Ataris, The - That Special Girl Lyrics

I need a girl who like to go to shows
I need a girl that won't make fun
Of my Clothes.
I'm looking for a special girl who
Wants to go all over the world,
If you're my special girl won't you
Let me know?
Would you let me know?

Do you have a boyfriend?
Or possibly a girlfriend?
Cause! I'm lonely all the time
And I wish that it would end.

I need a girl that likes to stay out late,
We'd share a cocktail, wouldn't it be great?
If only this were true
Then I would fall in love with you,
I'm looking for a special girl...
Could it be you?

I could write a stupid love song,
And sing it all across the world
But it wouldn't mean a thing.
Until I find my special girl.

When will I find my special girl? [x9]

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Ataris, The That Special Girl Comments
  1. Ysabel Cluver

    This song, especially the intro sounds a lot like the intro to Voyeur by Blink-182!<3<3

  2. Griever Squall

    I already gave up..

  3. anniie182

    I only searched this song because I heard Mark Hoppus sings in this as well.
    Blink-182 forever! <3

    Daniel Contreras

    anniie182 Same

  4. smittypunker

    I like blink 182, before travis barker

  5. zebrafood

    What's all this about Mark Hoppus?

  6. Chris Lynx

    3 people haven't find their special girl yet

  7. Luana Machado

    fucking good band, miss ya guys

  8. Brendan Foti

    Haha I watch it for mark too!

  9. Brandon Ortiz Flores

    this song is dedicated to gf!! belgy
    -fuck yeahh

  10. xcarlosx01

    I need that girl now!

  11. mishelu182

    @muttbutt me too :P

  12. speedwraker

    mark hoppus 4ever
    ithink only because mark hoppus featured this song everyone like it

  13. Billy Heanue


  14. Kuehlschrank86

    so true

  15. ill182

    hell yeah! :D

  16. Skydamerink

    Thank you for having this song on youtube.

  17. GlamBalam

    MARK <3

  18. muttbutt

    looks like the main reason ppl watch this is for mark hoppus haha... i did at least...

  19. scarcella31

    ahh very obvious now thanks man

  20. scarcella31

    what's mark's part?

  21. Fernando Valbuena

    Muy buena

  22. 1cujofan

    Mark Hoppus? Fuck yeah!

  23. cap

    jeah mark hoppus !!