Atmosphere - Bob Seger Lyrics

My father's to the left of me
Move like the knight
My mama's to the right
Move the knight
Like everyone else, they're pointing
But nowhere feels quite right

[Verse 1:]
I pour a little more whiskey on them ice cubes
I’m tryna to get tipsy as a tugboat
Most of us gettin' lost in the night moves
The rest of us wanna watch from the front row
Come and look into the eyes of a landslide
Let me know if your recognize blood shot red
Not above passin' out in the cab ride
Wake me up when its time to unfuck my head
Whatchu know about a party
Y'all still tryna have some fun
Throw your hands up like it’s 2001
You wanna taste the teat, you want a place to sleep
But you need somebody else to come change the sheets
I hold composure, the snow will melt
The hope stays low cause I know myself
But I treat it like a test to keep me at my best
Rest in peace to Nekst


[Verse 2:]
I ain’t as cool as I used to be, leave me alone
I’m kinda blurry from the journey, man, my speakers are blown
Truthfully, I'd rather keep it in a zone
I could maneuver easily from the comfort of my home, but
Don’t ever let the headlights die
Stars only fall out of the dead night sky
The more I travel, the farther I see
The more it seems as if my shadow ain’t following me
Now everyone’s impressed with impressions
All of y'all dressed up in the finest flesh
I’m not tryin' to imply I’m on a different page
Similar traits, familiar face
I remember the days when I felt like fightin' it
Lost in the ways of my own self-righteousness
Feels like I’m still tryna find my fix
Before this lightning hits


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Atmosphere Bob Seger Comments
  1. Dane Ernst

    ha ha evil Canadians. i just read the description of "Bob Seger". to funny. i know we are all evil north of the border xD

  2. Fire Keeper

    You never mess with a lumber jack and his homie

  3. jillian jones

    Wow to the music video and the song

  4. Sam Cooke

    Slug Ant greatest duo evrrrr!

  5. William Colway

    Made 5 years ago and still one of the best music videos out there!.

  6. Galcala909

    That's was dope ass video

  7. Coniurato

    Love this song

  8. korey schale

    K Rino. Check some of his stuff out

  9. Mike_naugz88

    Ahhhhh....... Revenge Taste Great With Blueberries.

  10. nearly worthless

    This doesn't even have 1 million views.

  11. Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf

    What is the backing track singing?

  12. skateMNvx1000


  13. Martin W

    The first 11 seconds reminds me of another song. It's slowed but exatcly the same. Can you please help out? listen closely. thks in advance

    Martin W

    wow took me a brainstorm but i got it :)

  14. EXO Abaddon

    Paul Bunyan

  15. Kronzrr

    dude that lumberjack is my friends brother!!! NO FUCKING WAY

  16. Plower of Farce


  17. Brad Neznik

    so that is the origin story of babe the blue ox.

  18. Heidi Hoglund

    my cousin owns the cow in this video and I went to school with Tanya, the woman in the video.... what are the chances. awesome video

    Logan Savinski

    How you get on that hi hog anyway tED bLUND


    night moves!

  20. Adept08808

    Like the video, love the song but so many questions what happened to the woman and the kid, what did he do after he demolished those soldiers, how long do oxen live, how did he become the spokesman for pancakes

  21. Daniel M

    Wow surprised to hear you mention Nekst, respect!

  22. Edfiki86

    Ty mr. Capstick

  23. Suprem900masta

    what's the meaning of the title?

    David Gentile

    Suprem900masta bob seger song night moves

    David Gentile

    Suprem900masta btw

  24. Carly Ra

    "we want to know how the night moves"

  25. Lo U

    That red coat got exactly what he deserved. Nice video.

  26. geo samp

    Wow now that I know the. Real story of Paul Bunyan I dont think I can ever eat at one of his themed all you can eat restaurants. With a smile.and joy in my heart

  27. Blak Jewel

    Ey if anybody knows what the sample is sayin let me know


    "My daddy's to the right of me, my momma's to the left. Like everyone else they're pointing, but nowhere it feels quite right" i suppose

    Blak Jewel

    peace good lookin

    1983 A mermaid I should turn to be

    My father's to the left of me
    (Move like the knight)
    My mama's to the right
    (Move the knight)
    Like everyone else, they're pointing
    But nowhere feels quite right.

    Found that from my good friend Google lol

    Blak Jewel

    lol thanks bro the sample sound so gravy

    1983 A mermaid I should turn to be

    +Blak Jewel ya it does! I love it hah

  28. Daniel Nobody

    I could watch a two hour movie based off the story this song and video tells in four minutes

  29. Cloudil

    This paints Canadians very bad lol


    +ajtosoff and the cellabration this isn't about canadians it's about minnesotans


    +MfPotatoeater99 "... about how the legend of Paul Bunyan began. Babe wasn't really a blue ox, it was a blue axe. but the northern accent made it sound like 'ox.' Blue from the blood of the evil Canadian soldiers. It was filmed on the northern Minnesota iron range."

    - Sean Daley
    *evil Canadian soldiers*

    Slave Owner


  30. Space Urchin

    Love the music. Love the video. Don't know WTF it's about and the explanation in the description confuses me even more.

    Accordion Travel Guy

    +Space Urchin war of 1812 i think

    Nicole Brock

    +Space Urchin Its about the legend of Paul Bunyan, Babe was not a blue "ox" but an axe but because of the accents it was pronounced "ox" so thats how the story of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue ox started. Supposedly the axe was blue from the blood of the canadian soldiers he killed with it. What is depicted in this video is what actually happened during those times. Soldiers would force homes to put them up, feed them etc. and more often than not the men were not home, women ended up being raped and preyed upon, the men would come home to their wives having been abused and taken advantage of. Soldiers even did things to young female (and male) children. Alot of the men forced to war were criminals in their own country and only fought in the war for freedom from the dank disgusting prisons they were in. Anyways this video is amazing and really captures what would happen during those times

  31. knef033jdf

    Le grand dérangement?

  32. Yungstakz1

    this is the first song I ever heard from Atmosphere and have gone to listen to most of their previous works

    Bear Ursidae

    bernz is sick af though as well lol


    Bear Ursidae he is pretty dope man

  33. Thomas Gilbertz

    wow hesus

  34. Nathan Larsen

    Havnt found a song to dislike by atmosphere ever and love this video more than most, I'm a larger arborist and feel the Paul character as my self

  35. Jeffrey Waqenaar

    Hey Atmosphere, I just realized that this clip is exactly like "Just to get a rep" by GangStarr. The original has two versus. But the song with the clip has 3. What is up with that????

    Ezek MC

    +Jeffrey Waqenaar wtf


    Not at alike... Lol. This is about a guy who attacks to protect, but 'Just To Get a Rep' is about attacking to get a rep.

  36. Jeffrey Waqenaar

    Why this song never made Southsiders I do not know. But boy owwww boy what a track.... The combination of music, Song and video makes it one of their best. Sharp as a tack.

  37. leeroy zuniga

    Slug and Mike Shinoda should collaborate

    Doug Brewer

    leeroy zuniga ant>mike shinoda

  38. Matty K

    I love the Genesis reference.

  39. M3BenzYboI Rillyland

    best flower ever .

  40. C H R X S T

    r.i.p. NEKST

  41. Mag

    It isn't Paul Bunyan. This guy is a Jackpine Savage.

  42. Mike Wolf

    you are fucking awesome sean daily !!!

  43. James Oliver

    its hard to guard urself when u only got the cards dealt to ya.

  44. SuperSwiser

    litl'ts do this... Seager does this, makes me want to sleep w/ a ghost!

  45. I Guess

    so Paul Bunyan gets revenge?

  46. Sarah Broskoff

    Hollywood nights

  47. Master Chief

    I really wish I went to their concert but sadly I was 14 at the time and my parents wouldn't let me 😢 please come back to arizona!

    M3BenzYboI Rillyland

    foreal tho he should come back to az .;)

    Estevan Martinez

    I went to see em when they came to tucson. and GOD DAMN!! it was an amazing time. you really need to see them.

    WhatEver_ Name_Works

    I met him at ZIA records in Vegas. Awesome of a guy.

  48. Coyote Ganja

    English soldiers would never act such. Maybe some Germans?

    I-Love-CO Mountains

    HAAAAAA wow. "English Soldiers would never act like that, ... 'must be german soldiers.'"

    I encourage you to read up on some history.
    Raoe is systemic in warfare, both ancient and modern. It acts as an unparalleled method of psychological warfare. This has been known for milenia.


    @Coyote Ganja Maybe not today. However, 250 years ago, rape was not uncommon during the quartering act.

    I-Love-CO Mountains

    @Chester Timmins straight up, read a history book, people...

    Accordion Travel Guy

    @Coyote Ganja They're Canadian, well, British Canadians

    Andy Schroeder

    @Thomas Godfrey it's clearly Paul Bunyan, which is obviously based in minnesota.

  49. TheDarkaxe888

    fucking trippy haha

  50. The Legend Of Tylar

    4k likes. 83 Dislikes. Lol nuff`said.

  51. josue guzman

    You might know it takes a lot more help to guard yourself
    When you got nothing else but the cards you dealt
    I learned about sippin' on a full bottle of ripple
    Simultaneously sittin' on a whole lot of little
    You can assume we wanna brighten the room
    Like the light of the moon trying to find you
    Now open the curtain, allow the shine through
    We wanna know how the night moves

  52. Jenny Serrato

    Can anyone recommend artist similar to Atmosphere? 

    Robert Munoz

    Brother Ali is da baddest albino Muslim ever!!!

    mOjo jOjo

    +Jennifer Serrato

    check out HILLTOP HOODS XD


    there's no other group like atmosphere...


    +Jennifer Serrato Doomtree.


    Prof, Ali, Grieves, Evidence and anyone under Ryhmesayers pretty much. And any song featuring Brother Ali is good. Ali only gets on tracks with talented artists and kills it every time. I've discovered artists just from him being on their track. like hilltop hoods.

  53. deebz

    The guy with the axe and beard reminds me of Hagrid from the Harry Potter series for some reason.

    Taylor Currey

    I was getting a paul bunyan vibe personally but it was a bull instead of an ox

    Noble Nemesis

    +JoeLexIcon I was thinking of the dude from that channel, Sargon of Akkad. xD


    @Noble Nemesis xDD

  54. Christian Bird

    Evil will always exist in this world but you have the ability to give a helping hand even when one wasn't gave to you.

  55. cas de jong

    Genesis <3

  56. blake davison

    Anyone else just want to sit and talk with artists sometimes?  So you can actually see what there really like and to relate songs and their meanings to just life in general... 

  57. R3ptilian

    i think this is better if you don't watch the random video

  58. Hunter Davis-Meints

    Why's it called Bob Segar

  59. Jill G

    very different from his older stuff, but its all amazing, for its own reasons. 

  60. MrSh4des

    Lesson of the video, someone tries to rape your woman kill them when you have the chance

  61. Steven H

    Hot joint

  62. Rachel Jennings

    Atmosphere is so good live! Saw you guys last night in Hollywood, best concert ever.. Happy Birthday.

  63. queball

    was this actually on a album?


    Nope, just a single

  64. Ricardo Carreon

    i got part of the song tattoo on me that's how much this song kick ass lead us to the promised land atmosphere you got a fan for life (will always try to get your music)

    Olivia Haseltine

    What verse or part did you get ? & where on your body?? I love atmosphere! 8 years of listening to them every single day since I was 15(now 22), I've never had an artist that I've stuck with through so much time & I can honestly say I can see myself listening to them until the day I die. But yeah I'm curious to know which verse you got tattooed! I know I'm a stranger to you & all but I'd love to see a picture of it! Haha my bad if I sound like a creep I just have mad respect for someone who loves atmosphere so much they'd put a verse of their music on themselves in a way that will last forever. If I haven't already decided to never get a tattoo/piercings(as much as I love tattoos & think they look good on porcelain white skin like mine) I would 100% get something from atmosphere tattooed on myself, but I feel like id end up covered in atmosphere lyrics hahaha. Anyways my bad for the essay! Still would love to see your tattoo👌

    -Liv😈: With love from the city of Angels😇

    Ricardo Carreon

    Yeah i got on my right calf I did there because when ever I am working out or just happen to look down I can see it for most of the time.  But I got the verse from that song (Bob Seger) "The hope stays low cause I know myself but I treated it like a test to keep me at my best.)  I know what you mean about listen him for as long as I am live. I mean I liked him when I listen to "Sunshine" and I feel in love with this style with "The waitress". Sorry for my long response 

  65. lmaggio21

    WOAH WOAH WOAH Did Slug switch up that last verse? Im pretty damn sure thats not the original.


    Yes he added that last verse in the for the video im assuming. The single I bought when they dropped this last summer does not contain that last bit. haha you owe me a verse!

  66. MRRJD2

    I needed a little writing inspiration, Just found it.

    Thanks Shawn.

    - Mike 

  67. Aniq

    i really hope one day i can watch this guy performing live. his songs really help me get through the day when im really depressed. he speaks my heart out every time he rhyme.true artist, real music.only stupid people listen to lil wayne, rick ross etc.

  68. 3AWizard

    I want to be a Lumerbjack now.

  69. Williams Martinez

    dope ass playlist

  70. Kimberly Simpson

    I like Atmosphere

  71. ATWG K

    Hey, I really like your guys' music and I'd like to know how I can get into contact with you guys. I want to know if I could get access to atmospheres music

  72. Nick Hayes

    Tight rhymes as usual, but the beats pretty shitty.

  73. AtRiskStudios

    Rest In Peace NEKST

  74. Jefferson Rambo III

    This guy's still rapping?

  75. Hunter Hutton

    Good shit.

  76. GarbageDanks

    I'm guessing paper stocks are low as fuck and one day will explode and those who are smart will get rich.

  77. Gardo E.C.

    This shit's a dope song and video.

  78. rosielxxrik

    I freakin love atmosphere 

  79. thejuggalotis4dis

    1:01 why the fuck would you drop the axe -.-

    Gustavo C

    to run faster... and stop the redcoat


    I love that juggalos listen to atmosphere.

  80. bknyblazedout

    Atmosphere always comes with that dope.

  81. C Stanton

    Paul Muthr Phukin Bunyan!!!!!!!

  82. Charlie Henry

    "Not as cool as I used to be"

  83. L Ryuzaki

    Welcome to MN!!!

  84. dren710

    Man I can't get enough of this track...this is the kind of Atmosphere I love.  I can't seem to find the track tho.

  85. dren710

    My father to the left of me, my mother to the right, like everyone else they're pointing, but nowhere feels quite right!

  86. Aaron Hix

    Is this suppose to be like Paul bungyin and babe the blue ox?

  87. John Touey

    What album is this track on? I haven't been able to find it anywhere

  88. MrTuuurot

    Россия плохая  страна.... Уверен

  89. Brian Blosophus

    Badass video

  90. cheetah2thedeath

    rest in peace to nekst??? like the graff writer?

  91. Sam YOUEL

    slug and his dj for presidents :Ԁ

  92. Ricky Anthony

    love how there are a bunch of stupid ideas of what the video for "kanye west" was about but for "bob seger" there is none at all. lol 

  93. GoTheBrave

    this guys voice is awful. annoying

  94. Derek H

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't "mess"  with a MANS FAMILY.
    very visual

  95. WolletBullet01

    A little odd to hear the words Hip Hop and Bob Seger together but this is good....really like it... For the youngsters that don't know, make sure you search for Bob Seger (the singer) on YT

  96. grapher456

    I'm a fan of the song, it has great flow, an aight hook and background, it just feels like its old school atmosphere. I don't understand the video tho. Has nothing to do with the song, and while its interesting I don't see any correlation. 

  97. RideWithOKP

    awesome beat - lyrics. dope.

  98. CrazyDiamondAJ

    Damn this is entirely too awesome