Atkins, Rodney - If You're Going Through Hell Lyrics

Well you know those times when you feel like
There's a sign there on your back
That says I don't mind if you kick me, seems like everybody has
Things go from bad to worse
You think it can't get worse than that
And then they do

You step off the straight and narrow
And you don't know where you are
Used the needle of your compass, to sew up your broken heart
Ask directions from a genie in a bottle of jim beam
And she lies to you
That's when you learn the truth


If you're goin' through hell keep on going
Don't slow down if you're scared don't show it
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there

I've been deep down in that darkness
I've been down to my last match
Felt a hundred different demons breathin' fire down my back
And I knew that if I stumbled I'd fall right into the trap
That they were layin'

But the good news is there's angels everywhere out on the street
Holdin' out a hand to pull you back up on your feet
The one's that you've been draggin' for so long
You're on your knees might as well be prayin'
Guess what I'm sayin'


If you're goin' through hell keep on going
Don't slow down if you're scared don't show it
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there
Yeah if you're goin' through hell keep on movin'
Face that fire walk right through it
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there

If you're goin' through hell keep on going
Don't slow down if you're scared don't show it
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there
Yeah if you're goin' through hell keep on movin'
Face that fire walk right through it
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there
You might get out before the devil even knows you're there

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Atkins, Rodney If You're Going Through Hell Comments
  1. Juan Saenz

    In my younger days i walk through hell and came out " through the power of faith , grace and forgiveness .
    Never gave up ' kept moving forward .
    Amen !
    Thank you Jesus Christ...

  2. Eric Bussa

    I thought I was going through hell when my "daughter", Smokey, died. I was CRUSHED. Like, I don't know how to explain how mad as fuck I was. I miss her so much...

  3. Konstantin Dmitriev

    Next door to Alice. Good copy though

  4. Mark Ehrlich

    Love this Rodney sounds like the GREAT Travis Tritt on this one .hell yeah!

  5. Colton Case

    Never related to a song as much as this one

  6. Kevin Caron

    Is awsome good job Rodney Atkins

  7. A Team

    dam right, been there, kicked all their asses

  8. Tanya Hanna

    Push the car into the truck stop get a women to drive you to the Amish store call your mom threat en her to come get you...

  9. Tanya Hanna

    Mennonite women control the Amish Tanya don't drive around Lena it's not safe they knocked out your Satellite..

  10. Tanya Hanna

    Rodney things can get worse bring a compass stop ask for directions don't drive around deaf and dumb.. you could die in the wild... Lucifer

  11. Penny WHITEHOUSE

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  12. Lexie Cooper

    I was going through hell once when my man broke up with me and I miss him like crazy he thought I liked my y ex boyfriend Max but u didn't so he texted me and asked me if I still liked him an I said yes but as a friend and he thought I liked liked him but I don't I like him as a friend and do after that we got back together and we broke up again and that made me really upset that I cried and cried for a while and I want him back so bad but I don't think he will take me back I still love him with all my heart and that will never change

  13. Dylan Jenkins

    only if it was

  14. Diven Worrell

    I start singing this when I get nervous.
    Helps calm me down.

  15. Logan MCGrew

    This song is so true I've been there

  16. Sammy

    Advertising is needed. Where are you !!!

  17. Itsoji On IG

    Any time I play this song with my black friends they look at me funny.

    Fuck em.

    It’s a great song and message.

  18. Dylan Dorin

    I never actually realized what this song was about. It’s about depression. Depression is hell and he’s talking about not letting it slow you down and you’ll get out before something bad happens to you

  19. Brad Quall

    I was going thru hell when this song came out. Wife had medical issues.. And my bottle wasnt jim beam it was brandy.... And we kept. Moving and got out before the devil knew we were there... Shes been cancer free for over 10 years now..

  20. Connecting The Dots

    Love the song! ❤️👍🏻

  21. bluejay 13

    Anyone still here 2020



  23. David Roessler

    I feel like I went through hell when i was 6 and my 2 year old sister died then when i was 10 my mom was mugged and murdered. After that my dad told me that she was not my birth mother and that my birth mother died giving birth to me. That was truly he'll.

    Emmie Christensen

    David Roessler I am so sorry

  24. Justeen wade

    Going through hell broke down car and a broke down truck both at the same time. My dog went to the vet just to get a shot of cortisone and a big bottle of pills poor girl's going through hell. Godin electric bill in the maillast month it was only $60 this month they want to kill us and put us through hell by charging us 224. I can keep going but I'll end it there hell is everywhere

  25. Kenneth Bryson

    When hard times come around for us yall we need to keep pushing lord knows a country guy and girl busts there ass for a lil something just so we can give alot

  26. Dom Sim

    I’m gonna remember this song when I’m in boot camp

    OPG UniverseJr

    Good luck man

  27. Matthew Riggs

    this song is for me bc i got rejected by my biggest crush:(

    Stingy Turtle

    Forget the thot. Steel sharpens steel King

  28. Light in the Darkness

    Randy? R u here?

  29. BW Jackson

    Without giving credit to God instead of yourself of keeping going when your going through trouble..this song is created by the law that God put on Rodney's heart..too bad Rodney does not hold God up first .... James 4:7 "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." ... Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7, KJV: "Submit yourselves therefore to God. submit yourselves, then to God for your needs ( when you find yourself in trouble, keep on going, do not give up ) Resist the devil ( keep on going before the devil even knows your name)

  30. Kimberly Lindsey

    This is my family's song for 2019. Our year started with two separate arson. First my shed then two weeks later my house (we lost everything) . With no help from the sheriffs office, still no help. Then four months later we lost everything thing again because of an historic flood. The Lord helped us with people who were listening. We are get some things back that was lost in both fire and flood, bit there are many many things we will never get back, pictures, antiques, family heirlooms. But what we do have is our lives and our love for each other and the Lord God.

  31. Rachel Haynes

    Just found out I am losing both of my twins from a missed miscarriage. This song is keeping me strong right now.

  32. Harlee Strunk

    i love this!! when your guitar gets stolen, steal something of the stealers!!!!!

  33. Harlee Strunk


  34. teresa aros

    Love it! ♥️

  35. TheNauseator

    And this is what musical plagiarism sounds like...

    Here is the original version:

    You may begin the flow of raw hatred now.....

    Yeah! I'm THAT guy with the sensitive ear ear for stolen music!

    Foxy Animater

    their not even the same song...don't be that guy.

  36. Bill Cosby

    I used to listen to this when I was really depressed a couple years ago and I listened to the words and it actually worked. If you’re in a shitty situation just plow through it man. It DOES get better.

  37. Chandler Milstead

    7.7million views but 280 something thousand subs. Wtf

  38. Musicia Rootz

    My spirit song! 😍

  39. B Fowler

    I been going through hell, thank God for you!
    2019 & still relevant!

  40. B Fowler

    Still liking!

  41. Sea lo que sea

    The doc i work with is battling throat cancer. His wife write, "when you're going through hell, Winston Churchill." I said, naw...It Rodney Atkins, tld them to listen to this song.

  42. Tina

    This is a powerful song!

  43. Logan Parker

    Rodney Atkins can you come to my school, my school is Jefferson Elementry in Clovis California.

    Logan Parker

    but sing back road.

  44. Alma Guerra

    2019! 😜

  45. rebel flag

    I still lisin to this song it the best

  46. B Fowler

    So true!

  47. Ville Sorjonen

    Good Song hang on bad days too

  48. Alaskan Born

    Dont look back ♡♡♡

  49. Eve

    Live this song

  50. Sazzy

    Thank you for this, sir.

  51. Angela Hall

    this song and w im not in a good day aii I do is put this song on and I feel happy

  52. donna cummings

    cheer up things can always bet worse. guess they in was was right they got worse. tide must change at some point. song makes me feel better

  53. Matthew Cooper

    This song reminds me of school


    Who could dislike this

  55. Battle Beast

    0% drugs
    0% naked girls
    50% country
    100% talent

  56. Dubld Dickerson

    This was my mom's theme song as she battled cancer. She listened to it full blast while headed to get a double mastectomy.... she broke down in tears on the interstate and I had to grab the wheel.... she never let it get to her, she never slowed down.... she pushed and fought. We ran lighting at our church and we did one final Easter drama and the house was full every night(1400+) people. Every night I would carry her up 36 steps just so she could run the lights... an hour in, when they did the crucifixion scene, we'd hook her up to her at-home chemo bottles.... she didn't care what it took, she wanted to make sure somebody got a chance to see the drama. She lost the battle in 2012 and everytime i hear this song, it breaks my heart, but it also lifts me up.

  57. Yvonne Kratz

    Just heard this song on Sugar Country Radio, Lucama NC Love the song & station

  58. Mr.SantaClaws

    All hail the muffin man

  59. Michele Smith

    I love this song so much. My God bless you always Rodney Atkins.

  60. Neal Harrison

    words ta live by

  61. Jason Tindell

    Jesus loves you all very much!!!

  62. Michael Kneisel

    this was the first song that I learned how to sing all the words. Hey anyone If you like music then check out this song Sugar Boom Boom
    (chasing dragons) Its a good song

  63. Jennifer Delay

    Figure it out red and blue lights owns it

  64. Jennifer Delay

    Last warning about that place

  65. Mason Mulford

    100% true, If You're Going Through Hell, Keep On Going, Don't Slow Down.

  66. robin robinrobin ledford

    💃🖐🏅 cheers and favor to us all we gonna be needing it👹👻😇👆👍👋

  67. Mona Lisa

    Rodney is so underrated... he is one of the best country artists in America! Forget the Jim Beam though...

  68. James Carey

    Wise words in a country song, that's why it country music

  69. Cierria Zeller

    Definitely felt like i was going through hell today. Ughhh. The bus routes suddenly changing stopped me from getting to my orientation on time. Then i still pushed myself to go. It was 9 and i got there 10:15 then they said reschedule. I got lost in between too because google maps told me to make a left on olive. When actually it was supposed to be a right. .i had to ask someone for directions too funny thing at a hospital i saw the wrong bus pass. I had a chance to show her how to use google maps on a desktop cause she didnt know how. Haha she was like ok you know more than i do on this. At first she said she doesnt know how to check and i was gonna walk out. I may have been late but least i tried. Damn you metro buses haha.

  70. Ben Pauwels T3DP

    Alice WHo the fuck is Alice !

  71. river rat

    Why the hell are Rodney's video ads always hating the President Of The United States Of America?

  72. Brandon Koch

    Decade to mygirlfreind clrissa laub and myfamily

  73. Myron Gaines

    Never give up. Never quit. Defiance is our God given right.


    First time I listen it, and I love it

  75. Brandon Koch

    Decade to my family and friends

  76. Jackie Wilson

    Just heard this on the radio. Not a big country fan but this song, I loved the lyrics. Now one of my favorites

  77. BigTimeHEARTLESS 207

    I loved this song since i was 6

  78. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation


  79. Damian Garcia

    Who else is listening to this in 2019

  80. Danielle Ferrell

    dirt road song 💓

  81. Unspoken Lullabies

    I grew up to this song listening to it with my dad. Not ever realizing that one day, this will be my fight song. Life is pretty dang tough, just being 15 I've been through a crap ton. I've wanted to give up multiple times, but I kept fighting through the pain. To those who have friends or family members going through depression, please don't tell them"it will be ok" Or to "get over it" . Those words help literally nothing. You may not see the pain their going through but just try to understand. Because your not in their shoes. Your not walking through hell, scared you'll never find a way out. They are.
    And to those who are going through hell, please... Please don't give up. Life is really tough but God only gives his most strong and well deserving soldiers the the real battle. Good luck to all whom reads this.

    Unspoken Lullabies

    I'm not asking for any likes, but only understanding

  82. Michael Tarvin

    Bosnia, Albania, Nigeria, Iraq,Iraq, Iraq.... this song sings to the vet desperately trying to come home from the land that God forgot after coming home...

  83. Emily Click

    This is one of mine and my boyfriend's favorites. It's helped us both in deppressive states.

  84. Greenspark

    Hi ☀️ if you’re here because you feel like I do today- I hope you feel better soon. I don’t know you but can I love you if you don’t have enough of that right now. You got this.

    Savannah Speer

    Thanks for this ❤

  85. Michael Flowers

    Gotta love this song

  86. Ora Baker

    your the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. B Fowler


  88. YoyoBoy

    If the devil went to Georgia Rodney aktins would go kick his ass

  89. Helenna Hanbasquet

    My daughter was 2 when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. This was "Her Song"! Every time we drove to Childrens Hospital she would belt it out the best she could. We sang it on repeat for miles and miles. Shes been off treatment 3 years now and I still tear up every single time I hear it play.


    Such a sweet song glad your daughter is feeling good these days 💛 you’re incredibly strong.

  90. Preston LeClair

    good song

  91. IWouldLikeToDie KillMePlz

    Hell yeah fuckin my cousin and eating dip for dinner

  92. Poppy Donk

    If the genie came from a bottle of Jim beam of course she’s gonna lie, Jack Daniels is superior

  93. Dan63


  94. Christopher Horn

    Went from DMX to Rodney Atkins...I'm a wierd mix


    Sir, I’d let you control my car stereo.

    That’s saying a lot for me 🙏

    Christopher Horn

    @Greenspark hahaha...I would keep it entertaining! Good music can come from any can bad, lol

  95. robin robinrobin ledford


  96. isabella allen

    Who else thought there dad sang this song?😂😂

  97. TheElfDruid

    This has more to do with the video than the song, but I'd like to offer my most professional "Go to hell" to the duo that drove off with Atkins' guitar, even if it was (probably) staged.