Atomic Kitten - Follow Me Lyrics

Ooh, ooh

Some people put in all their time
Some people suffer once in thrie life
Some people would surrender their last dime
For a loving affair
Don't matter if your close in time
Don't matter if your sharp and wide eyed
Don't matter if the stars are shining bright
Cos it'll be alright

So if you feel like your going no where
(going nowhere)
I'm going to show you things that we could share


Whenever your thinking that loves unkind
Follow me
We'll go walking in paradise
(Follow me, Follow me)
Whenever your looking for peace of mind, baby
We can make it happen just close your eyes and i'll be there

It could of been the way you smiled
It could have been the things you said last night
It could have been the secrets in your eyes
That put love in the air

So any time your all alone (all alone)
And anytime you feel you can't go on
Anytime you need a helping hand
I got something for you


(I will be there) If your hurting inside
(I will be there) If your're reading my mind
(There you will find) I'm the reason you have to believe
Just understand (understand) you've got to hold out your hand

[Repeat chorus to fade]

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Atomic Kitten Follow Me Comments
  1. Pseudo Pulk

    why was this not on the greatest hits album?

  2. Datu Rasul Lauban

    Jenny Frost is missing...

  3. Bee

    Injuries sustained during the making of this music video:

    Kerry: carpal tunnel syndrome
    Natasha: whiplash
    Liz: frozen shoulder

  4. Yongil Kim

    If you see me walking down the street setting in the sky=Ace of base And Atomic kitten Controls=Very Good And Madam but girls Ting go Ting Go
    Spice Girls=Heart spice or Hit spice or Hit Motion Spice and Madam
    I think hit motion and she is very tall and slide=All that she wants

  5. Mr Meow

    I am surprised they didn't get whiplash from all the jerking their bodies around like rag dolls

  6. Bee

    That awkward, awkward early 00s dancing, hahaha.

  7. Paul Jackson

    Love it

  8. Anusha Ngoruw

    Remember my childhood days

  9. Ma.theresa Garcia

    Kerry is not original member pls correct me

    Anneka Lunn

    Ma.theresa Garcia Kerry is the original member

    Ma.theresa Garcia

    @Anneka Lunn no its not original maam..throwback the old videos of atomic kitten...


    @Ma.theresa Garcia Kerry was in Atomic Kitten before Jenny Frost. Kerry left because she was pregnant, and Jenny replaced her.


    @Ma.theresa Garcia Kerry came first

  10. Kent Törnlind

    God morgon sötnos

  11. Kent Törnlind

    Det är inte lätt att vara Prince man får inte bestämma över sitt liv

  12. indri kurniasari

    2019 still listening this song...... Love so much

  13. Kent Törnlind

    Jag hoppas att du gillar hästar

  14. Kent Törnlind

    Du vet vad som väntar dig

  15. HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    Spice Girls would have been way more powerful if they joined them!

  16. Kent Törnlind

    Du är appsolut rätt

  17. Adri CTC

    2019 and im still watching this video .. Omg now i see kerry and i think Lily looked so much like kerry 😀

  18. JWJ

    clipe maravilhoso e música boa ok

  19. Gustavo Barrera q

    New age detected

  20. Samantha Jane

    I love Atomic kitten, but their music was so bad hahaha. Guilty pleasure


    Some of their songs are pretty good, Last Goodbye and Someone Like Me, for example.

  21. Oona Nagasothy


  22. Danijela Špac

    OMG they were so young😱💕💕

  23. Jade Avalon

    Kerry can't sing but the hands are everywhere😂😂😂

    My Little Angel

    True Jenny Frost is 100 times better than her


    @My Little Angel Jenny can't sing either, haha. She spoke all of her lines for a reason. I liked both of them back in the day though.


    @My Little Angel Neither can Jenny.

  24. xxxTIN0xxx

    Natasha is the best as always!

  25. Marjoleinlovesomeone

    the movements annoy me


    indeed very bad choreography!


    "Okay girls, just dance like you're running atop a giant beach ball, whilst tripping out on bath salts."

  26. Petrificus Totalus

    Didnt anyone notice natasha moved too agressive that she almost out of frame for many times?

  27. Noah Tapara

    Mild Bitter Beer.

  28. Wayne Thomson

    Why do official accounts never upload songs in a louder quality?


    ..and why didn’t they upload all the songs?

  29. Mary Grace Leoncio

    who's the other girl?

    R. James

    Kerry Cuntona

    Anneka Lunn

    O Balls Kerry katona

  30. Joaquin Rencoret

    Fox kids latín american memories 2002

  31. Lloyd john Lyons

    Natasha is sexy

  32. Concept Creator

    what is it always with Kerry and her hands ugh


    Concept Creator hard to believe she was a professional dancer

  33. smck 2016

    Don't remember this song at all. They didn't get noticed until Jenny joined with Whole Again.


    @Bee AK with Jenny is more popular than AK with Kerry.


    @AKittenLoverJenny or Kerry wouldn't make any difference. The fact that Whole Again went to no.1 when Kerry was still in the group is the proof that Jenny didn't really add anything to it and both of them actually had very minimal solo parts. They were basically "blonde decoration" with no actual talent. Tash and Liz formed the backbone of the band.


    @xxxTIN0xxx I don't say Jenny was the reason for the big success. But the fans want a reunion with Jenny. It's a fact that AK with Jenny was more popular.

    smck 2016

    @AKittenLover Agree ignore xxxTIN0xxx this person has such a problem with anyone who they feel doesn't have a sensational live voice. There is more to pop bands than vox and this dimwit doesn't get that.


    @smck 2016 Your obsession with me is seriously getting pathological and it's unfortunate that you don't understand that it makes you look even more cretinous than you are. Voices are fundamental to a pop group and being able to carry a tune live (at least) is the basic, your faves can't even do that hence why you're so defensive and rude. Reasoning with you is wasted time, avoid tagging me and ignore me, thanks.

  34. Reijo P.

    OK the lyrics and the melody of this song is way too simpel but the video is great and I will have many fun time moments with it in the future, I guess.

  35. Valerie Selau

    I really loved this one because it's reminds me of taking back from the blast in the past ..
    90s iconic super-groups are back!!

  36. juro28

    I think this is better single like previous one

  37. JPSexy4Ever

    please upload The Last Goodbye, Love Doesnt Have to Hurt, You Are, I want Your Love and their other videos ♡

    Matthew Cuyugan

    JPSexy4Ever Same here!

    Allison Osullivan

    I think I just fallen again in love with you and your team love u all again if you want to do with us our family's friends as well locally good move in want to be a mammy's again names made up alreadyXxff tanxmm ok have ha you pick them