ATB - I Wanna Cry Lyrics

I Wanna Cry
I Wanna Cry
'N' I Wanna Cry
'N' I Wanna Cry
(For Today, For Today)

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ATB I Wanna Cry Comments
  1. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

    i have farmed so much xp in lineage 2 to this track

  2. Rafał Wu

    I am love it ;)

  3. Katalin kovács


  4. Mytime 2019

    I love you ATB ♥ I wanna cry 🎶

  5. reuben tay

    the best german artist of all time

  6. General Waste

    RIP to all those that died on and since 9/11 (which is what this track was written for). You will never be forgotten.

  7. Solum Christus

    Memories Atb,

  8. 张雪

    I love ATB, my favorite DJ!

  9. Marianek Styl

    I loving this song. It s my hymn of my heart if I wanna cry... Atb is legends forever... God bless you from Czech Republic

    Milan Plevko

    Po pici vec

  10. EviL AngeL

    ATB King of trance


    Вспомнилось детство... )

  12. Moscow never sleeps


  13. Nóra Hegyi

    Very nice memories.....

  14. Krystian Tam

    2019 still

  15. Moscow never sleeps


  16. Khalil is


  17. bonntv

    Happy New Year 2019 - EXTRA

  18. Szabina Frindik

    Best of the best old memories.

  19. ChrisNeubern

    It looks like this vibe.

  20. Crystal Lynn

    Still listening to this in 2018 best ever ATB !!

  21. Фатима Темирлиева

    всегда супеееееррррр,мне очень нравятся 😚😚😚❤❤❤

  22. Metin Hsn


  23. DITI Gaming

    Atb lord princ of trance musik king

  24. Serralson

    2018.... Eternal

  25. Marcos Corgnali

    Impresionante....a la hora de correr no hay con que darle...mucha adrenalina....

  26. Hyper Galactic

    Legendary song

  27. Dina Medina

    🚦🚗 🚨🚓🚓🚓 I run red lights to this song just to keep the momentum of breeze flowing thru my windows at night. ATB is Life ❤

    Rip E

    I put ATB in the car, cops pull me over... so they can turn my volume up! Let’s go !

  28. viktor molnar

    vallasok megfagy e e vilag

  29. viktor molnar

    a 3 kiraly napkeletröl .... mi gyermekek nem ertjük e e bolnd haborukat s öldüklesket ... ++++

  30. Pritika Naidu

    ' I Wanna Cry For Today

  31. viktor molnar

    a hit + akit kigunyoltak majsan mert nagyon szerette a templomot a terka sajat vigjaival diszitette a templomot s minden alkalommal ott volt . + otthon a templomban . ++

  32. X. Y.

    Trance used to be so melodic

  33. viktor molnar

    2020 elkeszült a beton autopalya .... mekka - jeruzsalem - babylon .... s 1 live kamionos dal a wilag fiataljaival mert mert mi akartuk + a felavatas +

  34. idlir mitrushi

    Wow... I found this song after so many years! I am nostalgic, emotional and happy at the same time! Time flies... Best memories from this amazing song! 😊

  35. artmilenio1

    Still here 2017.

  36. Milan Vukovic

    May i ask if anyone knows what was the name of the entire CD/ album, the exact thing ... i cant find the list of all songs from it, i am interested in few more but i cant seem to find it. This song was in that compilation that was called ' A Techno Nation, music for new generation ' , i believe. IT was so very long time ago. I remember there was Scoter - Nessaja on it,, Nightwatchers - insomnia, cant remember the names of the rest of the songs. IF anyone knows the exact name of the cd, compilation mix or what ever, if he/she could respend to this comment so i could get notification, would really appreciate it. :)

  37. Solum Christus

    ATB simplesmente demais...

    Welintonpereiracarneiro Welintonpereiracarneiro

    Pablo Souza concordo

  38. Patrik Dohnansky

    still listening on the road, in garage, with leds, Im still ATB !!!!! I wanna cry

  39. General Waste

    Always wished this track began with just the pads for around a minute before the beat kicked in. Would have been better for the feels considering this was made in memory of 9/11.

  40. Ionut Ciubotariu

    Armin Van Buuren and Atb they created history!

  41. eure Nate


  42. Hakap Eszi

    From Hungary 2017. :)

  43. Weedy Bitches

    chci plakat, ale nejde to.

  44. Dyce Studio

    2007 come back

  45. Deep Diver

    ATB Lord Of Trance 🔱

    Dave Buster

    Sara Shkarpa eww no he's not! Tiesto is the lord of trance!!!

    Deep Diver

    Dave Buster in ur opinion maybe 😆

  46. Cyril Vieillevigne

    Atb, continue to make us dream for life ....

  47. N-tox

    True beauty this tune !

  48. Francisco Curiel

    makes me wanna roll balls nd forget about everything but i know my dad is wayching from above my beautiful angel. i wont do it .

  49. Marimar Herrera


  50. Gie Jeden

    super utworek

  51. Olivia Craner

    I wish all his music was on Amazon digital download especially the song Talismanic


    try youtube-dl dot org

    waffles toast

    Or try buying it. Support the artist.

  52. antoaneta70

    Adore ATB for life ❤️

  53. Ruby Tuesday

    ATB- some of the most beautiful most nostalgiac ( for me) sound waves ever put into the ether

  54. Viorel Necula

    i wanna cry today ... :)

  55. PiotrKóx - Officjalny telefoniarz

    filmy na youtube kanal: skkf


    why the hell did i not come across this heavenly music earlier?????/ its awesome whta a piece amazing


    trance has always been the best music ever glad you came across a pioneer atb really set it off!


    @Darcs909 yep..i too am thrilled abt it...ATB churns out masterpiece

  57. kamilek milusiński

    nice... danke ATB :) piękne ...

  58. Oktay Yener

    volume up!

  59. amwman

    one of my best songs by seems timeless...for me that is. still like it. :)

  60. Cosmic Soul

    Always awesome music! beautiful..

  61. Kathi Hecht

    much feeling

  62. Ben Harrison

    Never gets old 😀 Fab ATB

  63. jabokk

    Very Nice,..

  64. Xythorn Playroom

    We cry cause we love, us humans need the pain, the sorrows, the sadnesses, and the tears to grow stronger. Strength comes through learning and understanding. Number one ATB fan....

  65. IWantXanniesBeforeBannies

    I heard this song around 4-5 years ago and forgot the name and today I found it. Omg <3

  66. Sarah Nash

    Dedicated to the planet.

  67. jt rich

    atb always gives me goosebumps, his music goes to the heart no matter what age or race or how tough you think you are, hes influenced my life in many ways from his shows and through alot of heartache! trance for life

    Night Cruiser

    jt rich, that is one of my favourite comments I've ever crossed with. Trance for life, brother!

  68. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    You will Never be able to for as long as you try.

  69. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    And I was right. You were wrong. Because I thought long term. You only knew how to think short term because it suited your agenda. But did it suit God's agenda? That's whay you're wondering. And since you're not a Scorpio you can't dig that deep into the depths of Spirituality.

  70. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    You will see one day that it's not about perfection. It's about loving something. Appreciating it. The Art of beauty and love and the power of the mind to be able to create a World that is worth it. And you'll wonder well, gee how did everything not work that way? Because I know that's always on the back of your mind. And as long as it is, you'll wonder why. Even after all the effort.

  71. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    Because I have access to the ability to teach, guide, etc. But clearly that's gone too, because you don't even care about that. It just a means to an end. That's all your idiot brain can think about. And then you blame people. Because everything is a means to an 3nd for you.

  72. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    You now have the immediate access to th e humiliation of understanding that you have an enemy and a friend. Which side won? Because I hate to tell you but this is a Spiritual thing, not a Wordly thing. Wordly was all you could offer, and now that that's gone you just have humiliation left and it's not even my fault. So, have a nice day. I remember all the idiot things you did and you weren't a good influence. But I was.

  73. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    Hope it was worth it.

  74. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    And so now I will sail. Thanks to you.

  75. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    How ironic that the mistake you made allows everyone to understand the meaning of life. So you did something right. Congratulations.

  76. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    It should have just been you and I and nobody else. Now you make it about everyone else. And that's not my problem. Because you lost me now. And what will happen to you. Guess you don't care. ha. Well, bye then.

  77. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    Best person for unlimited, infinite love. Full of everything that made you not be afraid. And I was a role model and a good influence. And I made you think. And I didn't have any jealousy. I never made you mad.

  78. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel


  79. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel


  80. Alexandra Elizabeth Greubel

    Why did you abandon me all I ever did was show you the best part of me that promised that I'd care for you forever and we are two intelligent beings not like the rest: ¥.

  81. Olivia Klein

    I love this song , sad but soulful

  82. gary phira

    gr8 tranz artist.

  83. Trancestor

    Atb's old melodies and beats hit me right in the feels, nostalgia is too damn painful with this kind of music :(


    I was gonna agree with u then I noticed it was 3 years ago...

    Deltasec Computer

    @TengokuRyu lol... Nostalgia never gets Old... only more powerful!

  84. Sarik Rana

    ATB is my fav trance artist.

  85. Beamer Benz

    ATB & Tiesto best of the best.


    +siej Lv You got that right <3


    dont forget armin van buren!

    Gerardo Martinez

    And Paul Van Dyk, with he, the masters of trance is complete :DD

    Rip E

    Tiesto abandoned trance , doesn’t deserve any mention

  86. Punchline

    I came here because I really wanna cry when I hear music today...




    Punchline LoL

    Simone Perez

    I know, really sad...

    Игорь *

    How i can like this post 1 million times ???

  87. ladymudlogger

    FINALLY!! A pic of a MAN, instead of a sexy, half dressed woman!!

    Draven Flores-Rios

    Pictures of atb. Nice guy too.

  88. Robbie Morrison

    I live for this music...its my get up and get ready for the day stuff....sweet thanks

  89. Silvia Talleda

    Super!!! LOVE ATB!!

  90. MSSM

    A HERO is he!

  91. Bartłomiej Nowicki

    Chętnie wracam do tego rodzaju utworów.

  92. jung

    atb is the reason why i listen to trance

    Botaniq Nl

    and old songs from tiesto... ;))

    General Waste

    9pm took me on my trance journey back in 2000 and I had found 'my' music there and then.

  93. TenTegoTamtego Kowalski

    Poland remember

  94. TheSweetblue2

    Love ,Love this music !! It makes me  happy and  it makes  me cry simply because I miss my Love! And I wount cry anymore ,No more ? who knows maybe I will still cry ! Just because I am hurting so much and still I cant forget her! I wanna cry =(

  95. Kiran Pawar

    Best trance ever created

  96. Kiran Pawar


    Solitude Solitude

    Kiran Pawar your picture completes your comment 😂😂👍👍👍😉

  97. Sunburst75

    Class tune, Andre you are a genius!

  98. Dalibor Djukic

    Atb in the best dj in the world