ATEEZ - If Without You Lyrics


Gwaenchana neoneun jigeum
Byeolcheoreom binnajana
Neoneun moreugetjiman

Hwanhage balkyeojuneun geol
Igoseul muldeullyeo
Neoneun nae mameul muldeullyeo

Neon nareul useum jitge hae
Dasi ireonage hae
Igeol arajwosseumyeon jokesseo woo yeah oh

Neul bakken kkotdeuri pine
Itgo sipeo geudae pume
Nan kkore seollebal chine
Chagaun nunbichi nal bichwojwosseumyeon hae

Chaewo gadeuk naege mureul jwoyo
Pieonalge peurijieocheoreom
Taeyang arae nega isseumyeon hae
Jeo chowon wireul nawa hamkke

If without you
Without you
Haetsal gadeuk han ohue
Goyangicheoreom neureojyeo nan neureojyeo nan

If without you
Without you
Immatdo eopseojineun geot gata

Geureoni nae gyeote isseo
Nae gyeote isseo jwo

Neora keun geon an barae
Baraneun geon neonde nege mworeul deo barae
Dasi kkorireul mune
Ne sojunghame daehae malhada bomyeon haruneun bye

Eueum igeotdo
Eueum jeogeotdo
Nae segyeneun ontong neonikkan
Ne pume saneun nareul akkyeo deo

Nae simjange ne hyanggiga meomul su itge
Sumi teok makidorok maebeon seollege

We were one
We're still one
Ttak buteoseo urin one

If without you
Without you
Haetsal gadeuk han ohue
Goyangicheoreom neureojyeo nan neureojyeo nan

If without you
Without you
Immatdo eopseojineun geot gata

Geureoni nae gyeote isseo
Nae gyeote isseo jwo

Neowa hamkkehaetdeon sigan
Modeun geosi neomu haengbokae
Haneulboda nopeul mankeum
Neoreul akkyeo geureoke oh

If without you
Without you
Haetsal gadeuk han ohue
Goyangicheoreom neureojyeo nan neureojyeo nan

If without you
Without you
Immatdo eopseojineun geot gata

Geureoni nae gyeote isseo
Nae gyeote isseo jwo


괜찮아 너는 지금
별처럼 빛나잖아
너는 모르겠지만

환하게 밝혀주는 걸
이곳을 물들여
너는 내 맘을 물들여

넌 나를 웃음 짓게 해
다시 일어나게 해
이걸 알아줬으면 좋겠어 woo yeah oh

늘 밖엔 꽃들이 피네
있고 싶어 그대 품에
난 꼴에 설레발 치네
차가운 눈빛이 날 비춰줬으면 해

채워 가득 내게 물을 줘요
피어날게 프리지어처럼
태양 아래 네가 있으면 해
저 초원 위를 나와 함께

If without you
Without you
햇살 가득 한 오후에
고양이처럼 늘어져 난 늘어져 난

If without you
Without you
입맛도 없어지는 것 같아

그러니 내 곁에 있어
내 곁에 있어 줘

너라 큰 건 안 바래
바라는 건 넌데 네게 뭐를 더 바래
다시 꼬리를 무네
네 소중함에 대해 말하다 보면 하루는 bye

으음 이것도
으음 저것도
내 세계는 온통 너니깐
네 품에 사는 나를 아껴 더

내 심장에 네 향기가 머물 수 있게
숨이 턱 막히도록 매번 설레게

We were one
We're still one
딱 붙어서 우린 one

If without you
Without you
햇살 가득 한 오후에
고양이처럼 늘어져 난 늘어져 난

If without you
Without you
입맛도 없어지는 것 같아

그러니 내 곁에 있어
내 곁에 있어 줘

너와 함께했던 시간
모든 것이 너무 행복해
하늘보다 높을 만큼
너를 아껴 그렇게 oh

If without you
Without you
햇살 가득 한 오후에
고양이처럼 늘어져 난 늘어져 난

If without you
Without you
입맛도 없어지는 것 같아

그러니 내 곁에 있어
내 곁에 있어 줘

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ATEEZ If Without You Comments
  1. Linda Xiong

    imagine hearing this on tour and they do the "waaaahhhhhh" lmaoo cuties.

  2. A2Z atiny

    0:35 😳

  3. Tair Nave

    The voices they do at the end make me feel so warm

  4. Navdeep Kaur

    Okay I actually teared up when I realized that my bias seonghwa got my favorite lines in the song

  5. Nekomura Tsukiyo

    Everyone be like "YEOSANG'S VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE" and honestly same but is no one talking about wooyoung

  6. Alesia R

    Does anyone think the instrumental remind the of fruits basket? The even mention a cat and in hongjoong rap he says he is biting his tail lol I like this song

  7. Anita Sánchez

    Yeosang I love you my heart i love for you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Mingi San p

    Thank you

  9. Wahids Daud

    San part is a boop🙏🏻🙏🏻❤

  10. Arios Kisi

    KQ is paying dust to Yeosang & Seonghwa vocal ability and even though If Without You is probably Yeosang's "SONG" it is still and definitely not enough

  11. Far Hana

    is this singer's persona in this song is a cat?

  12. Far Hana

    this is the cutest and the sweetest song i've ever heard

  13. Kim Hongjoong Is mine

    I think I broke the replay button because of hongjoong's rap

  14. SAN ity

    damn you KQ give Yeosang more lines already !

  15. • loser •

    San’s vocals are higher than my grades 🌚🔥

  16. • loser •

    Why didn’t I hear this bop before? Well better late than never

  17. Daily Six

    If without yeosang, I'm not here.. thank u KQ!

  18. Rosy Marks

    The ending reminds me of Tellytubbies

  19. 宝宝angel

    Holy shit ateez vocal line rly is no joke

  20. Koemi _chan_


  21. Yeo Sang

    He does have lines

  22. Yeo Sang

    Ok I am sorry

  23. Yeo Sang

    Yeosang had A line ONE line

  24. hoe for ATEEZ

    This song is so underrated-

  25. Multifandom Shruti

    San's "You color my heart" is so freaking beautiful

  26. Hawk Eyes

    Fix on 0:44

  27. live To Sing

    Best channel on YouTube for line distribution and colour coded 😍😍


    ادماني الحلوو💜💜💜💜💜💜

  29. Cutie Chibi

    This song is the song with the best line distribution !!!

  30. vegito super sayian blue

    Yeosang has 17 seconds of lines

  31. mae !

    wow i’m in love

  32. Samaher fuad

    omg omg omg am so sorry that am an amry ,but i can relate this to my bias #kimtaehyung every lyrics of this is sooooo becomimg a fan wow.

  33. ROX ETTE

    Everytime yeosang sing it makes me happy uwu

  34. Atiny Shine forever

    While listening to the song
    Me:😭😭😭i can't live without u

  35. someone who likes K-Pop and emo music

    👏why👏do👏i👏relate👏so👏bloody👏much👏 *_;-;_* 👏

  36. Auralya Marsha

    let's put pic of yunho that only shows that charming eyes of him, just-

    i got lost

  37. Mari Kookie

    I'm happy that this song has fair line distribution and for Yeosang with his beautiful lines, but let me just say that San and Jongho's background vocals are beautiful af especially at 2:02 ! Favorite song on the album, just as perfect as Promise.

    (Maybe someone else is doing the singing adlibs too, can't entirely tell unless it was shown somewhere accurate)

  38. cby yay

    is this right because yeosang actually has lines and its kinda surprising

  39. shirley Y. C.P.

    Me encanta esta canción ☺

  40. Chatise Smith

    The chorus sounds like You got it bad by Usher

    if Itisntlove


  41. suzie

    waaaaah! aAAAaaa.

  42. •Løvely Føx•

    Hahahahahahaha i thought the spoiler that was given at us in ANEWZ #2 will be at their anniversary .

  43. xbbyvoleak

    Good feels kinda vibez that i absolutely fw 💗💯✨

  44. kieran

    what early 2000s r&b bullshit is this

    min taee

    kieran ?

  45. Yza J

    this is the real bop.. 😍

  46. milly solis


  47. Khobi_H0Bi94

    Can someone do a mashup of this song and Taeyong's long flight? The vibe is the same... Like if u agree... 👍❤️👌

    Isabella Kaira

    wait i was thinking the exact same thing!💀

  48. TheSarah0510


  49. iHungRyy YT

    They sampled Usher - Nice N Slow!
    ATEEZ is the greatest.....

  50. Milk tae

    3:06 Teletubies alert


    yes stranger but cuute

  51. Amina Rafi


  52. Vanessa R L

    The end is so funny yet cute I can't, I love it, we need to see it live!!! 😂

  53. chae hayoung

    *Hong joong: I wish for you the most*
    *Me: well honey, I wish at least you could know who I am T_T*

  54. chae hayoung

    *San: "you colour my heart"*
    *Me: "you colour my whole world"*

  55. chae hayoung

    Thanks a lot for making this lyrics video
    I'm really in love with this song

  56. Luv Winehouse

    the color that san`s voice brought to this song,really a dinamic singer,very airy and light vocals
    love it.

  57. Lucy.

    1- I couldn’t hold my laugh when I heard Mingi’s FIX ON, he’s too adorable.
    2- The lyrics are just too beautiful.. must send them to my bestfriend.

  58. TheSarah0510

    this is my fav track off their album (after the title) AGHassfdaeglkegj so cute

  59. kri

    this is officially the cutest ateez song i'm sorry dlbw

    • loser •

    kri agreed

  60. a normal fangirl

    I didnt expect that scream at the end. Lmao so cute

  61. Valerie TnT

    The instrument remind me of Nintendo music

  62. Mia Nicole Tsur

    This is Yeosang's song, just like Mist is Wooyoung's song. I just love this album, as every song is owned by a member. Yunho definitely owned Wonderland, Win is Mingi's, Dazzling Light is Hongjoong's, With U is Jongho's, Thank U is San's, Sunrisecis Seonghwa's.

    Jase Phomphiphack

    And star 1117 is atiny's song <3

    live To Sing

    Correct yeosang have such a sweet voice he deserved this song ☺️☺️

  63. disappointmentisme

    This is a moment in history that must be recorded

    Yeosang got 3 chorus lines

    His voice is just so beautiful, I CANT-


    Y’all never fail to impress us 👏🏿❤️💣

  65. Destiny Choi

    YEOSANGS LINES BICH LETS BASKU. But San bby, hml 😭😭😭. They should perform this ! Like omfgggggg aurora got so big and this and mist has the same potential!

  66. Nylah McKinney

    Yeosang finally has lines and not just words. I'm happy🥰

  67. Nylah McKinney

    the voices at the end😂

  68. Anisha Srikar

    This song and Promise are my fave Ateez songs ever periodt

  69. Faith Gracielle

    I found San's sideways beautiful

  70. Atiny forever

    I will die if i without u(ateez)

  71. Ae Ra Jung

    Anyone else getting the "Blanket Kick" vibe from this song? :) It's so cheesy, I love it!

  72. mermy gillis

    My boyfriend broke up with me but Yeosang got lines and sounds heavenly so imma be ok

    ONCE upon a TWICE, ATEEZ was LIFE

    mermy gillis damn.... Ateez is stalking us👀😅

    BestPysanky Inc

    mermy gillis Q

  73. Sierra Jackson

    Get those lines Yeosang!!!!!

  74. lena rain

    I love San's voice

  75. nqlamii

    the little screams at the end shdhsks

  76. K.Terry 97

    This is Yeosang's song hehe! Such a lovely song 😍💕😭🌸

  77. BL00MY


  78. Susana Soares

    Eu amo demais💜

  79. Taffy Lion09600


  80. Zay Seokkie Jinniey

    3:07 I don't know why im giggles.. Maybe it's cute.. Hehe

    Nana A.

    Zay Seokkie Jinniey me too

  81. hwi paramed

    0:33 san really is THAT vocalist

    hoe for ATEEZ

    I kinda didn't belive it first, like whAt? WhEn??

    • loser •

    hwi paramed yaasss


    someone finally said it

  82. kaylee

    they are SERVING

  83. Sarah Christensen


    Thank me later😉

    Karen Downing

    Its crazy that I automatically knew what is at those times?

    BestPysanky Inc

    Ha ha same


    Omg I knew it...😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭 But still thanks!!

    Seonghwa please marry me

    That’s literally my favorite part 😭😭 and after it Jongho singing “if without you” is just so beautiful 🥺 Yeosang deserves more lines his voice is so beautiful 😍

    Seonghwa please marry me

    at least he has actual lines then just words 😔✊

  84. Sleeping Daylight

    Yeosang has lines woah thanks producers finally!

  85. ChirpB

    I dont think my heart can take it anymore.

    Thank you for being reliable and amazing!!! We love you!!!

    hong joongie

    Just Me, Obviously 🧡🧡🧡

  86. Caitlin

    At this point I’m looking for Mingi his “Fix on” in every song 😂

    ONCE upon a TWICE, ATEEZ was LIFE

    Caitlin oh that’s what he’s saying 😆 I thought it was some something else

    Lofy BTS ARMY

    Me too I'm so used to hearing it every time👏🏼👏🏼😂😂

    Seonghwa please marry me

    I literally always say it, and not just while listening to their songs like I say it randomly too 😭 in a conversation me “Fix on” 🙈🙈✊

  87. Oso Kaching

    Какой нежный невинный голос у Есана

  88. Jingga Senja

    I love them I love this... And yunho voice just make me 😢. Thank you so much for always make color coded lyrics for all their B sides... Gomawoooo 😁

    hong joongie

    Jingga Senja You’re welcome!🧡🧡

  89. the green rose

    Jongho's voice...:*

  90. taetaehobie9495

    Omg this song has this ””old”” kpop song vibe or that Chris Brown’s song vibe XD I love it!!! 😩💖💖

    Ae Ra Jung

    I know! It gives me the same feeling as Blanket Kick of BTS. ATINYARMYs rise!

  91. SharpPulse

    1:36-1:40 Hongjong sounds so adorable. I can’t! 😍

  92. Ni made Dwi maharani

    My favorite song!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. ATINYxSTAYxNCTzen x

    3:07 Imagine how they recorded those sounds😂 I wish they had it on video


    they sound like the mii people in wii sports resort when you play bowling or something haha


    I need the recording video of this part!!!

    i need seoxyjin

    @jungwoostardust HAHAHAHA

    • loser •

    ATINYxSTAYxNCTzen x lmaoo

    • loser •

    Neotoeyong lmaooo


    This is to cute, all my uwus are scattering around, i legit shed tears because I can't handle this overload cuteness

  95. jessica r

    can we talk about the fact they called cats droopy


    it’s probably a simile that makes sense in Korean idk- we have stuff like that in our language( telugu+ hindi)

    jenn x

    Saw the comment at the same time as it came on screen and I'm SCREAMING

    Xian Thong Han

    Especially Yeosang singing it :3

    • loser •

    jessica r lmaoo

  96. jessie

    i live for the yeosang lines in this song

  97. Pretie Ramdial

    You're the only one I trust with the colour coded lyrics and distribution.

    Bnnn Xcvv

    BTW not all of it is correct but it is okay

  98. Alex A

    I love Yeosang's voice, so I'm seriously happy he has more lines in this song 🥺

  99. am I you ///



    hong joongie

    am I you /// 🧡🧡🧡

  100. A N A 0 7 2 2

    My baby Jongho 💕 we know his vocals, but this one.. Yeosang sweetie.. I'm crazy in love every time I hear you sing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Thank u for the video 💞