Atkins, Rodney - He's Mine Lyrics

Old man knocked on my front door
With my teenage boy and a couple more
From up the road
He had him by the collar
Said he caught him shootin' beer bottles
Down in the holler and smokin'
I said is that right
He said, they won't speak when spoken to
So which one here belongs to you
And I know one does
'Cause they all started runnin'
To your back forty
When they saw me comin' on my gator
I looked in them in the eyes

And I said, he's mine that one
Got a wild-hair side and then some
There's no surprise what he's done
He's ever last bit of my old man's son
If you knew me then
There'd be no question in your mind
You know he's mine
Yeah he is

Friday night football games
I was livin' for the speakers
To call the name
On the back of number thirty-seven
Just one-forty-five
And five foot eleven

Limelight barely shined on him
But everyone still remembers when
He whooped up on that boy way bigger
For taking that cheap shot on our little kicker
And they threw him out
Aw man, you shoulda, you shoulda herd me shout

I yelled he's mine that one
Got a wild-hair side and then some
It's no surprise what he's done
He's ever last last bit of my old man's son
And I'll take the blame
And claim him every time
Yeah man, he's mine and he'll always be
The best thing that ever happened to me
You can't turn it off like electricity
I love him unconditionally
I'll take the blame
And claim him every time
Yeah, y'all, he's mine
I thank God, he's mine

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Atkins, Rodney He's Mine Comments
  1. BodgeBone

    I play hockey and every time there is a scrum I go for the biggest guys my dad just says drop the big ones the other team won't want to try and drop you

  2. Georgette Washington

    Old School...wwwwooooo. Thank you. Saved my ass!!!

  3. Dutch Vanderlinde

    Never start a fight but if you get in one finish it

  4. Elizabeth Barnes

    Joke in the family is that my dad forgot I was a girl until puberty. He raised me as a son. One of the main rules he raised me with: Don’t start any fights, but you damn sure better finish them. Current pansy-ass culture does NOT like that

  5. samantha seymour

    My son is my mini me

  6. Chole Eddington

    My dad: "don't start the fight just make sure you finish it"

  7. destiny allred

    there was this one time in 4th grade this girl had hit my twin brother and i saw her do it and my brother knows not to hit girls so he backed down and i ran up and punched her for that and i got suspended and my brother didnt so that was a good thing and my dad had asked why and i told him why and he said good and took me and my brother to a beach and gave me 50 dallars to buy whatever we wanted and im 7 minutes older then him and im in 9th grade right now

    older sisters this is for you
    if your brother gets hit by a girl you better stand up for your younger or older bros and slap the shit out of her

  8. Michael Green

    I was taught "Don't give up till you're dead". I'm 51 and still swinging.

  9. Brooklyn Duke

    I love your song I love cruche


    Shout out to all the dads out there actively in their kids life!

  11. Nathan Liddell

    He's hine is so relatively with me and me dad

  12. Jessica Vandorsselaer

    My brother got into fights in grade school and when he got into trouble he had to go to the principal’s office the principal asked why he got into the fight he would say they were bullying or making fun of me ( I am his little sister) he didn’t get in trouble the other kids did because I am chronically ill and I was very little

  13. Crazydave225

    My 1st fight my dad was happy because he told me don't start nothing but end it

  14. Liam Brooks

    Testing the fan base..... fuck trump

  15. landon gulledge

    Its not talking shit if u can back it up

  16. Tanya Hanna

    Father and son a child is a gift

  17. Sir pinkblade

    Wish my dad was ever there for me. I grew up too soft and had to learn the hard life by my self.

  18. Kathleen Jacob

    I love this song but in my family its more of my mom telling me and brother to stand up for ourselves

  19. Jon Adams

    Rodney Atkins he's mine song.

  20. Jennifer Delay

    Keep smiling

  21. Rachel Coleman

    i did its johnny

  22. Rachel Coleman

    i ran down the stage during a camden game and stuck up for a cheap shot i seen done by a nigga the referee did not catch

  23. Rachel Coleman

    id like the fight the nigga its johnny

  24. Jolly rancher Kid 2

    Ok boomer

  25. David English

    My dad always said dont start the fight but finish the fight

  26. Maelynn Adams

    Hi I am Maelynn from your concert I love all your songs if you remember me that’s great I have you sign something You saw me at the at The PereAmount.

  27. Jessica Leslie-byrn

    nice to hear a song that talks about our kids and how we love them no matter what

  28. Rachel Coleman

    i remeber this story

  29. Dave Perala

    My daughter got sent home from school for fighting.
    She had a little bit of blood on her shirt. I asked her who's it was, she told me it was the boy's that was pushing her.
    I asked how it got on her shirt. She said it sprayed on her when she hit him square in the face with her history book.
    Talked to the principal, she broke his nose with one shot.
    Witness's backed her 100%.
    Three day suspension anyway.
    Yeah, she's mine alright.

  30. Rachel Coleman

    cheap shots are no allowed

  31. Rachel Coleman

    that was john arthur coleman all ways gotta call cheap out

  32. Daddy Latifa

    Murray says otherwise

  33. Lachie GAVIN

    I love your song

  34. Zack Lauseng

    Reminds me of my unboilogical son and me and my dad

  35. Anthony Rath

    Don’t have kids but love this song.

  36. Jeffrey Reece

    This song fits my mom at my football games cuz I get trow out a lot and I came home from school and told my sister I didn’t hit someone back she bought boxing gloves and beat my ass now I fight even if they say something they don’t mean

  37. Jennifer Delay

    Ill never come back there fu

  38. Mr.nightmare fredbear Cool

    My dad raised me up right and tough me what’s right and wrong, and I respect god and my loved ones
    That we are all created equally

  39. lauren murphy

    I miss this kind of country.

  40. Frankie Bargas

    Wish I had one

  41. Gokufan127 3

    Why does his son look like JB

  42. peyton grace baker

    i remember being like 11 and watching this music video for the first time and having the biggest crush on the kid in this vid

  43. Clifford Gray

    I like rodney

  44. James Kodak

    I’d wanna raise my kids listening to this I’ve always had great memories with country songs and I want them to too:)

  45. Colton Simmons

    My dad tells me stories all the time of all the shenanigans him and his friends used to get into when he was my age, almost the same as everything I do now

    conner Kirkpatrick

    Colton Simmons my dad dose the same

  46. Margo Surrell

    Mine would never say this I'm not even sure he loves me

    ExtraCumStainedSock !!

    Same here friend

  47. Kellis Williams

    Who all still listening to this song in 2020

    Conner Smith

    me Sad song

  48. Joshua Landon

    i love family no matter what happens to them or me i will protect them no matter what against anyone and anything

    Joshua Landon

    it's like what they say what goes around comes around

  49. Blake Elkins

    I love this song

  50. AponiTheWolf

    This reminds me of my mom and I (my bio dad is a pos so it’s always been my mom and I) and I was always taught “if you start a fight I don’t care how bad your butt got whooped I’ll whoop it again.... but if you didn’t start the fight then you should always win and I’ll defend you afterwards” I got in a lot of fights in elementary school but by god I never started a single one and I always one.

    There was only two times I didn’t beat on somebody for either trying to hit me or for hitting me, first time was in middle school and this cheap little tart had my foster sister backed into a cubby thing in the cafeteria and I went to break everything up and she slapped me instead, it took a whole three seconds for me to actually figure out she dared to hit me and then I lunged, fortunately for her my sister and friend knew what I was gonna do and was able to pull me across the cafeteria before I could wrap my hands around her throat.

    The second time I was in my freshman year history class and I pissed this girl off by responding to her comment about my music being loud and how I couldn’t even hear anybody and I looked straight at her and said “that’s the point, unfortunately I still heard you so I obviously need to turn it up louder” she decided she was gonna threaten to slap me while standing over me and I just kept smirking at her and laughing while telling I dare you. Finally I pissed her off enough she cussed at me and the teacher noticed and sent her to the office.
    My two guy friends who have known me since middle school rather loudly asked me why I didn’t kick her ass as I’ve been known to do and I just laughed and said, “my mom is a whole hella lot scarier than her and if I had thrown the first hit she woulda beat my ass, so I think I’ll wait. “

  51. Jason The Bull Beene

    By America's standards Donald Trump had a military leader killed that means it's time for a better nation to beat us.

  52. Full Backs22


  53. Crystal Fuller

    K.D.L.S. is going to to do GREAT things. Know that. My fucking prince.

  54. edits subcribe

    Like if in 2020

  55. noah street

    my dad is an acholic

  56. Hannah Wells

    My dad says they start it u finish it and if I get my butt kicked I get my butt kicked at home b my dad raised me better

  57. Dustin Swartz

    My dad's rules where never let a bully go unchecked no matter who they are picking on, never look for a fight but if you got no other option hit first, hit hard and don't stop till there down.

  58. Itzbryclynn

    2020 anyone

  59. Tecumseh Leeson

    Thst one

  60. Jennifer Delay

    Hit me in my. Heart because i told a blow next time it.could be my heart

  61. dragon boss

    Love this song

  62. Deine mama

    What school exactly was that rebels team from?

  63. Austin Smith

    Better have a good reason

  64. Colten Vincent

    Mom said if they mess with me bust their skulls in

  65. Eric Bussa

    **HE'S MINE**

  66. Jared Campbell

    I have a 3 year old son and a 17 year old step son. My 3 year old is just like me. Loves everything I do and wants to go hunting and shoot a big buck like daddy. He also is not scared of throwing a punch. My 17 year old never had a father figure until me and is just like his mother as much as I love them but total opposites.

  67. Hannah Krenek

    wish my dad would call me his :( thx god for step-dads

  68. Waylon Spencer

    Sup i love your songs

  69. Jordan Hart

    lmao who else here wishes their parents loved them like this

    Matt Johnston

    I don't have to wish, I know my parents love me.

    Jordan Hart

    @Matt Johnston Okay? Awesome for you my guy 😂😂

  70. Kristin Morris

    Don’t start nothing but if he jumps and If I didn’t win I got my ass wooooped when I got home

  71. M4Motorsports

    Man I can’t help but laugh as me and my dad were talking in our shop on things we did when we were in high school and the similarities we both had.

  72. Kelly Palmer

    I don't know about my son but my one daughter is just like me. She can get in to some trouble. Shes mine. Thank GOD she's mine

  73. J D

    Never throw the first punch? Ok son, I want you to stand there knowing your gonna be hit and let them throw the first punch. Now after that if your not knocked out and can see though your own blood you can fight back.
    I have told my son never start fights and avoid them at any cost. But whomever choses to be aggressive enough to come into his punching or kicking reach to blast them. When it comes to fighting it's not about fair or unfair. It's about defending ones self. I remember when I was around four years old. My brother who was12 years older than I beat me with my own hands. Doing the stop hitting yourself thing. I was seeing stars when he hit me. It was a Saturday morning when he finished he went and sat in the floor in front of the TV. I was sore, Mom and dad didn't see what had happen. I was determined for vengeance. I noticed dad fly fishing rod in the corner of the kitchen. I grabbed it and without warning I used it like a Zorro sword and cut the blood out of him. Mom whooped my butt, Dad was worried about his fishing rod. My brother rolled around in the floor in pain, bleeding but never laid a finger to me again.

  74. john hulsey

    my first fight i got fuck up

  75. Countryboy68

    It's almost like he wrote this song for me and my son. My son is my hero he is everything I wish I could ya Josh

  76. Emmy Stephens

    football boy fine fine

  77. Tammie Hardeman

    December 2019 thinking about my boys good song

  78. Todd Olson


  79. Brennen Mathews

    The firefighter one

  80. Percy Davies

    This reminds me of my brother in law who is in the Army in Fort Drum,New York thanks Rodney Atkins love your songs

  81. Patrick Keenan

    taught not to start fights but to end them and throw the last punch

  82. Chandler Wright

    He acts like 5'11 is small lol thats a decent size dude

    Midnight Thunder

    And it’s just an inch away to being 6ft tall

  83. Bryson Drummond

    It's a good song

  84. alivia grubb

    any one December 2019??????????

    Chance Colwell

    I’m listening to it in 2019

    gamer boy smith

    Nope 2020

    Christian Craig

    Here in 2020

  85. Solomonthefool

    i dont listen to country how did i end up here good song btw

  86. Hunt31 Fish31

    I wish there were still some teenagers about there like me that still bow hunt. Nowadays everyone shotgun or rifle hunts. Using a bow is more challenging and that’s why I use a bow. I just killed my second deer with my bow about a month ago

  87. WickedLove

    One of the greatest songs out there!! ❤❤❤❤

    Bob lenager


  88. Lanae Rose

    I'm older than my lil brother by 7 yrs and growing up me and my sister who's 2 yrs younger than me basically raised our lil brother and when I first heard this song or reminded me of him 110% and today's his 12th birthday too so I got this song on repeat 💕💯

  89. Austin Hunter

    My daddy all ways told me to never start a fight but finsh it every time if u lose u got me to deal with when u get home and keeping that family blood never lost a fight

  90. Trudy Daugereau

    Love this song

  91. cro gamer hd

    Its really awesome to hear this song cause my dad left me my sister and my mom so i didnt really have a male rolemodel growing upbut thank God for my mom and the fact she raised me right

  92. Trenton Parker

    Who is listining to this sonf in 2019 and into 2020

    Adam Naramore

    Trenton Parker yep

    K Kennedy

    I’m still listening to this song over and over again

  93. poppaluv

    Anyone else wondering what punishment he gave to his son?


    My dad's rules on fighting.
    1. Make sure they throw the first strike.
    2. After that. Kick his ass. Most times after I destroy them I do just that literally. It hurt likes hell.
    3. When the principal comes, say "He threw the first punch/kick"
    4. If they come down the hallway all pissed off take off like the devil himself is after you.

  95. kbrigsby61

    GREAT fokkin song!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOO!!!!

  96. Rufus Bedgood

    I Love your songs ❤️♥️

  97. Ava Marlene

    My mom always told me don't slap, we punch. That is the only rule, and to make sure not to kill the person :p

  98. Jessica Chey

    Oh I wish I had a dad.

    Hannah Krenek

    im sry, i feel