At The Gates - The Mirror Black Lyrics

To perish in dreamless sleep
Dragged through the waste
Doomed, from arrogance blind
Fragmentation of all form

Celestial breath
Disguises lost
Clawing at harmonies dead

Eyes drained by time
Beneath dead waves
Our of the mirror black

Through aeons, crowned in death
And phosphorous doom
Insidious, dominion black
A labyrinth of tombs

As the sentences swarm
In permanent light
The reign of the feverish dream
Hearts of darkness
Beating fast
Our of the mirror nlack

As the sentences swarm
In permanent light
Out of the mirror black

Out of the mirror black

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At The Gates The Mirror Black Comments
  1. TheAlchemyGothic Stieg


  2. Never Where

    this is so beautiful it makes me cry

  3. Boris Lamar

    Geometric madness

  4. PanterA

    1:14 this part sounds so familiar. maybe from exile amongst the ruins, album of primordial but i'm not sure. someone help me out.

  5. Madalina Barteanu

    filmed in Bulgaria by a Romanian team :)

  6. Daniel Lopez

    This versión is epic 👌👌

  7. El Joven Lobo

    Behemoth introduced me to At the Gates. Saw them live and was really impressed. Been a fan ever since. I’ve been listening to this song all day. It’s beautiful

  8. Walter Cisneros


  9. Francisco Salazar

    Beautiful song and awesome video

  10. Tiger kite

    This is really aesthetic

  11. Marcelo Rigotti

    Sombrio em toda sua essência. É perceptível que a banda vem trazendo novos elementos e quando essa adição é bem administrada o prazer ainda é maior pois a zona de conforto traz na maioria das vezes muito desgaste. Os arranjos de corda dessa faixa ficou esplêndido !

  12. Luisalfredo Mira

    this is definitely better than popular genders

  13. dariusz Kosik

    amazing , fantastic song

  14. jesse walton

    The only bad thing about this is the mix, it sounds so terrible, why are so many great bands having problems getting their audio levels correct? Arsis is another band that does this

  15. Историята и настоящето

    This video was shot in Veliki Preslav (the second capital of Great Bulgaria in the 9th century) and the other part is from the Memorial of the Creators of the Bulgarian State dedicated to the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state, which is located in my hometown of Shumen.

  16. Историята и настоящето

    This video is shot in Bulgaria, Shumen and a Bulgarian cave.
    This is the beautiful nature of Bulgaria.

  17. ʙ ᴏ ʜ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ᴀ

    so proud that it was shot in my city

  18. JørdHeím

    This is filmed in Bulgaria, city Shumen, the big monument is called 1300 years of Bulgaria. The other part of the video where some ruins are shown are from Veliki Preslav.

  19. nettvshumen

    2:28 Shumen,Bulgaria :)

  20. John Devner

    It’s very euro-black Metal. Thumbs up!
    Check out Satyricon with a live symphony!

  21. Ballad2Grave

    This is some very nice Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal. Love the sound of it! Gotta love Black Metal!!! <3

  22. En. B.

    What? This is new?

  23. Alastis Alastis


  24. Nicholas Fox

    Havn't listened to ATG since slaughter of the soul.. very impressed that they still have great music coming out.

  25. Jeroen Verschoor

    Pleeeaaaaaaase come back to Osaka. Last year was so much fun!!

  26. Роман Ромин

    какой то не тот ЭтЗеГэйтс нынче

  27. Antti Silvast

    Who is Rob Miller?

    Herr Noatún

    He sang and played bass in a legendary band called AMEBIX

  28. Stas Iershov

    This deserves more views. Masterpiece of music, fantastic dark atmosphere. The art, straight out of the mirror black.

  29. Slaves Aren't We All

    Amebix and at the gates at the same time...I'm down.

  30. Joey Broussard

    Love the sound....deep, rich ..I'm digging it.. My first listening .. Further research needed

  31. Johanny Blot

    yes, beautiful metal exist

  32. 1n4r0m5d1.m31

    What type of metal is this? So many different subgenres in metal.

  33. Сергей Радченко

    Унылая хрень

  34. Deadrat Squeeker

    For some reson this song reminded me of Hypcrosy mid/late 90s.

    Anabel Benicio

    Deadrat Squeeker I was thinking The same. It's kinda similar.

  35. Миша Волков

    SUPER !!!

  36. Alex Williams

    Getting an ambient black metal vibe from this. I dig it

  37. Sir Beard of the shire

    I prefer At The Gates circa 1992-1995

  38. Wilford Grimley

    Literally the worst sounding album of all time

  39. Jeff Lewis

    I love it. Kinda reminds me of Behemoth.

  40. Florian Alpers

    Didn't expected this when I clicked on a At the gates video but I loved it.

  41. blackhunter6

    New At The Gates = New In Flames = Shit

  42. Chris Hawkins

    This takes me back to that old Gardens of Grief feeling. I'm so ecstatic about what this band is up to these days.

  43. Andres Montero

    Thanks for changing the director, this video is much better!

  44. Secret EyeSpot

    This stake is well done

  45. Jason S

    If the mirror is black, it isn't really a mirror, is it? Unless it's the frame that's black. And maybe the matting. Just saying ...

  46. All Shall Perish


  47. slipknotsk8ter89

    OoOoo artsy


    Muy bueno

  49. esa esquivel

    Wow is fantastic!!!✌

  50. Metal Panda

    Non sapevano più come riempire il disco ? Canzone bocciata

  51. FJ Alexanco

    si esto es At the Gates... no los reconozco.. definitivamente NO voy a verlos en Barcelona. k decepcion!!!!!!!

  52. Inverted Scrotum

    Time to do a new video lads!
    Whats the budget?

    I've got $20 and half a packet of digestives...

  53. Dominic

    LOL 1:13 Immortal "Call of the Wintermoon"

  54. Randy Marsh

    Sounds black and melo-death. Like it.

  55. Ryan Besco

    SOTY 2019
    More of this please.

  56. Plamen Dobrev

    For anyone interested, the video to this brilliant track was shot in Bulgaria.

    The cave in the beginning is called the Devetashka cave. I think. There's a few like it, so it might be one of the others. They're a system of drainage passages and sinkholes. Karst caves. Unfathomably big ones at that.

    The building ruins are that of the Golden Church in the city of Preslav, which was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire.

    And the large monument veiled in the mist is called 1300 years of Bulgaria. It's built on the Shumen plateau and is just a massive, massive thing. Has to be seen in person to appreciate the scope of the construction.

    Jamie .grimes

    Thanks for the background. Literally the only worthwhile comment on this video

  57. Kostadin Stefanov

    I'm almost sure this video is shot in Bulgaria.

  58. Arturo Arias

    Rob Miller? from Amebix?!?!?! HOOOOOOOOOOOLLY SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh this is awesome!

  59. Jaskatzu

    The video has some brilliant visuals, though I'm not sure what (if any) message it's trying to convey. The foggy scenes are particularly appealing.

  60. marcelo alvarenga

    I like black mirror too ... the series ...

  61. unholymunk

    I'm not the biggest at ATG fan, but this is amazing!

  62. gokuinfinito

    Que bueno III

  63. Ανδρέας Κρεούζος

    Melodic masterpiece!!!

  64. David P.

    Dark vibes, I like it, best part of the song 2:24-2:47 imho

  65. Adhvaga

    Hell yeah, what a great song, what a great video 🤘

  66. Igster Meister

    They took a lot of inspiration from Job for a cowboy's "tarnished gluttony"

  67. Paolo D. Gangemi

    Sounds good....but "The red in the sky is ours" it will remain a beautiful memory :(

  68. Shravan Kumar

    Melodeath = masterpiece

  69. VíctorHernan Gz.

    Muy bueno! Extraño y oscuro. Si van por ahí voy con ustedes!

  70. Theo Martin

    Scandinavian metal is best. They have always unique and artistic in them.

  71. Nico O.

    Looks like Burzum is knocking At The Gates...


    holy shit this made me die!!! LOL

  72. Fetal Pig

    the heavy string work takes me back to some of the instrumentals on Terminal Spirit Disease, this took it a step further. I really like it.

  73. Cristian Valenzuela

    gran tema y excelente video.

  74. FB S

    I think the original is better.

  75. I am Giggs

    Hello old friend. Hauntingly beautiful

  76. Nikolai Grudev

    Този клип е сниман във гр.Велики Преслав (втората столица на Велика България от IX век),а другата част е от Паметника на Създателите Българската Държава,посветен на 1300 годишнината на Българската държава,Който се намира във моят роден град Шумен.


    Защо не се е чуло нищо за това снимане

  77. Black Hermit

    A very intriguing song. Greetings from Sweden!

  78. Ghost B

    оч крутой видос

  79. John Mor

    Astonishing video.

  80. Black Crow - Upside Vatican

    Like it, melodic death metal

  81. Eppur Si Muove

    Doesn’t sound like an ATG song.

    João Diego Cabral Lima

    How does it not? I'm pretty sure you have only listened to SOTS

  82. James Nicolai

    I love this. More Doom in At the Gates ...yes please.

  83. Junior Falcão


  84. Fabrizio Pinna

    At the Gates? You meant Primordial?

  85. jFo

    hm too many metal releases the last couple days

  86. Artie Fufkin

    What the fuck is this?

  87. misantrope

    Perfect At the Gates.

  88. Masoud Moghaddari

    This is freaking awesome. Thank you At the gates, you made my day.

  89. Yeni sopiyan

    Cool 😎💞💗💗💗

  90. Maro Vlasic

    Slava AT THE GATES!!!!

  91. Lennin Espinosa

    My gosh, How many of these bands from the very past are still going? Much respect to them but damn!

  92. Alex Diaz

    Invite Alf back into the band.

  93. Hektor Savage

    Rob Miller sounds amazing.

    Any One

    Amebix forever!

  94. Andres Felipe Aranda Balaguera

    absolutely beautiful

  95. Roger Gregorio Rojo Manrique

    Good song and video but who is rob miller?


    Tau cross. Amebix

  96. SuperSchabe

    Ambient Black meets Melodic Death ? Impressive


    Tau cross

    Randy Marsh

    That's what I was thinking. Haha.

  97. death seed


  98. Ænigmakil X

    Well, that was artistic mastery. I hope the next album has more like this.

  99. Chris Miller

    Not a fan i love there old shit