Athena Cage - In The Mood Lyrics

So much joy that you bring
You make my body wanna sing
When you do that thing you do
I'm right here where I wanna be
The weekends here and we got time
To slow it down and make it just right
Long bubble baths will do us fine
Scented candles and red wine
Come on over

Come tonight
Lay me down
Turn me out
I'm in the mood
See you tonight
After work
Turn me out
Cause I'm in the mood

Unplug the telephone
So we can be left alone
When you put your hands on me
You don't know what you do to me
So many things I wanna do
Let me take it out on you
Hope you feel what I'm feeling
I've been wanting you all week

[Repeat 1]

Come tonight

Come tonight
Don't tease me
Don't tease me
Come tonight
Come please me
Come please me
Come tonight
I wanna kiss you
All over
Come tonight
Can't wait to see you
My baby, my baby

[Repeat 1 (fade)]

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Athena Cage In The Mood Comments
  1. Maya Htx

    The guy that’s talking sounds like DeVante from jodeci

  2. Cookie O'so Beautiful

    Dam first time hearing this ❤️

  3. GodsChosenElect xx

    Sing boo 😩

  4. Kiki Baby

    my shit baby

  5. niadupri

    Tim and Bob

  6. valentin franco

    @leocook67 It sounds like DeVante Swing from jodeci who produced the song but the guy speaking also talks like how devante would in a song... but his voice doesn't sound like him but it sounds like a production by him

  7. moqwah

    all I can say is:wow, that is so cool

  8. kevin mitchner

    who produced this song

  9. kevin mitchner

    who produced this song?best production since timberland----if it aint timbaland

  10. kevin mitchner

    love this song----thebest one so far

  11. Mizwhyte80

    do you know if she has anything out?