Atkins, Rodney - These Are My People Lyrics

Well we grew up down by the railroad tracks
Shootin' b.b.'s at old beer cans
Chokin' on the smoke from a lucky strike
Somebody lifted off of his old man
We were football flunkies
Southern rock junkies
Crankin' up the stereo
Singin' loud and proud to gimme three steps
Simple Man, and Curtis Lowe
We were good you know

We got some discount knowledge at the junior college
Where we majored in beer and girls
It was all real funny 'til we ran out of money
And they threw us out into the world
Yeah the kids that thought they'd run this town
Ain't runnin' much of anything
We're just lovin' and laughin'
And bustin' our asses
And we call it all livin' the dream


These are my people
This is where I come from
We're givin' this life everything we've got and then some
It ain't always pretty
But it's real
That's the way we were made
Wouldn't have it any other way
These are my people

Well we take it all week on the chin with a grin
Till we make it to a Friday night
And it's church league softball holler 'bout a bad call
Preacher breakin' up the fight
Then later on at the green light tavern
Well everybody's gatherin' as friends
And the beer is pourin' till Monday mornin'
Where we start all over again


We fall down and we get up
We walk proud and we talk tough
We got heart and we got nerve
Even if we are a bit disturbed


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Atkins, Rodney These Are My People Comments
  1. Mitchell B

    That radio edit thi

  2. Doug Rogers

    These are my people is a Johnny Cash song always will be. This sucks

  3. Black Texas Governor

    VW brought me here.

  4. James Jones

    I've always adored the truck entrance

  5. Wes Person


    Vladimir Putinytuim

    Your p4p is my face when I get my Nintendo switch

  6. Gamingboss8164

    He is rare

  7. Seo Squidward


  8. Trevor Kupferschmidt

    Rodney Atkins is awsome puts on a great show loved his show so much had to see him 3 times this year

  9. Caleb Molloy

    love your songs Rodney

  10. Benjamin James

    Just got it. I feel stupid. The beginning is tie in to he mine

  11. Brandon Buderacki

    Im from Charleston South Carolina but i live in Georgia now the South are my people

  12. Zachary Cook

    my favorite rodney atkins song is these are my people i love country so fucking bad

  13. D Breezy

    This video was shot in Indianapolis at the country music expo...

  14. Jeffrey Young

    I ❤️ this song of his and it’s America and other songs of his like the farmers daughter and cleaning this gun

  15. billybonewhacker

    This is my peehole, this is were i pee from......🎵!

  16. Hunter Hendrickson

    Hey Indiana small town of arcola is my people


    I wish Rodney Atkins would come out with some new more good music, it wasn't all that long ago like around 2010 or so he came out with all this good music.

  18. Yu Dunnome


  19. Matt Gilbo

    This song is the greatest song of life in my town 💪 any stop sign you pull up to you’ll always hear this. Couldn’t love it more!!

  20. Skylar Kane

    From Mississippi and proud of the confederacy cause it's home and i will never move

  21. Harley Smith

    my childhood😊

  22. Njallta •

    Rodney Adkins was my childhood and I didn't even know it. Kentucky baby! These are my people!!

  23. Fallen Angel 69

    Livingston, TN so imma tomboy and damn proud of it!!!!!

  24. Robert Henry

    I miss my people in TN I live Ohio but I'm moving back when I'm 17 or 18

  25. Allyson Jones

    1:04 funny I remember that word being different😂

  26. Allyson Jones

    I'm from Texas aka the lone star state aka the best state ever, these are my people!

  27. Jonathan Halen

    I go to middle school in CA, so I don't have many people lol. But I don't need them. I got my country dad, and he's got his country son!

  28. Private Pasta


  29. Private Pasta

    sub to me plz

  30. Emil John Dela Rosa

    Nail The Mix brought me here

  31. Kristina Kirby

    Hey can someone tell me what happen to Rodney atkins? He hasn't made any new music here lately!

  32. Lynette Eversole

    I love this song!

  33. Imani M

    One of my favorite country songs of all time ♥

  34. Dewey Fletcher

    I know everybody in my town is crazy but love each and every one of them lmao

  35. Jordyn Exley

    woodland,pa not so country but thats me

  36. AwesomeAlpacaLol


    Andrew Walkington

    It's good for me. I can share it with my kids...

  37. Brittany Leo

    I'm a Georgia Girl and I love this song! <3

  38. Daniel Nelsen


  39. pattywack

    ca, usa

  40. Bailey Roeder

    Nebraska <3

  41. James Williams

    Rodney Atkins is COUNTRY he knows how to do a concert without Rock & Roll in it.

    Ross Smith

    Why should he when he has you to do it for him?

  42. steve fisette

    This guys a blast lol love it to death!!

  43. Chris Draper

    done in indianapolis

  44. jennadyann walker

    United States!

  45. Austin Patterson

    Tgyggggggg 📸📸📸📸💡🗑🗑

  46. Richard King

    I'm from Detroit but live in upper Michigan I'm a country boy at heart

  47. the lone wolf

    WV,USA legal most country place y'all ever be

  48. jennadyann walker

    Definitely not freaking California....

  49. TrickShot UpShot

    Wisconsin U.S.A best place

    Dustin Johnson

    depends on the part of Wisconsin

  50. Jordan Balasico

    after all these years I still remember the lyrics

  51. dalton fender

    fl fit good here in wakulla

    Florida redneck

    dalton fender i live in lafayette county its on the other side of taylor county

  52. william kenney

    southern Ontario canada where my people are

  53. Cody Dixon

    I moved 900 mi from my people use to live in texas :·(

    I'mDevin wolf

    Sorry to here that

  54. Boom bap witta Soup sap

    Small town in Arizona called Kirkland, and this song fits me perfectly

    Barbas 4OH

    Hell yeah fits every little town in Arizona

    Wendell Freeman

    They still have that big bash New Year's eve?,,,that was a rocking dance in the '60's. Kirkland Junction...?

  55. Makenzie Trooien

    Toronto, SD! LOVE my people! <3 They have made me who I am today and I couldn't thank them enough! Off topic, but this song floods me with nostalgia from the days that my dad and I would drive around the old country back roads in his truck, good times!

  56. TNandProud!!!

    Tennessee is where I am at and these are my people!!!!!!!

  57. Kyle Sherman

    Bennett Colorado is where my people are

  58. Kabe Christian

    Quincy Michigan these are my people!!!

    Ashton Leenhouts

    Kabe Christian marshall MI, those are my people

  59. Madman Gaming

    Southern Ontario, Canada! These are my people!

    Josh Costell

    Northern Ontario's where its at!


    +Kmart Shop Smart no small town anywhere Canada is where it's at

    Josh Costell

    @Driver2904 Thats True but Its where im from

  60. Josh Hensley

    WV, USA = My People!

    Angel Selbe

    Same here buddy WV my home

  61. Josh Hensley

    WV, USA = My People!

  62. Cj Jones

    Pamlico County North Carolin

  63. Aaron Crabill

    goldsboro north Carolina

  64. Landon Lavergne

    From Ville Platte Louisiana those are my people

  65. Lupe Martinez

    nostalgia! my favorite in high school 😏

  66. MrPeachapple

    greeting from Austria (not Australia !!! ;)

  67. Stetson Bj

    Utah is where I come from these are my people

    Sherry Light-n-Love

    +Stetson Bj Me too bro! Cheers!

    Stetson Bj

    +Sherry S yea

  68. MrThesniper1993

    New Orleans, LA I'm a Cajun but those are my people.

  69. Gavin Clark

    from Tennessee -We love our Country!

  70. Xavier Almanza

    well, I'm from Texas.

    Cadet Corporal Reeves

    Still country

    Allyson Jones

    Xavier Almanza same

  71. Ashley Peters

    White Swan, WA.

  72. ScottyDoesn'tKnow 843

    One of my favorite good mood country music songs.


    Indiana. My people.

  74. michael lindell

    I've been a country boy all my live my people are every where

    Kolt 4512

    I'm from Texas

    Mason Gibbs


    Roelof Holtland

    from The Netherlands :)

    Allyson Jones

    Kolten Steward same

    Florida redneck


  75. Trent Hamner

    from a small town called green pond in Bama and this song reminds me how good my town has it

  76. michele bautista


  77. Boulevard Shagnasty


  78. Dave Jack

    my kind of people!!! One love Rodney

  79. Sydney Heatherly

    I've lived in a small town my whole entire life, but I have plans on going to California for college. At least I'll know where my people are!

  80. Michael-James Robinson

    Quality tune

  81. Country Boy From Alabama

    I am a country boy who grew up in Alabama recently moved to Florida for a new start some bad thing went down at my old school which was my friend who shall not be named axys tougher then he is and is picked on so I was in the cafeteria and I herd him yell my name this kid was around 15 or 16 I am 14 so he was seeing nice boots and I kicked in the side which is a week spot and slammed him into a locker and said one thing I am as strong as my horse creed and if u lay one hand on my friend its gonna go down and I'll be the one walking away and ur on the ground and we fought I did what I said and I was expelled but I have some trouble here cause the same person is moving down here this is gonna fucking suck but Rodney Atkins has helped me so much when I'm on my farm thanks

    Skylar Kane

    Country Boy From Alabama you did the right thing

  82. Mickelle Rich

    Rodney Atkins party some country music Hits  this my favorite music country

  83. taylor sweat

    yee yee

  84. Brooke Lounsbury

    I love him!!! more music please!

  85. Oliver Johnson

    i live in pa now but I'm from south California so there are my people


    PA is where my people are

    Emma Grace

    +hannah same

  86. Jerica Jackman

    I was there with my daughter and cousin and his wife. they show my cousins wife at the end of the video

  87. Blue Blood Racing

    Me and my grandpa

  88. Mikaila Neil

    I'm from a small valley in pa called path valley and this song explains it so well

  89. Joshua Wilder

    bustin are BACKS i think you mean asses

    Haley Kuhns

    I think you mean our

  90. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    I grew up in a small town called Providence Fla.and I know exactly what Rodney means when he sings that song-it is made for small towns.He read a lot of peoples thoughts, good job!!"

  91. Kristen Real

    This video was actually recorded in April 2007. It was done during Country Music Expo in Indianapolis, IN. 
    It was a lot of fun being apart of a video recording. Before that day I really didn't know all the hard work that goes into making a video especially in front of a live crowd. I had the privilege of being in the audience that day. I wish I had an actual copy of the video to keep not only because I was in the crowd that day but I was also 8 months pregnant with my son.
    Thanks Rodney for doing the video in Indy that day.

    Rick Eagle Bull

    go after brother

  92. Arianna Harvey

    to me if you don't know those songs (gimmie 3 steps, simple man, & the ballad of curtis lowe) we can't be friends lol

    King Jay the Bearded

    @Arianna Quinonez haha Skynyrd is my favorite band, i'm with you on that

    Danny Vasilauskis

    @Arianna Quinonez shinedown is the best that you've listed.

  93. fluffzilla 908


  94. Arctic Soldier

    he's my favorite country singer

  95. Robert Clark

    your my favorite singer ever post more songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Devon

    Love this song. And the lyrics are just too great.

  97. but y

    ive played baseball with his son he was the coach i think