Atmosphere - Graffiti Lyrics

I wrote this one when I was still alive
Hey You, yeah you, Listen
And if I had a horse
To climb up and ride off to the warmth
I'd never turn around I'd just Kick up this dust
Till I find where I'm found
And If I qualified as a genius
Maybe I'd live out my dreams and die dreamless
These voices in my life are all make believe
Trying to find a way to exploit my choice of pain relief

It doesn't really go very high if it was born to fly
And when they come to divide we got to multiply
You make me want to understand your graffiti
You're trying to make me feel like somebody needs me

I'm examining the clouds like I'm looking for a sign
I hope you're having a - good time
If you wasn't afraid would you lie so much
You got your tail between your legs chasing fire trucks
You can tell I'm not the best at expressing how I felt
That's why I hide it inside the words I spell
I mix the medication, it fixes whatever ails them
And now she treats me like a snake oil salesman
Well thank you for your vote of confidence
I don't give a shit about how it figures into all your politics
Still believe you gotta make your art, play your part
The world waits for you to break my patient heart
Now let me find a road by the airport
To park and watch the planes arrive and think of what I'm here for
And I ain't trying to kill the vibe
But I'm grateful that you're still alive
Now gimme a High-Five!

It doesn't really go very high if it was born to fly
And when they come to divide we got to multiply
You make me want to understand your graffiti
You're trying to make me feel like somebody needs me

And that's what we supposed to do I guess
Spread love till you've used your last breath
No matter what the challenges hold, I was bold
Cause I knew that we could handle the cold
And just in case I don't say this enough
Thanks for the love, I love the way that you love
And I ain't making this up
You put some change in my cup
And then you gave me a hug
It's like you came from above

It doesn't really go very high if it was born to fly
And when they come to divide we got to multiply
You make me want to understand your graffiti
You're trying to make me feel like somebody needs me

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Atmosphere Graffiti Comments
  1. Stacey Hernandez

    My last post on facebook nov30 2018. RIP Facebook micfan 4 lyfe

  2. ripk123

    It's sad this track hasn't broke a million views yet.

  3. Shlenny M


  4. Lord Daisah

    Atmosphere has been to my small city in Western Australia twice whilst I've been old enough to go see them.

    Those were the best two nights of my life. Please come back.

  5. combat wombat

    That dem atlas shirt

  6. David Machado

    Divide the wheat and tare?

  7. Beat Germ

    6,999,415,798 people are missing out. But I hope they're at least having a, GOOD time! ✌🏼&❤️ Thanks for these wonderful pivot points in Life y'all keep it real for. Not making them happen, but making it clear so I don't miss them when they do. I mean that shit, from the realest I can get.

  8. Megan Land

    Slug...🎶You make ME want to understand YOUR graffiti..🎶

    Your music fucks me up in the best way, EVERY time... never disappoint! 💓🎧🔥🎶🖤
    ...Now gimme a HIGH five! 🖐️😎🖤💯

  9. Jen doe

    I'd love to get DJ lessons from Anthony. I've always loved his beats, atmosphere has got me through some hard times. Thank god for you guys 🙂 love u slug!

  10. Jack Rowan

    you make me wanna understand your covfefe

  11. Jesus Munoz

    Yo you got mad skills

  12. Holmes Da Realist HDR

    I will never stop bumping this. Slug and Ant are underground Legends. Nobody has done it like them. ART.

  13. Blackout00745

    O.O I gotty go make sum change now...

  14. Neal Allison

    I love that I can listen to slug all day and not even cover the whole library. I've been bumpin atmosphere for nearly 20 years and it never gets old. I'm in recovery and they make the perfect recovery music. I'll have 30 days clean tomorrow and its funny to me how I found them so many years ago when I was getting high. They've been there for me through my hardest times and just keep getting better and better. I've seen them live twice and highly recommend that if you haven't, to do so. They're amazing. Keep it up slug and ant. I'm sure there are so many more in recovery like myself that draw strength and hope through your music.

  15. Lps Olive

    pure music

  16. ceroego

    so boring

  17. DJ Aerodynamics

    Much respect slug Minneapolis life graffiti DJ aerodynamics

  18. Jilleebeans

    Ftw I got atmosphere to listen to

  19. Jilleebeans

    Now that I heard this. DAY MADE. I love you guys!!!!!!!!

  20. Ryan G

    amazing, still putting out instant classics. This LP is my favorite by a mile, so much real in it.Keep them coming slug!

  21. Projekt Sol Muzique

    I like that, " really doesn't go very high if it was born to fly. And when they come to divide, we've gotta multiply." Word up Slug and Ant. Keep on divine souls. 🙏🖖🦋


    What’s happening with the flag lol did slug became a...

  23. SpaceMonkey033

    tfw this is so good people will be pumping it long after Sean is not alive 0:03

  24. Not the real spider man

    The most annoying song ever the fucking beat is so fucking annoying fuck you

  25. Cedric McBane

    Shout out Goldwatch

  26. Rick Pascua

    'And If I qualified as a genius. Maybe I'd live out my dreams and die dreamless'

  27. clayton many

    I love you man you got me through the heroin addicted girlfriend .u got me thru growing up .becoming a man
    Thank you now all I do is listen to you and work for a tree company
    Not exceeding recommended dosaGes .responsibly partaking in my vices

  28. dimnot2000

    I miss you Melissa

  29. Teije Van der Laan

    I'm probably going to move to Minneapolis/St. Paul from The Netherlands. Partly because of Atmosphere.

  30. Alix Shmalix

    Atmosphere has helped me through some hard fuckin times

  31. Be Pavadinimo

    walls wont lie

  32. Mondo Gonzo

    It's all about reading the "graffiti" of today. It's time to prepare for what's coming.

  33. Tasia Rae

    Fuckin love this song. Raw an real. Represent MN ♡♡♡♡

  34. J BabyBluezJay

    cant even have a home

  35. J BabyBluezJay

    I wish i could have a good time

  36. Thomas karlsen

    29 April Oslo 😁👊 can't wait!

  37. Michael Strange

    I can’t play this song loud enough

  38. Chris Tin

    300k views. lil pump 300 million views. makes sense

  39. Shane Quinlan

    Thank you

  40. piles joursh

    anyone in deep, dark shit in their life hears these lyrics as slug sang em.

  41. Cat Money

    Its an intense thing when a single voice can put feeling felt by the masses into a cohesive work that d(r)efines the days we go through...PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP DOING WHAT YOU DO SLUG!...

  42. Mondo Gonzo

    I've already listened and shared this song a 1000 times.
    Anyone else ask themselves where they'd be without Atmosphere? Scary thought.

  43. Revamptheindustry


  44. shane bulgin

    This isn't music it's a movement thanks for the words man

  45. King Talkah

    Hip hop is universal lyrical freedom is hip hop ..I have a new song video about people selling there soul aka music rites to create what is true and real click my icon and enjoy some art peace.

  46. god worden

    Sad to say but Atmosphere has been done, this just is not Atmosphere, not the Slug I spent my teenage years bumping.

    3 6

    You don't know

  47. Robert Batsford

    Sounds like old slug come back to vegas Ill see you again

  48. Kid Chernobyl

    Damn! Takes me deep.

  49. Ian Snow


  50. Stink Finger


  51. thewirah1

    Ant on fire. He even threw in some scratching for good measure.

  52. eastsidetillidie216

    When you own hip hop, you release an instrumental version of each album. Just that damn good!

  53. Father &Sun


  54. Kyle Parker

    *Recovery. Sobriety. A clean slate. A second chance. My future may look alot like that of a newborn. Eager to embrace the world in all its glory. Blind to the darkness that seemed to embody my former self. A new life, one that sees, hears, and speaks no evil. A life that embraces all that is holy: a light that shines like the light on a lighthouse, my conciousness the vessel it guides. A life teeming with the power of self-control. One that knows, almost subconsciously, the path it must follow, if not for the benefit of myself, but for the benefit of others. The path will most likely be that of a path which never ends: forks in the road plenty like the branches on a tree, in which the wind it blows constantly, threating the possibility of failure at the wrong turn. So intricately bound by desire of wholeness will I follow this path, in hopes that along the way I will find the meaning of my life before a lesson already learned. A lesson of pain and suffering that can only be brought on by one 'self. Writing this I am a caterpillar in hibernation; bound by the security I have woven for myself, learning over time the beauty that is yet to be. On the day I set myself free, I will have my wings again; the ones before my reincarnation clipped for the experience of having been there. An experience that resembles the roots of a tree yet to grow, the foundation that which will withstand time itself, because this time when life shall end, I will have a legacy to leave behind. One that will inspire the hopeless and the blind to follow suit, making a chain reaction of new life in its wake. And like a forest it will be changing with the seasons until we can no longer breathe with the sun. The roots are being watered by loved ones and a higher power, greater than anything before, and soon I shall grow, for I planted the seed myself when I finally decided to change.*

    -Kyle Parker Fay

    Valentines day, 2019.

  55. Ian Bishop

    I listened to this before I died

  56. Lil Danzig

    I saw Atmosphere live last month and this song was so fucking amazing live😍😍😍

  57. Yannis Barrientos

    Not the best/ I guess I'm like the rest
    Make my art/ that will be the start/
    Of something great/ and at this rate
    I'll reach my fate/ full of faith
    Believe in fairytales / that's how I sail
    Some move at a cheetah speed / others as a snail
    It's all cool/ jesus rode a mule
    That's my fuel

  58. Daniel

    Man, this shit is why I'm alive. It's why I will be for as long as I will be ha. Thanks slug

  59. H¥pΣr N¤vα

    This song is a

    F U C K I N G E M

  60. Julion Graham

    Does it make me a hater that I kinda want this shit to remain underground? You guy are all fucking legendary and that's coming from a cat with one leg, who really enjoys your gift, I think that's why only certain people are supposed to hear it if that make sense lmao keep it up I hope we get more tracks soon!

  61. Jerr Bear

    Just Wow!....
    Sadly So very underrated!

  62. josh burns

    One of the best Atmosphere songs yet. Keep making amazing music!

  63. Songbird Games

    this is the first album you guys made that really hit me. made a fan outta me been listening everyday for months

  64. J. Baked

    Rhyme in peace Pinky :(

  65. GreatwolfSigmaX

    We need a T.H.U.G 6 just for this song.

  66. scott letandre

    Slug: i wrote this one when i was still alive
    my gf: you mean he died

    Jared K

    maybe she's just retarded?

    Thats Me

    Marry her bro

    Goat Ham

    @Thats Me whom you talking to?


    What she ment to say was "did he mean that he died?"

    Christopher Ferrin

    “Graffiti” marks the concluding track on the final album of a trilogy created, as Slug says in a recent Ambrosia For Heads interview, to “get comfy with the idea of death.” Preceded by Southsiders in 2014 and Fishing Blues in 2016, the final album ties up loose ends, still floating the same themes of home, mortality and family. “This record isn’t about dying. But is the final of this particular trilogy of mortality. That’s why [I say on ‘Graffiti’], ‘I wrote this one when I was still alive,‘ to put closure on that. Then, for the next record, I can start fresh. I don’t have to do anything that has anything to do with what I just did,” Slug recently revealed. “It took me f*ckin’ five years to complete this weird trilogy. Sh*t. I’m so glad that it’s done.”
    from this article about the album:

  67. Leonardo Copeland

    An instant classic

  68. Fluent Delaware

    just got chills...yea its a classic atmosphere track

  69. Brian Haydel

    I wrote this one when i was still alive.... what an amazing intro.

  70. Wicked Ras

    Who are these people saying Atm. finally made a good record ? Had to ask...Peace to all

    James Zilla

    its from his song trying to find a balance

    Wicked Ras

    @James Zilla , thanx, man. Didn t know. Been listening to them for a year now, exploring. Like everything i came across so far. Ok, thanx again.

    James Zilla

    @Wicked Ras No worries brother. I wish I could hear some Atmosphere albums again for the first time. Enjoy, and happy exploring

    Wicked Ras

    @James Zilla , word.

    Wicked Ras

    @James Zilla , thanx brother. I certainly will and along never, as so far, lose faith in people who care. One love, much love.

  71. Calmer573

    rip pinky

  72. OG Spaz Murda


  73. Claudio Duarte


  74. Bear


  75. Dylan Moreau

    Who gives him a hi five every time? 🤚

  76. Kadi Davidson

    I was a professional psychic for a year, started on 11/11/13, maybe ur dog is tryna have a reading? Idk i still do readings if ur interested

  77. Kadi Davidson

    Oddly enough, i keep a pink chiuhaha on my dashboard on my car! ^.^

  78. Kadi Davidson

    I had a chiuhaha that died not too long ago too :{ his name was reese. Rip pinky.

  79. Michael Mercuré

    This song 🔥

  80. BIll Hannan

    I listened to this song while I was still alive.

  81. Nate Pierce

    Atmosphere has been with me through the toughest of times, Its crazy to think he has helped me out so much. These lyrics are legendary.

  82. Revamptheindustry

    Sluggo is the goat


    we all have grafitti
    rap about mine
    others draw theirs

  84. Mike Keenan

    My spirit was lifted.... literally

  85. Thomas McGuire

    Is that a 69 continental?? Slug!?

  86. Joel Friesen

    Ooh that beat kicked in.. :D

  87. yesiah suprees

    Can’t wait to see him again come March 1 2019

  88. Seri0us Sh1t

    "i wrote this song when i was still alive" is a fucking way to start off a timeless masterpiece. cherish this man

  89. stealtbadge

    Is it me or has slug gained weight?

    Sero Tonin

    Need dad bod to Dad Rap


    Black Spores murs never got fat.

  90. Ketling

    shit, that's something. mad props

  91. Trinity

    I’ve seen Slug live so many times, Hip Hop mosh pits before they became popular, Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX and GP SkatePark in Grand Prairie, I was like 16 and bought a shirt from Slug, been with me thru the ups and the downs, the all arounds, and the women with the tattooed hands!

    Nick Paulson

    Yeah that's awesome. Atmosphere did a guest appearance at a really small de la soul show right after song scapegoat came out. Best birthday present ever. Slug is an og. I knew atmosphere would be around for awhile, but this long? He never stopped progressing his art but still remains true to his original self. Best lyrical rapper hands down imo.

  92. Paul Lam

    Another amazing song from Atmosphere.

  93. Logan Van Dyk

    When you were still alive?

  94. Henry Viramontes

    EYE BOMB THE STREETS to this!!!

  95. A - A - RON

    Atmosphere is the only rapper/hip-hop artist I still listen too, I wish there were more like him. Maybe their is but I can't find them lol


    Aesop Rock
    The Grouch
    Gift Of Gab
    Homeboy Sandman