Athlete - Superhuman Touch Lyrics

I'm on fire and nothing's gonna hold me back
Endless blue sky and a pocket full of tricks to try
You pick a colour and I'll sing it for you
I know you feel the same way
Say, say, say you feel the same way.

Fingertips alive - superhuman touch
Can't get enough of this electric love
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand
Sparks flying out in every direction
There's more of this to come I think it must be heaven
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand

I'm on fire, golden echoes upon my face
Tell those dreamers
They can dream up all they like in this place
You pick a colour and I'll sing it for you
I know you feel the same way
Say, say, say you feel the same way.

Fingertips alive - superhuman touch
Can't get enough of this electric love
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand
Sparks flying out in every direction
There's more of this to come I think it must be heaven
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand

Just one day like this will keep me going on
Tender kisses will keep me going on

Fingertips alive - superhuman touch
Can't get enough of this electric love
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand
Sparks flying out in every direction
There's more of this to come I think it must be heaven
Burning the sun with just a wave of your hand

Seems like heaven's broken loose
It couldn't be more beautiful
I just want to burn the sun with you
A messed up garden to inspire
The greatest minds in all their power
I just want to burn the sun with you
In just a wave of your hand.

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Athlete Superhuman Touch Comments
  1. Roger Bonsang

    Great band, great song!

  2. Zena Cheong

    10 years on and going on 11, still my fave fave fave song in this world

  3. dante havok

    el mejor grupo

  4. Lara Tiara

    Athlete are so underrated - they are frickin awesome!

  5. Doto Siao

    still 1 of my fave songs today

  6. Richard Walker

    How did music go from this to the dull commercial flim-flam that Ed Sheeran trots out?


    Breathtaking movie!
    have a nice day :)


    breathtaking video!
    have a nice day :)

  9. Fadi Nugroho song and music in the world

  10. Mr Wasteed

    So what happened to the girl in the end? I dont get it from the lyrics.. was she an angel?

    Richard Walker

    Mr Wasteed The implication from the video is that she has some sort of supernatural powers. The man doesn't look over the edge after she jumps, so I assume she flies away.

  11. shrine 182003

    finally i found this song been searching, coz i heard this in Schneider Electric ,so nice,
    when they transfer your call you will hear this..then i keep on familiarize the lyrics so that i can search for the title..." im on fire nothing can hold me back"......

    Mina Abdou

    I also heard it in Schneider Electric

  12. Mauryn Mumbe

    wow, been looking for this song like forever. kept googling, "sexy, say you feel the same way..."
    finally found it:):)

  13. Pushon Bhattacharya

    This sounds like Coldplay if Coldplay were significantly less terrible.

    George williams

    come on. coldplay has a few good songs.

    Jully Franklin

    Coldplay... They used to be such a good band..

  14. Osman Chaudhary

    Schneider Electric

    Eugene Thum

    +Osman Chaudhary

    same here
    played every morning
    are u in singapore?

    Osman Chaudhary

    @Eugene Thum nope, Riyadh

    ramon teniente

    +Osman Chaudhary Engienering support jaja love the song while waiting

    NelTorres García

    Schneider Electric waiting call song...

  15. René A.

    Excelente... Feliz sábado.

  16. Lee Jones

    Great band. First album good times in my life. Seen um at glasto 2000. You got the style...

  17. Rbmets

    Our QB for our schools varsity football team passed away last night with an injury and this song is for him.

  18. HCsonicknx

    This is one of my ex's favorite songs. She always used to sing it to me. Last night, my uncle's band played a bar gig and the singer invited my ex up front to sing this song. She made eye contact with me throughout the whole song and my eyes welled up with tears. I couldn't help but look in awe at her beauty. Her perfect voice sending me into a sea of nostalgia. She sent me a text and told me she sang it for me. I yearn for you every night and every day Zayra. I can't get enough of your electric love.

    Eugene Thum

    get her back you idiot

    wanjiku mwathi

    @Eugene Thum yeah!

  19. Ryan Cade

    Shit band

  20. Bazuzeus

    Princess Zelda led me here ;)


    Me too! Acksonl!

  21. TRAM76


  22. WeAre1Radio

    Nos encanta esta banda! 

  23. Janetly

    this song is so awesome, the views should reach millions..nah..billions <3

  24. uriel morales

    lol i use to love this song for running

  25. Chucktage

    lol why does it make those people idiots... youtubers are hilarious

  26. WTFMate?

    Why has no one mentioned Radiohead in this list of great British bands??? I mean, that idiot was whinging that UK bands don't push the boundaries. If ANY band pushes the boundaries, it's Radiohead. By the way dude, U2 isn't a British band, but I suppose they're still from the isles!

  27. Mambo Ferido

    Talent is not just about technicalities of the song.

  28. Stephen Ma

    there's a thing called adblock for a reason dumbass.

  29. mike collinge

    did you feel the same way ?

  30. brainman75

    I utterly love this song.

  31. Bill Kratzer

    not even going to hang around, borrrrrrring

  32. Bill Kratzer

    the advertisement youtube wanted me to watch to help cover their operating costs was longer then the short clip. frustrating, can click out ,but try to do my part. but seriously folks, I type slow, I bang keys and I'm still killing time while this oh so boring. finally bye

  33. Jay Kariuki

    Haah! So true. Got it by typing in electric, by mistake...

  34. Osvaldo Durán

    When you forget a song and find it again ...

  35. daideyful

    I absolutely love this song

  36. Ivania Garate

    My ex boyfriend dedicated me this song, and i still rememmber him.

  37. lilacwanda28

    love these guys sooo much - epic songs and amazing legends on my iPod!!

  38. Osman Chaudhary

    Schneider Electric!

  39. soggy pigeon

    love this song,

  40. NiamhIsGingerful

    And BFMV, BMTH, Architects, Muse etc and Busted...can't forget Busted.... :')

  41. scrantontheelectriccity

    hey. Black sabbath.

  42. Edgar Pulido

    It's funny, I read "eevn" as "even" and it's that word mispelled. Sorry, I'm stupid.

  43. LeoTadde

    Oh, I noticed nobody mentioned Radiohead... Anyway, coldplay and oasis are not even comparable to the other stuff mentioned, the formers are shitty sold-outs!

  44. Andre Littiere

    Coldplay and Oasis has contributed a lot too!

  45. Patricia Marie

    This song brings back memories!! Of 2009. Was 17 and making my band. Ahhh good times!!!!

  46. Aaron Elizenberry

    Time to get tested!

  47. MorbidAnimosity

    who is the girl in the music video?
    shes gorgeous o.o :p

  48. SuperHiddenaccount

    sounds like they sampled the final fantasy prelude

  49. Robbos007

    :haha: Thumbs up

  50. Guillermo Milian

    Is not bad another's opinion and you have one too ^^ just respect the taste of other ones....

  51. AlxFitz

    Batman singing?

  52. RideWithOKP

    athlete is definitely a dope band.

  53. l1nkazz

    real music is real.

  54. Gecoma

    Totally agree...... but Mika

  55. Gecoma

    You such a Knobhead

  56. Patricia Marie


  57. L M

    Press 5 for eargasm.

  58. octoxd

    @bluemoonrising26 bravo but dat list is not done.

  59. TobyEllisSongwriter

    @lizzieefayy its called "you get what you give" by New Radicals.

    Im not hating, I love this, but facts are facts.

  60. Scrappy 777

    Love this song. Makes my heart lighter than air

  61. meicyqoch

    i love thz song its jus amaizing

  62. Callie Bees

    I love this song!!

  63. phoenixrain91

    Been looking for this song for a while now... thank you SHAZAM! :D

  64. morrow

    Bloc Party?! :D

  65. Emrys Novak

    @Face0313 Oh thank goodness I am not the only one who thinks this

  66. UmadBRO1999

    People have the weirdest connections with bands and singers... I never got it; music to me is all about your own personal interpritations. I hear a song I love, and I dont want to see a music video, or obsess about the artist... if their good I'll look up some more of their songs, but chances are there wont be that many more I like, so I move on. This seems to be the complete opposite of everyone else, who treats Pink Floyd, The Beatles and all these other bands like who knows what... lmfao xD

  67. Face0313

    The little "bubbly sounds" remind me of Final Fantasy.

  68. bluemoonrising26

    Oh, and Deep Purple and T-Rex.

  69. bluemoonrising26

    The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Jam, Oasis, Queen, The Who, Elton John, Sex Pistols, Police, The Cure, Elvis Costello, Cream, Def Leppard, Bee Gees, Roxy Music, The Kinks, The Smiths, Prodigy, The Specials, UB40, Tom Jones, Sting, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Gorillaz, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Kasabian, Joy Division, Brian Eno, Muse, Radiohead, Pulp, Primal Scream, The Libertines, Stone Roses, Doves, Genesis, Stereophonics...

  70. SophieAmazing

    @BlindShorty11 I love them too! And yes, The Kooks are wonderful.

  71. sidmfc1

    i kept on hearing this song at work but didnt know athlete sang it might have known it was them top tune - top band !

  72. Obvious Bambi

    @LeoTadde James Blake, Killing Joke, White Lies, Editors...

  73. Jack Hoang

    i love the beat and the rhythm :)

  74. SophieAmazing

    @LeoTadde I said a million times and I'll say it again, I just listed a handful of names that off the top of my head. There are SOOOOO many amazing bands from the UK it's insane.

  75. LeoTadde

    @SophieAmazing You missed Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Porcupine Tree, Jethro Tull, Gentel Giant, King Crimson, Just to mention some name, but the list would be eevn longer...

  76. Scrappy 777

    This song is just plain awesome. I can't stop listening to it :)

  77. Rebecca Robinson

    100's of comments later I still haven't found a bad one... Oh besides bosscharly's comment but people have already dealt with that :)

  78. SophieAmazing

    @asiyahash97 Yes, yes they do.

  79. TigerEyeJewel

    @bosscharley Amazing, well it makes me laugh.. in America... [780 Weeks] The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd... Brillant band... English band! Yet America couldn't find an artist too knock them off the list, for 780 Weeks.. over 12 Years? My, my, my, we must be rubbish.. and now, look at Adele, Katie Melua, Katy B, Kate Nash, Jessie J? So many, i'm struggling to name pure young talent from America? And we created, Dub-Step. Drum 'n' Bass, Grime etc.

  80. SophieAmazing

    @indigocheese Because I was tired and not thinking straight ;) They are also amazing.

  81. SophieAmazing

    @MrNoob1796 Yes. Of course. LIke I said, I only named a small number.

  82. SophieAmazing

    @meninjamatt I just named the few I thought of off the top of my head. There are a BUNCH of amazing British bands out there.

  83. meninjamatt

    @SophieAmazing You forgot the best band in the world, Blur.

  84. AspirationDrifts

    @benadict1351 Yeah, I get what you mean. I know none of those words so I'm the dumb one xP

  85. AspirationDrifts

    @benadict1351 Or you're just too dumb to know them xD

  86. SophieAmazing

    @kazjoy40 Thank you for naming more awesome bands. I did that myself, but I left out quite a few.

  87. Gerardo Pineda

    @SophieAmazing or just some seriously bad geography ;)

  88. Ryan Gelofsack

    @TheChelseaMcConnell What? haha how? (not mocking you) this just totally sounds nothing like Kings

  89. Thejiminatorful

    @scarystuffmatt Well put

  90. buckylovee

    please stop name calling.

  91. Adam Toner

    @bobbieheller i would've just called him ignorant, but that works too.

  92. BlindingLightMusic

    This band is the background on my phone from when i saw them live a few months ago. Love them

  93. matt ryan

    point made well but your incessant tone decreases the weight of your argument, i whole heartedly agree but your attachment to using high brow phrases and words which have much simpler alternatives shows your arrogance. If you want to help the youth of today listen to good music that's not force fed by the media then dumb down your argument. Remember, the message only has the hit the lowest denominator of society which is ironically enough.. the very people you stand against.

  94. AndehWong

    listened to their other stuff after i found this song. don't like the other stuff all too much, but wow is this song ever good.

  95. MrPeterMarchant

    i can't even see bosscharley's comment and i still know he talking b***ocks x

  96. Sue Adnan

    TVDE5-masa hari sukerelawan, Mrs. Lockwood berterimakasih kepada yg dtg n melibatkan diri. Stefan minta maaf bagi pihak damon kepada mason

  97. Owen Ralph

    @Tigerclaws63 Correct, the video was uploaded in the run-up to the release of the single to promote it, as usually happens...

  98. Gojira2000

    I want to be able to start a fire like that in my hand.

  99. Gecoma

    300'000'000 views to go