Atkins, Rodney - 15 Minutes Lyrics

I got a call from my best friend this evening
He said he wasn't going out with us guys on Friday night
Yeah, he was gonna change for his new found flame to keep her satisfied
And I just laughed and said, "Hey man, well go ahead and try"

'Cause I gave up smoking, women and drinking last night
It was the worst fifteen minutes of my life

Now I've heard it said that too much fun will kill you
And I'll be the first to tell you that I don't wanna die
Too many twelve ounce curls, pretty girls and parties ain't advised
Well, take it from me don't believe all that hype

'Cause I gave up smoking, women and drinking last night
And it was the worst fifteen minutes of my life
That's right

Well, you could get hit by a truck tomorrow
So you might as well raise a little hell tonight

'Cause I gave up smoking, women and drinking last night
And it was the worst fifteen minutes of my life
Man, it was the worst fifteen minutes of my life
That's right

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Atkins, Rodney 15 Minutes Comments
  1. Milkkwhiskers

    Found this song 10 years later


    Me too!


    @DoubleOT sexy man


    Milkkwhiskers 😦🥺

  2. Adventure Cola

    Jamie Lee Thurston originally wrote, composed, and performed this song. He performs this much better than anybody else.

  3. Keith Koon

    #greatestsong but u need to put beer cause people think u acully gave up drinking

  4. Ugh FML

    Thank you, Walmart Radio :3

  5. Tori J

    Jamie Lee Thurston did it better

  6. Tom Ricket

    Well. great song lol

  7. Elvis Presley

    So did I AMEN

  8. pjamese3

    Good song. Does anyone remember a song from maybe 5 years ago about a young man working on a farm and having an affair with the older woman who owned the farm? No husband in the picture.

    I liked the song but couldn't find the name before.


    Never mind. I found the song on Google. Garth Brooks - That Summer. Good song.


    that summer garth brooks

  9. Mike Ward

    Why is Taylor swift being mentioned on comments! This is COUNTRY! Lol Taylor ain't country! Country artists don't just give up on their style ... If anything this song reminds me of brad paisley's song I'm gonna miss her! Pipe down and Enjoy a real country tune.

    Hannah Toman

    haha she started off as a kinda country pop singer

    Mike Ward

    Hannah Toman she did .. My point is ... Her roots are supposed to be country right? She grew up in the country didnt she? Lol and still come out with that country pop bullshit! I tell ya man these "country" singers of today have realy screwed this amazing culture over.

    Hannah Toman

    yeah they have

    Chaplain Strunk

    Mike Ward,you just hit the nail right on the head.

  10. Rosie Tunnicliffe

    Ha, sat at home in Cambridge (England) Thinking, this song is brilliant-ANYONE,ANYWHERE can relate to,and laugh about  

  11. Rikki0

    To Tyler Adams:  Jimmy Buffett did just that.  Check out "Cheeseburger in Paradise".  :)

  12. Dinoman217

    What's that term those kids say? I believe it's "Y.O.L.O."!

  13. Baily Septiceye


  14. Alex The Lion

    I am not affiliated with any country party; however, this song is legit!

  15. Victor Savard

    Great song!!!!!]

    What else should I say NOW? :)


  16. Cheyenne James

    You don't have to be from the south to be country! Country is country wide!

    Rosiee Collazo

    Cheyenne James shut ya country ass up

    Sean Dunn

    @Rosiee Collazo bless your heart
    Country folk know what that really means

  17. TheAnoyster

    and how old r u?

    Adrian A.

    TheAnoyster after 4 years who the fuck were you talking to

  18. gotawhitehorse


  19. johnnyboy922

    i just gave up drinking because I knocked a guy out last night for "looking at me wrong" I think giving it up will be the best decision of my life

  20. nolvar

    Talking about who is country and who is not, you all sound like a bunch of country hipsters, saying "I listened to that band way before you heard them."

  21. joseph mark

    @skollwintergreen i am country because i am, just cuz you do certain things it dont make you anything.

  22. jordan street

    This song was the best 3 minutes of my life!!

  23. jjkinglol

    man i luv his songz im a true country boy raised lived and worked in a farm my whole life

  24. LiftedRam PowerWagon

    @demonoii it was mostly the wemen

  25. LiftedRam PowerWagon

    15 minutes? i gave up women and drinkin, it was the worst 15 SECONDS of my life!

  26. SeouL

    @kkkInSanity what was that for...? wtf?

  27. Charynn McCurdy

    does it rlly matter its good music tht matters not what the person is!!!!! yall are just trying to find somthing to do and targeting taylor swift is mean.

  28. Missy

    I'm not a True Countrygirl...wish i was though. I got a farm...I work hard... but im from the city...never been a true City girl at heart though.

  29. grly81

    this song relates so much to my step dad

  30. grly81

    @southisright dude if u dnt think shes country and that shes crap well then u need to shut up i get that its an opinoin but still it aint true.

  31. grly81

    @6dirtyturds aint that the truth a good man is country at heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. grly81

    @southisright no shes in the catogory of good country singer.

  33. grly81

    @nref55 taylor swift is definaetly country anyone can tell u that. maybe not toatlly country but she is partly.

  34. Mikau989

    'nuff said

  35. melissarbrsn

    @nref55 hell yeah!

  36. Dave Wollenberg

    Rodney hit #20 in Billboard, in '09. God bless ya, for postin' it! Thanx!

  37. Agent1W

    This is why I don't go to country bars lol. That's pretty miserable if you have to smoke, drink, and chase skirts every good night.

    Tom Donovan

    Agent1W weekends bro. it's a lifestyle. but I'm fine with drinking and smoking. women = problems til you find the right one

  38. nref55

    @MrJAKEBILL thanks brotha

  39. Jacob Giroux

    @nref55 dude im wit ya.

  40. nref55

    @jme008 i will not lie about that she's nice, needs a little more meat on the bone lol

  41. nref55

    @lonlypotsmoker777 bring it. give me an address and a date

  42. nref55

    @nref55 i meant they are is miranda, and jamey, toby has some iffy stuff...

  43. nref55

    @lonlypotsmoker777 thats why your a lonely pot smoker, i said she aint country!

  44. nref55

    @PatrickD248 yes they are country and miranda lambert is a fellow archer. she's country...

  45. Patrick Given

    @nref55 so does that mean miranda lambert isnt country cuz the stuff she sings is similar to taylor swift but now that i look at it taylor swift is kinda not country lol
    jamey johnson though lol or toby keith lol now they are country lol

  46. Atlas V1

    Good song. Makes me an all the boys in meh school jump in and sing with it. jus a bunch a country boys rockin with the radio. and this song makes everybody grab a girl and dance. damned good song TJCRNJ

  47. Jolene Scheid

    This is a very cute song.... a guy thing, but ya gotta love the talent! Sorry, but it doesn't involve Taylor Swift, so I am not gonna comment on that one!! K?? Anyway, nice to see young people enjoying this great country music! THANKS FOR POSTING IT, NEEDED TO LEARN ONE FOR A GENDER BENDER CONTEST, AND THINK I LIKE IT!!! LOL....Carry on, Rock the Country!! Meme

  48. craig fishel

    Taylor Swift=Pop....Shania Twain=COUNTRY!!!!

  49. Mark Maloney

    Taylor Swift sings Country-Pop

  50. KridikJones

    @Grantholamew69 Me thinks you be thinking of Cascada...

  51. huntinredneckgirl

    why is everyone talkin about taylor??? i mean i dont care for her but this is a song by Rodney Atkins not her!

  52. rudolph

    @lexxxyx13 I actually hear her a lot on the country station.

  53. Ariel Burns

    @acday5694 thats rite

  54. grly81

    @lexxxyx13 no taylor swift is country you fuckin idiot by the way what does taylor swift have to do with this song

  55. kyles82

    Love this song!!! Good classic country humour!!!

  56. grly81

    this song is so good.rodney adkins can sing

  57. beautyholic babe

    i love this song!! bse!!

  58. QSH6H

    awesome song :o

  59. Lars A

    i like girls :)

  60. Foofpup

    Oh, I didn't say it was you who had. I actually rather think it was probably Hirshules or some like-minded person. Lol.

  61. rockcabbage

    Hm, thats funny, I haven't rated any of your comments at all, I as simply stating that I've come across several weird, unrelated conversations in the comment section of country music videos. But I do agree with you, how people think there so important and right based on the amount of thumbs up or down a comment has.

  62. Foofpup

    Because everyone's weird and we like to use country songs as an excuse to prove it--subconsciously, of course. =P Although I think it's kinda funny someone's insecure enough to feel the need to give my comments a thumbs-down, but not anyone else in the argument. How pathetically lame is that? Lol.

  63. rockcabbage

    Why are the weirdest fucking arguments in the comments of good country songs?

  64. Foofpup

    Well, at least it's not inappropriate for school. I had my bro watch some of comedian Rodney Carrington's stuff, and he realized in class less than two weeks later he was mouthing the words to "Little Things That Piss Me Off."
    Still doesn't quite compare to the time he realized he was blasting his ears out to Seether's FMLYHM in class, though. He took his headphones off and could still hear it. Thankfully no one who noticed got it. Lol.

  65. Foofpup

    Lol. *mock appraising look* This mean you haven't given up on me? (Yes, I'm female)
    "The why of the who who stole my bacon is quite unclear, like radishes." --my cousin Yamesu, in response to my question about why an unidentified person had stolen his bacon (We agreed that this was a rather mean thing to do. *innocent blink* What? So we like bacon! What's the problem? *intent, owl-eyed stare*)

  66. Foofpup

    *rofl* I hear that lately! That's why I don't pay much attention to the new stuff unless I like the artist!

  67. Foofpup

    Lol. Actually, I think most of the chicks in my group are at least a little bi. Even the straight ones have been known to say they'd agree to a threesome with their guy and another chick, under certain conditions. XD
    Although the gays I know tend to be flamboyant about it. My cousin Yamesu's gay bro, Akiiro, does make-up flawlessly, and has all the mannerisms. I think he wants to cry every time 'su hisses at him, 'cause he always pouts. Lol.

  68. Foofpup

    Thanks for the support. I don't particularly care what pig-headed fools say of me and my group, but it's nice to know not everyone falls for that crap.

  69. Foofpup

    *amused* I'm polytheist. Which god are you talking about?
    And on top of that, I've been known to be cruel and unusual enough (in perfectly legal ways) that my homophobic and straight male cousin informed me in no uncertain terms that he'd rather take it up his ass then live another childhood with me. Hell probably wouldn't let me in. *shrug* I was a terror. Still am, when the mood strikes. I just manage it better now. Doesn't mean I don't do paybacks. Lol. Vengeance, thy name is irony. :)

  70. Andy Fry

    you guys are all lil bitches

  71. Foofpup

    *rofl* Man, my family went to Texas Roadhouse one time, eight of us or more at once...they dropped our food right before they got it to the table and we got it all remade again, for free. My dad left a $20-something tip on the table for the waiters, since we were treated well apart from the loss of our food the first time, and the manager told us the cost was waived. Over $100 in food, free. YES!!!

  72. Bookgirl251

    I love this song. Wished he had a video on this song. :D

  73. Foofpup

    Totally agree with you there. On all of it.

  74. Foofpup

    I'm bi and I wouldn't.

  75. SuperChase007

    i would to

  76. nref55

    taylor swift is not country, its that simple, any country person will tell you that, you won't hear that in my farmland

  77. drugstoresux

    sure doesnt sound like garth?? wtf?? lol

  78. Andrew Day

    how stupid of you, that is an insult to Rodney Atkins! you moron, you fail! get your facts straight before you go rippin on other people. gosh! Taylor Swift doesnt sing country, but crap remixes of what idiots consider country.

  79. dreameronwings

    this isn't fricken tim mcgraw you idiot it's rodney atkins it says his name in several different places stupid

  80. Andrew Day

    amen Davey and eromek...

  81. Tyler Adams

    i read this thing a person said that her little sister was listening to the raido and asked "why do people sing about love why dont they sing about somthing more pratical like cheseburgers" lol

  82. Tyler Adams

    true that davey

  83. MelissaAlan

    Me and my other half heard this and loads of other country songs on wpcv when on holiday in florida. Sucks that we can't hear it in england except on here :(

  84. hawaiian808core

    i love this song!

  85. folsom90

    niceee tune!

  86. Kyle Krauskopf

    whats the point?

  87. Kyle Krauskopf

    of course they would play it at texas road house lol

  88. Taylor Johnson

    i love how its an old style song, but with a new style singer and voice... this just fits. great song!

  89. dragknuckle

    A country song on the country charts! Who would've known?

  90. jax12007

    I heard this for the first time today. awesome.

  91. CountryGnome

    been waitin for this song to hit utube lol

  92. Travis Simmons

    i give it all up!!!

  93. Chris Martell

    country music is the best hands down

  94. Ed Wilberg

    this is a great song and one of my favorites