Attila - Ignite Lyrics

Check, check. Mic check 1, 2
It's about that time
This the year we take shit off the internet
And settle it in the streets motherfucker

Turn it up and ignite the track
Light it up and pop a bottle cause your boys are back
I got one fucking goal by the end of the show
Make this whole place jump, sing along to the flow
What, what motherfucker did you think I was done
I see you hating for a living, I just rap for fun
There's a million fucking bands and they're all the same
I put my middle fingers up screaming "Fuck the fame"
I'm like

Hey, hey
Don't give a damn what people say
Hey, hey
Save it for another day
Hey, hey
You gonna talk the talk then walk this way
Hey, hey
Or save it for another day

Oooh shit
Only Satan can fucking judge me, you bitch
Fucking get it right or just live with it
You wanna judge but no one asked for opinions
I'm living life, you're existing

Aw shit, wake up motherfuckers
You're either with us or you're against us
You better choose your side
So get it right now
It's time to cut the talking
Take another minute
And admit it that you're with it
When you're lying for a living
You're denying your own limits

Hell fucking yeah

Take it back and ignite the track
I've got a heart of gold but my soul is black
Ever since I made a deal with the motherfuckin' devil
I traded in my weak shit and skipped the levels
If you came to party then this the place
If you came to hate, you better say it to my face
Fuck the drama and fuck the bullshit
Ignite the party cause this the fire shit

Hey, hey
Don't give a damn what people say
Hey, hey
Save it for another day
Hey, hey
You gonna talk the talk then walk this way
Hey, hey
Or save it for another day
Hey, hey
Don't give a damn what people say
Hey, hey
Save it for another day
Hey, hey
You gonna talk the talk then walk this way
Hey, hey
Or save it for another day

It's time to ignite the party
Let's take a moment to ignite the party

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Attila Ignite Comments
  1. Jukender

    0:30 КАК ЖЕ ЭТО АХ*ЕННО!

  2. Ethan Gurevich

    1:18 oh shit

  3. ekachai nuikaew

  4. sleeplessnightful

    weird question.....what font is that text?

  5. UchiHax

    TEMAZO! 🔥💜


    Ya ves!

  6. Banbuelo

    Like si vienes por uchihax

  7. Stephen Smith

    Attila is a meme band folks

  8. Hawkeye93 Xx

    Fuck ya

  9. JPinedo

    I feel like theyre jacking UABBs style

  10. Ol Dragon boy

    Atilla made a whole new fucking Genre, Party Metal

  11. ShallowDepression

    Why did I read the lyrics 🙃

  12. pepsiman ml l

    Like si vienes por uchihax

  13. Ludel

    Tito uchihax

  14. Alexander Stoev

    god why does it sound so muddy

  15. Morgana

    This album cured my depression and gave me the boost I needed to get off my ass and work on my life again.

  16. Brint Mann

    Lyrics from about that life meet the guitars from rage

  17. Tweek The Mighty

    Somebody made a good point in another Atilla video. This band is not a winy little bitch band. This band isn't about deeper meanings. It's about not giving a fuck and going hard. It's as simple as that. So if you are looking for deep lyrics and eye liner, go listen to fucking Black Veil Bitches or whatever.

  18. xxhardforcorexx

    I've always really loved or appreciated Fronz's "I don't give a fuck if I'm metal enough for you" attitude. He doesn't give two shits about what those uptight elitists think about his take on metal and that's honestly what metal is about.

    On a side note, was that War From A Harlot's Mouth at the end? Lmao.

  19. Axel Hock

    Uno de los mejores temas ❤

  20. Withering Flower

    Attila never dissapoints

  21. Torta frita con dulce de leche

    Like si vienes por Uchiha hacks

  22. Daniel Warren

    Dude your the guy from made on mtv. Holy fuck dude you've gained a new fan. Straight up your Killin it come to Knoxville Tennessee asap.

  23. Daniel Warren

    Dude your the guy from made on mtv. Holy fuck dude you've gained a new fan. Straight up your Killin it come to Knoxville Tennessee asap.

  24. Patricia

    3:25 name of the song ?

  25. Brandon Yates

    So much irony with all the hate in the comments lol

  26. Adam Petro

    I was expecting to get cringe but this song was actually pretty good 👌

  27. Suchat Phramphlaeng

    Wows very good l like

  28. Rachel Roach

    I've chosen my side......ATILLA!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Scagro

    1:34 my favourite bit.

  30. Mr. Whiteside

    this song is so kick ass,makesme wanna break stuff ahahaha \m/

  31. Yairr Jimenez

    no entiendo ni puta madre pero esta con madre 👌

  32. Sim Daigle

    this is soooo goood favorite on the record

  33. Brandon Heat

    Attila keep making me feel the rage :)

  34. TheAthens619

    just wondering, where is the gun fire like is showed in the endcard?

  35. Heather Rausch

    Edgy as fuck

  36. Nicho Insertlastnamehere

    I swore my channel unliked every video because I love this song I have the album and I click on it today and it isn't liked or anything...

  37. Francisco Coria


  38. Spineapple

    Melonthony sent me here. Fuck, this is hilariously awful!

  39. Feodor Korchoun


  40. Luke Corrigan

    This band kicks ass

  41. Agent Kondratov

    What are your favourite songs off this album?
    my list:
    6-Let's Get Abducted
    9- Public Apology
    10- All Hail Rock & Roll
    11-Rise Up

  42. Felipe Marino

    Naum gostei naum

  43. Gerard Carreño

    I'm gay
    And I like the penis

  44. Band Freak

    whats the ending song????

  45. rafa svf悪魔

    I'm so High

  46. seppuku666

    I requested this song to be played in my PE class, one guy said it was "on fire". :)

  47. Cody Killa

    i lovee this band it sounds so awesome

  48. victoria kaufmann

    I just discovered you guys. You are awesome! I am going to warped tour and decided to check out some of the bands that are playing, and I am so happy I did! I am suped to see you guys play live. I will definitely be picking up this album.

  49. Matt Fearno

    fronz literally sounds like the narrator of crazy taxi on dreamcast lol

  50. Markus Nicoson

    holy shit it's like if Dr. rockso the rockn wroll clown did too much cocaine and traveled back in time to fuck his own mom to give birth to an even more cocaine addicted clown who then gave birth to this kid

  51. Arthur Giovanni Lippert

    Immediate dislike 1:16

  52. Flo

    Oh my god why i stop listen this

  53. Frost Wind


  54. dickless monk

    fuck the fast and the furious

  55. Shin Drad

    im confused if i like this or not

  56. Savii Skoopneck

    this whole fucking album is amazing 😍😍😍😍 every fucking song!

  57. ja crispy

    Type those exact lyrics in comic sans and see how revolutionary they are.

  58. Saul Nile

    For Attila, these lyrics are pretty good

  59. Tricia Woodward

    love this song

  60. Dria Monroe

    $uicideboy$ is the new Attila.

  61. tristananvilcaster

    This shit is lit! I love it so much, definitely your best album tied with Rage! My favorite song off the record is no doubt Let's Get Abducted, and even if people are saying your screams are dying, I didn't notice and thought you guys just were a fun and heavy show to be at. Keep up the amazing work and keep progressing like you did here!

  62. DAN MEN

    I thought that the Nu-Metal had dead, maybe i'm wrong.

  63. Nathaniel Brigham

    Queen Is a great song.

  64. La Avestrus Crazy

    Epic Música LIKE

  65. SkullObsessed69

    Biggest problem with Attila: musically they are insane, great drops, great breakdowns, great vocals, but the lyrics suck. so fronz can spit a couple bars in a metal song, itd be a real talent if he was saying anything worth hearing ... or at least rapping a whole song. shit, even mosh pit wasn't that impressive lyrically.

  66. Tristin Balota

    Well, it's different. I have always liked the low vocals.

  67. Jens Dagel

    I hope Attila doesn't change, they're so much fun.

  68. Samuel Morales Cruz

    I genuinely don't like then but damn this song is hype , Good job Attila, keep the shit coming like this \m/ ( - _- ) \m/

  69. The Abominable Reckoning

    omg, there getting old!!

  70. Jake Zalesky

    I'm colorblind....

  71. Mister D00dlez

    I really like this song but I don't know why.

  72. Harvey L



  73. Brooklyn Twiggy Marie

    I love it 😍😍😍

  74. Chroma Saryn deadlock

    To me it sends a message to me it saying to let others control you your the only person that can control your own life your own pathway others could say shit but you can't give up and keep going and like it says in public apology "sorry that your a little bitch!"

  75. Paul Zimmerman

    when is the video from dirt fest coming out

  76. Jose Ramos


  77. Yung Juicebox

    Lyrics are fucking shit but this is good. Really catchy.

  78. Whipped-cream Head

    This is probably the best thing that happened in 2016

  79. Nicki Collis

    My favourite song of the album. fuck yeah.

  80. Jason Roque

    How come when UABB plays like this it's "god like", but it's cancer when Attila does it? Oh ya because UABB dresses different and that's sadly why 80% of people hate on bands like this because they have long hair and black jackets

  81. Szymon Lieske

    Nie Jestem Za Homoseksualizmem

  82. SkullObsessed69

    Fronz is the only person who let me down on this album ...


    OMG this song is sooooooooooo lit👌😎

  84. Benji Colok

    If Motionless in White was from The Bronx...

  85. mrdinger

    I laughed out loud at this
    christ this is hilarious

  86. Jarren Whitehurst

    yo fronz could you DM me youre number on instagram i deleted my messeages lol

  87. Yojimbo711

    Get a like for the starting breakdown.

  88. alaris1337


  89. Stepanov Rock

    wow, they went full dad rock on the album
    everything sounds so polished and unagressive
    and i used to love about that life, that shit was moving

  90. RuslanZabavskiy


  91. Zedly dead

    Suck my fuck yeahhhh

  92. ふうご


  93. Josh Conway

    Best song off Chaos

  94. Jaime

    2:11, fucking embarrassing. you're* with it

  95. Marylou Hogstedt

    I like their new stuff its rad but i love the old stuff more still.

  96. Matthew Stevens

    The edge here is so cute. Will say Attila has stepped their game up, the quality of the vox and song structure has increased tremendously.

  97. JakeParkway

    kinda poop...rage and make it sick are such good songs this shit is shit