Athena Cage - Nobody Lyrics

I want to tease you
I want to please you
I want to show you baby
That I need you

I want your body
'Till the very last drop
I want you to holler
When you want me to stop

And who can love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex you like me (nobody)
Who can treat you like me now, baby (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can do it like me (nobody)
And who can give you what you need (nobody)
Who can do you all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)

I want the night
For me and you
So come here baby
And let me do it to you

Don't be afraid
'Cuz I won't bite
I promise to give it to you
Just the way you like

And who can love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex you like me (nobody)
Who can lay your body down (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can treat you like me (nobody)
Who can give you what you need (nobody)
And who can do you all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And the band keeps playing on

On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
Nobody, baby
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
On, on, on, and on, on
Nobody baby

I want you right now for my lover
Oh yes I do
Place no one above you
Oh yes I do
If you need love
I'll be right
I'll be right there, baby
Oh yes I will
Oh yes I will baby
Oh yes I will baby

And who will love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex your body like me baby (nobody)
Who can do it like me, baby (nobody)
No, no, no (nobody)
Who can lay you down just like me (nobody)
Who can kiss you all over your body, baby (nobody)
[Ad lib till fade]

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Athena Cage Nobody Comments
  1. Rita Juárez


  2. Lewis Hamilton

    2020 ainda ..... e sempre em minha playlist ! Keith sweat brabo demais!!

  3. Barbara Martin


  4. Country Prepper

    I was bumping this back in the day, and I am still bumping. 2020 is nothing like the early 90s though.

  5. We Know

    This is REAL! 😘

  6. Tom Kormushoff

    It's 2020, & this tune still makes me want to slow drag. Do you feel me.

  7. kimberly gonzalez


  8. Kaizy Stewart

    Love this oh my

  9. Lungelo Zuma

    hello 2020

  10. Mostafa Darwishi ziri

    Jutta Ich liebe Dich 2020 / 1/10

  11. Lewis Coleman

    This the junk

  12. Janette Garcia

    This kind of music and vocals give me goosebumps, talent and love 🙌

  13. Roger Costa

    Sem palavras essa música ♥️👏👏

  14. Marco Aurelio

    2020 tamo ae✌️

  15. Angela Simon

    Anybody for 2020?


    ✨Im so proud of the 90
    Real Love Storys was the only thing for this generation.

  17. Nu Journeys Counselling

    How gorgeous is Mekhi Phifer?? He is 💯 my type 😍

  18. Leonardo Souza

    2020 ANYBODY

  19. cappadonni

    Real r&b

  20. Tabatha Brabham

    2020 STILL VIBING......

  21. kalstonii

    My man came in with the head nod to an r&b classic, nigga knew this shit rock 😂

  22. Vanessa Struyven

    Ik ken dat liedje niet

  23. Julia Marie

    I promise to give it to you just the way you like 😜

    Almighty Pain

    everyone talks the talk but only a very few walks the walk 😅

    Julia Marie

    All walk 😂

    Almighty Pain

    all walks but a very few walks the proper walk 😂

    John P.

    I want your body, til the very last drop
    I want you to holler, when you want me to stop

  24. Queen Queen

    Here in 2020!! Never gets old.

  25. Freitas Trap

    2020 alguém BR ? Feliz ano novo a todos 🎆❤️

  26. Queen E

    Jan 2020 and Mekhi Phiefer still fine!

  27. Dwayne Eller

    This my song when real music was around

  28. Jardel Scorpion


  29. Sean Patrick Harrington

    Love this excellent

  30. itodtsuj

    2020 😎

  31. Tina Oliveira

    UAU.... WONDERFUL!!!!!!

  32. Paula victor

    2020 aperte o play ... Um amor está sendo feito ouvindo essa música ..

  33. Angy93


  34. Exodus PSV

    2020 Who's there ?

  35. Chris Miller

    Shit 2020 anyone? 🤔

  36. Ivan Ramirez

    These kind of songs. Never get old

  37. Kristal Price

    I still like these i remember when it wss proo

  38. Ferocious Monk

    Blank Vs Blank brought me here!!!

  39. Roger s mendes


  40. Ezra Valverde

    Still hit the heart shit 2020 still jam

  41. Mary Hodges

    Jesus my baby fine ass in this video

  42. Amy Geist


  43. gregory hudson

    Something about her voice/ and look. I like a lot 😀

  44. holysinnerxxx

    I'm starting the 2020 likes right now!

  45. Fabian King

    Merry Xmas 2019 ..come on peeps

  46. c-synth

    I can't believe little kid me was singing this kind of stuff lol I had no clue what the song was about but it sounded good! 😂💀👻 I'm a 90s baby. I can't help but to laugh about it.

  47. Tiki 8

    I wanna a car just like the one in the video just to blast this song in Bk 😂😩 why can’t music be like this anymore 😢

  48. Aisha Elder

    Me and my boyfriend song. 💜💜💜

  49. Gustavo Augusto

    Ritmo de saudade, som de infância. (Sem enteder uma letra kkk)

  50. Pris smith

    The best music!


    2019....Brasil alguém..
    Simplesmente fodaaaaa
    E antes que eu me esqueça um feliz Natal pra todosss antecipado kkkkk

  52. 90s RAP

    I cant find that white durby hat nowhere goddamn it 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Michele Braga

    Cadê os BR 2019 😎

  54. 619 575

    This shit reminds me of junior high dances

  55. marcos rosa

    Música em português do SAMPA crew

  56. KeyDog 53

    Yes we will Listen in
    this song makes me wanna fall in love separate and listen to it with heart pain 🤷‍♂️

  57. Antonio Barbosa

    When black women in music videos still looked natural, beautiful and REAL! I miss those days.

  58. Tania Niño Armenta

    Doesnt get old babyyyy!!!!!!

  59. Non Conformist THE TRUTHSEEKER!

    This shit has me in my feelings I thought I never had

  60. YaGoonie !

    Bunch of babies were made to this song

  61. Celso Ferreira

    Quem veio aqui por causa do sampa crew?


    Essa música me traz só lembranças boas 💖

  63. marta nika

    Bring it on home Keith baby nobody but you can sing this song lol.....

  64. Samantha Las

    This was me and my 8 years ex’s song back in the day. You know a song is a classic when it still is meaningful and pull your heart strings almost 20 years later.

  65. Aaron Keene

    90's were the best

  66. Percee P

    When you could have a nice slow dance with a woman. 💎

  67. LCS


  68. Black Madonna One life

    Please bring back RNB back

  69. Theoneandonly

    12/12/2019 Still listening to this Jam

  70. Buhle Ntombela

    Playing this song alone I attacked someone which we lost contact in year 2000 please when you see this comment try to find me I still miss those sweet moments we used to have together.

  71. Brandi Boyd

    Almost 2020

  72. s.w.a.t gomes


  73. Pierre Dorcilien

    This video is Swagged out!! To the fullest

  74. CrystalXo

    Still listening , still my favorite ❤️

  75. mito no free frire 098

    Escutando fumando hum do bom ..

  76. TheCzar98

    I remember being a kid in the mid 90s watching this video on MTV and hearing this on the radio. Now I am 29 and this song just brings back nostalgia of the 90s. I wish they still made music like this and played in on the radio!


    This will never go out off style december 2019 and still going strong!!!!!!

  78. Terrance Lytle

    Mix- Kieth sweat featuring Athena video

  79. Kammie Max


  80. Carneil Hall

    I had a very nice intimate Romance wit my girl off this song.👍🏿

  81. Windysaint

    Who can love 💕 you like me, Nobody baby 💋

  82. Daniel Petit-Frere

    So happy to be a 90s baby from NYC. tHe last of the best jams

  83. ellipelli ellepelle

    real R&B is DEAD...i wanna back in a 90's

  84. Brenda Jones

    Billie Jean a car doesn't make the man or woman its about doing something you believe in and wanting to help others do the same if they want to better theirself and families. Put your heart into it. Just my opinion. Androidjones

  85. Eliezer Concepcion

    Man, I miss 90’s R&! 😢

  86. Horus_369

    Classic Slow Jam and still on Fire 🔥🛌❤️💯

  87. erick ruiz

    Watching him early next year🤗🤗... the OG can’t wait

  88. John Moore

    This song still has smoke on it 🌶

  89. Ufo's* !

    Love Song is Good 💝

  90. Elton

    Brazilian version:
    Sampa Crew - Ninguém.

  91. La Vondia Tucker

    Only you!!!! Forever "S.R.Tanajara"

  92. Sherry L Gilmore

    This is my favorite song of all time!

    Sherry L Gilmore

    Off go the panties