Athlete - Love Come Rescue Lyrics

Mother do you still love this child?
Baby on the run
Father would you forgive me now?
When you see what I have become

Love come rescue
Love come rescue

There's a swallow on the phone wire
Singing songs unto my pain
Songs I will remember
To life me up again

Love come rescue
Love come rescue
Love come rescue
Love come rescue

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Athlete Love Come Rescue Comments
  1. Arash Shafiee

    Been a while since I last listened to this

  2. Daniel Adoniev

    I feel so touched by this song, it as almost as if Joel Pott had a horrible, heart-breaking day, sat down and sang this song, out of nowhere and out came so much raw emotion, and that is why this is so powerful. This is music at its purest.

  3. Battle Tutorial

    THESE LYRICS MAKE NO FUCKING SENCE where the hell did the swollow come from? this song has no sustance or viability.

  4. Brianna Stonick

    love come rescue! i love the guitar in this song!! so amazing!

  5. GetBusyLiving27

    So amazing...i can't even....

  6. norubberboots

    Beautiful song.