Atkins, Rodney - Thank God For You Lyrics

Burned tire marks, hometown street
Red Trans Am, bad boy streak
Head held high, little too proud
Turned 18, got the hell out
I was ready to show 'em all a thing or two
Thank God for you

Jack on the rocks, Skynyrd bar band
College dropout, no kinda plan
Holes in my boots, one pair of jeans
American girls, Mexican weed
Sure 'nough bound for nowhere
That's the truth
Thank God for you

I thank God there's angels for young wild rebels
Girls who can dance you away from the devil
And make my world spin 'round the way you do
I thank God for the days on the front porch swinging
Holding your hand, the whole time thinking how lucky I am
Thank God for you
(Woahh, woahhh)

Pawn shop guitar turned up loud
Jar full of tips, beer drinking crowd
Feel right at home up on the stage
Songs about you, hell that I raised
I still got a wild hair or two
Thank God for you

I thank God there's angels for young wild rebels
Girls who can dance you away from the devil
Make my world spin 'round the way you do
I thank God for the days just a front porch swinging
Holding your hand, the whole time thinking how lucky I am
Thank God for you
(Woahh, woahhh)
(Woahh, woahhh)

I thank God there's angels for young wild rebels
Girls who can dance you away from the devil
Make my world spin 'round the way you do
I thank God for the days just a front porch swinging
Holding your hand, the whole time thinking how lucky I am
Thank God for you

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Atkins, Rodney Thank God For You Comments
  1. Hunter Emerson

    Has he aged a bit?

  2. Ashley Adams

    His wife can sing you hear her at end of video!

  3. Ashley Adams

    I love this but I want that sexy firebird!!

  4. D Brown


    About Creations 


    ME NUTELLA. ME. NUTELLA. YES ME :DD I asked Jesus "How much do you care for us? Jesus replies, "This much." And stretched his arms on the cross and died. I

  5. Nate Johnson

    Love this song. First time I’ve heard it but I’m hooked, thank God for you Rodney Atkins if it weren’t for you country music would be boring

  6. Joseph Clark

    Man i wish my dads old transam ran

  7. Jon Adams

    Rodney Atkins thank god for me song music video.

  8. Colten Hutton

    yes its true

  9. heartbreak r31

    Yeah the single peg

  10. Ayevi Yeptho

    THE RANCH 🙋‍♂️

  11. Ocean Country

    Had the chance to See Rodney. He walked right out from behind me. Good times 👠💃🏾

  12. ColoradoPhantom67

    Got this song as a YouTube Ad

    Listen to the whole thing & now I'm here listening to it again.

    John 3:16

    First time I ever finished a 3 minute ad

  13. Democracy_is_truth

    No posi on the trans am? sad... just sad

    Jay Hegwood

    Lol I saw that one wheel peel too

  14. Alex Showalter

    Reminds me of love

  15. Stephanie Moore

    i m 11 years and i love the sing and its my 2 song

    Stephanie Moore

    my name is xzavier

    Dalton Poss

    Stephanie Moore 😂😂 then why does you name show up as Stephanie Moore . If it’s xzavier

  16. Mike Diaz

    Haha the one wheel burn out

  17. LyzardKing 503

    The verse is just, you know, I need you now by Lady Antebellum. I’m not saying having the same chord progression is heresy, but it seems a little, inspired

    William Uskoski

    Who gives a crap

  18. Bram Brudnicki

    That riff is a new order rip off

  19. 54raceman

    Glad to see he went back to country instead of the crap he’s been doing

  20. Jessica Seiler


  21. noah galusha

    Y’all couldn’t get an LSD for that trans am? That one wheel peel is just brutal. Open diff life lol

  22. Don Woods

    I love this one

  23. Myron Gaines

    great, great song, but man that mouthing needs a bit of work...

  24. Landon Romero

    One wheel peel

  25. Baby Boomer

    What the fuck kinda Baby Boomer shit is this!?!?
    This....... This is the reason Country music is dead.
    Ever since Johnny Cash died, Country Music has gone to SHIT!!!

  26. Holder Adkisson

    was in the crowed towards the end of the video it was shot here in memphis!

  27. Vem Gamer

    Legendary Atkins

  28. Zachary Norris

    This is Logan Mize song... Not Rodneys

  29. Adam Petzke

    One wheel peel reminds me of high school I do that in my mustang Gt but I’m putting a posi in it

  30. Melissa Kerns

    This song is so awesome

  31. Melissa Kerns

    Your son is so grown up I think it's cool u had him play the part of younger u as a teenager

  32. B G

    Isn't this the guy that tried to kill his wife then only had to go to anger management ordered by the court


    He was arrested for trying to suffocate his wife at the time, Tammy with a pillow. He attended anger management and alcohol counseling. He was never
    convicted, and after a year of staying out of trouble, all was stricken from his record. Whether or not he actually did it is a matter of his word against hers.

    B G

    @Superdave3556 He actually admitted it bro lmao


    Oh really? And just where did you get your information? Wikipedia and every archived news article I read about it says he denied trying to kill her. He
    admitted to having too much to drink and having a heated argument with her, that's all.

    RailFan Connor611

    No, Tammy said that. It was false.

  33. Desiree Spalek

    I love it

  34. Steven Youngblood

    The music sounds a lot like The First Time by Lifehouse the only difference is the lyrics good to see Rodney Atkins putting out a new video & song

  35. Mallarie Lowe

    So glad to see you back at it!

  36. B Fowler

    My son's nick name was Drew Bear (back in the day), he had a Scooby Doo (night light)! He's 20 now, and I went through hell, but....,
    Hey buddy, THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!

  37. Людмила Фартушняк

    I like your voice! 😍💖 Excellent song! 👍

  38. Josh White

    Logan mize wrote this song check out the original

  39. AaronFromKentucky

    Hey man, even though you probably won't see this, thank you for doing what you do. I love your music. You are definitely my favorite. I've been listening to your music for a good while now and I love it, every song gets better and better. I love everything you do and I support it. Bless you and your family, Thank you Rodney!

  40. marc p

    Positrac on the trans am maybe? One wheel throwing smoke just didn't do it


    I was sad when I seen that😭😂

    Andrew K

    Thank god. I thought i was the only one to notice that

  41. B.G_BLK_420 ddd

    Really good song

  42. Charlie Sheen

    Why do I see a little Rodney Atkins in this video

  43. KowboyM

    76 trans am 😍

    Team Rocket

    KowboyM 75

  44. Headytheyeti

    These lyrics seem different? Did I miss something?

  45. Christopher Bursheim


  46. Jimmy P

    Actually got a song ad that wasn't just complete trash. You got a sub.

  47. Moses Kamwigu

    Aww! The storm so real swept even East Africa. #Loving the song from Kenya 🇰🇪

  48. Paul Allen

    Let me add Thank God everyday for Life and the baddest wife man ever thought of. life is short kinfolk's love the one your with.

  49. Danielle Keiser

    Love. I love this song👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  50. villagedipper

    Love the TA glad your back!

  51. Boone Mcjunkins

    Right now thank God my friends

  52. SwAg VidEos

    We got ole eli in the video atta boyyy

  53. Chris McCurdy

    This is wonderful country music by Rodney Atkins that will stand the test of time due to being timeless song with a great message for everyone.

  54. David Fink

    Car needs posi

  55. John Maxwell

    Ehhhhhh. I hate when people sit on classic cars ESP the roof line

  56. Tobias2 Pohl

    Written by Logan Mize

    Johnny Kushman

    And better sung


    What the hell? Nowhere on the album does it say that Cover Me Up and Thank God For You are cover songs, pretty lame move by Rodney. Are the others originals?

  57. Jonathon Taylor

    Rodney Atkins is awesome and his music it's awesome too

  58. kenneth brown

    The beginning sounds a lot like, first time-lifehouse

  59. Tyler Smith

    Logan Mize did it better.

  60. BluefaceKato 925

    Amazing song

  61. Jantzen Long

    Yoooo 😧 I’m in this video

  62. FlixEzz

    Here before 30k claim it now!

  63. Desmond Jok

    Awesome 👍🏻🔥

  64. Виталий Горбенко

    Good job. ✌💪 I wish you success💪💪💪💪💪✌👍🙏👏

  65. PA Allstarcheer

    Make a real country song please

  66. Elizabeth Thiessen

    I keep repeat listening to this song.

    its really And TRULY that good 👏🏼❤

  67. Jay Rogers

    The song is funny coming from the guy who tried to smother his wife with a pillow.


    Jay Rogers that was a lie on her part bud..

    Jay Rogers

    Yeah I'm so sure. Most people wouldn't admit to something like that.

    RailFan Connor611

    @Jay Rogers Rodney just had to much to drink that day, And had an argument. Tammy made up a lie. Even Eli said he didnt throw her trying to kill her.

  68. Talen Barrington-Miller

    This is by far one of Rodney Atkin's better songs

    Thrill Chaser

    Love this song but worth noting it’s not his

    Talen Barrington-Miller

    @Thrill Chaser then who wrote the song?

  69. Kimberly Barker

    Rodney Atkins is a good singer and this is my new favourite song

  70. Marcel Vlaanderen

    I love your songs they make farming fun

  71. thegreat

    This song is an anthem for all us wild teenagers out there.

    anthony davis

    Something makes me think you’re not a “wild” teenager from that statement

    Scott Williams

    Hello fellow kids

  72. R S

    Hell yeah

  73. Chris Byrley

    I’m in this music video!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!

  74. choupette 02

    love you song !! kiss from France !!!

  75. Rebekah Broadway

    I really enjoyed your concert in Ashland KY Nov 2 at the Paramount...It was my birthday that day and I was working out of town , I live in Just wanted to say ThanK You to you all cause you sure made my birthday a wonderful evening for being in a place far from home. Love your music!! Loved watching your band!

  76. Sooky Ohlert

    I Love this Song

  77. OG Becca

    The scene at the end where they bring there beautiful babies out I was at the front of the stage during that show it was at handy park Memphis tn I have been waiting for this video since that night it was an awesome show loved being there for the filming of this video also got to meet Rodney that night you have an amazing family Rodney so glad I was there to share this night with you guys awesome video THANK GOD FOR YOU

    John doe

    Those babies weren't allowed to come out on stage until their nuggets were gone

  78. Dillon Parker

    That was the best song i have herd in a while that wa the best song i have herd in a while that was the best song i have herd in a while

  79. Rebecca Abbott

    The fact that you had your son play the younger you was amazing!! From watching you video and now, he has grown soooo much! This is awesome. And the song is ssoooooo gooooodd too🙌🙌🙌

    Rae 87

    I was thinking is that his son. Lol

    Natasha Shea

    I thought that was his son!

    Arynn Finneman

    It’s his oldest son the has three boys ❤️

    Justin Ziegler

    Cool shit...


    I’ve been watching you dad

  80. Roger Bean

    Great one & nicely done video!! Seen ya at the fair in Alabama last month, made my daughter's night. Made my night getting to sing cleaning this gun into her boyfriends ear. 😁👋

    Shawn Bishop

    Great way of warning him.

  81. Abdurrahman Al-Almaei

    I’ve always loved country music and country people,From the other side of the world 🙏🇸🇦🇺🇸

    John Wilks

    Yeah until you get stuck behind a combine haha God bless you brother.

    Abdurrahman Al-Almaei

    John Wilks 😂😂

    Abdurrahman Al-Almaei

    John Wilks God bless you too my brother 🙏

  82. Javier Castellanos

    I think I read that that's supposed to be his son in the video

  83. nyesigire annah

    This country boy never goes wrong at his songs

  84. amanda roach

    I love the message behind this song ❤️❤️❤️

  85. HoneyBadger 12

    *_This song is litt..._*

  86. Lilli Moke

    So good!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  87. B Fowler

    Thank God for you!
    I've been watching you!

  88. Jacob Silvers

    Love your music Rodney. Please never stop what your doing i been listening to your music since I was a little kid and still havnt stopped. Thank god for you brother!

  89. Matthew Shovlin

    good job Rodney Atkins God Bless u Hope to see u soon

  90. Grandma's Gone Gaming

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you!

  91. Logan Ganier

    Bruh it’s been so long...

    The wait was worth it

  92. Alex Schwarz

    All the car needs is a welded differntial then it'll do some good burn outs not the one wheel peels.
    Awesome song sounds great!

  93. dylan young

    one wheel peel


    Leroy The-Savage hell yeahh haha

  94. Lilwes Garlock

    Love it

  95. Lilwes Garlock

    Love it

  96. Tamber Grable

    Love it!!!

  97. Betty

    My husband has told me that for many years. He was a bit older than 18 and not a country boy, but the whole song struck such a chord with me. Brought tears actually, because you put the heavy metal boy's sentiment into this country girl's music. Thank you!

    Many of your songs echo things I've experienced. "When You're Going Thru Hell" was the first song of yours I heard and it came out when I felt I was at work. That was the first album I had bought in a long time. You, somehow, have your finger on the pulse of many of us.

  98. Tayla Main

    Love ittt. You are unbelievably amazing like always

  99. mike c