Atmosphere - Bde Maka Ska Lyrics

I'm at the bottom of...
Already knew I was...
I'm at the bottom of...
Already knew I was...

I'm lookin' at that lake like I'm waitin' to break, into ya traffic
Yeah, that's overly dramatic
But it only takes one bad trip to leave ya holier than magic
I'm all alone I feel it all in my bones
It's probably why I'm not goin' home
I'm sittin' in the passenger seat of my own car, I dunno where my keys are
Sippin' on a warm lone star
And the sky don't sponsor my house
That's why I pay no mind to what comes outta they mouth
I stop pretending like I knew what to do
And let the universe push the needle into the groove
It's no substitute for the love of the truth
So who the fuck am I to be the judge for you (huh)
I fall back and let the chips descend
Go ahead, call me back when you miss your friends
And maybe later we can talk about the weather
Pick a day and we can try to get together
Bring along whatever tool you use to measure how the temperature reacts to your temper
And lick a shot for the messenger
It's not a mess if ya
Control the stress (never let it get the best of ya)
Shit, it's easier said than done
If we can't get free, might as well get dumb
Just keep it rollin', and document the whole thing
As if it ain't too late, already seen where it's go-in'
I shape shift to make it fit in any opening
The halo's gonna stay debatable until I grow some wings
You're not supposed to need a boulevard of broken dreams
To build the wheel to fill ya bag up with some groceries
I want that middle of the lake serenity
It's why I stay alive inside your energy

Already knew I was a thief
Before I threw away the keys
They at the bottom of the lake
Serenity (even when I die I'm still alive)
I'm at the bottom of the...

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Atmosphere Bde Maka Ska Comments
  1. Dustin Browning

    love all my atomosphere fans and homies peace for everybody✌

  2. Marv V

    I think this is one of the best album they have made in a while good job fellas.....

  3. Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga

    Dear Slug, Ant, Keezy, Lioness, and Darling Nikki... I attended "your" show in Nashville Tennessee on 1-29-2020 at the Cowan. It was the very first concert that i ever paid money to attend and i am 48 years old. I have been attending concerts since conception as my own parents are musicians. I have some constructive criticism to offer if there is an appropriate place to express such OPINIONS. I said i wasnt going to attend the show but i changed my mind since the 2019 show was scheduled on my birthday and i didnt attend that due to the fact that i moved to a new place. The concert at The Cowan was the first concert i had atteneded in almost twenty years by the way. Sincerily some ordinary person that likes hip hop named Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga a.k.a. Death, or Pepsi, or Soda, or (well i'll not reveal the rest of my psuedonymns just in case....)

  4. Mitchell H

    Jorge spaday

  5. dominick muratalla

    Gonna see you in San Fran on the 11th 💙🤛🏽 nothing but love for atmosphere

  6. alvaro rodriguez

    Shady lp album cover spot

  7. Keyser Söze

    Damn. Atmosphere still got it. 🤙

  8. jingle bells

    It's hard to make excuses for someone that one answer for themselfs

  9. andrew foster

    This reminds of back in the day, jamming to Lucy Ford, or God Loves Ugly... back to to those ridiculous flows.
    “ .....stop pretending like I knew what to do, and let the universe push the needle into the groove, it’s no substitute for the love of the truth, so who the fuck am I to be a judge for you, huh?”

  10. Dave Strate

    Lake Calhoun... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  11. Mitchell H

    Bootie my keister

  12. MassiveGat

    Atmosphere. The only duo that in nearly 25 years of creating music, has never once disappointed. Seriously, it's baffling. Most artists at this age would be washed up and out of ideas, Atmosphere sounds as good as ever

  13. Von Diddle

    I can’t wait to see them in Chicago on the 14th of January, 2020!!!!

  14. Melissa Rice

    Those 93 people that disliked this video have a questionable taste in music🤫

  15. Freezo

    I’m a simple man I see slug singing the blues by the lakeside I click the like button.

  16. Craigger Hall

    Reppin' Mpls. Hard!

  17. Lamar AC West

    I like how it gets you hype.

  18. Deanna Baker

    Holy shit. All the feels.

  19. ripk123

    Best song on the album.

  20. Dave Rennick

    How does one pronounce the title of this song?

  21. TGATEZ

    I miss my drone.

  22. D&HProductions

    Check my song out
    Let me know if im a bum or not

  23. Cody Wichman

    LOVE IT, reminds me of old atmosphere

  24. Gabriel Linman

    "I'm sitting in the passenger seat of my own car I dont know where my keys are sippin on a warm lonestar" Same

  25. Matt Smith 612

    It’s Lake Calhoun

  26. Cesar Cabrera

    Info to where I can buy tickets for a next show?

  27. D00MTR33

    Last year we got Mi Vida Loca and now we get this? Atmosphere delivers yet again with another great project. Lovin the new album, keep up the good work Slug and Ant.

  28. Lamar AC West

    Slug's flow swallows you whole like this funky melody.

  29. Cesy mancillas

    “Control the stress don’t let it get the best of ya “ is easier said then done “ ...worddd

  30. joey krone

    Lake Calhoun

  31. Brittany Bee

    Got some heavy The Waitress vibes from this one, and I'm lovin it.

  32. m3kkanic

    Congrats on that dope song! The whole album is killing it! Can someone at Rhymesayers please tell me who did the mix and the mastering? Couldn't find out at all...

  33. Daisy K

    i feel like this album is one of his best.

  34. I’d say Perfect

    Hey bacon 🥓 you a fat POS

  35. Dwro 8ita

    2nd single must be by far the '''Son of Abyss''' tune... just a suggestion.

  36. Dwro 8ita

    Slugo never misses!!! This is Slug with a flow from the Overcast and God Loves Ugly era.... wow.... what a tune...brings back memories. 1Luv to Slug ^ Ant.

  37. Cee Truth

    Damn, wish they were coming to Miami on the tour

  38. Mike D

    Slug and Ant continue to refresh hip hop from untalented mumble jumble rap

  39. Carson Poe

    Slugggg...God love ugly is such a dope album

  40. Cody Garcia

    Camera Thief take pictures.💪💪💪

  41. Dennis chavez

    Any has to be the most underrated beat Producer ever... EVER

  42. Cee Truth

    Slug is one of those rare artists who truly grows with time. Ant gets his props too - beautiful beats!

  43. Matthew Voye

    Slug made a Texas reference. Sweet. This Texan living in St.Paul thinks thats pretty cool.

  44. Cory Micel

    Someone post the lyrics already!

  45. NBA Bay Boy

    Pretty crazy to stay this dope for 20 years. Long live Slug

  46. Alexander Larson

    Thank you slug for your kindness as a family member to Susan, you are such an amazing artist man

  47. grande tea

    i swear atmosphere never lets me down🤯

  48. James Overbey

    Finally my dudes back at it

  49. Me The Pebble

    Atmospherical lyrical mirical

  50. Jeremy Rader

    Thanks for the tune brO

  51. Steve Wolfe


  52. A Bell

    Fuck yeah. God bless.

  53. Jaime Estrada

    I stopped pretending like I knew what to do
    And let the universe push the needle into the groove.

    This line is genius. There are philosophical connotations to it.

  54. Graffitionthewall

    Sending out my energy to whoever needs it - Atmosphere

  55. James Zilla


  56. Bradley Goo

    Well damn

    Bradley Goo

    Yo, Rhymesayers.. Slug betyer be coming out with the best when I'm a grandpa. I'll be here until I'm knot

  57. David Hopkins

    This song lights my fire every time I hear it... I cant wait for a new album.. #dadrap is alive and well

  58. MrWeezo21

    Sorry, but what's up with this snippet?? I need more of this song.. this too dank to cut short.

  59. MrWeezo21

    *years later, still killing it"

  60. MrWeezo21

    Ima simple man, I see an Atmosphere fresh post, I'm clicking.
    -Lynryd Skynyrd

  61. Raymond Johnston

    Classic... Atmosphere

  62. mrwhythat

    Since me is 19 i listening to your music...Now me is 40..

  63. J Fresh

    Still killin it dawg! keep it going.......!!!!!!!!

  64. Hermentotip

    #SlugIsMySpiritAnimal xDD

  65. Johnny Cortez


  66. jesus H christ

    dope, also always love your vids

  67. Nico Henningsen

    Damn. That beat is sick.

  68. a aaa

    First time listening to this jam and I'm over here trying to sing along . ..I can definitely hear and see a change in the music from the Dino days but that skill never lost a beat ..GOD DAaaaaMN

  69. industrialhemprocks

    Slug for Prez boi

  70. Shipwreck

    Always a dope play!!

  71. billy chonka

    Atmosphere is one of the only white rappers i can turn up when my black brothers from another color are around the house they say he has that black bounce i dont know what it means but glad they like it

  72. NagsterTheGangster

    Got Dammnn Slug & Ant still slammin' those vibin' tunes all these years. Unreal!

  73. Vastigo Rasputin

    I've never been able to find the words to define your style. Your lyrics could be planted into every genre of music. 1 ♡!

  74. Iván Núñez

    two weeks old and it's already a classic.

  75. Diedre Trellawny

    Rupert Wesker loves you x ☺️

  76. andrew man

    This song is definitely not long enough

  77. Maarten Lauwers

    that why I stay alive inside your energy!

  78. Mr. Mister

    Nothing but love for these two

  79. Helpless Outlaw

    New album perhaps?

  80. Оуткаст Однажды вернуться

    Нет, правда круто !!

  81. Rob Beers

    SLuG and AnT....🗣️✍️👉👈👁️👁️💫...thanks once again ////// likE A bREaTH oF FreSh AiR✌️

  82. TRiLLGATE$

    Why you gotta trade blows w/ spawn sean, the man didnt even diss you

  83. William Reece

    wow this beat hits hard. much love from tyler tx

  84. DIY Dummy since wayyyy backkk.....stayy comming with that HEAT...year after year....IN LOVE <3

  85. Matthew Mc

    Silky smoothie.

  86. Blah Blah

    I remember when my sister showed me this guy back in 2000 back when napster and kazaa and bear shear were around were around

  87. Florida Man

    Does anyone know if Slug has ever spoke on what inspired some of his music? In particular I would love to know about the woman with tattooed hands and if I was Santa Claus.
    Those 2 mean so much to me. They have their own meaning for me, but I would love to know how he came up with such poetry.

  88. Rod Bender

    Love atmosphere and they embrace MN

  89. International Merchant Of Hate

    ...and rhymesayers has officially sold out to leftist identity politics.

    Slug, you do know ITS OK TO BE WHITE don’t you? You don’t have to grovel like a bitch on her knees before these fascists.

    won’t be a next time for me, the ONLY member of rhymesayers I’m NOT boycotting is EYEDEA whom i hope is as disgusted with your virtue signaling as i am.

    John C Calhoun was NEVER the only American proponent of slavery, and changing the name of the lake doesn’t change history, it just allows the weak minded motherfuckers to forget that bad things happen, and get weaker to the point where WORDS themselves are considered an assault?

    You volunteered to censor yourself this time slug AND IT WAS A GRAVE MISTAKE, because when you WAKE UP, and want to tell someone about it you’ll be forced to remain silent.

    Giving your rights away just let’s them take the rest when it’s convenient for them.

    Slug, you have been indoctrinated into being a useful idiot for the left, your ideological subversion is complete and only a crisis can wake you from your self imposed ignorance.

  90. Derrik Mental

    Always a beast.🔥👊💀✨

  91. James H

    "You're not supposed to need a boulevard OR broken dreams,
    To build the will to fill your bags up with some groceries"


  92. Safety Dance

    1:02 "im sitting in the passenger seat of my own car, i don't know where my keys are" this is how i've felt for the last five years going through life, watching myself do things like going to work etc but having no control.

  93. Nah mine's Clarence

    Is it just me? Anyone else writing 16 to 80 bars after watching one of these new videos? Virgo got me gooooood! Ruined my whole morning, I got shit to do man...

  94. gmunay420

    can I use this in a youtube video?


    I know I'm already going to get 1 copyright strike but its for fun

  95. Max Man

    Been consistent since forever