Atkins, Rodney - The River Just Knows Lyrics

4 a.m. comes awful early, and I was dead on my feet
But if you gonna catch the biggest fish
You gotta lose a little sleep
Well, I pack my gear and a couple beers
I headed for my favorite spot
Well, I curse my luck when I saw his truck right where I pulled off
Was hoping to have the river to myself that day

'Cause the river don't talk, the river don't care
Where you've been, what you've done
Why it is your standin' there
It just rolls on by whisperin' to your soul
It's gonna be alright, the river just knows

The way the sun bounced off the water
I could hardly make him out
But I could see he had a fish on
A big ole rainbow trout
The fight went on forever
And as they headed down my way, I saw his
military hair cut and the new scars on his face
Right then I knew what brought him to this place

You know the river don't talk, the river don't care
Where you've been, what you've done
Don't know why it is your standin' there
It just rolls on by whisperin' to your soul
It's gonna be alright, the river just knows

He held that fish down in the water
And he coaxed it to back to life
He said "Help, you get your wind back
'Cause you help me get mine"
And all I could think to say was "Welcome home"
But I think that river said it best on its own

You know the river don't talk, the river don't care
Where you've been, what you've done
Don't know why it is your standin' there
It just rolls on by whisperin' to your soul
It's gonna be alright, the river just knows
It's gonna be alright, the river just knows
It just knows...

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Atkins, Rodney The River Just Knows Comments
  1. John Doe

    Spent my thanksgiving alone by the river alone. First real one I've had in years.

  2. Quentin Dow

    I might not fish but I could back my truck drop the gate sit and let the river just speak to me the river just knows

  3. Jeff Callahan

    Thank for this song. #americanriverstrokers

  4. Brian Casteel

    I grow a big smile when he sings he got a rainbow trout cause I just came from trout fishing and this song is true it calms your down just relax‘ you from a person that has depression going to the river throw out a line it puts a smile on my face when I’m going through a rough time

  5. Richard Fouquet

    I'm a 37 year old women! An thus song my son loves. He told me my mom u gotta listen to this. it's so true for me in a lot ways.

  6. Bill Tate

    One of the first places I went when I came home. Steelhead where in.

  7. Diaz

    Rodney fucking river, forever rivering fish. Don’t ever let Rodney see a river

  8. that guy

    Sometimes I just sit on the bank for 5 hours doing nothing. No drink, no rod, nothing and I just listen to the stories the current does tell.

  9. Gavin Reid

    I lov3 this song this one and family and weaching you are the beast ♥

  10. Miranda Womack

    I just love how beautiful because it is because it does no

  11. Brandon Whitlock

    Rip jake whitlock

  12. Darel Denton

    this is a beautiful song

  13. Levi Warner

    Great song

  14. Chris Cosby

    This song helped me when I came home thanks!


    Im late but welcome home

  15. Amber Stewart

    amazing how coming back to this song helps me make it thru when I need it. ... thank you rer

  16. Mark Plymale

    hell yeah the river just know

  17. Chris Bradley

    I really like this song and I like to fish

  18. Blanca Garza


  19. Josh Holmes

    Well said!!!!

  20. Rippinlipsoutdoor

    Never had something speak to me like this song does

    Moist cabbage

    Not even the river?

  21. James Rockwell

    Love the Truckee river! She speaks to me!

  22. easyPeasy

    I almost feel sorry for the folks that lost their lifes in the military. Im not saying any disrespect I am pro military. The reason I don't is because they fought for their belief of keeping their family safe and died with their family in their heart. but now they are resting on a river by gods side. god bless those who join the cause to secure our future. wether alive or gone, known to me or not, I love you all and thank you for protecting all of us.

  23. Jelly Penguin

    good song

  24. Calvin Pointer

    just hope i make it back

    Aaron Daniel

    I sure u will be fine buddy. don't think bout that stuff u need to watch your back and your brothers and sisters fighting beside u.


    +Aaron Daniel amen keep on keepin on Calvin thank you

    Zaytsev NLB

    Calvin Pointer hope you're doin alright brother. God bless

    Levi Warner

    Calvin Pointer Amen, stay save

  25. Merrick Mchenry

    The River gives me so much peace

  26. veteranscomefirst

    welcome home and thank you

  27. veteranscomefirst

    Charles Kingsley

  28. veteranscomefirst

    The traveler fancies he has seen the country. So he has, the outside of it at least; but the angler only sees the inside. The angler only is brought close, face to face with the flower and bird and insect life of the rich riverbanks, the only part of the landscape where the hand of man has never interfered."

  29. Greg Plantier

    this is my favort song

  30. chemi fermi

    well then you need to be a fish hehe!!!!

  31. chemi fermi

    great song really love it

  32. Albert Pegg

    i posted 2 video response. i sure like this song i wish i could sing like this,i wrote the song on one of the response videos ,and sang .hope it is liked,but don't see it up here.

  33. Bryan McKinney

    This song was me after I got back from overseas, hell I even drove over 75 miles a few times just to get away, I miss that truck too.

  34. veteranscomefirst

    thanks for your time and your husband

  35. veteranscomefirst

    thank you for your time man it means a lot to know i can sleep at night. going the weekend and i get one for you

  36. veteranscomefirst

    yes it is

  37. veteranscomefirst

    thanks for your time come home soon and safe. going this weekend i get one for you

  38. veteranscomefirst

    tell them thanks from pa

  39. veteranscomefirst

    thanks for your time

    the few
    the proud
    the marines
    Semper Fi yourself

  40. MsZ71

    This song has happend to me before.Great song my new fav.

  41. backwoodsBrophil

    This can make a man that doesn't cry, cry. thanks for posting

  42. Lt. Braen

    actually its 6 now

  43. Gabe Little

    Ant that the truth!

  44. Lt. Braen

    stay safe dude

  45. Lt. Braen

    add to my playlist

  46. ANorthernParadise

    And it will be much deserved! Good luck, much respect, my friend!

  47. accewolf

    damn straight

  48. SECorBust

    Yea, the lyrics are powerful. Did Rodney write this one?

    All that flat swampy Louisianna/Florida looking terrain is not a good place to catch a trout. You need cold water. You'll never catch a trout there. Maybe a largemouth bass.

  49. Liz Mitchell

    Make that 6

  50. skynyrdjunkie4ever

    this is how i feel hunting in the bush, walking around searching for tracks, waiting for deer to show up,no tree stands for me i gotta be on the ground with nature..its so quiet you can hear a birds wings flapping 40 feet above your head, it feels like you have super human hearing/senses...the greatest feeling in the world.

  51. D.J. Brooks

    some of the pictures in this video looks like a hell of a spot to kill a monster buck where where these taken

  52. totaler166

    @24countryboy24 One person has never learned how to type...

  53. veteranscomefirst

    if i want my pole jerked ill go to the river

  54. veteranscomefirst

    THANK YOU all men and women that have served thanks to you we can fish all we want

  55. Mike Jones

    @datbomb98 oorah

  56. kasey mastin

    i wish i could spend everyday on the river♥♥

  57. Sam Walker

    Took my son fishing when he came home on leave, and went with a friend and his son the day his son got back from Iraq.

    Lot of truth to this song.

  58. Finnyjim A

    to my country, friends, family, and the fish in the river! semper fidelis

  59. 379peterbiltman

    i know now what im doing tomarrow, fishing in my favorite hole on the wisconsin river!!!!!

  60. Annie Pantier

    ^_^ Should I do this song for a vocal competion? (I'm a Girl)

  61. ryan wright

    tip my hat to everyone in the armed forces and crack a cold one with anyone else on the river with me

  62. Adan Diaz

    A Dam good song!

  63. AvailableName

    this song is amazing. I have to agree completely as i spent alot of time this summer by the river and it is the most therapeutic and wonderful feeling to sit by and watch it float by as if nothing else matters at that time.

  64. Devin'sMusic

    i luv this song!!!!!

  65. NCCountryBoy20

    Just got back from a weekend at the lake. Nothin more relaxin than fishin. Just you and the water

  66. kasey mastin


  67. Gafarmer7410

    I've had almost this exact thing happen to me after my first tour I met a man and he ended up my best friend. Thank God for The Rivers of America.

  68. Gafarmer7410

    @Nx2000gtiruk Its fine I'm a USM and I've survived hell you'll do fine, just shoot straight and duck low.

    Semper Fi

  69. Lela Mae

    Holy cow, i love this song. i have never heard it before, but it's so true.

  70. Josh Bolden

    Isnt this the truth. After my grandfather died, I spent all summer fishing at the river where me and him fished every year.

  71. EGrdneck

    I love the peacefulness of a trout stream, as you watch that trout rise to your dry fly.....My dad passed away March 27th, 2009, just 2 wks after my 18th birthday, I buried him 2 days later, and the very next day i started a month long vacation doing nothing but trout fishing in montana...Everyday hearing the river greet you with the same voice, it was like hear'n daddy's voice everymorning when he got up.....

  72. Semper Fidelis

    @Mariokartplayr10 have to say fishing with a lifetime best friend or the girl you love beats it. been doing alot of both lately and its probly the only thing thats kept me from kicking my teachers ass.

  73. eaglescout20012000

    I was raised in Florida and to me nothin's better than fishing the Wekiva river.

  74. blueoceanlilac

    4 people won't have me at their funeral

  75. BigK

    Why does this video have a dislike button?

  76. Jason Loewe

    4 people have a ugly stick shoved up there a**.

  77. SCryder07

    its awesome that the most calming and relaxing hobby is considered the most dangerous sport in the

    gotta love it though

  78. Matt Ioer

    Rivers are a vital part of our lives. If your lucky enough to have one not affected by our dams and chemical discharges than cherish it and don't let ne1 take it away. Either way they're great but natural fishing is one of the last true free things america has. Protect our rivers and respect them along with watersheds and waterways in between. Don't let that receipt blow out of your pocket. Pick it up. Save a stretch of water for your kids.

  79. justin clark

    @stevesimchick AMEN !

  80. Something Useful

    Let me tell ya, i've been so stressed latly with family stuff recently.. I'm over due for a river trip. Take out the flat bottom and do some hot laps and blow off some steam is what I need. yup
    biesemeyer show me the way

  81. SB2132

    my favorite song by him. song says it all.

  82. hungryman2011

    @TheRedrock3 u r correct because this song/Rodney Atkins is awesome

  83. aaron

    4 people need to die

  84. micheane17

    im in the desert... and i want my river... everytime i try and go fishing i have something army come up and i cant,.. :( one day i will get back n my river

  85. Tyler T

    @memyselfandimsi What?

  86. Lupin_x3

    @HillbillyDeluxeMuddy and God

  87. oldlostone

    One of the best places to get yourself back together is the river, a vets favorite place

  88. Jonathan Cox

    Gotta Love being the one out on that Old river..

  89. Sarah Miller

    this song brings a tear to my eye with as much as i have been threw i know what he means

  90. László Deák

    good track
    i like it very much

    jó szám
    nagyon tetszik

  91. Daniel McCoy

    when ever anything is bothering me i just go fishing and forget everything for a day it is the best thing in the world

  92. Jammminjelly

    This song is SO TRUE. Fishing is the best thing in the world. The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work/school.

  93. Edward Miles

    People ask me why I fish.... well just listen to this song!

  94. redbulljustice99


  95. Gage Proctor

    this is so true me and my girlfriend go and just watch that water just flow while cating some fish

  96. 1991Boarder24

    fuck i miss summer

  97. Steven Simchick

    nothing beats fishing on a river with noone else around and you can think and relieve all the stress thats been bothering you and doing it while catching a few... just amazing

  98. albeit hodges

    1;50 and 2;35 look like cape fear river

  99. Helix09

    That picture at 2:15 is amazing