Ataris, The - My So Called Life Lyrics

Ever since I saw you
On my so-called life,
I've been writing you these letters
Asking you to be my wife.
But its been almost a year
And still I've gotten no reply,
I'm assuming you have met some other guy.
So I sit in my room,
Watch Romeo & Juliet
A thousand times.
I wish I was as cool
As Leonardo is
But I'm not.


I went on Jerry Springer
To confess my love to you
You said I didn't have a chance
And there was nothing I could do
You told me I was crazy
And wished that I was dead.
You threw a chair right upside my head

Today I highjacked a plane
I wrote your name across the sky,
Miss Clare Danes.
But they were waiting on the ground
To take me straight to jail


Im staring at your pictures
From my lonely little cell
I'm writing you this letter
To let you know i doing well
Until we meet again
You know I'll cry a thousand tears
And I'll see you in another twenty years.
I'll see you in another twenty years.
I'll see you in another twenty years.

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Ataris, The My So Called Life Comments
  1. Drew Alexander

    Such a great track if you were at the right age...she was so fly, dagg


    One of my all time favourite jams 🤘🏻

  3. Alex P. Portillo

    2017 and into this <3

    Jonathan Ferret Campos

    2019 🦸‍♂️

  4. Ivonne M.

    This song. Every fangirl ever. Myself included.

  5. Alkaline Enema

    story of my whole fucking life


    edgy 13yo detected

  6. Andrea Arceo

    I think that if a song was written for me specifically I'd kinda flattered in a weird good way idk:)

  7. Akira Mann

    Lolz I feel like the main singer he sounds like mark hoppus like I mean the tone the the music sounds like mark but not his voice

  8. Cheshire Wolf


  9. Eli Lujan

    Most of you were under 10 years old when this song came out.


    Eli Lujan so what? I'm 15 and I fucking love this band. Just because I wasn't alive when it came out doesn't make me any less of a fan

    The Electric View

    I'm 46 and I play this in my car. I've been listening to this song for 20 years :)

  10. Atarismania


  11. ushiuni82

    Someone has a slight Claire Danes obsession. Amazing

  12. Dazzy

    @GetLikeEddy182 wikipedia nice source

  13. Valentín Muro

    It's not Mark Hoppus and it's obvious. Can someone with the booklet show the evidence?

  14. Dazzy


  15. mNqHOgjJsY

    I am sorry if you have 8 ataris albums and you didn't know what disk had this song you didn't grow up with this band and should probably go back to listening to Blink 182.

    Jay Zeeo

    Ur just so cool

  16. RacoonCH

    @wutunog357 That's not Mark buddy.

  17. bschmalz

    @slashheh en.wikipedia. org /wiki/Mark_Hoppus#Guest_appearances

  18. bschmalz

    @astoriasky mark sings three lines 2:05 and then kris comes back in at 2:17 . their voices are totally different

  19. poeticpoverty

    impossible to dislike!

  20. astoriasky

    @wutunog357 thats kris roe O_o

  21. bschmalz

    @astoriasky He sang on both actually... go to like 2:05

  22. jacenK

    ahhhh the songs i that taught me guitar....classic

  23. astoriasky

    i think people are confusing this song with "that special girl" mark didnt sing in this song O_o

  24. inseroid12

    @Vidwill yep I know....

  25. inseroid12

    Its for my own JULIET...see you in 20 years...

  26. skitzey

    @EduPortaleoni who gives a fuck

  27. gnr4life23

    I wonder if Claire Danes ever heard this song, and if she found it creepy? Great song, though!

  28. Billy Heanue

    featuring blink 182's mark hoppus

  29. edisnierif

    It's on the EP Look Forward to Failure

  30. AMS Vauxhall

    what album is this on??

    i have 8 and none of them have this song on

  31. Nicholas Caywood

    why did you make this wiener face?