Attila - Horsepig Lyrics

Nobody can bring me down

I’ve been waiting for this moment my ambitions turned into an opportunity to prove you wrong
So when you're contemplating in your mind another way to hold me back you know that won’t get you far
I’ve worked too damn hard I’ve come too damn far way past the point of no return
I’ll never take your shit, you can talk more shit stick it right up in your ass and JUMP

We are the kids with unstoppable minds
You can’t fuck with the best of best

If you hear me right now do whatever the fuck you want
Living in the moment, never question yourself
And if you’re subject to conformity you're living in hell
Make your own fucking choices even if they say no
And if a bitch tying you down then you should let that shit go
Yeah, even if you hate me you should let it be known
That I'm a free motherfucker you can never impose
I do whatever I want, I get whatever I need
And if you got a fuckin' problem you can swallow my seed

Ambition Abolition

You will not stop me. Or break me. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Everybody put your hands up open up your ears and listen

When does it matter when everything is just chatter
I hear them talking with their mouth shut as if it really matters but when you think about it jealousy and overreacting I'm just livin' inside a moment you just shit talk and scatter (so just get on your feet and fuckin' jump)

The only one who can bring you down is yourself.
You’re your own worst enemy.

The secrets out so let it be known, rely on no one but yourself and do this shit on your own


But you’re still trapped inside your mind, time to escape time to escape

No one holds you back you've only got yourself to blame and when you take over the world you better remember my name
This is your ticket to a greater worth and nothing is the same if you just believe in yourself you put your enemies to shame

You've got to make them regret every fucking thing they said every fucking thing they said

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Attila Horsepig Comments
  1. F҉ E҉ A҉ R҉

    Years later, I'm still coming back 🤘🏼😈🤘🏼

  2. kernelcorn carnage

    I heard this song to my grandma.. and i like it..

  3. Thomas Foster

    Attila till I die

  4. Carlo John Santillan

    2019? Anyone?

  5. Daniel Huang

    1:27 that growl is unreal

  6. caleb byler

    Just wanted to be the 666th comment

  7. Elijha Jefferson

    Comment #666

  8. Sk8erboysweet666

    You can’t fuck with the best of the best! i think what they mean is America’s military 😝

  9. ir4kk

    0 00 000 0 00 00 00 0 0 0 00 00 000 0 0 0 000 0 00 000 00 000 12 0 00 13 0 00 00 00 000 0 0 0 000 000 0 12 0 13

  10. Cory Huntington

    I'm with the devil and I love this music its bad ass

  11. Nikola Milosevic

    1:06 lets go crazy xD

  12. KarsoN KarsoneK

    best Attila album! \m/

  13. Master Groshi

    starts good but like always theres the one part in any song I hate enough to not like it. well I like it lol just fuck try a lil harder in the studio

    i eat shit

    which part is it?

    Master Groshi

    +i eat shit 31secs fuckn nancy

  14. Tim Swan

    Can't wait to see them Wednesday

  15. Clayton Hammock

    saw them last year warped tour this song bad ass live

  16. Jess Hall

    Remember when I saw them last year. Fucking crazy, atmosphere was amazing.

  17. Evil Loli

    God damn ATTILA!!!!





  20. Luis Enrique Soleno Arias

    El subconsiente es el arma mas poderosa de un ser humano pero puede ser tu peor enemigo.

  21. CraftBuilds

    I dont know how people hate this. Great tempo, rap on point, and on that topic, if you dont like rap, focus on the instruments. Its as easy as that. Really catchy and great to party and fuck to. 👌


    totally agree... Your're right👌

  22. jgwentworth34

    This shit fucking rips holy fuck

  23. tyty530

    its been one year

  24. lokotedude1

    clean Initro and dope ass ending


    ugh the scene has fallen off so hard

  26. oshiet kudafrickinsai

    If there's one thing that people should at least respect about this band, is that they actually DO have some originality in their songs. Rather than the chug chug generic crap everyone is always complaining about. Ignore the lyrics and focus on the instrumentals for a bit. They're actually pretty good. It's too bad people are so caught up with Attila's image and lyrics to really listen to the instruments.

  27. Corie Johnson

    Attila is a great band, yea most of their songs have some weird ass lyrics, but this song is actually making sense. It's just telling you to forget about your haters and move on with yourself

  28. Alex Dabroso

    That solo though, I didn't expect it. At first I thought Atilla was a joke, but they're actually pretty awesome, keep it up lads :D

  29. Demon Abysm

    This song is fucking perfect.

  30. karnagor100

    Damn baadassss

  31. Deku Butler

    I miss Kimbo Slice

  32. iHeart FlavoR

    not enough highs anymore 😢

  33. TooMetal4You

    Does anyone else even know soundtrack to a party? This is album number 5 xD

  34. Tanner Dunn

    Huh... sounds a lot like Upon a Burning Body- Pledge your allegiance

  35. Taylor Allen

    Anyone know how the name of this song came about? Real cutie :)

  36. Ian Guzman

    Best Album Since The Soundtrack To A Party aka my 2nd fav album #1 of course , Guilty Pleasure

  37. Nick Sibilla

    This album is so much fun, blasting it at parties and everyone goes apeshit. 

  38. James Murphy

    This band is like marmite. Except I hate marmite but I fucking love Attila

  39. KidTechno45

    Written by kids who were obviously bullied in highschool.

  40. killerhippo10

    about that life was nice because it was so far out there, honestly this is just the same album regurgitated and its boring as fuck

  41. Patrick Draper

    This was an album for the haters, now make an album for the fans.

  42. Liam DeMond

    Played a new drinking game last night. We had to take a shot every time a band came on that had more talent and wrote better music than Attila . I had never been so fucking drunk in my life.

  43. budzilla00

    I've been listening to Attila since before they where signed, back when they still played local shows, remember the Movement in Loganville GA? For those who don't known, it was a venue that had shows every sat night, and the first place I ever heard Attila. Been a fan since, I still have their first CD they handed out with songs like 666, Amelia badelia was a whore, hanging from a lamp post, what would chuck Norris do, etc... Still my favorite album to date! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!

  44. Shilo Murphy

    How in the fuck does Sean play that part at the end, right after they say, "THE WORLD CAN SUCK OUR DICKS!" Like seriously. That is the best I've ever heard rap and metal drumming combined, and it's so fucking technical. Seriously. I love this band, Fronz, Chris, and Kalan. But oh my god. Sean Heenan is probably my favorite part of this band. His drums are fucking perfect.

  45. Nikita Ember

    Words cant express how much I love them. And especially those lyrics damn man. Who fucking cares how easy their song structures are. 

  46. Skylar Lysaker

    fucking dig this song, attila has been amazing for years. The music may be more "basic" or "generic" whatever any of you say. Yet it grooves and it has sick solos throughout the whole album. They can obviously still rip, Fronz is even going deep than ever with lyrics, but of course they will always have those party songs they always have so why get all butthurt now ha. Its silly how everybody argues. You guys literally make attila thrive. you hate them so much they literally blow up ha its hilarious. Props to Attila for being badass as fuck and following your dreams.

  47. Megan T_T

    Wow you have a lot of haters, personally I love you guys but you must be doing something right because people are obviously going out of their way to hate on you, if you weren't successful they wouldn't bother so keep doing hat you're doing

  48. thall000

    lol haters will hate 

  49. AllDebts Aside

    "Who We Are"

  50. SU_Snipers

    what happened to all there real deep low death growls like cmon man its a metal band not a rap singer bring out the heavy shit that took talent to do not this shit i want the damn heavy back ive been listening to this kinda stuff for 11 years since i was 7 years old attila wasnt around back then that i know of but still heavy metal death core death metal all the shit is getting weaker and weaker step up your metal attila i wanna hear the best you can do

  51. Bring Me The Crown

    There's an error in youtube... it's only showing my views 276k ???

  52. Johnathan Kearney

    I love the new album. Its unfortunate that people are being so negative about it. No matter what this band does they will always be ridiculed by people with little to no talent. If you don't like this band then move on. Simple as that.

  53. Brothelsprouts

    fuck they need to make more songs like this

  54. kuroshi

    the people saying "chug chug chug" need to learn how to hear the music a bit better. 

  55. Abe Buras

    At 0:47 I thought he was gonna say,"We bring the motherfucking heat." Always be about that life Attila.

  56. Christian Lukas

    this song like devil night from motionless in white

  57. Cameron

    Drop G on a 6 string?

  58. HappyPlumz

    Very immature song.


    Lol, exactly my point.

    Stunt Dix

    +HappyPlumz are you a plum out of the bag of plubz


    Hilarious Bro.

  59. Ashton

    about that life album was so good and this album makes me want to die, its so bad

  60. Kyle A

    Ambition abolition!!!!

  61. Jack Rhinelander

    Maroon 5's new album is wayyyy better than this

  62. Kyle Conover

    Worse than Chugchapel. 

  63. Jonathen Picken

    This is probably my favorite song off the new album

  64. Aaron Pearce

    I'm still trying to get around their new sound but I've found it's actually impossible to hate it

  65. SikkBoyz


    Roman Nosov

    PROPRIO LUI!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. NeutronFlux

    All people criticize with Attila is the uninventive guitar riffs. Does no one realize that there is more to Attila than just the guitar? I would imagine its hard for Fronz to do all those crazy ass screams in all of his different octaves. Also, I'm a drummer and the drums in this song are way hard,especially with a double bass...Just saying that there is more to this band than just the guitar.

  67. Jon Biddle

    The outbreak tour is fuckin ridiculous. Suck my fuck

  68. potato salad

    people who hate this song have their right to,but they are also just piss off haters
    this aint no gospel song son
    you should let a song take you somewhere,not try to take it somewhere with your louzy opinions.I personally love this song and it's lyrics,they make me feel cool for atleast the duration of the song.atleast i got that going for me

  69. S Sullivillain

    Man. Rage was so much better. And I thought it was going to be a good jumping off point. But they're getting worse and worse as the albums come out. It's a shame I'd rather listen to Limp Bizcuit than these guys.

  70. BranRau

    This song is so shitty lol. who ever likes this probably has downs 

    Tim Medic

    i totally agree, but shouldn't you give people with downs syndrome a little more credit i mean there's no reason their condition should affect their musical taste

  71. Unkindpartyhead

    666 comments haha:)

  72. Christian Jordan

    This is my new hype song

  73. TheMudron


  74. ReviewDykeUSA

    Why was this song named horsepig

    Heaven Leigh Eldridge

    His fiancé posted a video on Instagram of their son and when he saw a picture of some sort of pig (I'm not sure what kind it was. The kind with the long two teeth of some sort) and he made up the name "horsepig" all on his own, so I'm guessing this is where I'm from.

  75. Simon Vammp

    1:05 thanks me later :)

  76. Mike Miles

    Can I get the tabs for this song? I would love to learn how not to play the guitar. What a joke... these guys had so much potential...

  77. Gibpariah

    Fronz is the fuken man you can do anything you want in life just don't be a fuken bitch

  78. Gibpariah

    Fronz is the fuken man you can do anything you want in life just don't be a fuken bitch

  79. Braulio theguy

    are they finally using 8 strings it sounds like it 

  80. Israel Vargas

    solo bien escuchado gracias attila

  81. Apple Sauce

    Do you bitches hear those subliminal's or is it just me

  82. G -

    Why would they do this to people

  83. Dustin Craig

    Couldn't care less what people think, Attila is my shit. Gets me hyped as fuck to skate

  84. Michael Scissons

    Love it that his son chose the name for this song its fucking awesome saw them yesterday cant wait for them to come back

  85. iHateHippies4907

    This is a terrible imitation of Attack Attack circa their AC-130 era mixed with the worst elements of the Crimson Armada after they started adding clean vocals. Buh.

  86. Christina Eckard

    Love this

  87. John Hasemeier

    Guys, If you take Attila seriously and search for something meaningful and deep you're just being a snob. It's fun, it's meant to listen to when having a good time. Suck it up and just enjoy it for the good time.

  88. Lidia S

    Remember when Attila used to be good

    Lidia S

    ....... ok

  89. polo27

    LOL I can't wait for the next album after THIS ONE! No lie:)

  90. Caped Crusader

    Gosh this is so fucking badass!

    Jack Stoddart Guitar

    No it's not. It sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. Listen to Spiritual Healing by death or Raining Blood by Slayer

    Sam Steel

    @RustyDuckDicks dont think its fair comparing attila and slayer . totaly different genre's . slayer come out on top obv but attila are amazing 

    Daniel San Roman

    @RustyDuckDicks "Slayer" bored band. As fuck ;)

    Caped Crusader

    how can you compare Attila to slayer

  91. Isaac Gowan

    I don't hate Attila because of Fronz, the lyrics or the music. I love it all, I hate them because my ex ruined them for me. Two years for nothing, she left about a month and a half ago. They're like her favorite band cause of me and now she's dating my friend and I'm assuming she's taking him to see them instead of me next month.

    Corbin Armstrong

    @***** wut

    Isaac Gowan

    @***** I never once claimed to be hardcore. I enjoy pretty much all kinds of "core" sub genres and I just wasted the last two years of my life with someone who is dating my friend already and it hasn't even been two months since we split up. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even posted this, but I was having an extremely rough day that day and I have no one to talk to so you could call it a cry for help I guess.

    Darryl McDaniel

    @***** lmfaooo

    Yeet Smith

    @***** how dare people who listen to hardcore have feelings. feelings are for pussies, only inbred bros have tr00 strength.

    Hunter Harris

    @Isaac Gowan Hey man don't listen to the haters man....I feel for you bro been there before keep your head up and everything will be ok. find you a hotter chick to bring to the next Attila show. =)

  92. Anya x


  93. Hi I'm reckless

    Gonna go burn my Attila shirt now

  94. Gerardo Reyes

    Alguien que hable español y le guste Attila :v  :v  

  95. Cody Scott