atlas - bars Lyrics

Fuck it
Imma have the bars until the death of me
Woke up on the floor this morn' that hardly fits my destiny
Developed in addictions got the recipe for ecstasy
So check it B
I could take ya bae I'm talkin' Chesapeake
Recklessly drivin' down the highway goin' 73
Speed limit 55 hopin' coppers mess with me
I'm done askin' for all you fuckers to remember me
But when I die build an effigy
And I'm the next in line for the throne
That ain't enough I've gotta take it plus the necklace and bones
Up off whichever pussy currently in charge of my home
Boutta star 67 homie Pick up yo phone
So I can trace it from the basement to the attic
Face it I'm fantastic
Chase a pound of grass and hash for 30 tabs of acid
Imma brag about drugs in my music and make a classic
The worst influence yet Mr. Corduroy let 'em have it

[Cole Corduroy:]
Bucket hat hooligan I'm cooler than what rap is
I put the door up under my bed I ain't payin' taxes
Put the axis on this motherfucker 'cause this is only practice
See the future needs some dudes like me and fuckin' Alice
Do a back flip on the beat no trampoline than get a bruise
Okay we don't need a label to co-sign with just a book
When I blew up on our own and tried to rhyme that's somethin' new
We been grindin' since we can't remember tried to make it through

Fuck it
I been eatin' cereal and watchin' how you act
Y'all the dumbest human beings that I've ever seen in fact
Y'all the reason why I really can't be happy and relaxed
Like forgive me but I'm simply not too into being trapped
So I'm finna take a crap and move on with this shitty life
'Cause I'm still killin' verses on this stupid glitchy mic
Turnin' music into life with the poetry I spit
Y'all can use my words of wisdom 'cause it's totally legit

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    yeah he sent me this this shit fire boi keep the shit up

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    All you guys are here because of wAFF while i just heard this on the outro from Pengu

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    Wtf is waff that everyone's talking about

    I'm Realm

    Dilen Anderson waff is an insane csgo player who many people think cheat he used this song in one of his frag movies before he deleted his channel

    The NinjaHoff

    He's got a new channel under the name wAFF Jones:


    Xills fc

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    I've been listening to this song non-stop I'm working on the lyrics 👌👌👌

    PS. waFF is nuts

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    ima brag about drugs in my music and make a classic. lol damn

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    ''Fuck it''

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