Attack Attack! - Party Foul Lyrics

You lied
To me
You Tried
To be
Everything I would want
But everything you couldn't be

The two worlds that you have made,
Has suddenly collided,
So you'll have the chance to lead,
A new life...

Everything that I would want,
Everything you couldn't be.

This is your cop-out to your life,
I'll be the end of everything you love,
It rips my heart out and I cant take anymore,
Heart out, I'm lying on the floor.

I can't
I can't believe this
I can't
I can't believe this
I cant believe this has happened,
I cant believe this is happening,
I cant believe this is happening,

I cant believe that this is happening to me,
I thought that you would be, everything i need.

The two worlds that you have made,
have suddenly collided,
so save yourself and make a lie,
I wouldn't be believing.

You want me back,
now that I'm on,
my own, again.

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Attack Attack! Party Foul Comments
  1. Ahmad Mukhlas

    2020 still listening on it

  2. Corrina Slings

    I cannot believe lead singer of Beartooth, Caleb Shomo, used to do vocals for Attack Attack! I had no idea!

    Attack Attack! used to be one of my favorite bands years ago in middle school. Makes sense why Beartooth is my favorite band these days I guess. My music taste has matured along with him haha.

  3. Eko Marsalla

    1:00 is great sound

  4. Christian Jordan

    This shit got me hype as fuck back in high school.

    Nothing has changed.

  5. Егор Цыба

    Ending is something like some SMOSH stuff

  6. Егор Цыба

    Back when Beartooth was called Attack Attack and has Austin on vocals

  7. Alex SkyBreaker

    2019?? :'(

  8. William Smith

    My favorite part starts at 0.49

  9. Nick Fontenot

    Damn, I wasn't even part of the scene when it was in its prime. But just listening to stuff like this just somehow teleports me back to 2008 lol.

  10. Ryan Sobieski

    Here I am again....

  11. William Smith

    I blast this song in my mustang ppl be like what is this black dude listening to iam thinking to my self real music

  12. Lopez G


  13. Dillon Uchiha

    PunkrockMBA brought me back here.

  14. J Hittle

    This has always been one of my favorite attack attack songs

  15. William Smith

    My favorite part starts at 50

  16. Deadlyfighter999

    2018 ♥️

  17. Justin Flores

    This song sounds like it could be the best opening theme to a fighting game

  18. †姫いちごーちゃん†

    Why do they add synths id doesnt fit

  19. Myles Jude

    Damn its almost ten years! I remember when i listened to this while riding the bus to school.

  20. Jefferson Thefall

    its screams like austine??

    Soul Rupture

    because it's Austin, he founded the band :l ...

  21. Elaina Marie

    I haven't listened to these guys since middle school major throwback

    Gabe Ray

    yeah you can just listen to of mice and men


    shit I was in high school by this time, still jammed to them though.

    Brandon Olivarez

    Elaina Marie same

    William Smith

    @Gabe Ray thats true


    Forever amazing

  22. Michael Psyche

    2:18 fucking WRECKS.

  23. briggitt villalobos


  24. Ayo Tre

    the ending gives me the chills

  25. Adam Artz

    That ending is dope though

  26. Smash Playa

    God damn this song is so good
    fucking why did they deviate from this style?

    Etika's High Top Fade

    austin left, & they probably got bored of this & wanted to try something new

    Oziel Prado

    @Etika's High Top Fade Austin didn't leave they kicked him out

  27. Gabriel Martínez

    Before the auto-tuned era they sound really good ! 



    Fairy C Rat

    @Gabriel Martínez Yeah this is the auto-tuned era but this song doesn't feature singing. And I don't know about you but it feels totally different to me when there's no cleans. It feels more 'core, I love it !

    Gabriel Martínez

    Yep indeed without the cleans  they sound more core but i realy like what they play my problem is only the auto-tune ! 

    Gabriel Martínez

    Thats a big true, Attack Attack has a lot of hate, but lots of bands are a copy of them, they must have more credit because of that, if i am not wrong, they were the first band playing that rythm/percusive riffs.
    I dont like most of this band but i dont hate them because i give the credits that they need !

  28. Rexide

    Damn! Check out 2:14 !!!!

  29. Harto

    the screaming makes this better with out it it'd suck


    Harto so true

  30. walter salazar

    i love this song... <3 

  31. walter salazar

    aba ok to aa

  32. Justin Rogers

    I love the synths in this song

    Jose Alvara

    hell yeah

    Prinse Ali

    omg i saw this comment before playing golden sun, but now...YES!!! ♡

    Егор Цыба

    Fun fact: synth player is now their vocalist. Also, band is now called Beartooth.

  33. Nathaniel Ray

    The ending /.\

  34. TheAzulCandy

    deathcore ending too <33333

  35. Royal Thurston

    Now that I go back and listen to this, he sounds so much like Austin Carlile

    Crehate videos

    it is austin doing the screams

    Royal Thurston

    @George Parker that makes sense then

    Crehate videos

    @Royal Thurston yea he did their ep and the first album


    this is austin carlile dude

    Royal Thurston

    Did you not see the comments above yours?

  36. xDarkSanity

    All of it is music.

  37. Brooke Mckinsey

    Screamo,anime,and cotton candy is what I live for

  38. NuclearSodomy

    that fucking ending breakdown is so awesome

  39. BTFrulezall .derrikv

    That comment was 11 months old ding dong

  40. Julie Jsleazy

    I miss the original members of this band .
    This was and will always be one of their best albums to me .

  41. Sergio Gomez

    News flash he left the band and started BearTooth, which is right now signed with red bull records

  42. jrock9201989

    ha i found this cd at a used cd dvd and video games place lol

  43. bob tom


  44. JazzHands556

    I think it is hilarious that the haters only troll stick sticky. I don't think most realize how amazing this album really is.

    I was bummed when Charlie and Johnny left. They both added so much character to the band. The recent break up just drove the last nail. Sucks.

    It feels like the end of an age.

  45. Sarah beaver

    I can honestly say Im going to miss AA!

  46. 60秒的奇蹟

    have a concert of old Attack attack plz!!

  47. Dark of Light

    Well Both of them Do Have Austin Carlile on the vocals :P

  48. Mason

    God I miss this attack attack

  49. Tom M

    such a solid album

  50. TheDeathOfAnEra

    You still thinking that now?

  51. wildfanka

    the album

  52. Coco Zimme

    I like this album OM&M or Attack Attack(new) has put out. This album has amazing synth, awesome breakdowns, and you just got to love the guitar. I wish they would have at least put out one more album with austin.

  53. Allard Mars

    @thecookdude1212 Scs, Someday Came Suddenly

  54. James Hughes

    I personally really enjoy Attack Attack when they sounded like this.
    It's plenty powerful enough for me.

  55. yupify

    it's the acronym of this album...

  56. Justin Waldron

    the synth at 0:50 kinda sounds like My Love by Justin Timberlake... or is it just me

  57. Super Pootrick

    Sorry...but who is SCS? first time hearing that.

  58. jordanxrola

    I don't understand why they would show the new lineup on this song....shameful.

  59. Ryan Luby

    Not really but ok

  60. We Will Kill Again -Band-

    Love the chopping with the breakdown in the background. Best song on the album!

  61. TheMagicStik

    That tune is so damn catchy.

  62. Ian Cross

    Anyone can be a critic to whoever they want, about whatever they want, you don't have to talk down to somebody because they voiced their opinion.

    And yes, Johnny held this band back. Deal with it.

    rabbit uchiha

    Ian Cross lmao i agree with the first part. But I love Johnny! He MADE the band for me!


    rabbit uchiha him and his terrible autotune fucked this band in the ass and made their music unlistenable for me

  63. Milk Slammer III

    This is the best song of Someday Came Suddenly in my opinion. Love the newer Attack Attack album way better, though.

  64. matt kurpiel

    Caleb is absolutely on this album. He played synth & keys until Austin was ousted, and then he took over unclean vocals. He actually did a growl or two on this album as well.

  65. BTFrulezall .derrikv

    I'd hate to burst your bubble champ but Caleb Shomo isn't on this album. he's Their current singer

  66. ISpeakzEnglishGood

    One of the songs that made these guys one of my favourite bands. That synth riff in the chorus...incredible!

  67. matt kurpiel

    I was simply stating my personal opinion as a musician and Attack Attack! fan.

  68. matt kurpiel

    What are you talking about?

  69. Arttu Häkkilä

    BOOOUWW!!! you just made my day (night) dude! (or dudette) !!

  70. Damon Ritchie

    I hated them too. But Carlile really brings them a good light xD They suck with everything else

  71. Rex Bachemin

    Out of 204 comments? BITCH PLEASE

  72. Javier

    Omg me too!

  73. KarOla JAKOS tam JEST

    I will always like this band! They're the best ♥

  74. goofy4life760

    the demo is alot better in my opinion

  75. peckerface12

    since im the top comment i might as well spam. u should all "like" my band Lie Or Liar on facebook!

  76. The1234doe

    Black Veil Brides sucks as well (no offense to's just that they're a really bad band)

  77. Rex Bachemin

    Exactly... I JUST said that they're one of the worst bands out there.

  78. vidmasterx7

    bro Emmure fucking sucks XD no offense if you like em

  79. Rex Bachemin

    Same. I think the worst bands out there now are either Emmure, Alesana, or Fallout Boy.

  80. TomasDengel

    This vocalist is the old keyboardist :D

  81. Zach Stukey

    Someday Came Suddenly, the album name.

  82. emmett n

    best part 0:51 1:21

  83. Thiago Forster

    2:18 awesome breakdown!!!

  84. Greg Strode

    It's ok..... everyone makes mistakes :)

  85. R Brian

    this song kinda sounds like songs of Drop dead, gorgeous... amazing!

  86. Josh Mcgowan


  87. Chase

    @imawhiteguy9 ikr

  88. DungeonSynthGuy

    @peckerface12 omg i feel u bro. same here

  89. Joshua Monroe

    this song would be nothing without the screams and synth. Or should i say the whole album.

  90. TheRockheaddragon

    @asdfghjkl4099 that is sooo true

  91. vidmasterx7

    @asdfghjkl4099 o lol wasnt thinking bout that lol thouht that was johnys new band

  92. matt kurpiel

    @vidmasterx7 Someday Came Suddenly.... the album that this song is on.... the album artwork is only on the video you're watching, ya know.

  93. vidmasterx7

    @asdfghjkl4099 whats SCS?

  94. xxmrcoolmanxx

    @asdfghjkl4099 i know, but this is blatent metalcore

  95. matt kurpiel

    @xxmrcoolmanxx I don't like to get into the subgenre thing. People are way too stingy and think they're smart if they know every detail.