Atoms For Peace - Dropped Lyrics

It slipped out of my hands
Went deep down
I don't wanna start
Don't want to start

When I got your heart
I got your heart
It slipped down
Out of my hands
And flipped out
Went wandering
And I fell apart
I fell apart

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Atoms For Peace Dropped Comments
  1. Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    Am I the only one who thinks this song would fit very well with “Hey Ya” by OutKast?

  2. T S U N A M I Φ

    can't stop dancing to this

  3. Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    This is it. This is the one I was looking for.

  4. K-leb

    Probably my second-favorite song on the album. It's so energizing.

    I love how the song totally opens up its inner awesomeness at 1:20.

  5. Fran S

    Me encanta el movimiento que tiene esta cancion. Es como irse en autopista bien a la mierda, pero con elegancia

  6. Deivy José

    this album is so good


    It's got a lovely 80's B-Movie synth feeling. I like it!

  7. Helenpatricia Obandocanbindo

    Uuff q nivel 4ta dimensions

  8. Brenda Ramos

    This song is amazing! ❤

  9. Bakr m

    today i need this

  10. Lara

    So I only recently found out about this via Radiohead (I'm quite a bit late, I know) only to realise I already know every song off by heart because my mum constantly played it when it first came out 🤔 probably one of the best feelings tbh

    Ronny P

    Cool Mum..

    Deivy José

    love your mum

    Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    That’s how all kids should be raised

  11. not a fox

    the bass on this album is literally orgasmic god bless flea

  12. Aaron Harvey

    It's sure as heck ain't Nickelback, but by golly it does the trick

    Alejandro Rojas

    You deserve more likes

    Aaron Harvey

    thanks bro

    ro luna

    wait what?

    Gintaras Sketerskas

    So you're saying this is as close to be good as nickelback?

  13. Imad Benjaafar


  14. Špincflajz

    why did it take me so long to listen to this

    Joe Delilo

    Slurmp Bartesnerr too young to be a big enough loser to resort to it, unfortunately, is the answer.

  15. James Whiteford


  16. Eli Takkata

    Me vuelan!Es hermoso.

  17. June Bug


  18. Chloe A

    happy birthday thm

  19. little snooze

    Flee from r h c p and Thom yes great.

    Arse Hole

    Karola1033 I was wondering who would run from RHCP.

    Jacob Mo-Middilly-Morin

    Arse Hole He’s still in RHCP

  20. Aggeliki Triantafyllou

    This album is dope

    Micah Buzan

    +Aggeliki Triantafyllou I agree

  21. Bran dao

    Most epic bassline i have ever heard. Holy shit!

  22. Sharif El Fatatry

    thank you 8tracks...

  23. Micah Buzan


  24. Carina C

    thanks dude!