Attila - Don't Be Basic Lyrics

You know its funny cuz they say jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.
You mother fuckers just want what you can't have and now you're butt hurt about it.

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Attila Don't Be Basic Comments
  1. Anonymous Serj

    Basic to the max

  2. Zakk Storey

    This shit sucks. I miss Attila's old sound, total garbage like this now.

    Zakk Storey

    +Oliver-Vic Carquinn I was joking about the fact that this isn't an actual song. I fucking love Attila.

  3. Larles Chewis

    You know what? I am butt hurt about this! lol Because they used to be half way decent. Now its terrible

  4. The Jetset Mike

    i wonder if onision wrote this

  5. Jar Jar

    could play this on repeat

  6. Kurt Tobie

    Puts out a song called don't be basic. Only uses the low e string.

  7. DeathByDegrees10

    I don't even know how people can listen to this shitty ass band, they have such a faggy vocalist, who's too retarded to be aware of his oversized ego.


    Not really, just somebody who appreciates quality music. I wrote that two years ago, opinion still stands, this band is absolute trash from the bottom of the barrel.

  8. IRockOutWithMyCockOut

    This is so stupid it makes me cringe

  9. alex saunders

    having mixed felling about this album its
     good and it sucks at the same time

  10. Infinity Bro

    I can't rn

  11. AdventuresWithMiquel

    Basic white bitches.

  12. Propsandmayhem

    This really speaks to my soul

  13. spadecodezor


  14. Elijah

    Fucking BR0074L

  15. Sabina Garzon

    this is gonna be great.. 

  16. Unkindpartyhead

    this song is probably the outro to the album and the song i am satan is the inteo i think.. so who pay for this song me i would pay for the wholed amn album not just single songs!!

    Zambia San

    I am Satan is like a prelude to the song Break My Addiction, and Don't Be Basic is a prelude to the final song on the album, The Cure. 

  17. dad hats

    Honestly was expecting a song about basic white girls and now I'm kind of disappointed. I can totally see Attila making a song about that!

  18. cami hope


  19. Colt Coelho

    Love y'all but that's 22 seconds of my life I'll never get back

  20. Chad McGehee

    Dude the car horn at the beginning was so fucking heavy. Best track on this album no doubt

  21. Joseph Miller

    So I'm butthurt because I want to listen to music? Lol ok

  22. sean johnson

    I hope this isnt the whole song

  23. justin bardales

    Agreed, long live Attila

  24. SlimeLime10

    Heaviest song on the album.
    Brutal ass breakdowns and solos

  25. Gage Hope

    Let the butthurt commence!

  26. Edgy Blaze

    Yes bitch!

  27. Natasha :3


  28. Jon Forbes

    Who tf will pay for this track?


    I honestly didn't know people still paid for music

    Alex Tiger

    i bought 2 copies and i went to the concert and they signed one copy and signed my poster too lol

  29. Thavas TV

    Waiting for all the butthurt comments.

  30. mdhavoc

    Hell yeah