ATC - Set Me Free Lyrics

Set me free [3x]
Stop tearing up my heart
tearing me apart
Set me free [3x]

set me free
I see when you're driving along the highway
if love like that is shining in your eyes
I remember everything you have told me
come on [4x]
leave me all alone
why don't you go on home
so you don't know how happy I will be
I don't need your love
I don't want your love
so come on and set me free


Set me free [3x]
stop messing with my mind
you're wasting time
set me free [3x]
can't break your heart
set me free

If you never wanted to feel my lovin'
then let me just keep walking on my way
do you ever think you can change your love life
your life
now is the best time to leave it all behind
you really want to make me feel so blue
I don't need your love
I don't want your love
so come on and set me free



now when did if all go wrong
I thought love would go on and on and on and on
want you change
want you change your life
set me free



Set me free [3x]
can't break your heart
set me free

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ATC Set Me Free Comments
  1. Arturo Ariel

    Número 2 en pop? Cómo ha cambiado el pop!

  2. MusicLover_KB

    It's been awhile since I've looked this up and honestly, now the choreography is laughable to me. As for the song itself, it's alright

  3. Martin Bräse

    Was ist eigentlich aus denn Sängern bzw Sängerinen geworden was tun sie heute. 🤔😅😎😃😁.

  4. Elora TheFoxxy1

    Those girls are twins aren't they? Like look closely at their faces. They look alot alike besides the hair

  5. Omar Hammani Harrachi

    2018 who watching .



  7. Fifaia Hunter Matainaho

    90s pop dance music was my jam..loved this song..ATC's 'set me free' was our party back in Uni..too good


    this was 2000s

  8. Waseem Dabbas

    I though I know all about ATC, but this one this is my first time seing it

  9. Jonathan Bannigan

    Good music!

  10. theslayerboy

    SET ME FREE! 🙌🏼 #idontneedyourlove #idontwantyourlove

  11. gosia Lewandowska

    I hate it so much, Damn 90s Singers A Batjet to Nickelodeonland

    Vigo 894

    Go back to Lady Gaga boy.


    says the Iggy Azalea stan lol... crap taste

  12. Sinan Arslan

    Better than Despacito

  13. estonianpunk

    This is beyond BAD... Yet I need those two awful CDs in My collection...

    ...for research purposes of course... ;)

  14. Алексей Лобков

    Супер пускай забирают меня в группу .

  15. Martina Gmainer

    dieses Lied habe ich auf Spotify angehört!😄👍

  16. Dustin Smith

    that a great tune

  17. EdunchiVEVO

    I usually love all of their choreographies but this one is bad

  18. lizzy Q

    OMG one of the guys actually singing part of the song! *shock setting in*

  19. Jonathan Bannigan

    All eyes on the blonde boy, and his sexy midriff, at 2:40. Rawr.

  20. Starlight Fox

    awesome !

  21. Pasquale Tropea

    ho tanta nostalgiaa... :-( voglio tornare in dietroooo :-(

  22. Chiara Poppa

    Queste si che erano belle canzoni

  23. Sgeo

    Just shocked that ATC made a song that isn't a love song.

  24. Simeon Teelucksingh

    listening to these songs make me feel old

  25. Zdenka Sarkoziova


  26. Jarek Svoboda

    that's good pop music, I like it

  27. Dominic Jaisingh


  28. EllaTiti MC

    What I like about these groups they aren't all perverted n stuff & hyper sexualized like other groups & solo artists. They seem more fun & nice, and they don't throw eyeballs n triangles all over the place. 😁


    @EllaTiti MC You`re write . Now I only prefer listening to these songs, than watching videoclips. greetings.

    Mary Bliss peanutcat1977

    EllaTiti MC Well said!!!


    EllaTiti MC SET ME FREE! 🙌🏼

    Steven Paul Jobs

    German niveau.. like Sandra, Modern Talking, Moti Special, ... Nowadays Germans just have Felix Jaehn, Tujamo,..


    Well said. The world needs more groups like this. Just found their music and really love least there is meaning within the songs.

  29. Miracle

    At least they have actual gorgeous women to back up their autotune unlike some modern pop trash

  30. MrHamit64

    Man, this song is cool too!

  31. Rogue Warrior

    that girl singing and driving the car is gorgeus

  32. Blush of Pearl

    I guess the guys were just there for kicks and giggles? All the music videos I've seen by ATC, the guys have about two lines in the whole song - and they all sound the same from one song to another. XD Don't get me wrong, I do like ATC's songs, but the guys were more like permanent backup dancers. >.<

  33. jillie bean

    school set me free please set me free

  34. denise salinas

    OMG the blond guy so cute :3

  35. Michael Wittmann

    This is my favorite song of all time.

  36. sirkompik

    WOW... MTV kiedyś jednak nadawało muzykę... A ja głupi myślał że to legendy

  37. Gabriel Black

    definitely the brunette bro

  38. Ding Dong

    I loved their clothes and their songs, what a pity we don´t have groups like these nowadays

  39. julia legiec

    i <3 it

  40. PuppyLover

    I have always loved A Touch of Class. This is one of my most favorite groups.

  41. Lamine LamineAnjou

    Fini la Comedie , maintenant mon coeur est libre et pour TOUJOURS restera Libre je ne vais plus jamais aimer jamais jamais !!!

  42. mmckenz89

    the chicks are so hot and i missed this song. i'm so old :P

  43. Elvira Ostrovskaya

    This song from 2002! :D

  44. MountaineerHacker

    I agree! And great voices.

  45. Quickscript Creations

    Now this is music!

  46. Robert Leinenga

    lovin' the old times :D

  47. Angelo Cabooter

    atc lijkt een beetje op steps maar dan met 4 inplaats van 5 maar ze ze hebben allebij niet altijd van van die leuke liedjes steps heeft er wel een paar zoals 5,6,7,8 last thing on my mind en one for sorrow

  48. TheHerpDerpNation

    You can criticize those men, but they are more famous than you'll ever be. They have fans. And beautiful faces.

  49. Josephine Huynh

    >~< Don't understand why people say the guys are "gay", they help make the song better, and they're good looking... <3 ATC

  50. sammy4u30

    ur a dude aren't u @addprogram>>>?<<< u like the guys in atc dont u...

  51. Minsetti

    @onewingedangel326 it's MTV 2.



  52. marco fle

    mi piace non la vevo mai sentita

  53. Ganda Zobel de Ayala

    mediocre song and vid

  54. onewingedangel326

    notice the mtv symbol.. i remember when mtv actually played music videos lol

  55. Migachello

    I love your voice Tracey. You are so cute. i'm in love

  56. Flareton

    I gotta say, I usually listen to trance music, but this is pretty good.

  57. rekaepa

    lol at the fake car smoke lol
    Mustve not been in their budget lol

  58. Erika Bäck

    @JimWalshified sweden somewhere haha :P Torslanda I think :P

  59. CasaWalshProductions

    @MissHighOnSugar1991 Where was this recorded? :D

  60. johnson1984100

    livio is all mine

  61. F.Y.E AMVs

    I like the way the one girl in the background with the feather in her hair looks. she's pretty

  62. UnitiveWILLIAM24

    Wow i remember this song from a while back haha. Such a great song!
    If any of you guys have the time, check out my songs that i wrote myself. I'm 16 and im an upcoming musician. Theyre not professionally recorded but you can get an idea of what it can be. Thanks!

  63. Erika Bäck

    It's my godparents red Cadillac and my neighbors beige dodge dart (i think it's a dodge dart anyway hehe) :P

  64. George Munteanu

    were are you?:X:X:X:X

  65. Sheldon Stevig

    @CamuiEvil haha wow ur dumb

  66. syoyoxoxo

    Seriously ATC r bonsh of gay singers..

  67. MrAlexStephen

    ATC in my heart forever! love u guys!

  68. maryuss9

    i love them...

  69. vicsan121

    Heh, these songs are the Bubblegum Pop of the 90's.

  70. Vigo 894

    @kb0montty= I like Lady Gaga. Poker Face and Bad Romance make me want to dance.

  71. Vigo 894

    I don't care what anyone else thinks. This is proof that there was some good music in the Millenium Decade. I can't decide who's cuter. Sarah or Traci. They are super babes.

  72. Leo Cronier

    @w3$0m3 S0ng

  73. felipe ventura

    I pop some pumpkin seeds deep inside that rump she got! And we'd play around the world during the sowing, and harvesting ;)

  74. Royke88

    It's because of the clothes they ware.

  75. sn.Thinh

    some parts they woren't together but idk because they are AWESOME U HERE? AWESOME

  76. syranas111

    that was meant to be 2 guys are effing hot... couldnt type well at 9pm

  77. syranas111

    also all the gay fans lol. the 2 gays are effing hot. also some songs such as "New York City" they have major parts and without their deeper voices the choir parts would lack depth and definition

  78. Rickrey

    they just help doing choirs indeed

  79. Imshan D

    well ten, maybe they ARE taken! Ever think of that? ATC Rox!!!!!

  80. Steven Nagy

    Livio is very handsome in this vid.
    I love him..

  81. Rolf

    Super endlich gibt es mein Lieblingsvideo in klarer Qualität.

    sooooo schön!!!!

  82. userman48


    Indomables Channel

    fuck fuck fuck 💩💩💩