Atoms For Peace - Unless Lyrics

I couldn't care less
Such a mess

I know it's useless
I couldn't care less
I couldn't care less

While my heart keeps returning
I am lost, I am weightless
With my arms by my side
I am hope, I can break this
I am rust, I am waiting
I am here, I am weightless
I am rust, rust

I couldn't care less
I know it's useless
I couldn't care less
I know it's useless
Couldn't care less
I know it's you, I guess
Couldn't care less

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Atoms For Peace Unless Comments
  1. Just Add Glasses

    What if i... put my 808 drum machine next to yours... haha... just kidding...

    Farlan H.B


  2. John Lau

    vor etwa zwanzig jahren hat mein cousin ein reh getroffen, ich wollte dann kein bike mehr fahren, kollege ist durch eine kuh durchgefahren, der hatte mehr glück die kuh war kaputt.

  3. TET - COM

    dude this band is so SICK.....if u like electronic music,then they're even cooler than Radiohead

  4. Jhonatan Candido

    Tribal Times + Modern Times = Times(Tribal + Modern) = Unless

  5. Keith Kelly

    Helps me focus

  6. EE RG

    Damn, you all need to get your comments under control. lol

  7. Dan Han

    Jesus why I didn't know this band before present?

  8. vera lamprou

    i want to dance like crazy with this song

  9. Brenda Ramos

    One of the Best tracks from the album then dropped, S.A.D, stuck together pieces and before your very eyes. Just amazing! ❤

  10. Sonja

    Anyone else struggle with apathy sometimes? and no, I'm not a psychopath. Sometimes I really don't care about a thing.

    Bakr m

    siempre, lleva importandome todo muy poco, y más de lo que debería

  11. T- Turbo

    I can't believe i overlooked this so many years, for some reason i thought it wasn't gonna be as good as radiohead. perhaps because of jonny's absence. anyway, i was dumb, i wish i could go back in time and slap myself. this is gorgeous.

  12. June Bug

    The kind of song I'd play (and sing-along to) during an argument.

  13. Unreal Brah

    This is a dangerous song.


    Care to elaborate?

    Krypto Knight

    Yes it is......

  14. bob arctor

    have same feelings here

    for me it's fucking depressing and desperate, but at the same time it makes me kind of evil inside.

    listened to this when broken up with the love of my life.

  15. M -

    the thoughts that go inside my head over and over again
    such a mess

  16. AtlanticSpamHammer

    "I know it's useless..."

  17. B. D. Walker

    I couldn't care more

  18. Street Spirit

    Angrer,denial and desperation.Atleast for me

    Micah Buzan

    +Street Spirit I agree, but I also a feel a sense of self disgust in the way he sings these lyrics. It's like he's disturbed by how little he cares about things that should disturb him. He knows he should care but can't seem to find the strength to do so.


    +Street Spirit
    Hello :)

  19. tiste4

    Au dessus c'est le soleil...

  20. Lonely Owl

    Does anyone know what they used to make that bass sound? What synth? I really want to make something like it. Its warm and very smooth

    Jackob Tsofiani

    ბიჭო ვინ გეტყვის მაგას. რომც გითხრან კიდე, უფასო არაფერია. აუ თუ გაიგე რამე მეც გამაგებინე ძმურად. (გეიქეცი ზანგო გეიქეცი - Vol. 2)

    Film Club of America

    @Lonely Owl it's called a bass guitar... People these days.


    +Lonely Owl You can do this with any synth, add a little distortion and sync a sine and saw wave together. Don't go to crazy on the cutoff knob. That's all I can say pretty much, my own methods are more complex. Hope that helps

  21. Tim C

    ya ya ya, I am lord, ya ya ya 

  22. Micah Buzan

    definitely an album to listen to with headphones

    Camouflaged Goon

    +Micah Buzan ok more serious now, yeah it is. But it's also an album you can just blast the fuck out of. But details would be lost to those listeners ^^

    John Costa

    True, the way they produced it makes everything sound better with headphones. So many things happening around you!

    no !

    And while high

    zack worrell

    Ha, I just pulled my headphones out to listen to this and close my eyes. Read this comment and now I know why Yorke's music binds people and intoxicates.

    Ronny P

    @mmlml mmlml HE 400i's damn fine .

  23. Insidia85

    best track of album, then "Amok", "Before your very eyes" and " Stuck Together Pieces"

    Vera Ressurreição

    +Insidia85 Yep. Agree.

    Stevie Hatton

    Amok is my favourite.

  24. Juan Jacinto

    My instrumental DRUM cover of UNLESS! watch?v=37mWSM-ZxtE

  25. Skyler C

    While still being quite individual, I hear a lot of influence from Aphex Twin. Not bad at all


    you mean like in every good electronic song? It's hard to avoid it when your influences were influenced by twin.


    +xermaster123 Yorke said in an interview that Aphex Twin was his biggest influence outside 'his electric guitar'.

  26. Mario Bauzá

    love you!

  27. Siaynoq8

    What a stupid baby...

  28. Trevor Knapp

    That bassline... sweet jesus it's like heaven to my ears

  29. ck675

    seeing them soon as well, cannot f'ing wait!

  30. Even457

    This band and Radiohead through their songs make me feel these feelings i got when i was with that big dog who made me instantly feel warm, quiet and happy instead of lost and sorrowful, i felt like i was in the right place to which i belonged, with the dog's overwhelming kind presence

  31. TheMorbulut

    This is heaven

  32. Ayda Seghiri

    I can't stop crying...

  33. Gabriel Frigerio

    amazing sound

  34. Humberto Valencia Gaona

    Super is a song I really like how it starts

  35. Micah Buzan

    there's a synth/guitar riff that starts around 1:40 that sounds a lot like the synth part near the end of amok.

    this isa really interesting album. definitely a lot detail in each song.

  36. ThelemicMagick

    Going to see them live soon... I really hope they manage to keep that eerie, threatening vibe of 'Unless' when playing it with drums, bass, guitar...
    After all those years, I'm still amazed how Thom turns everything he touches to gold

  37. robby bobby

    Dark, just how I like it...

  38. ALacunae

    3:11 scared the crud outta me!

  39. Samuel Horta

    so good... that 808 is awesome!

  40. lucas79black


  41. Jeremy Strickland

    god i cant wait for this album

  42. Bro Safari

    <3 Finally...