Attila - No One Will Return Lyrics

And we all know their cause
Delayed our freedom
Lets make our own fucking decisions!
You'll die alone
Throw away your fears- the won't help you now
Failure wasn't all it was hyped up to be
Now it's here to haunt you and me
Success is not for you
No one will pull through
Grab swords and knives
(look to the sky)
Before you die
(You're blind)
Filled with deceit!
Meant for deceit!

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Attila No One Will Return Comments
  1. Hola123

    The only Attila album were Chris is not as white as usual

  2. Dragonkingkill276

    18:15 fuck yeah baby

  3. Percocet Prophet


  4. Nathan Thompson

    Sunsets and Death Threats [0:00]
    No One Will Return [3:42]
    Under My Breath [6:36]
    Fallacy [9:59]
    Amelia Bedilia is a Whore [15:31]
    666 [18:39]
    Hanging From a Lamp Post [19:30]
    What Would Chuck Norris Do? [24:03]
    Taking the Lives of the Ignorant [28:05]
    Caddywampus [31:06]
    Flying with the Kennedys [34:16]

  5. James Da Giant Peach


  6. MrRocker989

    This shit is way better than there new stuff musically speaking, but if they hadnt changed there image they would have been lumped in with every other deathcore band and never would have garnished the attention they have received.

  7. question mark???

    If anyone got this demo hit me up on Instagram brad.archuletaz ill buy demo off of u and thier other demo and party jams I need all 3

  8. Thomas Britton

    This was their first album but it's better than any deathcore I've heard lol

  9. Dylan Howe

    Yo idk about you guys but I knew Attila before they were big and when they only had this one album. And neither Chris was not in the band yet not Linck or Comrie. The god of a guitarist you are hearing is Matt Booth. You might want to change that.

  10. SERAPH 12

    The download its free?

  11. coppa hedd

    i have one copy left of fallacy no case cd only $250 email [email protected]

  12. Andrew Cheeseman

    so much gnar

  13. Von Denevue

    first song is the worst thing I've ever heard on Earth

  14. emo boy dark

    2:43 slam

  15. MoshPit TV

    Is this the original artwork?

  16. Brad

    This is a sick ass album but he is definitely not a pig squealer. I prefer the 2013-2015 era but this is the best album of theirs between this and the Outlawed era. It’d be awesome to hear some of these tracks re recorded on a new album, like they did with Soda In The Water Cup on the Devil single.

    Jacob Whitley

    I hated the re recorded version of Soda In The Water Cup, the screaming rap part isn't as good

    Alex Boyd

    Jacob Whitley it's more auditable smh I can hear what fronz is saying during the begenning

  17. Sk8ter kek

    HOLY SHIT! CLEANS IN ATTILA SONGS? Never thought I'd hear that 😂

    Jacob Whitley

    Sk8ter kek There were cleans in Bulletproof off the last album lol

  18. Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

    Fronz is lit no matter what.

  19. Angel Jimenez

    Chaos is better

    Darth Brayder

    Angel Jimenez You wouldn't know good if it bitch slapped you in the face no offense.

    Matt Hamill

    Yah you’re kinda retarded for that one

  20. Adam Clarke

    dead pig squeal still pig squeals are shit in general, unless you the Jonny Macbee. Have to agree best material. pure.
    They have need to sort they shit out!!

  21. Dr_waffles9000

    Oh my God this is gold I want this cd I'd pay a grand for an original copy

  22. Wight Kid

    This is fuckin awesome, I wish this was on iTunes

  23. Kial Maynard

    A diamond in the rough, Attila, in the toughest sense. Nothing safe about metal and yet the community is a group that is comprised of true, down to earth individual... sometimes. Haha
    Cheers to not giving up and sticking it to mainstream conformity. Break the mold, for years to come everyone. While most of you will forget about this band, I'll still be sharing their songs when I retire. And I'm just a determined 22 year old making his mark.

  24. Saul Nile

    Why the fuck is this not on iTunes?!

  25. zeth wolfe

    I misss this the old Attila now ur a rapper not a metalcore or light death core

  26. Nathan Lopez

    before fronz lost weight 😂

  27. DreamsToReveal

    heavy enough to hang me from a noose

  28. Misael Droguett Gómez

    Attila, Clay, En Nuestro Corazones, Ex Deo, Heaven Shall Burn, Melian & Sepultura. Pure Metal. \,,/ 666 💀 666 \,,/

  29. Crazed Lion

    12:58 BREEEE

  30. XeroPulse

    An Atilla album that doesn't completely suck! Amazing!


    soundtrack to a party and rage are excellent as well, no clean vox. Outlawed is a good one too but any other album is fucking trash!

  31. William Wessling

    Damn if attila stayed like this i would be the biggest fan

    Nathaniel Baker

    i would be a fan to

  32. Nikki Knight

    What song starts at 18:40?

  33. Danny Darkstar Romero

    Fuck I wish this was on spotify :'(

  34. Randii Wrath



    @Xulxer bawlsick as a changed man from 8 months ago, yes that was stupid

    Xulxer bawlsick

    @EggCore Yo I been seein you around though. Eggcore is badass lol


    @Xulxer bawlsick lol whaaa nah I'm not lol
    I AM everywhere tho, I've got nothing better to do after all

    Xulxer bawlsick

    @EggCore 🤣🤣 bro same. Sunday afternoon sittin here bored af looking for inspiration


    @Xulxer bawlsick yeah lmfao

  35. Mikey Money

    this is decent, their new shit is shit

    Michael Gaona

    Listen to Moshpit

  36. BERO

    11:58 Fronz CLEAN singing :O


    M. Bero It's actually the vocals from their guitarist at the time

  37. Ryan Nelson-Whatley

    the pigsqueals

  38. Brock Sheaves

    i miss cornbread. he was the coolest

  39. Kevin Locks

    Fuck totally different sound.

  40. TWAVY

    I can't believe Fronz was only 15 when he recorded this.... crazy

    Matthew Raseri

    actually, he was born in 1989 so he would have been like 18 when he recorded this


    oh shit seriously? In an interview he said he wrote it when he was fourteen so i just guessed that he recorded a year later.

    Matthew Raseri

    @SBNDark the band was started in 2004


    +Matthew Wolf 17

    Hurricane Irma

    "so I just guessed that he was 15" classic case of talking out of your ass. You can't be trusted.

  41. 666 BIBOTHEBOOB 666

    where do you download this the link in the description isn't working

  42. mattk04

    SOIA Scratch The Surface rip off at 7:50?

  43. Lucas Fronzak

    algún heroe sin capa que diga los minutos de las canciones :v?

  44. Agustín Gonzalez

    from 10:00 to 13:00 what song is that?

  45. Blake Heptinstall

    I've been trying for years to remember this album. And I finally found it.

  46. Jake Williams

    Satanic sounding garbage


    +Jake Williams You clearly have no taste in good music.

    Michael Gaona


    Michael Gaona

    Why don't you look up Ingested.


    @Michael Gaona or any other deathcore band. except for Emmure.

  47. Jayden Boggs

    The pig squeals were unexpected

    Pentex Sucks

    ETWALE DE MAIR 18:58

  48. Rey Sambo

    Pretty sure fronz played drums on this record

    Jacob Whitley

    Now Fronz is the only original member

    Bobby McWilliams

    Jacob Whitley I thought Chris was still the guitar player?

    Gregory Gonzalez

    Jacob Whitley Chris and Fronz are still around

  49. Shibby

    Brings a lot of highschool memories.

  50. SuperSebbySonic

    I started listening to Attila when I was like 7 and I remember listening to this and Girls Don't Lie ALL the time


    I started listening when I was in my mom's womb....hah

  51. Deus-Hand

    Watching conspiracy vids of the JFK assassination reminded me of "flying with the Kennedys" which brought me here.

  52. Deus-Hand

    I haven't listened to any album since rage nor will I, I'm actually embarrassed I like soundtrack still. I'm bummed out they didn't branch out musically in the direction of this album bc this is a pretty unique sound coming out of the late 00's MySpace death core era. DC with Metallica riffs and occasional clean vocals.

    Jacob Whitley

    Deus-Hand According to Fronz, they're quite possibly releasing a deathcore EP soon

  53. WildWolf Matt

    before Attila was about partying and getting talked at. I just stumbled upon this video. I love Attila now but damn.

    Milan Nephi

    +Matt GuillotineIV quit talking at me!

    Carson Hagan

    Old shit is so raw

  54. Dread

    Just imagine how awesome they would be now if they had kept this similar sound.

    Bash Burrows

    They did differently to stand out to be as big as they are today

    Some Gamer

    Tbh I like them how they are now better than this album, because it's different and not your usual metal band, but this album still sounds fk amazing

  55. Christianthekidd

    What the fuck, I had no idea Attila used to be deathcore.

    Fuch Goog

    Your 12 inch cock is made of rubber and is washed in hot soapy water. This band sucks, but your posts are laughable and lame.


    Metalcore. And some ganster rap.

    Griffz Covers

    +skatefire55 stupid elitist

    Gregory Gonzalez

    Christianthekidd lol I don't understand why the specific genre matters I just enjoy the music😂


    All of you arguing about this shit are fuckin queers !

  56. David Reid

    Love all Attila but this is the greatest thing I've ever herd

  57. jonathan clifton

    The first song was on soundtrack to a party aswell

    Gregory Gonzalez

    jonathan clifton what song?

  58. 1Heart

    This album is awesome there is even some pig squeals in it

  59. Che Guevaracks

    If you're from Gwinnett then this is nothing new. Have this cd for like almost 10 years now

    Gregory Gonzalez

    Christian Guevara lucky

  60. loverofSaki2

    holy mother of god. this is by far their best record and 2nd being soundtrack. i dont know why they changed their sound. i'd rather have this then the dick music they put out now a days

    stupid human

    It's called peoples taste in music changes as they grow up i love both this and new attila because they just do what they fucking want and don't listen to faggots like you who are all "I LIKED YOU GUYS BEFORE YOU GOT BIG" y'know they aren't putting a gun to your head and saying LIKE OUR NEW SHIT they do it for the fun and for the people who are still fans or becoming fans you don't like it don't complain just don't listen

  61. Riley BasedGod

    some1 make anew download link pls

    Adrien Creurer

    @Riley BasedGod

  62. Rich Lowe

    stumbled on a physical copy at work today (i work in a music warehouse). didnt realize how rare it was until i looked online and couldnt find it anywhere.

    Ember Strike

    @Rich Lowe You lucky fuck.


    Rich Lowe probably worth a few Hundred


    you did copp it right?

    coppa hedd

    i played bass on that cd and fronz fucked me out of any money made off of it-what kind of warehouse you work in'

  63. Anto Lo Scarso a COD

    Attila's best album.

  64. John Baylor

    Amelia Bedilia is a Whore is the song that got me into Attila, now they are and always be my favorite band. 

    Kind of miss these clean vocals. lol.

  65. Sammy Oceans

    Dude, what happened?

  66. heff mike

    does your download link still work?

    Adrien Creurer

    @Gabriel Hakkinem wish Attila still made shit like this

    Gabriel Hakkinem

    This is the jam for hardcore dancing 😁

    Gabriel Hakkinem

    @Adrien Creurer i like Atilla now but this album is in my opinion the best one

    Adrien Creurer

    @Gabriel Hakkinem I know man I agree with you

    Kyro Jin

    +Adrien Creurer bless you

  67. Reggie-a

    holy fuck this actually isn't shit. 
    What the fuck happened???


    @Reggie-a The fanbase became edgy 14 yearolds. :v


    Kind of ironic because they were 14 when they wrote this album hahaha, i get where you're coming from tho

  68. joseph cochran

    i didn't know this album even existed but i like it! 

  69. grayghost110

    I come across their first album last -_- FTW 
    way different but i like it!

  70. Wake Scary

    Chris isnt a bad singer and this album is epic i love all yheir stuff tho its so heavy i love it

  71. TheGorglesnort

    18:55 "*garbage disposal sound* BREENG BREENG BREENG" iss for yooo

    William Fulcher

    +TheGorglesnort thank you, so fucking much, for linking that

  72. TheGorglesnort

    First song sounds like James Hetfield went deathcore for a Justice for All B-side track

  73. vierkantepleuris cavia!!!!!

    old and pure 

  74. Logan Andrews

    I miss the old Atilla.


    @Logan Andrews I don't. They've became way better and way more original

    Torque Bow

    +BlueRivaly um ok

    Some Gamer

    @BlueRivaly exactly

  75. Ryan Spencer

    You all should go check out burn the priest. Itbwas before they became lamb of god. Fucking brutal

  76. Jack Skellington

    Can you get a physical copy of this?


    @Jason Osborn I guarantee you Robert Greene was one of them who begged you. He's the biggest CD collector I've ever known, like I'll show him a band on YouTube and then he orders their entire discography the same day. He told me so much about how he's given up hope finding Deprivation by In Dying Arms since his salvation for it has lasted well over a year or two. I would recommend getting that CD framed in some sort of deathcore honor lmaoooo.

    Lord Satan666

    Actually no lol. Not never heard of him. I'm talking like friends that heavily go to concerts etc.

    Lord Satan666

    As for the framing, I'm planning on it :P


    Since this was revived, I had to brag. WIT PITCHAS.


    TheSmilingFox would you sell it

  77. Ian Arentz


  78. Zach Helm

    WAS THAT SINGING AT 12:00?! I love this album! Haha


    I love all of Attila's stuff, from this all the way to About That Life, they're fucking badass 

  80. Porti Time

    Sick Shit.

  81. Nates Covers

    im planning on remaking the entire album but professionally recorded and with fronz' more modern screaming.

  82. WithintheRuins20

    Rage was the first album I was introduced to, then the two after that album, so this sounds completely different from what Im used to hearing. But I LOVE Attila with every ounce of my soul. Keep rocking on and pissing people off. Party forever!!

  83. Ian KX

    I swear when I was listening to this I thought I saw the videos to the side moving

    Bash Burrows

    Can i borrow your dope haha

  84. Teddy Fuse

    The only Attila album I've never heard.I have to say (respectfully) that this is probably the best album of them all.

    Koby Arnold

    Nah soundtrack to a party was

    Teddy Fuse

    @Koby Arnold Yeah I kinda agree ( either Soundtrack or Rage), Soundtrack to a Party was awesome but I dig this sound. This is definitely their heaviest album though.

    Artur Szczepień

    Rage is probably their best album. Or maybe About That Life

  85. patrick millar


  86. FluxxTV

    Ahhh good Attila... before Chris' ego got to him.

    we are the runaways c;

    "I'm a bad mother fucker not a fucking role model fuck church hit a bong nigga? smash a fuckin bottle..." what happened?


    @we are the runaways c; He stopped giving a fuck lol.

    we are the runaways c;

    @TehClassifiedEagle he really should start caring again cx


    @we are the runaways c; he doesn't say nigga. the lyric is "then go smash a fucking bottle"

    Dylan Greve

    @we are the runaways c; why lol who care what people think of you hense the modo fuck your opinion

  87. Jacob Ogle

    waaaay better than the garbage they put out nowadays 

    Theodore Walowitz

    @OfficerGiant Wang
    there's two original members left . Fronz and Sean their drummer.


    if this is Fronz then holy shit they need to go back to this this shit is waaaay better than what they have now!!! but if this is a different vocalist then that sucks :( because again this is so much better. (i recently got into attila so i've only listened to their new shit this is my first time listening to this album so sorry for the lack of knowledge)


    @starkiller1253 It is Fronz, he was badass as fuck on this album and he still is haha


    I have to agree with OP. Attila was a lot better before they started trying to be edgy. I like some of their new stuff though, don't get me wrong.

    Patrick Lewis

    @Christopher Miller ha! You're wrong

  88. kcgfdhtjfyt5je6j


  89. Krunk

    Hands Down!!!

  90. zach smart

    Greatest Attila album

  91. Manu Ale

    go to DESCARGAR DESDE MIS DOCUMENTOS and appears the link of the album , its easy n.n

  92. Manu Ale

    Yep , Look the new description :D

  93. flo_worsnop

    have you got a download link? :/