ATEEZ - MIST (안개) Lyrics


Why why am I afraid
Heuryeojin angae sok

Boiji anha gilgaen
Huimihan jomyeong saien
Georeoga duryeoun bame
Dasi georeoga duryeoun bame

Barabwasseo jeo meon gos
Banjjagideon heurin bich

Manyage manyage manyage
Dareun girieossdamyeon
Eojjeomyeon eojjeomyeon eojjeomyeon
Nan duryeopji anheul su isseosseulkka

So please
Malhaejwoyo it's all right
Buranhan i angae sok
Modeun ge hansunganirago

So please
Ige nae giriramyeon
Nae soneul kkok jabajwo
Orae hemaeji anhdorok

Nae siyareul da garyeodo
Neol neukkil su issdamyeon nan gwaenchanha
I want you to be make me sure
Nae buraneul geothyeojwo kkamkkamhan

I eodum soge bichi boyeodo
Geumbang heurishaejyeo
Dasi balgeoreumeun jejari

Tto gireul ilhgo banghwanghaneun son
Japgoseon anajwo
Nae nachimbaneun ne soksagim

Aju orae doraganda haedo
Gyeote meomulleojwo gyesok
Hwaksini eopsneun nan gireul molla
Nega eopsin alley cat cheoreom

Bibaram morachimyeon haega tteugessji
I angaedo geothimyeon balkajigessji

Manyage manyage manyage
Dareun girieossdamyeon
Eojjeomyeon eojjeomyeon eojjeomyeon
Nan duryeopji anheul su isseosseulkka

So please
Malhaejwoyo it's all right
Buranhan i angae sok
Modeun ge hansunganirago

So please
Ige nae giriramyeon
Nae soneul kkok jabajwo
Orae hemaeji anhdorok

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
In here

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
In here

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up


Why why am I afraid
흐려진 안개 속

보이지 않아 길가엔
희미한 조명 사이엔
걸어가 두려운 밤에
다시 걸어가 두려운 밤에

바라봤어 저 먼 곳
반짝이던 흐린 빛

만약에 만약에 만약에
다른 길이었다면
어쩌면 어쩌면 어쩌면
난 두렵지 않을 수 있었을까

So please
말해줘요 it's all right
불안한 이 안개 속
모든 게 한순간이라고

So please
이게 내 길이라면
내 손을 꼭 잡아줘
오래 헤매지 않도록

내 시야를 다 가려도
널 느낄 수 있다면 난 괜찮아
I want you to be make me sure
내 불안을 걷혀줘 깜깜한

이 어둠 속에 빛이 보여도
금방 흐릿해져
다시 발걸음은 제자리

또 길을 잃고 방황하는 손
잡고선 안아줘
내 나침반은 네 속삭임

아주 오래 돌아간다 해도
곁에 머물러줘 계속
확신이 없는 난 길을 몰라
네가 없인 alley cat 처럼

비바람 몰아치면 해가 뜨겠지
이 안개도 걷히면 밝아지겠지

만약에 만약에 만약에
다른 길이었다면
어쩌면 어쩌면 어쩌면
난 두렵지 않을 수 있었을까

So please
말해줘요 it's all right
불안한 이 안개 속
모든 게 한순간이라고

So please
이게 내 길이라면
내 손을 꼭 잡아줘
오래 헤매지 않도록

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
In here

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
In here

Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up
Before the sun is rising up

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ATEEZ MIST (안개) Comments
  1. AutumnMcKookie

    This song makes me wanna make love 🥴

  2. Endy


  3. 7mx

    I don’t really see that much people talking about the lyrics. The lyrics can mean so much and means so many things. Like what I feel like it is about your problems, worries, and anxiety hongjoong said “please take away my anxiety” and wanting or having someone their with you to help you through it. That’s my opinion about the song lyrics and I think it is such an amazing song.

  4. blue orangeade


  5. Weird kid on the block

    BTS and ATEEZ are my ult boy groups and I really like imagining BTS sing ATEEZ songs
    Wooyoung - Jimin
    San - Jungkook
    Yeosang - Taehyung
    Seonghwa - Taehyung
    Yunho - J-hope
    Mingi - RM/SUGA/J-hope
    Hongjoong - SUGA/J-hope/RM

  6. lovely yerim

    woojung and jongho did that

  7. Diggasaur Diggasaur


  8. jaytinymoon


  9. Bubble Tae

    Came here after having watched Answer for several times and this song proves that Wooyoung deserves more lines. He is way beyond capable to singing higher parts. I hope in the future they allow him to sing more lines so we can see his full potential.

  10. Andrea Johnson


  11. aryana

    can we talk about how magical the background music mixed with hongjoong’s rap is at 1:31

  12. Irah Music

    1:15 my heart.... ;-;

  13. Irah Music

    This song was made wooyoung admit it ;-; my poor heart

  14. deathly svm

    *hey let’s all stare deeply into the viewer’s eyes and not tell san*

  15. Sharen Ramb

    Wooyoung i know it's your voice

  16. My Pen

    aku sorang je ke yang rasa lagu ni bunyi macam..romantik..maksud aku dalam bilik..macam..kau dengan...ok aku x explain lebih2

  17. Nami G.

    San amazes me everyday with his vocals. I can't believe that was him up top like that!! *standing applause*

  18. Still Supporting God Woojin

    "Let's looking at the camera and don't tell San"

  19. STArmY 0709

    1.01 wooyoung

  20. NyaPurple’sBTS


  21. bxby . del

    four words for u:


    Kiyah W

    Yassssssss he did😍💂🏾‍♀️💖

  22. stardust '

    *the fact that ateez have never released a bad song amazes me, but what can i say, it's ateez ;)*

  23. Sarah A

    I’m not an Atiny but I really love Mist. I should listen to the album to see if I like more Ateez songs. I found Mist in a YouTube video of the best side tracks of 2019. I’m not a fan of their title tracks to be honest.

  24. V's boxy Smile

    So please malhaejwoyo it's alright, bul–anhan I angae sog modeun ge hansungan–ilago

    Dnt touch me, I'm cryin–

  25. JiminiieLover


  26. Kate D.

    Woosan owns this song with those *misty* vocals

  27. naruto bill

    the song that made me bias wooyoung omg

  28. Stannosaurus

    This song is so poetic. 🥺
    Leave it to ATEEZ to not only have bops, but meaningful ones at that.

  29. Muji Bubu

    I used to immensely enjoy listening to music. I could just sit in the exact same position for hours listening to a song if I really liked it that much. I loved doing that, actually. I used to sit down and reminisce about sweet memories or just think about happy memories in general. I'd usually find a song I absoloutely loved and I'd feel like I could relate to it so much and listening to it would put me at ease, no matter what my mood was. I'd be absoloutely obsessed with the song and eventually let it go, but I'd quickly find other such songs.

    Although I've still been listening to different songs since and I really do love them, but it's been quite a long time since I've found a song I truly, ultimately, love, like I used to before. When I first heard MIST, I was immediately hit with all of those emotions and feelings that I used to feel when I listened to the songs I really loved. This song is really precious to me. Although, frankly speaking, most, if not all, of ATEEZ's songs have been like that, in some way.

    Idrk where exactly i was going with this but my point is thank you SO much ateez for making such beautiful music with equally beautiful lyrics :))

  30. warissra koaloon

    The song is so beautiful 😊

  31. Mariah Gordon

    this song sounds so good with both earbuds in omg 😭

  32. Anxiety Sán

    Im sorry San but let me forget you for this time, omyghad wooyoung stop being a bias wrecker😝💞 HAHHAHAH

  33. ianne

    wooyoung owns this song. no more discussions.

  34. betweencrowns

    Wooyoung 😭❤️



  36. Mariana Bloom

    Wooyoung and San have a different pronunciation technique. It was definitely Wooyoung in the beginning, since San doesn’t pronounce like that.

  37. Olena Oliynyk

    Chorus sound like a Nu'est "Love paint"😄

  38. A Cup of Tae

    When Wooyoung is your bias-

  39. A Cup of Tae

    Someone else who reads the title in German? 😂 it’s somehow funny

  40. ViNni

    I'm addicted to Hongjoong part 1:29💞

  41. Karen Silva

    I can't wait till they play this live

  42. Ra라가드


  43. Haley Shih

    maybe it's just me but this song gives me major maddox vibes

    Hermine M

    If you're talking about who I think... Maddox works with Eden a lot, and Eden works with ateez. I think maddox might even have worked with ateez too? Not 100% sure though

    Hermine M he was a guest performer at an ateez concert :)

  44. V's boxy Smile

    Wooyoung's vocal in this is breathtaking, killing me softly 💜

  45. Hay Nay

    What a beautiful song I’m so glad I discovered ATEEZ and their music.

  46. Lyne Slim

    WOW Wooyoung is amazing, all of them are.

    At first everyone was saying that it was San and then I saw another lyrics video and in that one it was Wooyoung singing the chorus and I was so confused cause i thought it was San, but it sounded more like Wooyoung and my brain stopped working for a sec lol. Now we know it's Wooyoung who sings the chorus and you can actually hear it.

    Wooyoung's voice in my opinion is fuller than San's, and San's voice is much lighter and smoother.

    This song is one of my favorite it's beautiful!!!

  47. Bonita Dover

    why does this song make me cry when San sings? his voice is beautiful i want them all to hit me with a bus UwU :,,,,,,,,,,,<

  48. Kiiim :3

    La voz de Wooyoung es tan hermosa :3

  49. Danielle Carter

    I’m writing up to a death/funeral scene and this will be perfect background music for it [insert evil grin here]

  50. neozxnv 。

    Freakin love this song ahhhHhhH

  51. Karla Famania


  52. Nct Dream Fixed Unit

    I loveeeeeee it

  53. britanny Binns

    Wooyoung finally getting the recognition he deserves and I’m a sucker for sans voice. And jonghos high notes 😭😭 honghoon my bias and mingis voice is so sexy

  54. Rahmah Hayati

    i feel like this group is second BTS hahahhaha...wooyoung just totally like Jimin BTS from his visual and voice....just love all of them...*heart*

    Lves J

    Rahmah Hayati don’t ever say that again. They have a name ATEEZ ok

  55. w.heredxthebxysgo

    Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe,,,they could give yeosang more lines/solo parts
    Also wooyoungs voice is so so pretty

  56. aijolan simmons


  57. Kpop Deserves More


  58. Zina Kramcha

    Wooyoung lookes on this pic a little bit like jimin,is anyone agree with me?

  59. Was not expecting that from san and wooyoung

  60. nanala m

    in vlive san said wooyoung its hard practice for his line "so please........"

  61. Jackie 10969

    Coming back after knowing San convinced EDEN to let Woo sing in the chorus! I LOVE BEST FRIENDS💕💕

    Hermine M

    wait, how do you know this :o

    Jackie 10969

    Hermine M it was when San went live on Vlive, you can see in their profile that one clip with eng subs and he says that it was a hard song for woo and he convinced EDEN for him to do it and he felt proud ; )

  62. Tiramisu Jira_SJ

    Good song

  63. Lisa Pine

    Is there anything Ateez can’t do? What was that they can do everything and we will still be shook

  64. Ateez fan

    When god was making Wooyoung in his bowl:

    Vocals = 100 000 000 000 spoons
    Sexy = 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 spoons
    Height = woops I dropped my spoon, should I pick it up? Nehhhhh

    Woosan Hardcore


  65. Blury Blur

    Wooyoung!!!♥️♥️ Beautiful vocals!

  66. mai in wonderland


  67. Sofia Munoz

    Wooyoung akdnskf skf ♥️

  68. Min Suga

    Ateez: Let’s all look into the camera and not tell San

  69. Sin Claire

    Wooyoung: *started the song with his beautiful vocal*

    Me: *faints*

    This is wooyoung’s song yall

  70. straykidsuh

    1:15 THE VOICE, it's art for my ears

  71. Elena B.

    MIST Line Distribution with correct voices
    Seonghwa - 15.01 seconds
    Hongjoong - 25.28 seconds
    Yunho - 17.91 seconds
    Yeosang - 5.13 seconds :(
    San - 11.52 seconds
    Mingi - 13.13 seconds
    Wooyoung - 24.79 seconds
    Jongho - 14.23 seconds

    1) Hongjoong
    2) Wooyoung
    3) Yunho
    4) Seonghwa
    5) Jongho
    6) Mingi
    7) San
    8) Yeosang :(

  72. Jimin-Ssi Jungkook-ah

    Wooyoung OMG !!❤

  73. Dana Yok


  74. Dana Yok


  75. Dana Yok


  76. Dana Yok


  77. Maria Grace Morales


  78. Eireann Norton

    🤧😻 seonghwas one line. Beautiful

  79. iamagrumpyorangecat

    Yeosang looks E T H E R E A L.

  80. Deen Yusof

    Their vocal really killing me...

  81. CS.

    all this time I thought it was san the first one to sing and it's woo omg

  82. mayu ʚĭɞ


  83. Minedeeper A.R.M.Y

    I noticed something

    Before Mingis verse there is no Fix on here

  84. Star Xmoon

    Why im feel like wooyoung voice is like jimin voice 😂😂😂

  85. maysieee

    this is ateez’s best song PERIODT

  86. كريم علي

    This song is about them, it surely is a part of their reality and their feelings.
    It gives me feelings of completely being lost when i hear this song. It's like they need someone or something to help them, to lead them
    , to reassure them, to tell them that it'll be alright no matter what.
    I can't stop listening to this song wallah it hits home and makes me either cry or tear up everytime i listen to it.
    It is and will always be one of the very least touching unique songs, i've never heard a song that holds the same meaning and atmosphere as this one; i can't believe the amount of feelings they literally pour into their music especially mist.

  87. bibby

    Apparently this is one of the less popular songs of the album, and that is freaking insane??!!! This is my favorite!

    كريم علي

    Totally agree it's so underrated and it's my favorite

    Minedeeper A.R.M.Y

    You're not alone it's my favorite too

  88. Adit Fadhillah

    who the hell sang "before the sun is rising up" im curious

  89. Alison Marie Sua

    Either Ateez or somebody needs to make choreography for this song especially for the amazing dramatic chorus

  90. كريم علي

    It IS wooyoung singing the chorus; lord no matter how much i talk about this song i seriously would never describe it; i swear i would never be able to put the feelings i hold for this song.
    It has definately become my favorite song of the whole ass year or maybe my favorite song ever and no song could ever reolace this one's place in my heart.
    Everything's been bad lately but this song; ateez existing out there and making me just so happy and strong no matter how hard things can get.
    I swear to god they give me so much power and hope to go on that i love them with all my heart.
    I litterally am crying while writing this comment and that's why it's too long i just got way into it.
    I live them with all my goddamn heart and i would die for them, atinys i love you stay happy and healthy.
    Ok bye.

  91. nicole

    I love this song so much. I still can’t differentiate all the vocals yet and I loved the chorus. I knew Jongho was the second part, but the first part was so beautiful,too. Of course it’s San lol.

    كريم علي

    It's actually wooyoung singing the first part of the chorus, also the channel owner apologised for that mistake due to how quick she made this color code video.


    Oh really? His voice is so good. I don’t think San has any lines the lol

    كريم علي

    @nicole it is wooyoung wallah


    I believe you, I was just saying it looks like San doesn’t have any lines.

    كريم علي

    @nicole oh sorry i read it wrong 😂💜

  92. tavonna dorsett

    Am I the only one who feels like this sounds like a 90’s r&b song? Like I low key fee like I could see boyz 2 men singing this lol

  93. chelleorama

    oh my gosh i have to stan their voices are absolutely amazing in this

  94. ulfa amatul

    Only people with real taste are in love with MIST and im one of them

    كريم علي

    I became i a bitch for mist

  95. Sallie Andrea

    The way that chorus slaps. Like this song is my absolute favourite in the album

  96. a Sushi Koi

    I find weird that I still didn't heard anyone saying Seonghwa needs more lines too.
    Small reflection: Actually if KQ gave them the lines they deserved the song will last too much, ik😂

  97. momo mikitty

    Wooyoung ah.. your voice made my whole life. Thank you so much ❤😢

  98. momo mikitty

    Holy shit Woo !!! My heart !!! T^T Your voice is like an angel