Atomic Kitten - Whole Again Lyrics

If you see me walking down the street,
Staring at the sky and dragging my two feet,
You just pass me by,
It still makes me cry but you can make me whole again.

And if you see me with another man laughing and joking doing what I can,
I won't put you down, 'cause I want you around,
'cause you can make me whole again.

Looking back on when we first met,
I can not escape and I can not forget,
Baby, you are the one
You still turn me on,
You can make me whole again.

Time is laying heavy on my heart
Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart,
My friends make me smile if only for  while,
You can make me whole again.


For now I'll have to wait,
But, baby, if you change your mind don't be too late,
'cause I just can't go on,
It's already been too long,
But you can make me whole again.


[Chorus x2]

Ooh, baby, you're the one,
You still turn me on,
But you can make me whole again.

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Atomic Kitten Whole Again Comments
  1. Scarlett Aurora

    who is here 5 days before jumping into 2020 ;)

  2. Jens-Peter Beiersdorf

    so nice...und so typisch omd. Andy mc clusky hat den song geschrieben

  3. Dns Atriym

    Куколки - пукалки

  4. Jimmy Portier

    Whole Again! December 2019!

  5. snow flakes


  6. Wojciech Owedyk

    Song recorded in lately 2000 but released in early 2001

  7. Mieke Bogaard


  8. Wojciech Owedyk

    Ich habe diese Lied auf die album "Feels so good"

  9. Wie Du mir,so ich Dir

    Voll druff in Göttingen 2000 :)

  10. Gagafreak92

    Childhood nostalgia ❤️

  11. Johnnie Truelove

    Still playing this in my car

  12. Brandon Stokes-Jackson

    I love this song

    Leave a like if you love this song

  13. janfurdy comahig

    Whos listening in 2020???



  14. Niner Gal909

    This still the cut in the Polynesian community haha

  15. Tomasz Biernat

    love it!

  16. Brandon Now 48

    Friday 23 August 2013

  17. steamyboy69

    I prefer the original version with Kerry. But Jenny was with Atomic kitten longer .

  18. Laura Mac Lean

    ~ ♡ ~

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  19. AnatasiaQa Chan

    still lovely*

  20. Marcel Embacher

    Es satz die geilstn Damen

  21. Campbell Brand

    Looking for my hole again

  22. claire bunt


  23. Mike Burns

    You can lick my hole again

  24. Maureen Zabinski

    I like that the kept the talking part they had for Kerry dear love her 😂

  25. Wojciech Owedyk

    Anyone here?
    Winter 2020
    Comin' soon

  26. Wojciech Owedyk

    Whole again
    (UK Charts 22nd of January 2001)
    (German charts 31st of January 2001)
    (Polish charts 9th of February 2001)

  27. Street Roady

    Notice the coke head is missing

  28. Grillin Arengh

    1st December 2019....anyone here???

    Wojciech Owedyk

    I'm here

    margaretmutsa gunda

    17 December

    Wojciech Owedyk

    @margaretmutsa gunda
    My birthday.
    I was born on 17th of December 1996

    Jens-Peter Beiersdorf

    klaro. am 18.12

    Paige Caplin

    I was born in 1991 .. I grew up around my sister listening to these tunes. Feels so good to go back. Kinda makes me sad.

  29. Laura Mac Lean

    : :lllllllll ~ :♡ :~💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Beautiful. ...... .... ...~.♡.~ Laura

  30. Josh Matai

    Wish i had a foursome with them😂😣

  31. Ingrid Relativo

    Saturday ( Saturn the Liz McClarnon ) and Foods Foods Foods and the Virgin Mary herself the Christianism the one a birds goes earlier it got the worms to eat---...

  32. Ingrid Relativo

    here's the puzzle

  33. Jacob

    They look like triplets

  34. Suaheli Pradesh

    So funny when as a kind you couldn't understand what they were saying, and now that you speak English and understand everything it's so weird what you used to turn up to as a child 😂😂

  35. Aimee Thomson

    ..u planning sideline of stalking these too yobbo

    Aimee Thomson

  36. mohannah palao

    back to the days..where im thinkin him.. old days.

  37. Wojciech Owedyk

    Wiosna 2001
    Atomic Kitten
    Whole again

  38. Zandile Khuluse

    M here for 1990s💛

  39. Wojciech Owedyk

    Viva Top 100
    Best of 2001
    Atomic Kitten
    Whole again
    Right now

  40. davis baluku

    Ohh hell yeah

  41. jasonmac1990

    It just occurred to me that I haven't seen a person with an eyebrow piercing in very long time

    Alexandru Blu

    jasonmac1990 i exist haha

  42. Fifa HD

    Still miss lustig😭🇮🇪🇸🇪

  43. Noah Tapara

    Your sister would love this song.

  44. Theresa Schafhauser

    15 years

  45. Kelly Burton

    Wow blast from the past !!! Reminds me of taking my eldest daughter to meet an greet them, !!!!!

  46. Bastian Dereinzigwahre

    Damals hätte ich alle 3 gebumst😜

  47. gerrit esterhuizen

    Getting older means we got the chance to see all the great bands beat that

  48. Stevie Blunder

    This has aways been the mpdern ages abba

  49. DailyHardcoreMusic

    1,2,3,4 Looking back to when we first met, I cannot escape and i cannot forget, Southgate you're the one, you still turn me on
    Football's coming home again 🎶🎶🎶

  50. ellisk0


  51. nicholas ng sing kwong

    rogue of the xmen one of  them.i am power

  52. Lewis Miller

    0:47 Looking back on where we first met
    I cannot escape and I cannot forget
    Gerrard youre the one
    You still turn me on
    League flags coming home again

    It's coming home 🏴🏴

  53. Jojo Hannes

    November 2019 and still listening to this great song!

  54. Beu Kaakunga

    Only a thee 90's kids will grasp,2019 and still a favourite♥🤗...

  55. nicholas ng sing kwong

    ecosystems perfection it is

  56. Ivan Očadlík

    Me 2 :) And I love it. :)

  57. Aaron Brazier

    Southgate you're the one,
    You still turn me on,
    Football's coming home again 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  58. Sarah P

    To me they all looked exactly the same back then

  59. NotLife River

    I like the one who is taller than the others...she looks most sexy...others are lame.

  60. 303v

    omg childhood, i barely remember this song, I must have been 6 or 7 (born 1994)

  61. Macky Esther

    Reminds me of my childhood days
    Singing alongwith the song without understanding the lyrics lol

  62. arwua

    That was pretty much how i lokked like in the 2000'rs 😅😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Wojciech Owedyk

    Right now
    1st album of Atomic Kitten released in Germany on 3rd of November 2000.
    Whole again song from A.K. released in Germany on 15th of January 2001

  64. Jimmy Stone

    im 12 and i love this song

  65. Jack Tang

    i remember this. damn these feels.

  66. werner feldkamp

    good old days still love this

  67. Lukáš Červeňák

    NOVEMBER ( 2019 ) ♥️

  68. Salvatory beertruck

    Best of the rest.

  69. graham bruce

    You can lick my hole again!!

  70. Israel TOKOTUU

    Love this song ...From New Caledonia KANAKY ...thanks ...✌ 2019 actually...

  71. The Starman


  72. ana

    🌺I am just ordinary,romantic and sensitive soul...and this just perfect for this rainy,romantic evening...♥️☔☂️🌂💙...

  73. Laura Mac Lean

    •••:::::: v :•♡•: v ::::::•••
    :•: lll l ll
    lllll: :♡: : ll lll l lll l : : l lll ll
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    :~•: ~•:~:•~: •••••••Beautiful Laura 2019

  74. Christopher Sotta

    Found a lozt love from 20 yrs ago and this is how she feels about me. Love is good .

  75. Kathryn Cole

    What ones Kerry katona

  76. A Z

    You can lick me hole again

  77. m. mache

    You have been blocked because of Facebook stay away from this website page okay. Mo

    Helen Robson

    whats up are you ok, you getting hassle. can i help

  78. Fifiana Fifinston

    Natural beautiful girls...

  79. Jasmin Rzeniecki

    So schön das lied

    Wojciech Owedyk

    Das stimmt,aber Atomic Kitten war nicht so schätzlich in Deutschland

  80. иван грозный

    жесткий стояк

  81. Ingrid Relativo


  82. Esteban Quesada

    Cc toi sa estebn quoi Noël I am so

  83. Adisak Phantha

    คิดถึง​เพลงนี้​ ตอนทำงานที่นิวซีแลนด์​

  84. S J

    Good old days. Don't make songs like these anymore. ✌️💯👍✌️

  85. Stefan Leggott

    They don't make any music like this anymore and it sure as shit sells!

  86. TheAkwarium can lick my hole again

  87. Leonie Ben

    November 2019 still listening with me❤😍

    Michael Zopf

    Of course

    ethan newman

    Leonie Ben who’s listening in 2078

    NotLife River

    I like the one who is taller than the others...she looks most sexy...others are lame.

    Dylan Hunt

    @ethan newman I dont know what I do when I am 113 years old :P

    tt Byrne

    @Michael Zopf naety

  88. Dylan Sharp

    It good song

  89. wilson kip

    Nov. 2019 and still watching. Awesomeness

  90. Wojciech Owedyk

    Atomic Kitten
    Whole again
    Right now

  91. Wojciech Owedyk

    Atomic Kitten is very underrated girlsband in Poland and Germany

  92. de godzelf

    I can shoot you in hole again

  93. kai Smith

    Jenny is sooo fit 😍😍

  94. Bersama Titin

    Any one listening on October 2019?

    Buried Alien

    November 👍

    Helen Robson


  95. Ann Burns

    I’m here in 2019 still saying Jenny should be Kerry!!!! 😍😍

    Helen Robson

    nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not kerry

  96. Rahul Dravid

    Thumbs up if there is someone that can make you whole again.

    Jackpot ButtonLewis

    Rahul Dravid Gareth Southgate for the win! 😃😍🤣

  97. Johnart Tumusiime

    i like these girls

  98. Anubis Barba

    I don't even remember subscribing to this channel, I thought this group was only in my dreams but I understand now what is going to happen and I am glad that it begins because I already want to dance with you.