Atkins, Rodney - Tell A Country Boy Lyrics

He aint much for talkin,
But he means every word he says,
Well that color on his arms and neck aint from no tannin bed,
Leaves no doubt bout where he stand on a chevy, or tha lord,
Yea you can always tell a country boy

Now his idea of heaven is home sweet home east tennessee
But for a girl like you he would pull up roots and move down the road a peice
He'll always take his own sweet time if you give him a choice
Yea you can always tell a country boy

Yea you can always tell him but you cant tell him much
Cuz all he's ever gonna be is who he always was
A cross between his old man and his mommas pride and joy
You can always tell a country boy

He'll go off and take a long walk when he needs some time to think
Might even let ya drive his truck when he's had to much to drink
Bout as true blue as ol glory wavin out there on tha pourch
Yea you can always tell a country boy

Yea you can always tell him but you cant tell him much
Sometimes his gears turn so slow you swear there gonna rust
From tha way he bangs that ol guitar to tha gravel in his voice
You can always tell a country boy

Now you can drag him from tha country every now and then
But you can't drag them forty acres outta him
Yea you can always tell him but you can't tell him much
He's on tha fence about alot of things but on you his minds made up
Cuz he swears theres nothing sweeter than tha sweet sound of your voice
You can always tell a country boy
Whatevers on your heart now come on and tell this country boy

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Atkins, Rodney Tell A Country Boy Comments
  1. Ray Prosser

    IT a beautiful singer

  2. Northern Redneck

    I'm a farmer and are farm has been in the family since 1910 I'm dam proud of my farm and I love the country life so dam much🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🎣🦌🤘🇺🇸

  3. Fel Ta

    You're living life brother... Im working hard to get there

  4. agnelanna heavens

    country know there roots cant change them roots homwgrown and all

  5. Ali Ostrowski

    Glad to be a country kid I'll never be happy in a big city I love being in a small town


    2019 anyone???????

  7. Madley Hadley

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  8. GolfGod 1738

    This video is freaking awesome man. You did a great job on it and look like you live a good life!

  9. Amanda LeMay

    i love this song

  10. Marty Hines

    I have Sal u before at the live stock down at Va. Right

  11. Fel Ta

    U living a dream to me brother

  12. Scott Bumby

    A country boy is here in Knoxville Tennessee

  13. Scott Knickman

    I love the county

  14. William Poff

    From Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains........Where the Old Real Virginia still lives.........Ol southern country pride still lives here!!! God bless!!!

  15. country girl 126 country girl 26

    I also love driving country boys truck even though I don't have my permit

  16. country girl 126 country girl 26

    Yes u can

  17. Byron johnson

    Ok If u think your country kids tell me

  18. David Eckman

    You can’t make a country boy a city boy but you can make a city boy a country boy

  19. Kenneth Lail

    I am country boy

  20. Christopher Shaffer

    Grown up one and be one forever

  21. Byron johnson

    Hell yeah us real country boys like to have fun we might fish n hunt n talk to people n park in the middle of the road bit at least we're not city n sit in the house playing with ower dicks

  22. Waylon Greger

    This song is so true

  23. Adam Jeff

    Ford not chevy! who with me ? But still an amazing song.

    Tucker P.

    Chevy all day

    Byron johnson

    Adam Jeff hell yeah Chevy

    countrygirl countrymusiclover


  24. Caleb Westing

    Country aint in your wardrobe its in your soul, your heart, and actions. Im a country till the day i die, respect not just every woman like some these comments say but respect everyone, man or woman, young or old. please your only "country" if its in your soul

    Byron johnson

    Caleb Westing Man u n one other person are the only people who understand what I been try to tell all theses city boys I only been the city once n they were all the same bitches

    Byron johnson

    Caleb Westing n I'm Byron n I'm actually country born n raised if u don't believe me ride down n we will see 😂

    Caleb Westing

    10-4 big man we will have to see

    Byron johnson

    Caleb Westing Yea we do n hell y'all I'm sorry about the late comment I never hade a phone till a few weeks ago

  25. Alex Watts

    keep it american bo🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Collin Milam

    People say wearing boot don't make you country if that's true and there were boots and Jordan's sitting right next to each other and there were both 200 dollars and you buy the Jordan's your obviously a city boy if you buy the boots you'd be county but if someone had shoes just because they can't afford like real expensive boots and shit there's nothing wrong with that it's all about the person not the clothes not the truck not there house or if they have a farm it's just there heart soul and mind and how they feel and that's there deal I don't know why everyone wants to argue about being country because honestly no one fucking cares you either are or you aren't and TBH you post on here " ahhh yeah boy Ima country badass mf" well oh shit good for you but in reality nobody gives a shit about you and you your daddy truck and your fancy designer lookin jeans

    Byron johnson

    Collin Milam I meant to dam city 😂 I'm to country can't spell

    Chris Cosby

    Byron johnson everybody thinks they know everything. It's called being a yuppy. That's why I stay back in the hills. And round here hillbilly is a compliment.

    Chris Cosby

    Byron johnson hell while these kids was arguing on the internet last night we went down to the river caught us a good 16 pound channel cat got back about sunup and threw that bitch in the smoker lol.

    Byron johnson

    Collin Milam I try n catch something couldn't get nothing

    Byron johnson

    Collin Milam haha
    Why do city pepole make fun of us but they wish they were us

  27. Collin Milam

    I'm country but if you don't think I am then fuck you I'll be whatever I want 🤘🏻

    Byron johnson

    Collin Milam I'm country if u don't believe me ride down 😂

  28. Mm Ct

    the point here is you are who you are country boy will always be a country boy always

  29. Quentin Dow

    county is about love respect honesty and will work his ass off from sun up to sun down

  30. Hayden Outdoors

    country isn't in your closet it's in your heart

    Byron johnson

    Hayden Outdoors your the only person who gets it thnk u I hate these fake city bitchs

  31. Southern Blood

    country aint no fashion its way of life... how you carry yourself, how you treat others, respect, hard work, give the shirt off your back to whos in need..

  32. Southern Blood

    country aint no fashion its way of life... how you carry yourself, how you treat others, respect, hard work, give the shirt off your back to whos in need..


    southern born, southern breed this flag will fly till the day I die!!

  34. Delta Wilbanks

    he sounds like country

  35. charles woten

    I like it

  36. Sarah Humphrey

    I've grown up my whole life in a small town country and that's where I belong with the horses,cows and chickens

  37. Russell Brittan

    Living the good life

  38. Andrew Barnes

    I got out a bust my ass day in and day out . no matter how I am feeling . country ain't in your clothes . it's a life style.

    Chris Cosby

    Andrew Barnes amen gotta make hay when the sun shines. Ain't no one to call in sick to.

    Eric Stennick

    It's a way of life.

    Josh Smith

    damn right u got kids now a days thinking there country all because the driving big fixed up 4X4 truck that momma and daddy paid for not knowing anything bout a hard days work

  39. redneck country boy

    I'm country boy and work on a black angus cow farm and I drive john deere tractors

  40. Liberty Construction

    There's no doubt that this ol boy from the mountains of West Virginia is 100% country boy!


    Mike Libertycon im from romney county

  41. Holton Greene

    Country ain't drinking or having a truck it ain't dipping its worn boots callused hands and being kind to any women to cross his path

    Dylan Pyle

    Country is looking at a cow and thinking it just looks like a piece of steak

    robert wilson

    @Dylan Pyle all I think about when I see a cow is that their a big pain in the ass to take care of lol

    Joshua Stevens

    robert wilson I was never raised on a farm. But I was raised to work hard, to not bitch and work for what ya want. Anyone can hunt and fish or do anything outdoors. Anyone can learn how to grow food but not everyone can be out in 30 below checking cattle or in 115 degree heat fixing fence. I consider myself a Cowboy only because I’m a trucker that hauls nothing but cattle. Many cow haulers consider themselves cowboys.

    robert wilson

    @Joshua Stevens exactly everyone has their own kind of country

    Joshua Stevens

    robert wilson Yes. The song Country by Mo Pitney says it all about what being country is.

  42. Brock Thompson

    Hate when people talk about not owning guns or how I'm racist for flying the confederate flag it make me mad enough to throw a punch

    Robert Collins

    Brock Thompson true

    Dr. Thunder

    im from the north i take mine to school to represent the other working kids like me

    ricky Lahey

    Me to some people don't get it

    Victor Pago

    Let them have it brother

    killer cowboy

    Hey i got both guns and a confederate flag its my southern heratige like if someone disrespected the American flag or the confederate im kicking there ass good

  43. Maria Mynes

    yee yee from Kentucky

  44. James Austin

    kinda sad how many 12 year olds are commenting "imma country boy" just because they own a pair of boots


    Y'all complain just stop bitchin. Let them do what they want.

    Robert Henry

    its not you but its in your heart not want you wear or even listen to its were you come from or feel in your heart

    redneck for life

    I'm a cowboy and I'm 17 it's in my blood I'm a cowboy til the day I die

    Mitchell Risley

    It’s kinda sad how much it bothers you

  45. Logan Bell

    I'm country for sure!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! !

  46. idk mannn

    I know Appalachia when I see it!

    Santiago Helmick

    idk mannn that ant Appalachia

  47. William L

    Country till I die!!!

  48. Michael Powers

    I wish I had that country voice I'm a city boy


    Michael Powers get lost

  49. Cameron Currier

    born country die country

  50. Zina Kaminski


  51. Zina Kaminski


  52. Jean Pierre Lhospital

    vbnhñnhñhjjj njnjnnhnggvx&



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    jjijkkhģyggjlytfsdedjlnvfbvyfgrtn,kobhhn' l,k,,nnn''

  53. Taylor Washburn

    You can drag him from the country every now and then but you can't drag those 40 acres out him. Best lines in the whole song.

    Dylan Pyle

    Taylor Washburn read this as he was singing it

  54. Andrew Barnes

    'you can drag him from the country every now and then but you can't drag them 40 acres out of him." so true..

  55. JCT Outdoors

    sounds exactly like me

  56. Kyle Roark

    Nice to c another houndsmen

  57. 2nd amendment

    this song reflects pride! well that cant be right or a politician would be trying to take that from me? wait they are

  58. Jared Mcdougald

    country born and I'll die country

  59. Mason Ricketts

    dunlap Tn

  60. Tyler Greenwalt

    Eastern Washington state and these lyrics are as true as they come

    Don Nelson

    Tyler Greenwalt right on

  61. Bubba Gibson

    there's a lot that you can't tell this Ol boy I'm stuck in my country ways just like my old man

    Thomas Mulvihill Bike rides

    I want to move out the town and live with the
    what is it like

    Byron johnson

    Bubba Gibson it's the best man

  62. Cody Wilson

    Hell can't tell me much

  63. Nick Hebner

    all the way too the Great white north- Georgian Bay

  64. Ford Man

    ...From the Virginia's kind East Tennessee Sir, Thank You Mr.Atkins, proud folks here

  65. robert hastings

    I love the sweet sound of your voice * tractor as background* lol

  66. Jonathan Engström

    You can't tell me much.... / Swedish country boy.........

  67. Carsen Stanner

    Michigan says yee yee and God bless

  68. Tammy Dripps

    I LOVE C.O.U.N.T.R.Y mustc.


    What does C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. stand for? Is it an acronym for something or are you just stupid?

  69. Josh Riggs

    Carolinas say yee yee


    Yeah man! yee yee

  70. Maverick Wooten

    Hell yeah! Here's a yee yee from Georgia.

  71. Too Excellent

    Where do you live?

  72. Alonya Schwartz

    My math teacher wrote this!!

  73. Katniss 22

    That song has so much heartfelt lyrics.I just love it.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😊

  74. Tracy lynn Chambers

    loved your pics :)

  75. rattlesnake 6796

    my boys and me 100%

  76. Christian Reyes

    I used to go to that auction at 2:32 when I raised cattle with my dad

  77. adam stewart

    cool video great representation of us country boys, i hail from east tennessee

    Cletus Jones

    I live on a farm in Maryland but born and raised in Tennessee

    Will King

    Tennessee born and raised

  78. Cody Wilson

    This song describes me

  79. Gavin Dorsey

    Awesome video

  80. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    You can always tell a country boy, but you cain't tell him much, he's going to say how he feel's anyway and it don't matter who's AROUND !

  81. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    Best thing to do is take a walk out in the woods when you want to think about things and its quiet and peaceful. Nice true song !

  82. Kirkland DeLaune

    Dude I want your life!

  83. CrumdofDirtOutdoors

    You seem like a badass

  84. Amber Fraedrich

    I love this video!!!

    Dee W

    This is a good video, I grew up in the country and had a lot of fun. Now its expensive houses and I don't. Want to go back to see it Dee.

  85. Daniel Smith

    ive been told this song describes me and im  only 18

  86. Riley Bareman

    northern mich. country representin

    Kevin Barrios

    Me too just moved from a small town down south to north branch Michigan a nice small town almost like home

  87. steven pfendler

    it is heaven to me

  88. Pat Carper, RN

    Looks like Heaven :)

  89. Austin Conley

    okay you can show a john deere and an international in the same video. doesnt work. nuthin runs like a deere


    When you buy a deere you pay for the green ;)

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    the32712 when you buy anything don't you have to use green to pay for it??? Unless you use a check or plastic credit/debit card

  90. Chaz Cameron

    You can find us country folks in ponder Texas