ATB - Get High Lyrics

Get high
Get high

What is that?
What are you doing?
Why are you smiling?
The sound of Lord

Get high
Get high

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ATB Get High Comments
  1. Francisco Garcia

    Dont need nothing but listen to this song. It takes me a lot of good memories in my mind

  2. Dukefazon

    Why is this song gets me depressed?...

  3. GTomi001

    What are they doing in the background? I'm hearing birds, knocking with hammer? , people talking... What is going on?

  4. Сергей

    Music class !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mario D.

    Lets get High

  6. smellyhippi

    This use to be my masturbating song.

  7. Yellow Monster

    Brings back memories

  8. gaetano esposito

    ATB starts to produce trap before it became the shit that is today 😂

  9. Dawid Dąbrowski

    Coš wspaniałego !!! :-) dzięki ATB

  10. T2 Runner

    So many fucking memories.

  11. Elizabeth Fox

    I"ve always loved this song, sense it first came out! :P ATB Rocks!

  12. Гриша Круглов

    ВКС РФ

    9 Мая

    Гриша Круглов ВКС РФ - хозяева неба. Навсегда.

  13. Thizzelle

    first time smoking, I went home to my parents and listened to this on repeat until I crashed. What a great day

  14. Lukasz Witek

    uwielbiam ten kawałek

  15. Kadafi Amaru

    get high by chemtrails ;) nothing new heh

    Jonny Parker

    That looks like real cloud bro. I'm not disputing chemtrials exist I mean, I have looked up above my smart (spy) phone but yeah they look like real clouds .

  16. S!D

    love it...beautiful song

  17. Lukasz Witek


  18. Lino Arc

    such a nice tune <3

  19. E pischer


  20. Levan Lursmanashvili

    this is human being's next level

  21. Ben in1080p

    i love song just brings me good memories :)

  22. koottsta koopr

    that melody..... heaven

  23. Rita Torresan

    stupenda <3

  24. dalius karbauskas

    amazing song love it .

  25. Laura Haley

    Trance music does something strange to me. This song in particular, dependant on how I'm feeling. It can make me feel up or down. Still an amazing track one of ATB's best. Takes me to another planet. That's the power of euphoria. :)

    Славик славик

    Laura Haley Это не транс а релакс бестолоч!!!

  26. Stephanie Lizano

    This song reminds me of sade cherish the day

  27. thomas mills

    I heard this song for the first time when I was 16, I was in Hawaii, where i live still live, I was high on prescription meds from my family's medicine cabinet, and some weed. it was blazing hot outside and my gorgeous Mexican girlfriend who was 15 at the time was rubbing my back while i was driving my friends Acura. this song brings me back to 2007 in a very eerie and warm way i get a fuzzy feeling in my stomach when i hear it. i'm drug free now, but those were good times. 

    Levan Lursmanashvili

    Such a great memory

    *JDub* Josh Dubreuil

    Good times for sure!

  28. juan caarlos herz beiza


  29. Humberto P

    Just.... Just a perfect song... Relaxing...

  30. mikey smors

    tranquility in a meadow of living marijuana oceans that make u feel welcome.

  31. Josh Hughes

    Lol shuffle she obviously says get high lol

  32. G7WiZZ

    Get High..

  33. DannYPKVS

    Always the Best :> ;)....respect ATB ^_^

  34. Amy D


  35. Andreina Janeth Reverendo Cardoso

    passion, sensual, obession...just i get high in the clouds listening this...freaking me out.

    Rachid Yacef

    Hi ,how are you

  36. Maria B

    sounds a bit like obsession. like!

  37. Alesk Coker

    religion's dumb. just listen to atb & shut up

  38. Dennis Baltimore

    I love chillwave and this is it! ......perfect! I cant really deal with the boom,boom,boom.boom.boom techno style beats

  39. Danijel Pranjić

    kad se sjetim klupice...

  40. nastos19


  41. Amanda Nunez

    Listening this on trip. Best feeling ever.

  42. MickBeeee1

    <3 Awesome

  43. TheMaxedge

    Sorry 4 subtitles. Nigel Farage the brave:

  44. Howard Evans


    Don't give away your rights by voting for liberal candidates. Not democrats, but radical Liberals and Radical Conservatives, Not republics CONSERVATIVES the two crazy sides of the political spectrum.

  45. Ghassan Taleb

    Get High...

  46. PackinLoud

    Good song to blaze to right now....

  47. sagustits

    shut tha fck up and | GET | HIGH | ! ^ ^

  48. glok1989

    i just want to get high because of this song. too bad i dont have me grass.

  49. Sergej Cream

    От души))))

  50. abellchen

    yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! ...... :-)))))


    i listen to stuff like this sober and i love every second of it but when i smoke and listen to it, it makes the music much more relaxing.

  52. bomber231056

    nice chilled atb......

  53. Flower Creep


  54. Josh Spain

    If you havent gotten high(maryjane) and relaxed and listened to good music(with good bass)... I think you may be missin out my friend.

  55. pawel rugala

    co za zdjecie ale fajne niezly zachod

  56. kal

    So true ... !

  57. TheSpideros

    Przecudny utwór !!!

  58. Андрей леводянский

    спасибо всем за АТВ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. jaminboy

    This song gives me this weird tingly yet relaxing feeling when I sit back and shut my eyes.

  60. squirttle92

    That is a natural cloud formation. High level and mid level clouds commonly form in rolls, grains, and ripples. Look up Cirrocumulus and Altocumulus Undulatus.


    @psilocybinist I second that

  62. Leah Freed

    I think I will, very soon.

  63. Swagstika

    @cheshirej100, Natural formations do form like that, different geological postions result in different formations. This type, i guess, would involve high altitude winds or rain.

  64. Swagstika

    @kizanko, Iron oxide? What does that have to do with anything? /b/

  65. GhosT ChieF 2

    @cheshirej100 Cirrostratus.

  66. 127raf

    name picture plx! ; (

  67. pauel23


  68. V for Vegan

    @kizanko damn dude, that song put me on another planet! thanks for that

  69. Adam Haj

    Finally a song that says what I do when I listen to ATB!

  70. Mariusz Biel



  71. Jiz Stain

    @JeromeBakerSmoke lol if you think clouds take that as a natural formation. When was the last time you looked at the sky? lol youtube : what in the world are they spraying!

  72. Rueben Leerdam

    @Jonkopoppers Found it

  73. Rueben Leerdam

    @kizanko Rlly crap this one remains better

  74. Christopher Dunfield

    @cheshirej100 try clouds?

  75. Jiz Stain

    @JeromeBakerSmoke So if they are not chemtrails, Then what are they clouds? lmao WAKE UP

  76. Christopher Dunfield

    its sad seeing such brainwashed lunatics because of religion

  77. Christopher Dunfield

    @uremainsrmin lol....... stop taking the redacted bible word for word, open your eyes.. who are you to judge others?

  78. Jiz Stain

    That picture is horrible. It looks like a chemtrail from the poison squad!!!

  79. abellchen

    <3 <3 <3

  80. AgileMuffin

    Gods as real as Santa

  81. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind Of Christians out in the world, that they all accepted a "grandmas story" and dedicate their whole lives to it? You really think that they weren't as "smart" as you were to not believe in a perfect and just God, and set off to find their own truth? Im sure alot of them were far worse than you, and yet they have understood accepted the way it really is, and most importantly believed in what God did for us through Jesus Christ. Even with me God himself works through the holy spirit.

  82. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind And i can keep going on, with Thousands' of examples that im sure you have done. I am not saying that i am good or perfect, i sin too. Now you said this in your last reply "but it takes courage to set off alone to search for the Truth." Searching for the truth is what your talking about here, but im sure your not all that interested in the truth, because you're not doing what you're saying that you should do "to search for the truth". You really think that out of all the millions

  83. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind You say you haven't sinned,or atleast don't remember the act of sinning. I'll tell you what, have you ever stole anything? Be honest though, even the smallest thing like a quarter from your mom's purse when you were small? Yes im sure you have done that, we all have done it. And guess what? that's an act of sinning. Or one more example. I don't know what is your gender, but have you ever looked at a woman/man with lust? im sure you have. That is a act of sinning and you deserve hell

  84. vetiஅரவிந்த

    @uremainsrmin Love unconditionally, smoke up, open up your mind, watch out for synchronicities, realize who you really are. You need to take this journey of self discovery upon yourself ;) The stories you once believed would then be like the cute stories grandma once told you when you were a kid, which seemed real but would no longer fit in to your model of the world. Human beings crave a sense of belonging which religion provides, but it takes courage to set off alone to search for the Truth.

  85. vetiஅரவிந்த

    @uremainsrmin There are a lot of propositions which I don't agree with. I don't believe I have sinned. How could I have sinned if I do not remember the act of sinning? That would be like giving a sentence to a mentally ill person. Even our (human) law sees the flaw in that, I don't think 'God' would be cruel enough to put someone like that in a predicament so they ought to choose between two such polar (and unalterable outcomes). The universe is far more complex than this story buddy :)

  86. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind So God is totally just and righteous. We deserve death, me and you both deserve death. You have sinned, and so have i. That is why he is so loving and kind to us, that he doesn't want us to suffer eternally, but gives us his only son Jesus, so that who ever believes in him and repents of his sin will not perish (go to hell for eternity) but have everlasting life (heaven). Everything makes perfect sense, no one is "mentally" enslaved. Tell me what you think. Thanks

  87. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind I am a christian, and i go to church there is no one enslaved here. We come here all by our own will. The reason for why i go to church, is to Worship the good and holy just God and to fellowship with other people, my brothers and sisters. He made us perfect in the beginning (Adam and Eve) and we corrupted our selves and have sinned by disobeying God. So the punishment of sin is death, and death will lead you straight to hell, unless you repent of your sin, and believe in Jesus.

  88. vetiஅரவிந்த

    @uremainsrmin I appreciate your concern. But I cannot fathom a God who will let ANYONE suffer eternally. For such a God cannot exist in nature. It doesn't make sense to me. It seems more like an ideology created by a human who wishes to enslave human beings by the means of fear. Think of it, if you're an elite ruler who wishes to enslave people, how would you go about it? Will you put people in physical chains? No, you cannot. You will be better of using "mental chains" -> which is the church.

  89. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind Then why don't you rethink the definition of some of your words that you have said, and maybe change your mind, and act differently upon it. Especially the words "Suffer eternally" yes, really do think of what they mean, seriously please do that. You don't have to reply just think of you said. God give you mercy. :)

  90. vetiஅரவிந்த

    @uremainsrmin I'll take my chances :) What do i have to lose? Suffer eternally. Shrug. I'll probably hum this tune in my head while those mfuckers roast me.

  91. Uremainsrmin

    @vetiarvind Yes there is, and if you dont believe it, you'll end up in it. lol sounds ironic but true. :P

  92. vetiஅரவிந்த

    @1337fry1337 rofl..there isn't such a thing as hell. wake up sir.

  93. Conor P

    Anothing relaxing song search for Orbital - Halycon on & on nothing beats that.

  94. Conor P

    This song reminds me of like just chilling on a hot summers day and theres nothing to worry about in life, no debts etc, just pure relax and enjoying life :) quality song pure

  95. Kartonghs

    if u like this u should check out burial - endorphine

  96. FoxSight

    where'd you get the photo? I would like it for my wallpaper, Thanks :)