Athlete - Hurricane Lyrics

All the places we grew up,
We're playing hide and seek,
Disappearing wall when you'll sleep

Is it something we gotta get used to?
Is it something we gotta get used to? whoa.

Oh hurricane.

All the millions that we marched with
It never made a sound, never made a sound on your lips.

Is it something we gotta get used to?
But we're not giving up the coastline so easily.

Oh hurricane.
Oh hurricane.

I don't wanna run,
I've been here since I was young
Whoa this city day could be gone within the hour.

Oh hurricane, what you gonna do to us this time?
Oh hurricane, what you gonna do to us this time?

Oh hurricane!

Is it something we gotta get used to?
And it's something we gotta get used to..
And we're not giving up the coastline so easily.

Oh hurricane!

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Athlete Hurricane Comments
  1. Athlete Band

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  2. Swapneel Ghosh

    After 12 years I finally found this song randomly yesterday. Life is funny. It was one of the best feelings <3

  3. Nada Contra

    Muito bom

  4. Amol T

    Music is good

  5. Dean D

    Blast from the past

  6. James Clark

    Is it something we gotta get used too?

  7. zimzimzalabim

    I remember where I was when I first heard this song. Can't believe it's been TEN years. I love it to this day and come back every time we get a hurricane hitting our continent. We're not giving up the coastline so easily... ya hear Irma, Jose and Katia?

  8. Northern Stormer

    Every time a major hurricane happens, this song gets stuck in my head for days...

  9. BongoShaftsbury1

    Aug 29th, 2017 God help Houston

  10. john d'souza

    Good talented artists don't perform so well compared to garbage singers singing about one night stands and pussies.

  11. john d'souza

    Even in 2017.Nowadays all rock bands have turned to electro music. But still ROCK RULES!!!

  12. john d'souza

    Still searching and listening on YouTube

  13. Nicolás Valverde

    Who's listening to this in 2017?


    here sir 0/

    Chris Humphries

    good music doesn't have a sell by date

    Jorge Hernandez

    athlete excelente

    Jay Vedpathak

    I am listening this in 2018 @Nicolás Valverde

  14. Allen Riale


    Ediran Carvalho


    Northern Stormer

    Lol!!! Nice.

    Salty Meme Guy

    fuck all - juventus

  15. music lover forever

    love love love

  16. Jake Jacobs

    my fav song!

  17. Jose Daniel Palacios Guzman

    athlete 2016 the best come to colombia

    Stuart Barrow

    Jose Daniel Palacios Guzman I hope so great band.

  18. Aswin m

    Am listening in 2015, will listen in 2050.

    Bastian P


    Hood Rat

    I'm listening to this in 2019.......see you in 2050!! :)

  19. psycocynical

    This band, álbum and this single deserved better Luck I mean it was winner back then and it remains so up until today so underrated

  20. Mayur Malusare

    Its futhermucking 2015 and I still love this song <3

  21. Jazz Clements

    Miss these guys. Fuck I had a good music taste when I was a kid.

    Bastian P

    Me 2 , i actually blew my car speakers with this. And then if i like a girl and she doesnt like this music , big no , no..

  22. TRAM76


  23. TRAM76


  24. smithster ere

    This tune/song rocks !! xx

  25. Sun Adam


  26. Edit _Life

    This deserves more views.

    zed shiskebab

    i miss you..

  27. lai

    HIMYM Season 9.

  28. Rod Williams

    ,you avin a laff

  29. Rachel Forbes

    Check out Mutemath if you haven't already!! =D

  30. James Baldwin

    Great song, great band, neat video.

  31. TheVilhu

    Wait, has there been a show like this, or do you wish?

  32. Burncourtable

    So darn underated

  33. Nanda Souza

    Oh yeah, dude.

  34. HeroPenguin

    good music

  35. caelrc

    add some travis!

  36. rumplestiltskin1511

    So good to hear this again : )

  37. Ella Brandt

    I forgot how I love this song <3

  38. sidmfc1

    @superdudenic u missed out kasabian

  39. p3nguinish

    I was surprised to have heard this song at the gym today...

  40. Rafael Juan Morales

    26 sordos

  41. Free Dnb

    imho Athlete's best tune by a country mile :) more like this please boys...

  42. Middsyuwe

    @frye11229 Thai. Try and check out a Thai band called Slot Machine if you can. If you like Athlete you might like them.

  43. Wes Frye

    @thestrokesz what language is this???

  44. MT Phamornbupachart

    หาไมหาแผ่นยากจังวะ สาด เอามาลงไทยบ้างเหอะ อยากได้

  45. Combine

    @superdudenic you forgot Doves :/

  46. potatopotatopotato

    @superdudenic are you kidding me? those are the worse bands ever! >:O except for athlete :D listen to real bands like feeder or editors! :D

  47. Alynna Guzman

    well then she is really luck hot husband a didn't die

  48. potatopotatopotato

    @superdudenic D: you didnt includee feeder T_T

  49. oceandept

    เพลงเท่ จริงๆ

    cool song!

  50. GLBizzie

    why don't like 24 people this song ? WOh i cant understand it its a totaly nice song

  51. Fisolbinharon mu-ei


  52. Alynna Guzman

    dont we all his wife is one lucky bitch lol

  53. maryam shaheeda saiful bahri

    wat is this song about?

  54. ady10001

    The first good song reminding us to mitigate against the effects of climate change. CAUSED BY [email protected] BUSHES EXPERIMENTS ON SUN SPOTS I RECKON.

  55. Darren Ediss

    @ 12alskd

    Bloc Party

  56. Shovel RE


    Friendly fires
    Snow Patrol

    Excellent bands

  57. neal152

    Great bass intro to this song at Wolverhampton. Is that just because Im a bass player though? :-)

  58. shavedzebra

    saw these in wolverhampton last night. this song was probably my favourite from that gig, it just sounded amazing live

  59. Tom Butcher

    Comin to see u guys with kieron in Wolverhampton next week:)

  60. pbzkfdt11

    with youtube, I'm able to find out about bands that I would normally haven't heard of.

  61. Andrew Bunker

    And I like that double chin smiley.

  62. FrankyHaemmer

    See them in Haldern, Germany next week.
    Just heard them for the first time and find them VERY good.


    Love it...

  64. buuffeett

    i think that second hand store is better than hurricane. finally the album in august i will waiting for that

  65. krismac3uk

    Seeing them play in 10 days. Can't wait to sing this with them!

  66. Kay Bey

    Scorpions did a tune calle "ROCK me like a hurricane"....buttplug.

  67. cdcld


    Tickets are on sale on



    Also available on the doors £10 NUS & £12 NON


  68. Michael

    Yes he is. He wasn't talking about that song.

  69. RavernVermount

    its by the band call scorpions.

  70. DEED

    All i can do is LOL at you :P

    ''WASH me like a hurricane''

    OH fuck people like you make my day...
    BUT the song is Rock you like a Hurricane by a band i fail to remember, probably cos its assembled of random 80's rock chicks...


  71. md1882

    Not better than Cold Patrol though

  72. exeryan

    humm i like this band !! but i have to say that Snow Patrol is better than Athlete and Coldplay..

  73. magpie rhino

    you mean snow patrol arent the same thing as coldplay? never :P

  74. russelld2

    haha, sorry, i meant snowpatrol...

  75. russelld2

    thye are such an amzing band, better than snowplay, and I think better than oasis (new stuff). in any event, i cant believe more ppl dont like them!

  76. Keane50

    my favourite song ever

  77. black_dalya

    fantastic song ^^
    I think I neglected this band before

  78. Jon Cassidy

    Amazing band, amazing song. check out my cover, it's the only cover on youtube.

  79. Del Robertson

    These guys got dropped from record company, .....gutter.

  80. cdcld

    Live @ Loughborough university
    Saturday may 30th 2009
    Tickets on sale on See tickets

  81. Peter Tomasek

    we love the atléta

  82. TRAM76

    eah theyre huge..and they are coming.

  83. TRAM76

    Yap, i agree wid u all!!! Athlete really rocks!! theyre the real deal when it comes to quality doubt about it...the more time you listen to their music the more you'll gonna like cant say right now but for i can feel it thetyr coming and its gonna be huge..keep it up..

  84. TRAM76


  85. ConnecticutsBest

    I remember when this came out and I was doing my A levels, I often couldnt sleep and plus the OC re-runs were on and Id be up at like 3am. I used to watch this on TMF wow things didnt change

  86. Sharon Leporati

    Love this band. Saw them when they came to Florida. Love this new cd.

  87. mightymarra

    i saw athlete at manchester vs cancer.. wires blew me away.. a truly memorable moment, the crowd singing the tune too.. awesome

  88. william macleod

    i like this song alot :)

  89. Steven Lawton

    Saw them in Glasgow supporting JAMES at the SECC on the 12-12-08 very very good band deserves there own slot which no doubt they will get

  90. Toddy71

    Saw them last night supporting James in Birmingham NIA, Very very good live.

  91. Ryan Oldham

    this is like a brand new song dude
    well not that new
    but last year

  92. Flexy Studio

    making of vid available on youtube/flexystudio

  93. Jenny Howes

    yea it most certainly is a shame. i 'heard' them in July if this year, i was at a campsite about 5 miles away from where they were playing at the time. what a great night that was!

  94. alana moody

    why are no radio station biggin these guys up, theyare soo good! they deserve success or other bands with similair music

  95. hermest99

    great band, i saw them live in 2007.

    it's a shame that you don't hear much of them

  96. CapaMaJo ZadoVi

    completely agree with u! i didnt know who they were at all until my friend david who is from chile made me go to their concert in valencia, spain- i downloaded all their songs, they are so great and SOOO underrated!

  97. CapaMaJo ZadoVi

    maybe it´s tokyo from athlete? only coz u said the "no one" bit.... good luck if it´s not so!

  98. CanwllCorfe

    i heard a song that sounded like them and ive been trying to find it out, it sounded like he was saying "no one" quite a bit .but at the middle it sounded like it got quiet and just had synth and then it came back with drums and guitars and then it faded out with a morse code-ish sounding melody