ATC - Mistake No.2 Lyrics

It's a cruel world
so conventional
sometimes love just wins you over
I've come to life it's true
it's not intentional
everytime when we move closer

I'll take the fall
a twist I know
You just see right through me
it may be wrong
but all long
it keeps on turning turning

I could walk away now
end it perfectly
and just say your words are
not affecting me
somewhere deep inside
I know it may be wrong
but I'm ready to commit
mistake no.2
mistake no.2

Must have heard it once a million times
from every one the perfect line
but you're the one to recognize
there are things i need in my life
so I'll take the fall
a twist i know
it keeps on turning turning


Here it comes again
it never ends
I keep on falling further
I'm not sure that i can walk away now

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ATC Mistake No.2 Comments


  2. Mr. Bomerang

    Thumbs up for anyone who listens to this song in 2019

  3. Tc August

    July 2019, anyone else??

    Christine Tran

    Tc August me

  4. Tammie

    Wow another beautiful one

  5. Юри20 Самохин

    единственная песня понравившиеся у этой группы.

  6. Chương Lê Nguyên

    oh shit nostalgia

  7. QuanaDoll

    I've loved them since 2000.

  8. Nathaniel Kinney

    Thumbs Up for anyone who listens to this in 2017!!!

    Zoa's Video Games & Arcade Tours

    Nathaniel Kinney I'm 31 now but I used to listen to this when I was seventeen and those was just back in my high-school days. yesterday while I was playing one of movie Frozen songs on the piano I remember the piano start of this song and so here I am listening to it again and I'm glad. I need to find this track and the highest quality so I can buy it

  9. Rosella Pritchard

    love atc they are great

  10. Moua 95

    longtemp celle la

  11. Kathy Vang


  12. Pablo Garzon

    Exelent song!!...cada vez q viajo la escucho en mi auto..muy bonita melodia.

  13. Barmy Twubble

    Jeez I came from watching air traffic controller mistakes to this lol atc mistake. Sort it out youtube.

    Zoa's Video Games & Arcade Tours

    Barmy Twubble you need to do a air traffic mistakes compilation video with this ATC soundtrack LOL

  14. rami416

    Someone make a instrumental

  15. SammyZPro

    I've listened to this song since my childhood and eventually forgot about it. For the past couple of months, I have been racking my brain to remember any of it just to track down a title, artist, or tune. So here I am, at 3 am, suddenly remembering the bridge and chorus. Great song then and now!

  16. Pistoffpony65

    I gotta alot of great music there...then they took em down =(

  17. Pistoffpony65

    Being happy with someone with very much crap here n there that you must work through with prayer & understanding. ( Good Luck)

  18. Chase Gran

    Haha, the days of LimeWire...

  19. Love,Jenny

    i loved this song when i was a kid XD

  20. ranyacaty

    >>>i love this song from the first time i heard<<<

  21. Jeannie Saavedra

    i hate it! i thought it was so cool but no it's not!

  22. walrus1224

    the last time i heard this song was 2003 and i still remember the melody


    youtube was on autoplay and i heard this song and i remembered hearing it on the radio in 2003 ah the memories

  23. Jennifer Le

    I wish someone would make a piano cover and tutorial of this song ):

  24. Robert L


  25. Richard '

    this is the best song ever

  26. MewMewPowderpuff

    @MissBluePanda Me too!

  27. 1MusicLuvr247

    is this on itunes bc i wanna download it

  28. Maple Blossom

    making mistakes is just prove that you are only human, not superman/superwomen =)

  29. fbicool1

    i love this song!!!!

  30. relive the memories

    @ShadowBunni OOOHHH!! that makes sense. never knew this song had so much meaning. wonderful! =D


    @xYUME55 In terms of this song, the first mistake was thinking about walking away, And the second was not walking away.

    Alexandra Hefnerová

    Actually the mistake no. #2 is not about walking away, it's about NOT walking away. It's about staying with the guy, giving him a second chance. The first mistake was meeting him, getting to know him, finding out, who he really is. Giving him still a second chance after what he did, is the mistake number two. That's what they are singing about.


    @xYUME55 Mistake number two is walking away when you still love him/her :3 Mistake number 1 is falling for them in the first place.

  33. treesnake18

    great song!

  34. Corado Cotuna

    awesome! :O

  35. relive the memories

    @soundth3a1arm hmm probably some misunderstandings between two lovers? but thats just a guess. =D it's better to look deep into the lyrics.

  36. Stefan Balagot

    what exatcly is mistake number 2?

  37. relive the memories

    yes i absolutely agree with u =) making mistakes is part of life...its normal if someone makes mistake. u can always learn from them. part of which helps people grow up xD

  38. relive the memories

    hmm i see. looks like u have alot of issues to take care of. well i hope everything works out. u can send message to me if u like. =D

  39. relive the memories

    thats coool. same here. you shouldnt always let mistakes hold you down xD

  40. Miladys Ammeraal

    Best song ever ;'$.

    Loveìt so damn much (a').

  41. relive the memories

    oh really? =) haha im glad u liked it.

  42. jennay83194

    this is the first time i hear the song
    and i like it!

  43. Teresa

    i luf this :D

  44. WA KA KA KA Ka

    hi yume can u send me this song? i really like it. how can i contact u?

  45. relive the memories

    yes hien, its atc =P dont u love this song? xD