Atmosphere - Virgo Lyrics

I pledge allegiance to myself
Food, shelter, and health
Let me find a beach full of seashells to sell
Put your oxygen mask on first before you offer me help
I've got receipts made of scar tissue
Got the vision of somebody going fishing in the dark
When I start up the motor, it still turns over
But nowadays, a little bit slower
Never been afraid of getting older
I'm much more nervous about these public servants
Kill the lights and shut the curtains
You ain't a real lion if you love the circus
Looking at myself like "Whats the purpose?"
It's when I started to hallucinate
Trying to touch the surface and re-cooperate
You should've seen the look on my face when I was losing my faith
Y'all got me feeling hesitation, embarrassment
I might be the last generation of grandparents
I know that I've been fortunate for all the opportunities
Disproportionately disappointed in the human beings
I get it, we're specs of dust, at the bus stop busking for extra crust
Like fuck it, you can sacrifice me to the weather
If you promise that you'll let my songs live forever

You looking for a bag of tricks
But my love is like a stack of bricks
Cobblestones and untreated lumber
I'm a father of fists, strength, and numbers
And when they come for my box of dreams
I'm a finally depart from this toxic scene
No posturing, just lots of self esteem
Got you feeling like the popular queen
This ain't magic, this is fabric
And it's the type that never requires patches
And it's the fire that illustrates with ashes
It's our life, it's nothing we can't manage
Lower the arrow and take a breath
I won't waste ammo aiming at the angel of death
I might have already left, but they hear me still
With my pale knuckle grip on this steering wheel

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Atmosphere Virgo Comments
  1. xNOMADx

    URGENT "MR SLUG... " MR Dippy NEEDS TO CONTACT YOU... The Boy goes near to complete invisible right before your very eyes and you wrote his song. Prophecy KIDS!

  2. Grateful Dude

    I have a death sentence..
    This song makes the whole thing make sense to me. ✌🌍
    Nothing I can't manage

  3. Mikey O'Connor

    No joke, the best rap song of all time

  4. LDG Beats

    red dead redemption vibe

  5. Mario Castillo

    This song kept me alive in very trying times. That's all I wanted to say. Atmosphere is a very fitting name, because they certainly let you breathe.

  6. Ryan Azevedo

    This song is a true masterpiece

  7. travis jayce

    Beautiful thx

  8. Daniel Salyers

    I pledge allegiance to myself
    Food, shelter, and health
    Let me find a beach full of seashells to sell
    Put your oxygen mask on first before you offer me help
    I've got receipts made of scar tissue
    Got the vision of somebody going fishing in the dark
    When I start up the motor, it still turns over
    But nowadays, a little bit slower
    Never been afraid of getting older
    I'm much more nervous about these public servants
    Kill the lights and shut the curtains
    You ain't a real lion if you love the circus
    Looking at myself like, "What's the purpose?"
    That's when I started to hallucinate
    Tryna touch the surface and recuperate
    You should've seen the look on my face when I was losing my faith
    Y'all got me feeling hesitation, embarrassment
    I might be the last generation of…

  9. MartiniGasolini

    "You ain't a real lion if you love the circus"

  10. Mike Quirk

    My girlfriend reckons you should have less horses at the meat market and more pubertal chests: To obtain entire global dominance! Xxx

  11. Travis Renner

    I love you

  12. Anthony Truman

    I just took a ride on an Amtrak train for the first time and I felt like I was Slug in this music video 😎


    2020 anyone?

  14. Rintang Azhar

    I was born on September 6th 1991. I share the same birth date with Ant and it’s only one day away with slug. This lyric is nothing but a resonance to any virgo who maybe born around the date. I don’t know how much this song means to me but it’s just magically accurate. The way they film the music video on the train. It’s just personal relationship that I find it very personal to me as one who enjoy much taking a train. It’s just magic in every way. And it must be there is a reason and the secret in the universe that allows this to happen. Thank you Atmospere. Rintang Azhar from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  15. Jason Luck

    fucking A bro!i am hanging on by thread and your beat's help me till the next day.

  16. Donald Hemphill

    Ohh I love dis song🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🤔😅😅😅

  17. Daniel Malara

    finally memorized the words. such an awesome song to embody! thx

  18. Ali Sedaghatpour

    Sounds like Petite Biscuit - Night Trouble

  19. Littlewolf Gomez

    I recently lost my fiancee pushed her away was emotional abusive and put hands on her not hitting her but any form of contact I lost her this song hits home hard I hope she is great doing well safe I hope he takes care of her but I hope she does great things I will always be here for her but I can't be her fiancee I am toxic I wish I had remained friends with her at least but I can't talk to her do to personal reasons I sit I think I walk around and everything I see reminds me of the past now I try to move on but I can't stop loving this woman she loves atmosphere happy I got to show her awesome music yo

    Littlewolf Gomez

    I do not approve of domestic violence of anyone all our equal we all deserve to love one another

  20. Nathan Meury

    I would have liked to drive the train in which you were sitting Slug.
    By a future traindriver in Switzerland
    Keep up fella !

  21. Mike Roberts

    I relate to this song more than anything I've heard before

  22. G. C.

    Me like dat.

  23. Rob Beers

    To the Soul. This song speaks LiFe.😂😂🤔😖🌝🤓🌜COOL CooL COOL¡¡¡!!!

  24. Travis Tweten

    Just dont believe the lies. Rage against the dying of the light. Dont put hope in a person. Put it in God.

  25. wolfflow

    Grats on a million views but even more grats on creating another timeless gem

  26. Ryan Harris

    See you at McDonald's l

  27. Ryan Harris

    The real is how come these cats disappear

  28. combat wombat

    Yall better than this
    Hope to see you on a real label

  29. S B

    Been listening to Slug and Ant since I was a kid. Now im 30 & a father, still listening to you & feeling the music more and more each time i hear it. Amazing to see the changes over the last 20'od years. I absolutely love this track and put it on any time Im in an existential slump and need to remind myself it's all gonna be ok. I gotta keep on going for my son. Thanks Slug/Ant, I really appreciate you guys & your music.

  30. Mike Corral

    Welcome to our lives the future of existence thru knowledge discovered thru pain n pure mental capacity only known to one by the suffering and drive to find purpose in suffering... nothing is by coincidence we all must read the circumstances to get the starting point for the race.

  31. Steve Menya

    I loooooove the starting message should have seen the look in my face when I was loosing it👌👌👌🙏🏾😻💦💦

  32. victoria aponte

    Aug 27 1992 thank you so me !!

  33. DTeig82

    I'm calling it. When it comes to greatest to ever do it, musicians, artist, rappers, lyricists, MCs, DJs, producers, live band, studio band, albums, mix tapes, EPs, LPs, downbeats, upbeats, drum beats, heart beats, January on Lake Street, 3-peats, work sheets, time sheets, & cheat sheets PLUS those fucking beats. Nobody else can compete. The defeat is complete Atmosphere is elite.


    That was fun.

    mena souvlaki

    Love it

  34. Zalmoxis x

    Deep deep thoughts.

  35. inside33

    there should be an atmosphere help group.. imagine you would walk in and there would be this playing in the background and all the real people helping the real people... atmo connect

  36. RYOT Training

    Are there any artists similar in this style? or any other atmosphere songs?

  37. ascetic sceptic

    I've heard this a million times and just now caught the line, "and it's the fire that illustrates with ashes..."
    I think Keirkagaard said it better than I ever could when he said, "life can only be understood backwards" (roughly speaking).

  38. James Uhlik

    this is so nice :,)

  39. Fresh AF

    God this track fucking destroys me. What a legend..

  40. Wesley Moon

    Easily one of my favorite songs by atmosphere. He can tear a broken conglomerate of thoughts into a beautiful mosaic of emotions.

  41. Jesus Munoz

    Yo you are my si

  42. charlie kowalski

    Man I've listened to this song a thousand times and I just noticed the end where he flips out all the king of hearts..chills man. Chills

  43. Pj PS

    RiP my daughter


    Wow this is definitely heart felt

  45. Charmaine C

    Wow this just made me cry 😇 absolutely beautiful

  46. CosmicRecordings

    wow a year, man a miss the old days...

  47. AceofTunes

    What is the backing sample, it sounds like a song that I can't quite place my finger on

  48. Robert Krueger

    Damn brothers. You make songs that go straight to the heart. Love your work and your style. Ups.

  49. reefchiefer

    And I don't even know what I sposeda' say..

  50. First Last

    I hear you

  51. Karol Chlewinski

    Mature artist

  52. Balance Point 71

    He speaks so well for some of us.

  53. chris felty

    I love atmosphere he legit sums up my positive aura with his smooth acoustic instrumentals , and then completely sells it with his smooth lyrics and deep meaning. 🙏🏻thank you bro for always being here when I’m feeling like less of a person .

  54. Reece Schrock

    His voice... the organ... the vibe... I think Atmosphere is one of the best musicians ever.

    Jenni Christ

    Reece Schrock I totally agree!! Btw, his name is Slug and he’s in a group called Atmosphere ;) but who cares about such semantics

  55. Christian Gracia

    Yooooooo this playlist is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌

  56. Christian Gracia

    I've been listening to atmosphere since 99 and all i have to say is daaaaaaaaaamm. This shit hits home 🤔😕😁

  57. M311Y

    Been listening to Atmosphere for 16 years, it's all real good. But this song is a masterwork.

  58. Rotten & Remixed Records

    Deep song man hit us up for remixes anytime

  59. Justin Weaver

    Just because you believe something to be true, does not make it exist. Youre the kind of peraon that i think will take comfort in that too atmosphere

  60. Koncept650 Dexterous1


  61. Dani Earthblade

    This vid is just straight FIRE man. Slug has outdone himself once again. Much love man, keep your fists up and keep that amazing music coming.

  62. שימי הראפר


  63. Mäx Smith

    Atmosphere is so fucking strong - even if im from the "Black Metal Scene" i love it, really love it!!!!

  64. Yams ULT

    I’m Only 25 but this songs still brings me to tears 😭 just like the day it first came out

  65. ShortyJoe Eastside

    September 19.1984. Virgo

  66. Rana Iatisam

    Man you inspire me , this industry doesn't produce artists like you no more.

  67. ansha

    "When I start up the motor, it still turns over, But nowadays, a little bit slower"
    getting older really does suck

    Rog Cal

    It's all perspective. I think it's beautiful

  68. thecrimsoncure

    slug you are just getting better and better over the years been a fan for years now that goes for you to ant!

  69. T Shep

    This song brought back memories of my mom I can't stop crying. I love you mom I know I mess up alot of things but I care about people so much. Thankyou for teaching me how to care I love you so much and I miss you with everyday that goes by. I am still here and I hope I get to give you a hug one day. I love you thankyou for being my mom

    T Shep

    Thankyou for showing me what happens when you care.

  70. Arizonaian Grizzly

    August 31, 1996 Proud to be a VIRGO

    Arizonaian Grizzly

    Seriously nobody. Thought I'd get at least 1 like

  71. vangothengirl

    Fuck yeah! Virgo national anthem!

  72. []soup[]

    Atmosphere is truly underated

  73. Ian Bishop

    Greatest story telling rapper out there

  74. Kevin Fernandes

    never lost ur touch we love u slug

  75. Z H

    This is a classic, cause it's fabric interwove into our culture, life, era, consciousness.....

  76. Brian Mueller

    I lost count the number of times I have listened to this, and I still take something new with me every time. These are deep, meaningful, and genius lyrics. Thanks for the gift!

  77. Nicholas T_bird

    I was making a nomadic mission through Melbourne Australia and this song brings it all back.

  78. Nicholas T_bird

    Fucken A with those lyrics holmes!

  79. Fallen Smallen

    Almost millon.

  80. Christian Gracia

    Woooooww i remember wen i first heard a song from you in 99. Mad growth. And Mad respect.

  81. Nefertiti Starr

    8:37 am
    Slug got me in tears. This mf will always get me in my feelings. 20 some years later his words hit my soul. You are epitome of life Slug. Pulled me thru my worst times homie.

  82. Michael Goldstein

    Was this music video shot by Iphone...
    Fucking Notch.

  83. Danny DeLong

    Appreciate you atmosphere

  84. Ryon Huntington

    Slugo for President. Been your greatest advocate scene I can remember. Can't wait for the show in Denver in September. Its only an 8 hour drive.
    All i got to say is There's no need to sacrifice you to the weather cause as long as i breath air your songs will live for eternity or better! My son is already bumpin Slug more than ever, i can guarantee the grandson, the son of my son will make sure Atmosphere keeps the losers winning forever. Some Old man named Ham gave me tickets to the Colorado Jam. Sept 20 in the Mission with an encore the 21st. 2 shows me and Arthur will definitely not be missing. Much love to all the Ugly Gods of amazing underground Slug, Ant, Mr. Dibbs,Musab, DJ Abilities, Spawn and the one and only Eyedea. May your fans eyes keep your vision alive forever, and keep Atmosphere albums coming until all our souls are freestylen at the pearly gates together..That or the other, blasting lyrical fires making hell hotter the Devil itself could conspire!! Muahahahahahahah These are my thoughts but most words where spoken by the Slug and the rest of the only thing i can call my Atmospheric Drug. Now let the haters hate!! Let the comments seal the fate of the weak and out of date. Trolls are sure to come to hate on what i've said but i hope they comment on and keep this beast called freedom well fed. Music keeps this planet great but remember....
    Only the sun really determines the mighty Atmospheres Fate!!

  85. Just a Cup

    Does anyone know why his deck of cards had all the same card ?


    Or playing the same card because he doesn't change. True to himself.

  86. Ross Collins

    Same Birthday, September 7th, God Loves Us , Virgo Strong!


    Atmosphere is the truth

  88. Songbird Games

    this song speaks for the unspoken moments of everyday life


    I was born one day after him (not including the 33 years in between)

  90. pulse-TV

    Oh yeah one more thing...R EYE P ❤

  91. pulse-TV

    I'm gonna weep when I find out no more music from atmosphere. Until then. I'll be here patiently waiting for those songs.

  92. Leak Leaders

    Chill,like it !

  93. Bug Bite_360

    First time I heard this I pissed off a trailer park manager and i had to go 80 down back roads with my lights off to ditch him. ( would not recommend btw)

  94. Jon Dough

    Check out a recent live performance of this song!

  95. Barruht

    His passion brings tears of joy to my eyes. Been listening to him for years and it's great to see great music still being released