At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor Lyrics

yes this is the campaign
slithered entrails
in the cargo bay
neutered is the vastness
hallow vacuum check the
oxygen tanks
they hibernate
but have they kissed the ground
pucker up and kiss the asphalt now
tease this amputation
splintered larynx
it has access now

send transmission from
the one armed scissor
cut away, cut away

banked on memory
mummified circuitry
skin graft machinery
sputnik sickles found in the seats

self-destruct sequence
this station is non-operational
species growing
bubbles in an IV loitering

unknown origin
is this the comfort of being afraid
solar eclipsed
black out the vultures
as they wait

dissect a trillion sighs away
will you get this letter
jagged pulp sliced in my veins
i write to remember
'cause i'm a million miles away
will you get this letter
jagged pulp sliced in my veins
i write to remember...

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At The Drive-In One Armed Scissor Comments
  1. Turntables Rockmyworld

    I don't know who this band is, but it obvious that they listened to a lot of Billy Talent.

  2. Sandro Cardenas nigga... I but your CD in 10th grade a high school... Yeah music got me through a lot of dark times in my life... Thank you and I hope you are resting in peace!!! Just a fan!!!

  3. Austin Hixson

    No matter how many times I come back to it, Relationship of Command is my number one favorite album of all time, from beginning to end its a straight masterpiece

  4. Lane ZiiLLa

    Im cry........................

  5. Keirsten Cole

    my dad showed me this hes so fucking emo

  6. empanada de poronga

    Those 'fros are my real reason to live

  7. Agustín Alvia

    Siempre amaré esta canción.

  8. orangeRhymingDictionary

    611 people didn't get this letter..

  9. jeremy chocholowski

    they would have wrecked so much of there stuff

  10. Barnabas Jones

    I named a dog "Bailey" this week (after my favorite ex girlfriend) And I hate this song for reminding of her.

  11. domtron88

    Memories from my early 20s charge through my mind like a freight train whenever I put this song on.

  12. Jalon Fearon

    Y'all got any more pixels?

  13. Mike Milly

    Billy talent completely ripped this off with “try honesty “ lmao

    Æ N I Ǝ M A

    Try honestly is a better song. One armed scissor doesn’t sound pleasant to the ears....meaning no melody.

    Mike Milly

    Try honesty is a thousand times better

  14. Master Bob

    What the hell this came out in 2000? I always pinned it as 2004-2008. Talk about ahead of their time!

  15. Dovahkiin Dragonborn

    This band is from my city born and raised El Paso TX 915!!! Get jealous 🔥💪😎🤟🔥

  16. Kevin Creed

    2007 buenos tiempos xD

  17. Trevor Smith

    Happy birthday Cedric Bixler-Zavala,

  18. Israel Garza

    Yes yes yes the good old days

  19. kay kay

    This is my jam!

  20. olmanrich81

    I used to be their plug back in the 90’s.

  21. Edgar J Torres

    This song just reminded me what it's like to feel something.

  22. Adam

    Song of the Day
    10-18-19: One Armed Scissor | At The Drive-In
    also on:


    I was at that Barfly gig!!! EPIC!!!

  24. Thomas Rainbow

    Man what a band!

  25. PeopleOnTVRecords

    They are going offf👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  26. ebertrollerx -

    WOW No Yo ni recordaba que escuchaba esto hasta que vi Mis vídeos guardados xd

  27. Melanie Brandt

    This is freedom to be who you are.

  28. Ulsar Arvensus

    Omg who listening this in 2025 fuck yeah

  29. Bends95

    Great song to play in Rock Band!

  30. Living with Perks


  31. De S

    I sent myself here because i know that this is a Jam!!!

    Lou C

    Lol staahhpp😂

  32. Melanie Brandt

    Does anyone else feel the MC5 vibes?

  33. Roberto de Lamia

    I always said "Jigglypuff was in my veins"

  34. Friendship Education

    This mind blowing song still kicks ass to this day, raw energy, rage, craziness, all the elements to make an amazing song! :)

  35. Pedro Affonso Paula Barboza

    Are there more videos of that daylight show?

  36. Chris Randazzo

    These guys and sunny day estate are where it’s at

  37. Indoor Kid

    ATDI was my fav band when I was in middle school but I can only think about parks and rec jean ralphio now and I hate it

  38. michael tooth

    Nice chiks.

  39. quatrobeinte420

    2019 🤘

  40. Rip torn

    James hughes messages montero on abc tv show..

  41. Chris D.

    yes, ricks fault it si. I like this a lot

  42. Andrea Codoshian

    I write to remember 😞💌 so powerful & hurts

  43. Gizza G

    For anyone wondering, those are what's called a Latinfro (pronounced "lah-teen-fro").

  44. Diego Pelozo

    2020 ??

  45. Levy James

    The Mars Volta.

  46. Rquantm Oncore

    I love the 80's music
    Not country country shit is bad

  47. Angie Monster music channel

    always loved this song, thanks for uploading

  48. Melvortar naxtar

    Gerard Way Gerard Way¡¡

  49. Jack Brown

    One of the greatest songs in the post hardcore genre

  50. Romain World

    Ça c'est du vrai rock 🤟🤟

  51. ric Taguinod

    Replika sent me here haha

  52. Ashfar Azfar

    Just as crap as it is today as it was back then.

  53. Tito

    These guys sounded like a little Fugazi. I mean the background vocals are spot on Ian Mackaye

  54. Sid Doe

    Replika sent me here. I love it

  55. Marcellino Sananto

    Thank u rick beato!

  56. Bruno Viland

    Mono shit...

  57. misterjohn john

    Omar looks just like my niece's boyfriend!
    Brilliant musicians

  58. Realraven2000

    Why in mono?

  59. Eric Mercer

    Love these little broccoli men!

  60. J T Mack

    Beto O'Rourke sent me here.

  61. Kamy GG

    Rick Beato

  62. Hasan ibn-Sabah

    Some of Texas' best!

  63. Nicolas Campbell

    You can actually hear the bass in the mix of this song

    Peter Taia

    Ikr and its actually really freakn good. Love the bassline being played in the second verse

    Nicolas Campbell

    @Peter Taia yea doesn't sound very hard to play also but sounds awesome

  64. Juan Bernardo Dela Cruz

    Rick Beato sent me here.

    Stuart Nutt

    He does that too me too with certain songs

    Aaron Purtell

    Juan Bernardo Dela Cruz same, I’m glad he did

    wannabe vampire boi

    a guy from my church actually suggested this band to me after i mentioned that i was into post hardcore and stuff like that lol

    Schwarz Wald

    Well, then lets send the uniinitiated back to Rick ;)

  65. kodye whobrey

    These guys are going ham in Microsoft paint

  66. Lucifer The Nice Kitten

    Woah I forgot about this song.

  67. glassjaw glassjawz

    Yes this is the campaign
    Slithered entrails
    In the cargo bay
    A neutered is the vastness
    Hallow vacuum
    Check the oxygen tanks
    They hibernate
    But have they kissed the ground
    Pucker up and kiss the asphalt now
    Tease this amputation
    Splintered larynx
    It has access now

    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away

    [Verse 2]
    Banked on memory
    Mummified circuitry
    Skin graft machinery
    Sputnik sickles found in the seats
    Self-destruct sequence
    This station is non-operational
    Species growing
    Bubbles in an IV loitering
    Unknown origin
    Is this the comfort of being afraid
    Solar eclipsed
    Black out the vultures
    As they wait
    Unknown, unknown
    Unknown, unknown, yeah

    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away

    Dissect a trillion sighs away
    Will you get this letter
    Jagged pulp sliced in my veins
    I write to remember
    Cause I'm a million miles away
    Will you get this letter
    Jagged pulp sliced in my veins
    I write to remember
    I write to remember
    I write to remember

    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away
    Send transmission from
    The one armed scissor
    Cut away, cut away

    Cut away, cut away
    Cut away, cut away

  68. Rick Ridenour

    Rockin ruff and stuff with their afro puff.

  69. MCR Returns My Hope

    Damn people thought this was OG post-hardcore? Ouch. Wait until they travel back to find this was produced WAY after authentic post-harcore.


    Dwight Lives Matter no, I think they meant it reinvented post-hardcore.


    well, I got old

  71. Benjamin Samuel

    BETO 2020

  72. Isabella Briceño


  73. RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    Yooo to this day i get amped up from this song. Im about to grab my board an shock and awe the locals.

    RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    The curb in front of Jollibees in ten minutes.

  74. siru moon

    Makes me cry til idi, i love thise

  75. babycaaakes

    My six year old daughter requested this just now.
    Proud parenting moment there.

  76. Ty Faddy

    Send transmition to the world of centre

  77. Ty Faddy

    Send transmuting to the world of centre crucible fixation on you tube

  78. ellielovesbands

    Whenever I listen to this song, it brings me back to the 2000s when I listened to so much Billy Talent and the song kind of remind me of Billy Talent's first record. good memories :')

  79. FDO

    The description predicts the Spongebob mocking meme a decade before it happened

  80. Ethan Garcia

    Proud to be an El Pasoan

  81. TheBluearmy33

    My generation was so spoiled with great music. Too bad you have to dig into the bottom of the barrel just to get to the good stuff now.

  82. 197669666

    2019 and this still kills.

  83. postshanna

    seeing atdi 3 times before they broke up is literally the only cool shit ive done in my life

  84. Thomas Shorter

    I saw this video on MTV the first time they played it. I'm one old motherfucker.

    I remember it was around the time I started High school/9th grade, back in August 2000.

    Thomas Shorter

    I remember I was 14 -15 years old, then. And I was very impressed and obsessed by it.

    Until the Internet came about, I never really knew who they were or what the song was called. (I had forgotten once MTV took it off their programming etc) Only in 2004 someone told me who they were when I described the music video and song on a web forum.

    Thomas Shorter

    I remember that Fuse TV used to play them in 2005. (Steven's Untitled Rock Show?)

    So I was very happy to rediscover this band.

  85. Javier Hexen

    La rolita está de huevos

  86. gearsghoul

    sounds like placebo and rage against the machine combined

  87. Daniel Ramirez

    The hair is gorgeous

  88. Aidid Bayu Pejuang Sungai Linggi

    The song make me feel like hell when im riding my bike!!
    At the drive in THE BEST

  89. Snow Rider

    Why do the words not follow the song. It's like he's singing a song but they are playing a different song!

  90. Dani was invented

    This sounds like Billy talent. Dead ass

  91. Geoff Gordon

    wHaTs tHe DeAL WiTh tHe DeScRiPtIoN ?!?!?

  92. Austin Starke

    Guys... this is my first time hearing this band. I've got some listening to do

  93. HelikaonIX

    it looks so 1970's but it was like 2001

  94. Mark King

    Billy Talent copied this so hard hahaha

  95. Patoo ###

    I'm here for Paramore