking bitches all around don't sweat it.
I'm just sittin cool catchin looks from your bitch.
And she just sent me a text that says you got a small dick.

Go and cry about a bitch and write another little whiny fucking song about me.
Never gave a fuck and never will did you expect less
I just kick back under the shade of my money tree.
Everything I say makes a motherfucking headline.
I can't even breathe without them talkin bout me that's fine.
I'd rather suck it up and stay humble never jealous.
Because jealousy's for fuck boys and you will never get it.

Everybody's having a good time.
But you don't get it and you worry bout the small shit but I don't sweat it nah.
Rolling around on the brink of confusion.
Stuck within your mind you find that you're in a bind with time just like an identity crisis.

Your jealousy's a disease. And my fist is the cure.

Shut the fuck up cunt.

Everybody's having a good time.
But you don't get it and you worry bout the small shit but I don't sweat it nah.
Rolling around on the brink of confusion.
Stuck within your mind you find that you're in a bind with time just like an identity crisis.

I hear you talking in your sleep. And you still. Remember. My fucking. Name.

Your jealousy's a disease. And my fist is the cure.

You're a jealous cunt little bitch run and hide.


Shut the fuck up cunt.

I'm getting too old for this middle school shit.
Grown ass men acting like a little bitch.
Take me back in time somebody hit rewind to the days where music mattered drama didn't fly.
Schoolboy bitches didn't get a fuckin mic.
Nobody was judged about the music that they like.
The scene was a family and everyone was happy.
Just to be an individual and not a jealous asshole.

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Attila The Cure Comments


    Ethan Walters

    Tickle tickle

  2. Gaming Spite

    Am I the only one who can listen to many different genres without bitching and moaning about either one?

  3. Cosmic Kush

    Love this band so fucking much!~

  4. Kevin McGaughey

    i wonder what happened to fronzs label since the sister company was bought by warner brothers

  5. Full Metal GINER

    0:41 FUCK !!

  6. Nulo

    speed it up to 1.25

  7. River Kinard

    This is my new favorite song

  8. Colin Gruszka

    "We need something to say during the pause. Any Ideas?" "CUNT" "Perfect" I love it

  9. Evil Loli

    And my fist is the fucking cure!!!!

  10. Anthony Shaw

    i love this song gd

  11. Emma M

    Love the music but Fronz is a bit of a jerk in real life

  12. Zachary Smart

    the thing that cracks me up about a lot of deathcore or how music "gods" call them party metal is that they all talk shit on each-other but less us be honest their all pussies they talk shit on each-other but when the have opportunities to confront them in person nope they just avoid each-other they're all skinny dudes like myself who think they're hard but they're not and I'm not saying I am either but I wouldn't ever talk shit just to talk shit either be about it or shut up

  13. Nicholas Raines

    Haha i just cant get over the hate... I love metal (behemoth, Nile, mayhem etc etc) but I can listen to these guys and have a bit of respect for them. I wont sit here and make it out like their lyrics are cool or anything, but seriously who cares if they're lyrics make them sounds stupid, they still clearly know they're chops. I read all these comments from Metal Elitists who complain about the lack of blast beats, growls and thrashy riffs etc Seriously when did a blast beats become the epitome of technical drumming???.. Open your minds people, at least enough to realize that just because you don't like a particular band or type of music, it doesn't make it bad.

    +Brady Dennis Most ignorant, uninformed and just stupid comment. Your seriously thick as fuck and couldn't have sold your point any worse. You try and insult this band and their fans but the most insulting part of your comment is the lack of grammar.. Why would anyone take your stupid "simplistic" view seriously when you cant even speak English properly. I swear your probably just a 14 year old who thinks he's got a handle on the whole music industry or something.

    donut skater_

    +Nicholas Raines Well said dud

    donut skater_

    +donut skater_ dude**


    +Nicholas Raines I agree with your point but seriously, don't pick on someone for their grammar when you can't tell the difference between your and you're.

    kevin oliveira

    Nicholas Raines Nile is awesome

  14. XxBeOnIcxX

    Your opinion dose not matter bitch

  15. The Prisoner

    Attila more like Assila, what kind of shitty band is this while stupid posers call this heavy? Let's make fun of the members, this wannabe tough guy Chris Fronzack is just some whiny douche who screams in microphone that sound like a bunny getting raped by a cow, the guitar playing is so terrible and simplistic, and the solos are so terrible that it makes Synyster Gates sound like a guitar god, Just kidding, Synyster Gates sucks too. You can't hear the bass so I'm not going to bother talking about it, and the drums is off-beat that it needs 4 more drummers like that communist poser Joey Jordison. Their butthurt fans are just poser faggots think that this band is metal. HAHAHAHA, its not metal at all, it's homoerotic pop music. Such bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Black veil Brides, and Justin Bieber. Fuck this Limp Bizkit wannabe band.

    The Prisoner

    @Foxos  Attila is not rapcore and neither is Nu Metal. 
    Slipknot, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Deftones, shit like that, That's nu metal. Rapcore is a genre between hip hop and hardcore punk, Not Metalcore.


    @Brady Dennis Yea but its almost same, but they are Rapcore more then Nu Metal, They are too much heavy for nu metal.

    Bob Saget

    +Brady Dennis I'm guessing you're just another of one those "metal elitists" morons who think that their favorite style of music is the only good kind? Mhm, I see that a lot in this bullshit metal community. Go back to listening to Megadeth in your room with your fedora ok bro? Your shitty opinion on a good band isn't going to make me change the way I listen to them or view them.


    +Foxos yeah they should have some industrial stuff in their music in order for them to be nu metal.

    The Prisoner

    You always take my comments seriously.

  16. alexander duggan

    I think this album is pretty good, some songs are sloppy but its still a good album

  17. Cody Roach

    God Attila is just the shit love it

  18. Sam Jimenez

    Haha it's funny Cus all of you people try an act like fronz have only gotten into this band since about that life came out. None of you remember when rage was out and shit. It's been the same from the start. The band is generally just one to write songs like this. And that's what's awesome. I've been a fan of them since before they were on warped or any of that. Shit I remember when fronz had blond hair. And to be honest he hasn't changed other than his look which is what he wants. The music they write isn't shitty at all in fact they're music is way better then the rest of these generic bands music. It's interesting and fun to listen to. All of you fucking crab core fans don't like it so fuck off. Honestly Attila only got hate until they got bigger like any other band. So fuck off this band is amazing and is generally optimistic when it comes to messages. Not the same bullshit they every band is trying to release

    Matthew Borts

    Nobody cares

  19. Vincent Yanda

    It really amuses me that so many people hate on Attila, because they probably bitch about someone saying good things about their music and then right after that they jam out to Attila.

  20. Fatal Studios

    rooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak awesome

  21. Aren Gray

    I like both Attila and Chelsea grin both write good music and to put them in the same category is completely retarded.

  22. Mo Doom

    Fuck Attila!!!!!!

  23. TimonLow

    suck my fuck 


    Have shit they need to take care of
    So fight and get it done
    And don't worry about how you wait for someone else
    Get your shit done
    Show fronz he's a fake
    Show Alex it's not his place

    chase rogers

    This is about emmure look up callout by ATTILA and then the hang up by emmure


    What about sellout answering for Ronnie radke
    I thought the hang up was for someone else

    chase rogers

    Sellout is for Born Of Osiris


    I read all the comments
    And im confused how all this happened
    Alex says " I'm standing up for who you've wronged"

  25. T3CHK1DD

    This Is Partymetal At It's Finest. I really feel they are the pioneers of this genre.


    They are Attila is one of the first major bands that went by the PartyMetal label

  26. Dillon Motionless

    Best song on the album! anyone else agree?!

    Clorox Bleach

    Dillon Motionless break my addiction begs to differ

  27. Isaiah Wootton

    so what is the feud between chelsea grin and attila??  i know chelsea wrote sellouts to attila and this song is the response but what even caused it?? 

    Jaay Bee

    their friends it's just for publicity bands do it all the time

    Isaiah Wootton

    @Jaay Bee lol alright  

  28. Brandon Barrow

    Jesus Christ. Anything this guy "Fronz" spits out of his mouth makes me wish I had cancer. 


    I could say the same about you, does anyone give a fuck?

    Brandon Barrow

    Apparently you do.

  29. MCJ -Mateo Jimenez

    Its for alex?

  30. Juanchuky Cerda

    i want the lyrics!

  31. PDZkrew

    Every song is based around haters and the exact thing that I'm doing at this very moment. Woo, how exiting. Another 13 songs about "fuck the haters and internet shit talkers" like how about make songs that mean something else other than how much hate you've gained. If you think Attila is cool for this youre simple minded and easily manipulated by another simple minded child such as the fronz.

  32. outlaws9295

    I thought I'd give these guys a chance and listen to them again but they still suck ass.

  33. Maggie Biersack

    I need to buy this perfection! *_* Eeeeee Fronz is amazing!!! Love him ♥

  34. Jessica Nusz

    This song is perfect <3

  35. Justin Wicks

    dyllan wherrs I agree maybe

  36. mecas ruins

    How the fuck can people still be talking mad shit everything Attila writes is sick period.... Take your opinions and stick em up your ass

    love above all



    @asking alexandria hell yeah

    Matthew Borts

    I like Attila. But if they don't give a fucks then why are they feeding off of everyone's hate? If they didn't care... They wouldn't write about not caring.

  37. Денис Мустафаев

    Песня куулллл, я тащусь от нее, советую еще Attila – The Cure

  38. Taylor Allen

    Sick album.

  39. Jake Bush

    this is the only song without the lyrics posted and the one i wanted most with lyrics x.x


    xD *Fail*

  40. GAB1490

    WTF happened to Attila ??????

  41. Connor Fry

    Rage will forever be their best album, but this is fucking sick.

  42. wubben12

    Lol at people talking shit when they couldn't make fucking bomb ass music like this!

  43. Kyle Morton

    this album has so much power and energy behind it

  44. Kyle Morton

    every strum and every open G is like a fat punch every time and i love it

    Kyle Morton

    that made my day


    G#, I believe, but I love it too

  45. andy aguero

    Attila you got fucking lazy what is this shot album?

    Generic with a few punchlines and guitar solos ..

    Outlaw and rage you at least tried... It's bad when about that life is even a better album

    Blaine's Wasteland

    Fallacy is awesome!


    They always had 13songs
    It's a tradition

    Subgenre Entertainment

    I think they are referring to you in the majority of their songs.. Just sayin.

  46. Parker White

    Definitely a response to Chelsea Grin's "Sellout"

    Daniel Sewell

    @John Elder Because the lyrics to 'Sellout' are blatantly about Fronz, so the lyrics to this song are a response to that.

    Oscar Pullin

    Its not, they're all friends, CG posted on their fb saying to buy their album ;3

    Parker White

    Buuuut it definitely is. It could just be a money making scheme though, like the Woe Is Me-Issues fight. They write songs talking shit but are all best buds. 

    Parker White

    You know what, you may be right!


    It would be awkward if that were to be true because I seen an interview of them together shortly before chelsea grins album came out

  47. Dylan Ducote

    I have a raging boner.

  48. Rich Hernandez

    This song is the shit!!

  49. kkalixo x

    Dope ass album for sure. 👏

  50. Molon Labe

    Fronz was smart with the lyrics in this album, he's used them in all of his albums. They all basically say "talk shit, I don't care, you're just jealous." So, basically when you call this shit out for the trash it is all of his little "villains" gang up on you and tell you "oh fronz doesn't give a fuck bleh bleh bleh you're just jealous, you're a bitch bleh bleh bleh." His tactic is smart but this was probably the last album it'll work on, it's too overdone.

    Dean Delango

    my thoughts exactly

  51. Brutal Vocals

    Atleast fronz knows you cant switch from deathcore to mainstream without gaining haters.

  52. Tyler Chemelli

    This song has the same rhythm guitar sound as horsepig

  53. Soleil Agresta

    All these song are badass I can't wait to get it ahh

  54. Brandon Haws

    my second favorite song from this album c: <3<3<3

  55. Dyllan James

    Don't get me wrong I love Attila i've been listening for a long ass time. I like every single song they put out. But i'm just not to impressed with this album. still fucking sick tho! I just think it could have been a little harder. just my opinion tho.

    Blaine's Wasteland

    Agreed, although some of the songs stand out. "Dirty Dirty" is fucking AWESOME. One of their best songs for sure.

    Andrew Merkel

    Same here

  56. Boi

    whos the bitch that disliked this song


    Guys. Just shut up. Do something instead of arguing .


    @Get ReKtd I do agree with your comment about thy art is murder lol. have you heard of acrania? they're heavy as fuck too


    @SmokeKushMan Nah man, I'll give them a look. Thanks for the suggestion. 


    Cool. :)

  57. Jonathan French

    Best song on the album it goes hard!!!!

  58. SkullHeezay


  59. tristananvilcaster

    Hell yes

  60. Israel Vargas

    nigga shit motherfocer bitch and mexican israel vargas

  61. Iván Sierra

    I LOVE IT!!!



  63. Israel Lucas

    Fucking sick !!!

  64. starlite

    fuckin ahmayzing :3


    Yes very true but never will i get over there first ep. I miss those days

    Jay Cruz

    @MikaelaGhost I agree ^^

  65. ruba

    These songs are so awesome <3

  66. David Mrtnz

    The best<3

  67. Gustavo

    Awww yeah