ATEEZ - Wave Lyrics


Yeogi jigeum urin osyeonbeullu
Pado wi eodijjeuminga
Hamkke hago isseo yeojeonhi
Eodiro galjin moreujiman

Geonbae geonbae
I sungan tteugeoun taeyang araeeseo
Go away Go away
Mangseorimeun beoryeo da
Mangseorimeun beoryeo da

Saenggakhae saenggakhae saenggakhae
Urin beolsseo manheun geoseul neomeo
Gieokhae gieokhae gieokhae
Siganeun heulleoganeun geos

Jeogi badareul neomeo
Just going on
Jjineun taeyangeul hyanghae gal ttae
Meomchugo sipeun sungani wado
Meori han beon sseureo neomgigo oechyeo

Hakuna matata ya
Deodeodeo millyeowa deo
Hakuna matata
Deodeodeo millyeowa deo
Geochin padoreul neomeo

Mijimijiui seomeul chaja
Follow us
Misisipigang haryureul geonneo
Where we go
Don't be care bout that
We're fish fish like
Ttero danilsurok
Padoga chilsurok padadadak
Carry on now

Badareul hyanghae trip
Da deonjyeobeoryeo drink
I sunganeul jeulgyeo
I know y'all feelin' me
Pado ane syuing
Deo jeongsineopsi click
Neon chajeul junbi dwaesseo
Jeo taeyang arae bich

Jeogi badareul neomeo
Just going on
Jjineun taeyangeul hyanghae gal ttae
Meomchugo sipeun sungani wado
Meori han beon sseureo neomgigo oechyeo

Hakuna matata ya
Deodeodeo millyeowa deo
Hakuna matata
Deodeodeo millyeowa deo
Geochin padoreul neomeo

Nega issneun gose
Nado seo isseulge
Nae soneul jaba nae soneul jaba
Uri durimyeon dwae

Geochildamyeon geochilsurok joha
Urin geu wieseo nol geonikkan
We just going oh

Jigeum i sungani uriui padoramyeon
Duryeowo malgo deo himkkeot majuhagil
Urin taeyang arae
Nuguboda deo tteugeounikka

Geokjeonghaji ma
Geokjeonghaji ma
Geokjeonghaji ma
Jeogi padoreul neomeo


여기 지금 우린 오션블루
파도 위 어디쯤인가
함께 하고 있어 여전히
어디로 갈진 모르지만

건배 건배
이 순간 뜨거운 태양 아래에서
Go away Go away
망설임은 버려 다
망설임은 버려 다

생각해 생각해 생각해
우린 벌써 많은 것을 넘어
기억해 기억해 기억해
시간은 흘러가는 것

저기 바다를 넘어
Just going on
찌는 태양을 향해 갈 때
멈추고 싶은 순간이 와도
머리 한 번 쓸어 넘기고 외쳐

Hakuna matata ya
더더더 밀려와 더
Hakuna matata
더더더 밀려와 더
거친 파도를 넘어

미지미지의 섬을 찾아
Follow us
미시시피강 하류를 건너
Where we go
Don't be care bout that
We're fish fish like
떼로 다닐수록
파도가 칠수록 파다다닥
Carry on now

바다를 향해 trip
다 던져버려 drink
이 순간을 즐겨
I know y'all feelin' me
파도 안에 슈잉
더 정신없이 click
넌 찾을 준비 됐어
저 태양 아래 빛

저기 바다를 넘어
Just going on
찌는 태양을 향해 갈 때
멈추고 싶은 순간이 와도
머리 한 번 쓸어 넘기고 외쳐

Hakuna matata ya
더더더 밀려와 더
Hakuna matata
더더더 밀려와 더
거친 파도를 넘어

네가 있는 곳에
나도 서 있을게
내 손을 잡아 내 손을 잡아
우리 둘이면 돼

거칠다면 거칠수록 좋아
우린 그 위에서 놀 거니깐
We just going oh

지금 이 순간이 우리의 파도라면
두려워 말고 더 힘껏 마주하길
우린 태양 아래
누구보다 더 뜨거우니까

걱정하지 마
걱정하지 마
걱정하지 마
저기 파도를 넘어

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ATEEZ Wave Comments
  1. Kookie with Suga and a cup of Tae

    I feel dumb not knowing about Ateez. Well, looks like I'm an official atiny...I'm glad I stumbled upon this amazing song.

  2. Andrea Mc



    Someone help - this sounds like an EDM song with a country-ish sound from the mid-2010s. I LOVE ATEEZ. What I'm saying is the guitar riff is reminiscent of that song. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about? LOL it's killing me

  4. neknarf1973

    ATINY!! there's only 24 minutes left to v*te on mwave, we're almost in first place! LET'S GOOOO<3

  5. AlyssaFoodie

    Damn they are so hot

  6. Aboihi Kawilam

    They snatched my heart and I am not fine but not complaining though

  7. Lizbeth Monthe

    "Hakuna matata"💕🤗my country's language 😭asante sana this guys are🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❣

  8. Vanessa Ateez

    Please v*te mwave pre voting if you really love ateez

  9. Evenice German


    Vanessa Ateez

    Sim, vota na pre votação da mwave eles merecem ganhar por favor e tao rapido

  10. Mannoor Shehab

    The guy with the blue shirt name? His voice is unique.

    jisoo black

    Min-gi (main rapper)

  11. deseos.utópicos

    the scene with the sunset in the beach remains superior

  12. deseos.utópicos

    im so proud of ateez 💜

  13. deseos.utópicos

    this was my first comeback with the boys, i'm so incredibly proud of how far they have come and how much they've grown 💜 couldn't be more proud to stan a group like ateez

    Vanessa Ateez

    Please v*te mwave pre voting ateez need help and is so easy

  14. NANA A

    Whos your bias?, mine is ALL😊🤗😍

  15. Reyes Velasquex

    Dale like si lo escuchas desde cualquier parte de latinoamerica

  16. El piso de jimin

    HAKUNA MATATA YA!!! jaja no puedo creerlo chicos de enserio, ya me tienen en su fandom, ahora soy Atiny <3

  17. Kpop_ Galaxy

    2020 and still watching this mv i cant get enough of it

  18. jeon nana

    Welcome to me into the fandom i'm officially atiny 😢😢😢😢
    I feel bad that i did knew them when they debuted 💗😢

    jisoo black

    Hi new atiny welcome 😊

  19. precious villafria

    21 m on 7 months but see how amazing thier comeback "answer" sore high 20 million views in 5 days❤️❤️❤️

  20. leyla moi


  21. fhritchai

    They are so cuteeeeee

    Vanessa Ateez

    Please v*te mwave pre voting ateez need help and is so easy

  22. Anshu Tp

    0:20 can anyone tell me who he is cause he is damn attractive

    DayDream illusion

    Yunho ( Main dancer , vocalist )

  23. Dinda Agustiasukma

    Help me, im fallin love with them, omg

    Vanessa Ateez

    Please v*te mwave pre voting ateez need help and is so easy

  24. Ahsiapus Mantapus

    cheer=dobleh ;v

  25. Yessi Mey

    Mingi very² handsome😍😍suaranya jg mantepppp

  26. Yessi Mey


  27. Nathan_Reveluv

    If you ship Woosan watch this!!!

  28. Алиса Дутова


  29. ɢyнiи Αямy.Єxσ.l

    اتيز انتم قنبله انفجرت في الوسط الفني وقمتم باانجاز عظيم حطم كل التوقعات فاااايتنغ🧡🧡🌚

  30. no body

    I'm really curious if any ATINY went to the cinema for The Lion King just to shout HAKUNA MATATA YA in the middle of the movie (or when Mufasa died hAkUnA mAtAtA)

    Vanessa Ateez

    Please v*te mwave pre voting ateez need help


    I love it.... Exo l here to support ateez and what their fandom called I think Im gonna be one of their fans one day

    DayDream illusion

    Btw wlcm if u need any help just ask us
    Debut : 24.oct 2018
    8 members


    @DayDream illusion who are vocalist in ateez


    @DayDream illusion btw... Thank you

    DayDream illusion

    @SOFEA EXO-L Jongho (Maknae / Main vocalist )
    San (Vocalist / dancer )
    Yunho ( vocalist / main dancer )
    Yeosang ( Visual / Vocalist / Dancer )
    Seonghwa (hyung / visual / Vocalist )
    Wooyoung ( Main dancer / vocalist)

    DayDream illusion

    @SOFEA EXO-L Hongjoong (Leader , rapper , dancer & producer)
    Mingi (Main rapper / Dancer)

  32. jay delucy

    this video is literally ATEEZ just having fun and i LOVE IT

  33. jay delucy

    hongjoong is extremely gorgeous during this video holy heck

  34. Jessica Carreño

    LOVE IT!

  35. ishra ahmed

    I'm In love all over again ♡♡

  36. Siti Nadiva

    Lagu yang bikin gue jd ATINY

  37. 전재시

    I am so in love with this song!!!! anyone else???

    Marie M

    전재시 try Answer

  38. khadijahikhwani haslan

    Yunho fuckin' sexy, i love you 😘

  39. Felicia Stefani Tanoko

    Lagu terfav 😍😍

  40. lynda chalker

    Who's here from Kenya? Hakuna matata

  41. Viji chandarsekar

    Wat an refreshing song to hear feel like i am in that place

  42. Molly White

    I can't stop watching Min-gi's part ughh😍 He looks sooo good in that blue shirt, he's definitely my bias😩 @0:29

  43. Kim Labiba

    I am just dead.after bts ateez will be the must famous kpop band

  44. Fahma Eril

    Mingi's voice ♡

  45. Sophih Gacha

    ——>só quem é BR vai emtender:
    00:29 COMER COMER!!

  46. Jungkookie and his banana milk Ponce

    I really like this group.
    Yup that’s the comment.

  47. ayleen castillo



    this ATEEZ will be more popalour soon TRUST ME IT WILL BE AFTER A FEW YEARS

  49. Alara Kaya

    Mingi:HAKUNA MATATA YA 1:07

    Me:yes i died...

  50. Cami Ramos



    Atiny please download mubeat app and vote for ATEEZ.

  52. pillatina1

    I'm a sixty year old mexican grandma, and absolutely love ATEEZ. :V Their music always make me feel happy.

  53. Muhammad Huq

    Dear ateez my name is Zaiba. And today I am telling you that who is my favourite person from ateez. My favourite person from ateez is Seonghwa.I love him. Never mind. Well you know that I am a little girl. Thank you very much.

    Marie M

    Muhammad Huq nice fave hes so handsome and nice too :)

  54. Lala Sanchez

    HongJoong 😍 son re lindos me gusto la cancion

  55. Ro Hi

    Lol I can't believe when I first heard WONDERLAND I was searching for the one with " the really loud lion-like voice " now I see they're all very loud but also can change it to sweet vocals so I'm confused.. the one with loud vocals is my bias but I don't even know who he is 😿💔

    yo! sang

    I bet you're talking about mingi

    Marie M

    Maybe Mingi? Watch their new MV pls ANSWER

  56. Ro Hi

    I LOVE THIS SONG AND YOU GUYS. MY PRECIOUS TALENTED BABIES 😔💗 IM HERE AS AN ATINY FOR YOU FOREVER ... Aaaa I love y'all so bad wish Ixould meet you once😿💔

  57. محمد رده

    BTS ❤❤❤❤❤

  58. Who Am I ??

    I would play this at the first day of my summet cuz it has that summber vibe

  59. Yisky labena

    San ILY!!!

  60. 이건희김건학

    Who love ATEEZ?

  61. Febi Zulhiyah

    This song so refreshing 😍

  62. Kalhi Puvitharan

    The last ‘Hakuna Matata’ killed me

  63. Kalhi Puvitharan

    The last ‘Hakuna Matata’ killed me

  64. Karla Álvarez


  65. Felicia Stefani Tanoko

    Yunho ama san gans bgt sih 😍😍😍

  66. Shoto Todoroki

    wow this song is good ! i-

  67. CrAzY FoR MySeLf

    I really don't how can such an artistic MV have less vi9ws ....
    Plz wake up and watch it more and more and appreciate their talent .......

  68. Brenda dominguez vasquez

    Waaaaaa como amo esta canción, es tan refrescante para este verano en Perú.
    Hakuna Matata

  69. Yohan

    Who is the person with green hair in the icon ?

    8 Make 1 Team

    Is yunho

  70. HoneyPearlss

    0:28 kinda remind me of bad Bunny idk why

  71. maisa m

    they could've just renamed this song hakuna matata 😂

  72. 이지훈

    아따 노래 시원하다

  73. M. C

    Did y'all notice the 'on mymy way' at 1:40?

  74. lovely yerim

    ugh the things i do for jongho and hongjoong

  75. アッカーマンミカサ

    ثاني فرقه احبها بعدbts

  76. Charmaine


  77. Namjoon’s NamJuice

    Who are you guys’ biases? I would love to know!💜💜 my bias is Mingi!❤️

    Maria Misono

    Namjoon’s NamJuice
    I can't choose one

    Angela Rose



    Hongjoong :) but...😂

  78. محمد رحمة

    اين العرب

  79. kpop is my life

    Did you notice that they said on my my way just like in wonderland

    Angela Rose

    Yes! All their songs are connected in a storyline, so many of them include references to past songs.

    kpop is my life

    @Angela Rose true

  80. Mohamed Nsh

    BTS EXO Ateez ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  81. Hacer Nur Ertunç

    My favourite best song from Ateez wave😍😍😍😍 and say my name 😍😍😍😍

  82. Shu Cha

    3:03 “I bless the rains down in Africa”

  83. army_my_jams oof

    I listened to the song in 1.5x and it sounds the same but just faster tbh

  84. Adrianne Sun

    This song is perfection I can’t 😫

  85. Анастасия Швейцария

    Thank you♥️

  86. May army


  87. Dumb Potato Animations

    No one:

    Not even yeosang chicken:


  88. anaa shai

    I'm a new fan of Ateez and I could't choose my bias.....

    Why is it so hard😭😭😭


    anaa shai Hi welcome to Atiny fam!!! you’re not alone:)

  89. __1231st lily

    The way mingi sings hakuna matata makes this line iconic

  90. mama alda


  91. Chia Gazy

    I really love this song y'all

  92. aika413

    this deserves more love because its so uplifting 😭

  93. Lucky Angel EXO-L

    I really love this song, They are so talented and the song is so wooooooow.


    Lucky Angel EXO-L hi please watch their ANSWER MV :) and Growl cover :)

    Lucky Angel EXO-L

    @Marie Hi, yes I watched their growl cover along time ago and I watched Answer, they are amazing and I'm ATINY now :)


    Lucky Angel EXO-L oh thats great!welcome to Atiny fam:)

    Lucky Angel EXO-L

    @Marie thank you so much♡

  94. Miyuki Cailtix

    It's really hard for me to find kpop groups who suits my taste and only BTS attracts my attention since before. But I think I also wanna stan this group, not now but I know for sure I will. As of now I'll listen to their songs first.

    L Sa

    The same thing happened to me, I got into BTS 3 years ago and no other group managed to get my attention but Ateez was able to do that

  95. سـتـان لـفـخـر الـروكـيـز اتـيـيـز.

    atiny Go to Song Answer For stream, our goal is 10 million views today.

  96. Π_Π 07

    Here after answer

  97. Word White2