ATC - Secret World Lyrics

Comets in the skies are shining
than the stars are flying
You can close your eyes and feel free
In my secret world

It's just another rainy day
You need to find another way
To get away from this dimension

Listen to what you feel inside
There is no need for you to hide
Follow me through these new directions

You can dream about it
Fantasize it
Come into my world


I know there's something in your mind
Each time I look into your eyes
We can create a new connection

Together we play this simple game
Whenever you need me, call my name
Feel this pure vibration

You can dream about it
Fantasize it
Come into my world

[Chorus x2]

Hear me, calling, fall into my secret world
Hear me, calling...


Listen to my voice and singing
Melodies you never heard
Only when you let yourself fall in my secret world


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ATC Secret World Comments
  1. Danko Djarmotsky

    I love You Sarah 😚😚😚

  2. mike gulley

    I love you ATC.

  3. Leo M

    ATC forever.

  4. wodnik741


  5. Pradip Misra

    this is one of the most best songs i have ever heard. it's sad that they split apart.

  6. dasecret0ne

    Thanks for the Memories ATC
    Thanks for uploading ^.^

  7. ATC A touch of class

    Thank you very much :D