ATC - New York City Lyrics

New York City [3x]
Hey girl let me take you down to the place
play girl put a smile on your pretty face
hey girl from Chicago to London town
(from Chicago to London town)

good tight is a new stand of mine
baby let this thing of my cast just behind
this is a place to be
New York city
come on now

let's come to the place where the boys are pretty
New York city [2x]
If you want the best come to
New York city [2x]
come on now
let's go to the place where the girls are pretty
New York city [2x]
if you want the best come to
New York city [2x]
come on now

New York city [3x]

hey you let us walking in the central park
hey you, you should not walk inside when it's dark
baby if you come you'll be having fun
(if you come you'll be having fun)

people of all nations all around
knocking when your ordain kick you when you down
this is a place to be
New York city
come on now


the clock keeps turning
don't hesitate
you set it fool
you can't change your faith

can you feel it [4x]


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ATC New York City Comments
  1. Bradley2000

    Dude who starts in blue shirt seems familiar. Er sieht am besten aus. Where do I know him from? Er liebt Sex. lol Ich habe gehört, er liebt Sex & looks better than ever right now. Has better voice than other too.

  2. George Radaira

    Goood Music
    Hot People

  3. WhittanyBrittanyBskt

    I really this song. The sampling of the 1975 song Sky High by the group Jigsaw sounds great in this song

  4. Med Jay Paris

    The guys are so hot ! And the music is good

  5. Jacob Mote

    I wish they would make more music.

  6. Elora TheFoxxy1

    Holy shit this is hot.The dudes look super good in this like wow. I love how different is from other things they've done mmhmm

  7. Alfredo Alvareź

    This song is amazing! !!!!

  8. O Y

    I really like ATC but now I feel old since I recognized the intro riff from a 1975 song called Sky High by Jigsaw, You guy's and gals will do just fine by not digging up 42 year old tunes to mix in.

  9. Martina Gmainer

    Dieses Lied gefällt mir auch sehr!

  10. Martina Gmainer

    ich finde das Video ist ein Hit!🗽🎧

  11. cliff and nicole trasferini

    i love atc

  12. Matthew Clemence

    Too bad this song wasn't more of a sucess, especially soon after 9/11.

  13. A Wolfe

    I live for those queens. First drag queens I ever saw, and they're turning it.

  14. George Macpherson

    If these people are still the member of ATC they certainly look different. What are they doing now.

    Aqua Marina

    ikr , they look different with each song . especially the blonde guy

  15. Damien Revell

    My god is it just me or did the boys get hotter and hotter over time ?

    Alexander K.

    Yes, they did!

  16. SuperKLELIO

    it's called "irony"

  17. Rug C.

    Ricky never thought Ricky Martin is from Mars..but what the heck..:)) Big Thumb up man !

  18. Francesco Gallucci

    not their best song. but still LOVE ATC.

  19. MsDominicana

    His name is Joseph "Joey" Murray and his from New Zealand

  20. MsDominicana


  21. PuppyLover

    This is the first time I heard this song. I am starting to like this song.

  22. star18prince

    love this song

  23. Ding Dong

    @cranberryfool OMG you must be very inteligent to write such a beautiful lyrics...

  24. Jeffrey Beaver

    Wow that's a totally differnt look

  25. F.Y.E AMVs

    I love this song!

  26. Ana

    I like the gu singing at 1:28

  27. 4favoriteanime

    @piscesrising2006 i believe none of the members are gay

  28. James Warner

    I think I should correct some ram-pet misinformation. First Livio and Joey are not gay. If I'm correct Livio lives in Rome with his girlfriend for 2yrs and Joey is slated to marred in 2012. Yes this album was a flop, why? Dance Music was all but dead. Unfortunately had they hung in there till 2006 (Song from 2005 album) they would have done allot better in compatiton to GaGa and AOB new album Golden Ratio. Not to Mention guest Appearances on Dancing with The Stars

  29. axel0c

    so now they all look hotter and theyre not bad at singing, why would they not succeed?

  30. bietske

    Horrible song! They have better songs!

  31. Trancemaniac3000

    wow the group!

  32. Ding Dong

    if your biggest problem is if the guys are gay or not you should go to see a doctor

  33. johnson1984100

    livio is so much hoter joey i love livio lots my livio..

  34. MeinnameistDreck

    Yeah, Europe gets this and the US gets shit like American Idol....

  35. fastnsexy

    They all looked their best in this video

  36. Ella645

    i like tracey the most.

  37. Bob No

    Ricky Martian hip shake :) and I remember seeing this video at 9 and never even noticing those Drag Queens aaah how the worlds changed from good music like its all about sex and weed

  38. mkkris73

    I love ATC, but this song is horrible. I expect better from them

  39. JuniperJaye

    Nothing. Nothing at all. :3

  40. BrechiBeat

    So fist so fun

  41. conker690

    This is so europop it makes my eyes explode.....of awesomeness....

  42. Chris Henry

    @LOTRC okay im sold im going to NEW YORK CITY lol

  43. Nick's Channel

    their best song!

  44. Chris Henry

    @LOTRC wish i was in new york lol

  45. Chris Henry

    @PemtiumVideo i 100% agree with you

  46. Chris Henry

    @PemtiumVideo why mtv ?

  47. Chris Henry

    @PemtiumVideo unfortunately yes you are right

  48. rcfreakeagle

    @KangaKucha This song was released in 2003 ;)

  49. Taco Sheep

    this video has better quality than the one in the link.... >.>

  50. Chris Henry

    i dont understand why this song wasn't a big hit

  51. Marcus

    Is Livio the one who used to have blonde hair? If so, I noticed that almost instantly aswell. They're both gay for a fact, not that I have anything against that :)

  52. daisy labatch

    R aney of u a wwe fan and I bet the girls will fall in love and his name is john Morrison!

  53. daisy labatch

    Who is Tracy

  54. kallonme

    2003 if I remember well

  55. RazDeGaz

    ohhh my god....this girl..

  56. Imshan D

    I love ATC, but this is one of their better songs in my opinion.

    Sebastian Pojman

    Lew Avenue Still wondering too...

  57. Imshan D

    the tattoo is fake btw, sry!

  58. LondonBridgeGirl

    who says that they are gay?

    öp Lorenz

    I Think the Dark Hair guy is Gay i think im Sure.

  59. 81Chrisso

    I love the Music and Tracy

  60. MountaineerHacker

    I love how they dance.

  61. Oxa0202

    One of my favorite Ringtones... everytime my mobile starts to ring everybody is looking for the emergency signal.. rofl

  62. bodebasti

    Das ist doch die Titelmelodie vom "schleswig-Holstein-Magazin"!

  63. Cemoi12

    I agree with you all . . . . Livio's so freakin hot!!!!

  64. Dustie

    Wow, guys absolutely look their best ever in this video - especially Livio, he looks like some hot latin lover - but the girls look uglier, too much makeup and generally overdone.

  65. PrincessAri