Atlas Genius - Through The Glass Lyrics

I thought you'd see me through the glass,
But you only caught your reflection.
I hoped you'd hear me through the noise,
Of the street poles and fire

But no, no, no,
You didn't notice.

I tried to care for a while,
But I don't feel the connection.
I'd settle for a broken heart,
Just a scar caused by infection

But no, no, no,
I didn't notice,
What you wanted
All gets lost in the fire
That warms who we are, get lost

And we're dressed up like humans,
Like we know who we are.
This map won't get you home,
If you don't know where you are.
This plastic house won't break with stones.
This road won't get you home,
From where you are.

You look like someone from afar,
When I knew the direction.
I'd settle for a broken heart,
Just a scar caused by infection.

But no, no, no,
We didn't notice.
What you wanted,
All gets lost in the fire,
That warms who we are, get lost

And we're dressed up like humans,
Like we know who we are.
This map won't get you home,
If you don't know where you are.
This plastic house won't break with stones.
This road won't get you home,
From where you are.

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Atlas Genius Through The Glass Comments
  1. Agent Smith


  2. Adonis G

    Project Almanac brought me here.🤘

  3. DedSecWD MY

    Project Almanac...The best credit ever...

  4. tito r

    M2 late Godamnit,)

  5. jixxeo

    Project almanac

  6. eliseonop

    I love this song

  7. Alexis Garcia

    Liam Gallagher sounds like?

  8. Dave Mancini

    Whoever the women is that played Jessie in project almanac is soooooo hot !!!!

  9. Emanuele Coppolino

    and only now I arrived ! thanks to
    project almanac :D

  10. Amandine Lemay

    Projet Almanac 🤘

  11. SplashyPlays

    im here without project almanac and in proud of it

  12. TheStepmonkey

    The best song of Proyect Almanac💗💗 love the guitar here :)

  13. j a z r u i z

    Project Almanac brought me here! XD

    mo williams

    Jazmina Ruiz same 🤘

  14. Guilherme Souza Ferraz

    I see that a lot of you guys are here because of the film Project Almanac, so do I , and Ihave something to ask. The LollaPalooza scene, when they went up on stage and David dedicates a song of a band to Jessie; Whats the name of that band? And the name of the song that they're playing? If someone help me, I will be truly grateful! Thx :)


    Hey :)
    The name of the band is Atlas Genius, like this song, and the name of the song is "Trojans". If you search on YouTube, you can find a video of The LoolaPalooza festival (the real, not the movie) where you can see David and this crew with the singer, on the scene, IN REAL LIFE.
    I also found a video of Imagine Dragons at LollaPalooza, when they sing "Radioactive", and the atmosphere was amazing it gave me chills.

    Enjoy with Trojans ;)

    Guilherme Souza Ferraz

    Ooh thanks a lot!
    Oh really?! I didn't know that. This is awesome! I'm gonna search for it, for sure
    Haha Ikr, Radioactive gime chills every single time I hear it, and in LollaPalooza, OMG, that should be even more great!
    Thanks again :D

  15. ShinigaME

    Project Almanac so nostalgic <33



  16. tj yoshi

    Project Almanac didn't bring me here!!!!

  17. christopher gonzalez

    Let's face it. Most of us owe this to project almanac

  18. Barakage

    Yes, because of Project Almanac lol

  19. thehoosierfortheUK

    Weird and unsatisfying movie but it wasn't terrible, either. It was like Batman Forever

  20. Guilherme Souza Ferraz

    2016 anyone?
    Project Almanac brought me here too ♥♥♥ *-*

    Yadullah Abidi

    ME as well :P

    Absurd Hero

    yep & I'm black lol

    Guilherme Souza Ferraz

    lol this doesn't change nothing xD


    I'm seeing a lot of you guys coming here after watching that movie, lol.

  21. Bruno E. Polack

    love indie ♥

  22. Marco Llamas

    love this song !!

  23. maglm92

    I was looking that song cause i watched yesterday Project Almanac. Oh boy, i like that credits theme <3

  24. ☆ Michael Nesmith ☆

    Even though Project Almanac (to me) didn't seem that good, the music was excellent, Atlas Genius is amazing at music

  25. DJX-ennial aka sean Po

    project almanac brought me here

  26. DJX-ennial aka sean Po

    project almanac brought me here

  27. Paola Sánchez

    Project Almanac was for sure the best movie ever! Butterfly Effect and Life Is Strange as well, like omg back time travel movies are the best for sure

    freddy tineo

    totally agree with you girl

    Marcio Mandra Junior

    +Paola Sánchez Life is strange and project almanac will never get out my head

    Aurora Borderalis

    Paola Sánchez omg I love Life Is Strange AND Butterfly Effect. LiS: Before the Storm came out a couple of months ago, it was good, but I liked the original a lot more


    Project Almanac is awesome.. and depressing too tbh ='('=

  28. Ander Balzak

    Achei que era só eu que tinha chegado até essa música através do filme Project Almanac, mas já vi que não! Música muito boa!

  29. Rosen Vasilev

    I am not going to lie. This song really reached deep inside of me. It has been a long time since I really listened with my heart. Truly, a very beautiful song.

  30. David Llanes

    Any one knows the genre of these kind of music?

    Guilty King

    Or indie pop.

    David Llanes

    Thanks man much appreciated!

    Sarah Ekleberry

    @David Llanes alternative rock, is what they are

    David Llanes

    @Sarah Ekleberry thanks!

    Sarah Ekleberry

    no problem dude

  31. 파판하는꼬민

    best song of project almanac :)

  32. jayzelle boyce

    Heard this in the theare for Project Alminac and went all the way to the back of the theatre by the speaker to Shazam this sooo worth it lol;-)

    David C

    @Jayzelle Boyce LOL that's funny asf xD

  33. Change Your Mind

    Project Almanac brought me here.

    Aziz pétrodollars

    me too😍😍

    Lucia LucyLu

    WWE The Wrestling me to

    Haikal Muflahi

    Same here. Lol

  34. FloodedTyphoon

    I heard this from Nasa. #ThirdRockRadio

  35. jdrew06

    This sounds so much like Kevin Codogan from Third Eye Blind. Just this song though. Not the rest of the album.

  36. Erin Mahady

    Great song. Great band!


    Rachel 💓

  38. Manuel Gomez

    I forgot how good parachutes was, Rush of blood to the head was also amazing!!! think thats what ill be listening to on my commute tomorrow morning.

  39. yahyahfiacel

    came back from their gig in Toronto. They are one of the best i've attended. Whoever has the chance must go see them live. <3 Atlas Genius

  40. Ornella Ngalamulume

    Thank you!!! for posting this for the longest time i could only find it live on youtube.

  41. Marcus Y

    are, or were. not was.

  42. The GooseGarage TM

    Why isn't this named one of the best albums ever?!

  43. wetcrackerfilms

    why was there only 2 comments???

  44. Defining Factor

    While this music is not phenomenal to me, its the exact music you wish to hear when you just want to something in the background when you are tired of all the mainstream nonsense, drama of life (and entertainment), and are simply looking for soothing sounds to drive or drift off in thought to

  45. David Cadieu

    These guys will win a Grammy. This is an INCREDIBLE album. I haven't enjoyed a listen through so much since Coldplay's "Parachutes", or the first Arcade Fire album. What a song!