At The Drive-In - Pick Pocket Lyrics

in the humble stence of nativity
hummed the smell of television snow
a faint S.O.S. flickering
riding on the coattails of their ground zero
neighborhood footprints ingrown
the daylight savings time will never know
of this alabaster cold

your lovers quarrel ended up in crawspace
dental identities will tell us apart
teeth marked and bounded with sighs
step into my parlor
said the spider to the fly
stable hooved footprints ingrown

cloak and dagger muzak blared in ohms
in this alabaster cold

more calibur per capita
breakfast table search team implodes
the milk cartons that pour will never know
of this alabaster cold

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At The Drive-In Pick Pocket Comments
  1. Kenny Adams

    Literally my favorite song.i fkn love the guitar riff so much

  2. thesandyohms

    I used to think it said “ the asylum master comes” haha

  3. Miura

    This songs like grabbing a 10,000 volt live wire⚡️

  4. Raymundo Jarillo Sánchez

    I love that guitar. This song kick so much asses.

  5. MudRoom

    Of this alabaster cold

  6. Adam Freedman

    this song vaguely reminds me of Tire Me by Rage Against the Machine

    Mat Chavez

    Yeah.... At the Drive In has always reminded me of a better version of Rage (not that Rage isn't awesome)

  7. Opvs Cvlpa

    This seems to be an at the drive-in fan favorite based on the comments

    Blank Space

    Not Smitty Baccall! It's definitely in my top 3!

  8. Bee

    I fuck 2 this song

  9. Luca Passarella

    This song is a 10, maybe 11

  10. J. Deiss

    Best song in the album

  11. Ecatlatoa

    More caliber per capita!!

  12. Paul Silva

    I Fuck to this song

    Blank Space

    Paul Silva This guy fucks!

    Thales Bentancour

    @Blank Space and cums in 2 minutes lol

  13. PRI0N

    This son is perfect!"!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. rilee12

    Was so happy they played this at Reading Festival!

  15. lukerr87

    This song is so fucking good.