Ataris, The - Between You And Me Lyrics

Won't you come over?
You know that you want to.
How does it feel to know
I still want you?

Why do we always seem,
To want what we can't have?
Lessons learned.
But then I listen to my heart,
And it says still run back for more.

I'm happy for you.
I'm sure that he really loves you.
But it breaks my heart,
To know I can't hold you.

It's just hard to think
I'll never get the chance
To say your mine.
But every time you hear this song
You'll know you've made a mark
On my heart and my mind.

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Ataris, The Between You And Me Comments
  1. Fulvio Bennato

    This song is beyond the genera !
    A true underestimated pice of art!

  2. Dan G.R.

    Does anybody have the acoustic version of this song??? I heard it many years ago, but I haven't been able to find it since!

  3. Secondbest9966

    Emo is Sunny Day Real Estate and The Promise Ring or Mineral. This is just a sad pop punk song

    Myles Woo

    but it's also so called as emo pop punk lol just like Rufio, 12 summers old and Home grown

  4. bart93107680

    The 90s Never coming back :(

  5. Aleister Meowley

    Thatruth is right. This was the emo of it's time. Emo just wasn't total shit back then like it is today. Now I would consider this the next respectable step up from pop punk because it's too solid to be pop.

  6. LpxMusic

    @NOSfusion yeah i agree. this song is my favorite from them. and i dont get how someone can see them as emo. hawthorn heights is emo, not this stuff. i like this music cause its somehting i can relate to.

  7. NOSfusion

    it's about time someone put up an actual "good" Ataris video! I sick of everyone talking about the Ataris being emo... ITS PUNK!