Atomic Kitten - See Ya Lyrics

check it out now,ooh
baby,check it out now

i've been looking and been searching,oh baby
for the one who'll be true(oh,yeah,ooh)
and i thought that i had found him
oh,boy,but now i know it's not you(oh,yeah,ooh)

'cos you can see me running
but you're standing still
you don't believe it's coming
but you know that it will

so,baby,see ya
all right(oh,yeh)
i wouldn't wanna be ya tonight
let me make it clear,all right
you're not the one for me,yeah

we'll there's plenty more where you came from
so i think i'll go fish(oh,yeah,ooh)
'cos there's a great big ocean out there
and,boy,you're not my favourite dish(oh,yeah,ooh)

'cos you can see me sinking
like i told you so
i need a new direction
but you won't let me go

so,baby,see ya
all right(oh,yeah)
i wouldn't wanna be ya tonight
let me make it clear,all right
you're not the one for me,yeah

check it out now
'cos you can see me running
but you're standing still
you don't believe it's coming
but you know that it will

so,baby,see ya
all right(oh,yeah)
i wouldn't wanna be ya tonight
let me make it clear,all right
you're not the one for me,yeah
so baby,see ya
all right(oh,yeah)
i wouldn't wanna be ya(yeah,yeah,yeah)
let me make it clear,all right
you're not the one for me,yeah

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Atomic Kitten See Ya Comments
  1. region gayoso

    I remember Kerry celebrate her 18th birthday here in the Philippines.during their album promotional your Such a sweet girl

  2. Shamalama Dingdong

    I got to meet Kerry when I was a little baby. The photo got into the local newspaper. Still have the newspaper to this day. Apparently she whispered something into my ear, its been a big mystery in my family cause we have no idea what she said 😅

  3. Laura Mervie

    Suddenly i miss this girlband

  4. Martin James

    Such verbal dexterity and musical talent. Fuck me I have never seen anything so terribly overproduced and with such God awful brain dead lyrics. Please tell me they have been sterilized

  5. Martin James

    Somewhere an Aldi is missing three checkout girls

  6. Your Lyrics

    This video so cute I miss old atomic kitten omg I miss childhood

  7. Your Lyrics

    Padang kailan lang and bilis ng panahon

  8. Patrick Star77

    Lagunya mirip iklan indomie goreng kriuk 3 diva 2006. Baru sadar 😂😂😂

  9. Kent Törnlind

    Du hartagit migfrån många dryga tjejer

  10. gimmibrit

    God, I'll miss the early 2000. Its was my childhood and Atomic kitten was a big part of that.

    Derya Ibrahim

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  11. Orestes Olgierd Brzozowski

    Why this song remind me Tic Tac Toe "Minute"???

  12. Nina Apple

    I used to listen to this song when I was 11 all the time. This year I'm turning 30🙈 wtf time goes by way too fast


    I thank God I was born in 90 so I could hear this great song in my childhood.. Omg... 😭😍😁

  14. GrabthePistol


  15. Mxxx Lxx

    Yes 2019

  16. 小蘋果

    Oh 青春啊

  17. PennySmithGMTV

    Jan 2019

  18. Ruthi Hrangkhol


  19. Mustapha Bounkhila

    Sweet Girls Friends the world.and work

  20. Rennan Laguardia

    Love this song♥️♥️♥️

  21. Nox Prartyathammanoon

    นุ้ยน่ารัก ^^

  22. Ella

    You can clearly tell they're all secretly fighting over who gets to look through the telescope next, like a bunch of 7 year olds. You can see by the obvious arm pulling, snatching, false smiles and hugs, I can't unsee it now.


    Seth Santillan Exactly, I don't even know what's so exciting to see through the scope because they're in a completely abandoned field, I really don't understand how they couldn't see how much they were snatching that bloody telescope.


    @Seth Santillan I think you've probably just looked too far into this, but at least they look like they're highly enthusiastic in their surroundings.


    @Edward arent you dead

    Alexandra Hefnerová

    Did anyone notice, that they basically showed, what they sung about? Unlike most songs, where most acompanying videoclips are kinda abstract, this is pretty much specific to the lyrics, they snatch the telescope to search for a guy (the literal "YOU" in this case, because "See Ya"), when Liz sung that part about catching fish, they showed an aquarium full of fish and the kittens had fishing rods, at the part of "you see me running" they were literally running, or were in those bubble ball things, where you have to run to move. So that's the reason, why they were snatching the telescope, fighting over a guy like lots of teenager girls do, being friends or not, when it comes to love, they turn into rivals.
    I've seen this video right now for the first time (I only knew the song, but not the clip) and it surprised me, how specific the clip is to the lyrics. This doesn't happen much.

  23. Juvy Lucero

    I used to love this music video back in MTV..

  24. Samantha Jane

    I always laugh at Kerry katona lip syncing. Girl, you didn’t sing any part!!!

  25. 보고 듣는 음악잡지'반도사사'

    Watching in 2018~♥♥

  26. Aus Cub

    Why was this not performed at The Big Reunion concert?

  27. Axel Mathieu-Haybrard

    De 2000 à 2001, cette musique avait été utilisée pour les pubs des offres Fiat été et hiver avec une jeune femme (dont j'ignore l'identité) et des crabes !

  28. Lee de los Santos

    God! Kerry was so pretty back then! 😱

    Nuruljanah Dyson

    Lee Delos Santos I know,she was stunning.Kerry has been through a lot of ups & downs since 2000☹

  29. eliblanco87

    Can someone correct the aspect ratio on some parts of this video and upload it with a consistent one? :b It's annoying

  30. flower girl

    so cheesy!!!

  31. Devon and Cornwall Trainspotting HD

    I really do miss the old days. I am a huge fan, I really do love Liz a lot❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍

  32. Rosangela Sena

    What makes people support $$ band like this....

    zakkie 258

    @Miss Buckingham I miss the 90s. #goodtimes

  33. Lloyd john Lyons

    Natasha is sexy and I fancied her she was my atomic kitten favourite

  34. dharmagirl28

    i miss the old days lol..

  35. Surah Online

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! 😘❤️💖xxxxx

  36. Imogen Bebb

    Cannot actually believe Andy McCluskey wrote this song. From 'Enola Gay' to this!!


    This song is awful but he also wrote great songs such as Whole Again, Turn Me On, Cradle and more. They wrongly released this song as a single, cheesy music can be catchy and good but this isn’t the case, no wonder why it flopped


    @xxxTIN0xxx it reached no.6 on the charts. Hardly a flop. This is a tune!


    @Marcus No.6 on the UK chart means nothing basically. Sales is the main element to detect the success of a song. This song sold poorly and it's still quite forgotten, it was a flop. Their hits are Whole Again, Eternal Flame, It's Ok, Be with You,The Tide Is High and on.


    @xxxTIN0xxx I get what you mean. 10 years ago, I was obsessed with this group, and can kinda remember all the sales of their songs. This was their seventh best selling single after: Whole Again, The Tide is High, Eternal Flame, It's Ok!, The Last Goodbye/Be With You, and Right Now... After quickly looking at their wiki, it sold 86,000.... which is more than If You Come To Me. Their albums all sold over 500,000.


    Great Atomic Kitten Song.

  38. ItsMe Bet

    It makes me really sad thinking that Liz hated this video because Kerry and Natasha seemed to ignore her and she felt alone :( glad they sorted things!

    smck 2016

    ItsMe Bet Read the latest between Kerry and Natasha. They despise each other


    They were teenagers at the time, and Kerry and Natasha had more in common, that's all. Liz was more introverted, they were extroverted. They dated other pop stars and people in the industry while Liz was engaged to her highschool sweetheart, different social lives. I doubt they were mean to her on purpose.

    Bernhard Hol

    ItsMe Bet

    Bernhard Hol

    smck 2019


    is that a fact? 'cause Liz was the lead singer in this video - in fact, the only singer with lead vocals - so why wouldn't she take centre stage?

  39. juro28

    Nice <3

  40. Joaquin Rencoret

    I Love this song ❤