Athena Cage - You Lyrics

It's time to be honest with myself
i've fooled around too long
now all I think about is you
and what we used to have

i'm scared to live without your love
coz you were really all i had
now my only love has gone away
and it hurts so bad

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.
is you, is you
is you, baby.

It's time to be honest with you babe
you made me a better woman
you cared for me so much
so much you scared me boy

Now I feel you in the air I breath
even though you're not in front of me
you were like a summer breeze
and it's killing me

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.

is you babe
You're the only man

I'm tired of crying, come back in my life
think about it, it's been awhile
I've never meant to hurt you baby
you're the only man I need.....

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.

is you
the only man is you
the only man is you

The only thing that's missing in my life, is you.
The only thing I need in my life, is you.

the only man is you..

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Athena Cage You Comments
  1. loreto bacomo

    paulit ulit sa ipod na nagpi play tuwing gabi. paano ba ma miss ang isang taong hindi mo naman nakasama?

  2. Mary Antonette Borja

    2019 and still diggin' this song. Dreamsounds and Quietstorm at 89.1

    adrian maravilla

    Mary Antonette Borja wave 89.1.🥺

  3. Jeremiah Corado

    Im scared to live with out your love

  4. Fairnorth


  5. Alene Arbz

    10 years later... Still my favourite song 😭

  6. Cia Cia

    the saddest song for this day, flash back of the past..... for the one that got away!

  7. flory villaruel

    same here haha

  8. Maiah Ferreras

    yes ADN is here nahuli ako..Maine Mendoza dubsmash lovers too

  9. Edrick Madeja

    Pansin ko Lang peg Ni Maine Ang Mga 90's and early 2000's music! Nice type of song Maine ! We have the same taste of music! Please bring back the 90's & early 2000's music!

  10. marlon quio

    maine :) yan ha idol

  11. Lormina De guzman

    ahaha search2 ng mga playlist ni menggay..

  12. Cathline Calado

    Ha...ha...kita kita d2 aldub nation..

  13. Cathline Calado

    Ha...ha...kita kita d2 aldub nation..

  14. Reynalie Clavecillas

    maine.. :)

  15. Joy Benitez


  16. Juvz Bolivar

    maine brought me here.. vday playlist #5

  17. van mavy

    Song din pala to sa Serendipity HI ADN! Maine's playlist tho. <3

  18. Larry Thess

    hi gaaiis! dont forget #VoteMaineFPP tambay muna sa youtube

  19. Aychaaful Ramos

    Pak swak kay tipsy!!!

  20. Merry Go Round

    hahaha lakas tlga ng hatak ng princess menggay natin

  21. Kaye Sanchez

    san po makikita ung vday playlist ni maine?

    mary rose reyes

    +Kaye Sanchez / sa blog ni maine mabasa mo kaka update lang nya. feb.3

    mary rose reyes

    +mary rose reyes dyan kay / makita mo din .madami ng RT nyan.valentines playlist ni maine.10 yong yan,

  22. Mae Albeda

    dahil kay ate meng😀😀😊😊😊😘😘😘👋👋

  23. Pampilon Family

    hello aldub nation

  24. RaiXi3

    because of maine nag search ako hahahahah

  25. May Solomon

    Maine's fave..

  26. Shiena Marie Elizalde

    sugod dahil kay menggay!!..hahaha..ang gondo ng song!!, playing it for the first time..

  27. Lin G.

    chismosa ako sa lyrics because of Maine Mendoza ♥

  28. lee chen

    present because of maine, lol!


    hahaha sugod mga adik ky meng!!hahaha..maganda din ung you first believe by hoku,

  30. joycejeffaj


  31. patricia federico

    sugod mga AlDub! hahahaha

  32. ali short

    Sabi na nga ba andito na kayu! Hahaha.. Maine eh!

  33. Sheenalyn Maglipas

    here bcoz of maine lol

  34. JL Velitario

    haha ung mga npasugod dito sa youtube dhil sa vday playlist ni maine haha

    Maiah Ferreras

    haha tama...:)

  35. khang Santos

    same kami ni maine ng favorite....:)

  36. bled sue

    maine mendoza vday playlist no. 5

  37. Anthony Espiritu

    grabe, those were the days .......

  38. Jaymark Atienza

    favorite ko pa ren xa

  39. Donna Mae V. Gagui

    when i hear this song, until now naalala ko yung mga gabing nagrereview ako for board exam back in 2008, naririnig ko ito sa wave 89.1 oh i miss it

  40. gessica lapira

    DATi favorite ko 2 ngayon bakit parang hindi na!!!!

  41. marilou trinidad

    it hurts so Bad. this song makes me cry. Its becoz of you Doopey! Only you.

  42. Mr_Incredible_Bryce S

    For someone very special.....

  43. sherwin francisco

    i love you baby leigh koh =)

  44. Airen Amantillo

    i love it =)

  45. Christel Marie Estolloso

    I thought it was a song from the oldies.. It's a modern stuff, right.

  46. playermann gamer

    still adore this song<3 remind me of alot memories i wouldnt change :)

  47. Craisha Baylor

    this sounds like something amanda perez would sing. this is a very pretty song

  48. joann ferrera

    the only MEN in my life is YOU...

  49. playermann gamer

    i miss dis song

  50. D.D.

    You have awesome taste in music. I'm going through your selection and love alot of them. I'm writing an ebook and I'm using some of your links! If you respond to this then I'll send u the page. Thanks for making such beautiful videos!

  51. Rica Jane Apellido

    The only thing I need in my life is YOU!

  52. dlipzofarmaeNZ

    ganda... sentimodE!

  53. andrea espina

    only thing thats missing in my life is you...

  54. Empress_Of_Love1

    This song is beautiful!!! The 3 people who disliked this nobody is missing them

  55. Gretchen Manalo

    haYy ang sarap pampatulog

  56. jenny dajoya

    @dada9646 the only man i need in my life is YOU ♥♥♥

  57. Aios PaiStarr

    Peburit Nam GerPreng Ko To :)

  58. angela malvar

    i love it :))

  59. khersty jean Cadalzo

    - LOve this sOng!!!!

    my fevriT as weL as My besT freNd. . .

  60. Klyde Santos

    ayos :D

  61. patch1527

    nice song of athena :)) specially the message or meaning of it <3 superLAB 2thumbsup ~

  62. jackie corpuz

    always q ito pnapakinggan sa my phone q, di aq ngssawa pkinggan...

  63. Micshi Villo

    this song is for my mahal.. i miss the way we are before.. :(((

  64. karen mae Pasion

    waaahhh...come back to me boy????no more.....

  65. mydenmel

    all time fave!!! =)

  66. Shy Lu

    love this song... <3

  67. marvindy14

    i already found the missing guy in my life.. i love you so much.. yes i will marry you..!

  68. magandel2002

    really love this song!!!! also try the song "last chance" by allure

  69. lei

    like this song the first time i heard it!:)

    can someone help me with this song i can only remember the lyrics "somethings will never change somethings will remain.."...

  70. myplexus31386

    loooove it!

  71. nhicca sanjongco

    hmpk gnda teaga neto :)