At The Drive-In - Skips On The Record Lyrics

pregnant with the keys
to your stick shift mood
can't get yourself ignition
can't get yourself ignition

grease-stained parking lot
embed and loiter bottle tops
dipped in the secretion
of your syphilis flirtation

must we go spell it out?
roman candle, cradles, teething
dressed in innuendos

"c" is for contraction
30 minutes apart
umbilical agendas
in the coup de jat

"c" is for the cul de sac
tiennamen reverse
parking all the grandeur
in backseat afterbirth
grease-stained parking lot
loiter tops dipped in the secretion

must we go spell it out for you?

mao tse tung ferver
in his petty glance
in this cursive dysentery

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At The Drive-In Skips On The Record Comments
  1. Tim Slattery

    Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia?

  2. Ricardo Clemente

    teenage aimlessness, frustration and boredom. this sounds like when i was the only one of all my friends who went to summer school after senior year, and the loneliness of being there with no friends and walking home alone after school and all the girls i liked were gone. that time of loserly innocence before i sank into drinking and drugs and bad company. lots of stomach aches or this empty feeling up and down the torso area. thank you Lord Jesus, it's all over now. i have overcome with you (John 16:33). alleluia

    Zack Staal

    Ricardo Clemente right there with you

    woodman steve

    God I hope that won't happen to me, in all honesty I'm petrified of losing all my friends

    Ricardo Clemente

    woodman steve a wise man once said, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek"

    more importantly, read Psalm 66:8-12
    God carries us through it all for His purposes of refining us for His work. but only if we have Jesus. i highly recommend seeking him. God bless


    Glad you did it !

  3. kagaingas

    pure gold

  4. HeavyProfessor

    Perhaps my favorite song of all time.

    "Must we go. . . and spell it out"