Atmosphere - Cut You Down Lyrics

My old lady say I'm paranoid
She thinks that I'm not on point
cause I pace around with no purpose
Observant, peek out the curtains
I don't recognize that car
So why's it parked right in front of my yard?
It's been there for the last few minutes
It seems too suspicious
It's gon' be another long night
So set the alarm and the motion lights
Protect my house
That fence ain't enough to keep the riffraff out
Somebody gon' test
I'm breaking out in a sweat
It make the hair on my arms all stand up tall
If it's a private number I don't answer the call
I'm simple, I want some peace
from all the criminals, thugs and thieves
And I ain't tryna involve police
cause I don't trust any government employees
I believe everybody's a threat
You better take it down to the next doorstep
But if you wan' doubt and pop some
I'm sleeping on my couch with a loaded shotgun

And if you wan' fuck around
I'm gon' cut you down
And if you wan' fuck around
I'm gon' cut you down
And if you wan' fuck around

Shhh, I hear a helicopter
I swear it's out there
Calm down, don't make the wrong move
cause I don't know who that van belongs to
I'm checking over both my shoulders
I bet they got my name in they folders
I'm trying to stay inside
cause it's the only way to hide from the satellites in the sky
Get off my property
Why you stalking me?
And those guys from across the street
better keep they eyes off my wife piece
None of y'all are watching birds
So who's in the alley with binoculars?
Got more detour to steer through
for the sedan in my rearview
I crouch on the floor
cause knocking on my door is an act of war
And if the guy from the bank
wanna come see me, he better drive a tank
I ain't nuts yet, I'm just upset
cause y'all treat me like a suspect
I'm innocent, give me personal space
before I flip the switch and turn up the bass


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Atmosphere Cut You Down Comments
  1. David Krahn

    Slug had to have tweaked a bit to write this song. One of his best.

  2. Alicia Jolly

    i love atmos and if u research music u will know marley also if u a big oak tree i will cut u down itsbout a nobody gettin bigger den a somebody,

  3. J Sparker

    "I ain't trying to involve police cuz I don't trust any government employees" ain't that the truth they all work for the same central bankers anyways they all answer to somebody & it ain't the people. Technically there's more accountability in the criminal world cuz if you fuck up on the streets somebody's gonna punch your ticket but if you got enough money you can buy your way outta trouble in the "legal" world.

  4. Sean OConnor

    this is me.  100%

  5. blakespower

    Thank you Pandora for playing this song on my Pandora channel


    That's how I heard it too a couple days ago! I would have never heard it going by what his popular songs are!

    Holly Hansen

    blakespower for real though. People who have seen some shit can relate 💯

  6. blakespower


  7. Space Urchin

    gods gonna cut you down, gods gonna cut you down, gods gonna cut you down, gods gonna cut you down, gods gonna cut you down.......


    @Space Urchin Thanks, I didn't know what he was saying. /s

    Space Urchin

    @TheEmbors well he never actually says it in that way. He says "if u wanna fucka around, im gonna cut you down..." I was merely pointing to where the original "cut you down" theme stems from (Johnny Cash). Cuz perhaps people don't understand that Atmosphere is greatly influenced by the man in black.


    Im gonna cut you down!!! See you space cowboy...

  8. D Tag it, thats my guy for sure :)

  9. stuffy punk

    feb 2014, 4 fuckers disliked it

    Jonny Dalin

    Their punk bitches . Prolly lil wayne fans!

    Jonny Dalin

    @Nyhmgod my bad you are definitely right, I shouldn't have just assumed ,I just really like Atmosphere but there is different types of musics and some just might not like him, but what's up with the name calling just cause you dont know me or probably will never meet makes you feel safe about name calling would you seriously say that to someone on the street.

  10. convincinglies1

    @Sara Hlucky  mm. you prefer the pop scene made up entirely of poster children and fakes right?
    Atmosphan for life!

  11. ganxtah rex

    you're just that much cooler than everyone else.

  12. max matter

    EPIC love this song

  13. templarmoney1

    I ain't nuts yet, I'm just upset
    cause y'all treat me like a suspect
    I'm innocent, give me personal space
    before I flip the switch and turn up the bass

  14. Jeremy K

    Bought this album on Vinyl for a reason, the sound of it..... wish this track woulda been on there....maybe an EP 2 track record out there somewhere? hmmm...

  15. JordanHF00

    I don't think you know how to use the word "metaphor"...

  16. Sara Hlucky

    I'm glad people at my school don't listen to Atmosphere honestly

  17. Shan Murray

    it's unbelievable how relevant this song is this year with all the NSA bullshit.

  18. Praise Princess

    Why do they start off farting?. Is this part of the atmosphere? Are they scared or something?

  19. MakeUSay

    Metaphor? Hes just gonna cut you


    It comforts me haha



  22. Stephanie prodan

    this song just made my day

  23. Z Farmer


  24. RSDredd

    I hate how under appericated atmosphere is, along with Aesop rock, while garbage like lil wayne, tyga run rampent , em i the only one with ears or what

  25. TheNeapher

    Who the fuck is out there writting songs about me?!?

  26. liljuve13

    2 Dislikes, -_-

  27. dimnot2000

    This is my favorite atmosphere album.

  28. keeron gill

    Lol cool no dislikes

    Robert Krueger

    keeron gill, 8 years later and there's still only 19. That's still 19 idiots though.

  29. killme.:

    just let it be.

  30. Joe Blow

    This song is beyond relating its scary how real if fits!!!

  31. thctheblunt

    shhh youll attract haters

  32. jaoshuu


  33. mason triplett

    this song is badass i wanna get more into atmosphere but i need song suggegstions

  34. Chasen Martinsen

    No Dislikes! :) Hell yes!!!

  35. kevfunk1


  36. TheWallstreetmoney

    the guitar is pro on this too

  37. Colette Bembenek

    Small wonder everyone's paranoia....... this song is SO true. I have a neighbor I nicknamed
    Shady Gestapo Lady cuz her nose is in my business every freakin' day. I don't trust any
    authorities either; I've worked for the Feds, City, and State.....they're ALL corrupt.
    I can't blame the guy in this song for being so close to snappin.'

  38. Mookie Mungus

    Me too, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! LOL!

  39. dannycopysme2

    not scary. incredible*

  40. Colette Bembenek

    EXACTLY! Do not trust any freakin' government employees'.......... ipso facto, NO authority

  41. Liam Shelnutt

    Everyone says dat. But you must have said it right because this has been the top comment for a LOOOONG time

  42. Colette Bembenek

    Thjis is what's happening in the 21st century - paranoia to the ninth degree, but I can't
    help agreeing with this this guy in the song.... I worked for all three Systems: Feds, State,
    and City. I missed out on County, but boy, am I glad when I look back ! All three are
    CORRUPT as sin. I have a neighbor who is a blight to the neighborhood and probably
    a neo-nazi. I call her Shady Gestapo Lady. Appropriately put.

  43. Colin Cromar

    Family sign deluxe edition

  44. Shadowjerio496

    Atmosphere for the win ^-^

  45. sockglue

    To me, this song is about schizophrenia.
    Such an awesome song *_* atmosphere seriously = <3

  46. Sam

    Could be paranoid because he lost someone he loved, like eyedea
    at least that what I get from it

  47. Kevin Young

    not saying its the same for everyone, just some people i know haha

  48. Kevin Young

    Many ex drug addicts I know are paranoid about the contacts they made when they were addicted and the fact that drug dealers dont like losing clients

  49. CorpseFreak

    If you watch this video they bug your computer.

  50. martinakizZz

    She came back better ..... i think. cause they were there.... nevm

  51. EDHPetersen

    @tianikkah its his newborn sons fist that he makes, he nicknamed it the family sign, then named the album after it

  52. Jacob Pitts

    @tianikkah its his son

  53. Joaquin Gonzalez

    Is that his sons arm?

  54. 6allele9

    32 likes 0 dislikes....12/14/2011 bitches

  55. hochsprung4

    atmosphere makes me feel proud to be a minnesotan.

  56. Brian Younger

    @msplayer08 I hear that

  57. N I G H T M A R E 睡眠

    it kinda scares me how much i can relate to atmosphere ..

    Ray Chavez

    N I G H T M A R E 睡眠
    I think that because of how he spits real shit on such a human level its difficult not to relate

  58. Brian Younger

    And if you wanna fuck around I'm gonna cut you down....Love it.

  59. dirtyisme

    wow just found this album 19 new tracks in one day !!!!! maybe life aint so bad.ty atmosphere u mean more to more people than u will ever know